Retail Sales Manager

Full time | Retail
Location:SoHo Greene St, NY Store

Job Title: Retail Sales Manager

Reports to: Store Manager

General Summary:

This position will assist in managing the retail store consistent with the short and long-term interests of the company, its employees, and the local community in which they work. The Sales Manager will work in conjunction with the Store Manager and Operations Manager to achieve high customer engagement and sales for the retail store.  The Sales Manager will support the Store Manager in achieving customer service and sales goals, and ensuring the store follows appropriate processes and procedures, in alignment with company goals and mission.

Essential Job Functions:

Customer Service

• Instill the meaning and importance of customer engagement in all retail employees.  Empower staff to “use their best judgment” in all customer service matters.

• Coordinate daily staff scheduling and communication to ensure staff are zoned correctly and clear on daily projects and goals. 

• Oversee sales floor work flow, to ensure appropriate staffing levels for traffic and customer service needs during meal and break times. 

• Promote and monitor quality service among staff through training and by acting as a positive role model.

• Create “seamless customer service” by making every effort to find merchandise for customers if an item is not in stock.

• Be personally available to all customers to communicate and identify their needs and address their questions or concerns.

• Develop the stores own “core” customer service.

Personnel, Leadership and Development

• Assist in the hiring of people who pursue passions that related to our products and philosophy.

• Ensure that all new hires are receiving appropriate customer service and engagement training.

• Develop and support a positive attitude toward Patagonia Works.

• Assume store manager responsibilities in his/her absence.

• Maintain employee attitude and morale by recognizing outstanding performance and service.

• Motivate and develop staff in order to encourage their professional development.

• Provide in the moment coaching to Sales Associates in customer service skills.

• Provide an “open door” policy where employees are free to express their concerns and feelings without fear of retribution or ill will.

• Working with the store manager, develop a pool of potential sales associates to meet the long range retail and company objectives.

• Inspire employees so that each person contributes to the productivity of the store.

• Delegate work load appropriately and effectively.

• Work with the store manager to evaluate all store employees. Ensure that reviews are given on schedule and documentation is received in Human Resources according to the guidelines outlined by the Human Resources Department.

• When necessary, discipline employees consistent with the company disciplinary policies.

• In collaboration with Store Manager and Training Coordinator, identify training needs and conduct trainings.

Operations and Business Planning

• Work in partnership with the Store Manager to create plans to achieve sales targets.

• Ensure store employees are gathering customer information in alignment with retail and legal guidelines.

• Participate in regular staff meetings and Floor Leader meetings: encourage input.

• Maintain open and positive relations with all divisions of the company.

• Ensure the company policy and procedures are communicated in a timely manner and adhered to accordingly

• Work with Store Manager and Sales Manager on creation of annual store business plans.

• Ensure the sales floor is clean, well-organized and in good working order.


• Follow the instructions of Patagonia Retail Services specific to inventory control: paperwork flow, timeliness of reporting receipt of goods, inventory transfers and other related inventory matters.

• Work with Operations Manager, Shipper and Merchandiser to ensure timely flow of inventory to the sales floor and stock room, to optimize sales.

• Work with Shipper to plan for seasonal changes, off price events and DM. 

• Assist in protecting company assets through promoting awareness of loss prevention.  Complete cycle counts as needed.

Enviro and Activism

• Create stores that are centers for the community and can aggressively educate our customers on environmental, social, and political issues.

• Participate in store grant making decisions.  Work to align ourselves with small grass roots groups that focus on direct action.

• Educate self and staff on global and local issues. Get actively involved.

• Ensure we “walk our talk”. Operate stores that are environmentally responsible by recycling, conserving water, electricity and carpooling or cycling.


• Support Operations Manager in executing store events which support the company mission and increase community involvement.  Ensure that staff are inviting customers to participate and attend store events.

• Encourage all staff to participate in planning events in the store.

Legal Compliance

• Ensure that the store is in compliance with all State and Federal laws, including wage and hour, human rights and equal employment opportunities.

• Maintain safe working conditions for employees and customers. Resolve safety concerns quickly.

• Ensure store security from internal and external theft and know proper apprehension and prosecution procedures for your state.

Other Job Functions:

Perform additional duties as assigned by the Store Manager.

Physical Requirements:

Ability to stand/walk for extended periods of time, necessary to provide sales floor coverage related to customer service and loss prevention.

Ability to reach overhead, bend, squat, kneel, and carry product, necessary for customer service, inventory re-stock, and store merchandising.

Ability to walk up and down staircase, carrying boxes, product, and other necessary store related items.

Ability to perform store maintenance items: sweep, vacuum, empty trash, clean.

Ability to safely lift boxes up to 55 lbs.

Comfortable climbing ladders.

Typical work week is approximately 40 hours - available to work minimum of one weekend day, one opening shift and one closing shift throughout the week.

Some travel required.

Minimum Job Qualifications:

Previous retail sales experience.

Ability to give clear directions and set expectations for staff.

Excellent organizational skills.

Excel and Word proficient.

Accuracy and attention to detail.

Effective communication skills.


Ability to train and delegate effectively.

Problem solving ability.

Ability to effectively work with and motivate team.

Patagonia product use/knowledge.

Surf-specific experience/knowledge required for surf store locations.

Employee Conduct:

It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other factors prohibited by law.