Merchandise Processor - Swing Shift

Full time | Skill Based Pay - JF
Location:Reno Service Center, NV

Location:    Reno Service Center

Reports to: Shipping Manager

General Summary:  This Merchandise Processor position performs multiple tasks and processes associated with the order fulfillment operations of the Service Center.  Following are brief descriptions of each of the functions.

Essential Job Functions:


• 3:00pm – 11:30pm and 4:00pm to 12:30am Sunday through Thursday for swing shift. 

• Must be willing to work other days of the week if necessary.

• Must be willing to work flexible hours as seasonal volume may affect the number of hours (higher/lower) necessary to complete the workload for the day.


The picking of merchandise for the four divisions of Patagonia; Mail Order, Retail, Wholesale, and International.  Using bar-coded pick labels, the Picker will walk through the flow racks of the picking aisles pulling merchandise, verify that the pick label matches the hang tag on the item, affix the pick label to the item and place the item onto the takeaway conveyer.  In the single carton pick aisles the Picker will place the picked items into a picking cart.  The Picker will then take the full cart and unload it onto the takeaway conveyer. The picker will report any mis-marked or missing cases to the Picking Facilitator as well as return any unused picking labels.  Non-conveyable items will be picked and delivered to the appropriate pack station by hand.

Additional responsibilities include removing empty cartons, straps, plastic, etc. and placing them in the appropriate recycling container or on the empty carton conveyer.


Placing picked merchandise onto the tilt tray sorter.  This includes insuring that each item has a bar-coded pick label and that it is facing up when placed onto a tray (I item per tray).  From there the unit will pass under an overhead scanner, which will read the label and send it to the assigned packing station.  Items which are not read by the overhead scanner (no reads) will either be re-inducted or manually taken to the pack station.  The Inductor is responsible for ensuring that all items for the current “wave” have been inducted and that the Packers are ready to receive the next wave.

Additional responsibilities include collecting, correcting and delivering mis-picked items as well as general housekeeping.


The packing of outbound orders for each division of Patagonia.  This involves scanning the UPC code on the hang tag of each item, placing the item in the appropriate shipping container (carton or bag), sealing the container and placing the shipping label(s) onto the container before placing it on the takeaway conveyer to shipping.  When the last container has been packed, the Packer will end the order and place the packing slip and any other items (catalogs, cross reference labels, etc) in the container.  The Packer is also responsible for following special packing requests and for changing the shipping method when necessary.  Any problems encountered (missing items, out of stock items, etc.) will cause the order to be held until the discrepancy has been resolved.

Additional responsibilities include gift bagging for Mail Order customers, tagging and/or de-tagging of merchandise, stocking pack stations, as well as general housekeeping.

Error Table:

Resolving problem orders in packing. Working in conjunction with Inventory Control and the Packing Facilitator, the Error Table person is responsible for completing problem orders in a timely manner so as to not miss carrier pickup times. This includes shorting orders missing items (out of stocks) and fixing add to last carton problems.  Additional duties are packing wetsuits, sending full case carton orders, packing the “Rush Wave,” routinely checking beneath the tilt tray sorter for fallen product, and assisting packers.  The Error Table person also works in packing and picking as necessary.


The shipping of outbound orders. Outbound packages will be conveyed to an in-line scale where they will be weighed or hand-diverted to a manual weigh station.  The packages will pass under an overhead scanner which will read the shipping label, pass the weight information to the shipping system (WM) and divert the package to the appropriate shipping lane based on ship via and package type (carton or bag).  Most packages shipping via UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS will automatically be added to a manifest.  UPS ground, 2- and 3-day air will be conveyed into the UPS trailer for loading or into a Gaylord, which will then be emptied into the UPS trailer. Packages shipping via LTL carrier, FedEx, or USPS will also be sent to the appropriate shipping lane based on whether it is a carton or bag. Depending on the shipping method the Shipper will do the following: Packages being shipped LTL will be sorted, palletized and when complete, either staged or manifested and put on a bill of lading. Other packages will be handled appropriately.  Shippers are responsible for accurate palletizing and moving pallets to the next point of handling in a timely manner.  Shippers use the Fed Ex stand-alone PC and the Endicia PC for various orders.  Additional responsibilities include shipping miscellaneous packages (e.g. returns) and the logging of store pickup and in-house delivery orders.  The Shippers are also responsible for ensuring that all orders packed which are supposed to ship, do so.  Once that has been determined, the Shipper will initiate “billing” in WM.  Other responsibilities include the loading of all outbound carriers and trailers, as well as general housekeeping.

Job Requirements:

• Good organizational skills and flexibility in a changing work environment.

• Ability to work closely with others in a team oriented approach.

• High attention to detail.

• Must be able to keenly discern colors.

• Ability to exercise sound judgment and follow all safety rules.

• A self-starter.

• Excellent attendance and punctuality is expected.

• Willingness to help out in other areas/departments during slow work periods.

Physical Requirements:

• Ability to lift 70 lbs. safely.

• Ability to consistently climb stairs and walk for extended periods of time.

• Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

•  Ability to perform routine tasks for extended periods of time.

Employee Conduct:

It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.  Every employee is strongly encouraged to participate in recycling and in reducing waste.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other factors prohibited by law.