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Takayuki Tsujii

Takayuki Tsujii

Takayuki Tsujii was born in Tokyo in 1968. After graduating from Waseda University, he worked for a major automotive components supplier. In 1997, he circumnavigated Vancouver Island by seakayak in Canada, and in 2003 and 2008, he went fjord kayaking and snowboarding in Greenland and Patagonia. He currently works at the Japan branch of an outdoor clothing company called Patagonia as a GM. He is exploring how people can work in harmony with nature.


Above: “Koubaru”, the area slated to be submerged by the construction of Ishiki Dam. The Ishiki River running alongside the road is too small and narrow to be visible. Photo: Yoshiaki Murayama

DamNation – Help stop Ishiki Dam in Japan

Jun 17, 2015 June 17, 2015

All technology has merits and harmful effects. The same applies to dams that came into existence over 50 years ago. But the detrimental impact brought upon by dams has become increasingly conspicuous in recent years. Because of this, discussions have started to take place in the U.S. regarding the… Read More