Floor Leader

Full time | Retail
Location:Meatpacking, NY Store

Job Title:       Floor Leader

Reports To:   Store Manager

Location:       Store Location

General Summary

The Floor Leader position is responsible for providing a complete shopping experience for our customers.  Additionally the Floor Leader provides leadership for the staff by maintaining the highest level of store standards.  In addition to responsibilities as a Sales Associate, the Floor Leader position takes an active role in training staff, overseeing store openings and closings, and protecting the store assets by maintaining operational policies and procedures.

Essential Job Functions

Customer Service and Sales

o Greet all customers promptly and courteously as they enter the store.

o Utilize the tools and training provided by the Company to develop selling and service skills, resulting in long-term customer relationships and increased sales.

o Direct customers throughout the store or to the specific area the customer requests.

o Determine the specific needs of each person that enters the store and provide appropriate service.

o Give accurate and current information about the product for all inquiries; if the correct information is not at hand, do everything possible to provide an answer before the customer leaves the store.

o Increase the customer base by adding new customers to the mailing list.

o Maintain the feedback loop to designers and buyers by turning in customer comment cards; participate in information-gathering requests from the Company.

o Handle product returns in a way that demonstrates the spirit of our “Ironclad Guarantee.”

o Instill in associates the importance of customer service as outlined in the retail philosophy "our stores are a place where the word ‘no’ does not exist."

o Empower co-workers to use their best judgment in all customer service matters.

o Promote and monitor quality service among co-workers through training and by acting as a positive role model.

o Initiate seamless customer service by making every effort to find merchandise for customers if item is not in stock.

o Be personally available to all customers to communicate and identify their needs and address their questions and concerns.

o Maintain a positive and cheerful attitude at all times.

o Apply the above standards to all phone inquiries.

Communication and Leadership

o Maintain an open and positive relationship with store management team.

o Update store management team about the progress of the store and staff on a regular basis.

o Be a positive, consistent, and respectful role model; communicate positively regarding store management and company strategies; develop and support a positive attitude toward Lost Arrow Corporation.

o Be a brand advocate for the Company; represent the Company positively to internal and external customers.

o Ensure company/store policies and procedures are communicated in a timely manner and adhered to accordingly.

o Efficiently run store and manage floor when management team is absent; address concerns with employees as needed and follow up with managers.

o Maintain employee attitude and morale by recognizing co-workers performance and service; inspire employees so that each person contributes to the productivity of the store.

o Coach sales associates in operational and behavioral situations to promote long term employee development and to ensure consistent customer service, store procedures, and staff morale.

o Assist management team in the hiring process of people who pursue passions that are related to our products and philosophy.

o Delegate daily tasks appropriately and effectively.

Training, and Staff Development

o Participate in all required Patagonia Retail employee trainings.

o Assist store managers in planning and organizing monthly store meetings; attend all Floor Lead meetings.

o Participate and encourage all staff to participate in store events.

o Be proactive in your ongoing education regarding the company, weekly reports, products, and the outdoor retail business.

o Take advantage of additional training opportunities that are offered.

o Be a resource for product knowledge, sales and customer service standards/techniques, store operations, and Company initiatives.

o Work with the management team to determine ongoing staff training needs;

o Observe daily employee interactions and performance and take opportunity to provide feedback, training, and coaching.  Use communication techniques which foster employee success and continued growth in their positions.

o Ensure timely feedback process is followed for both the employee and management team.

Merchandising and Maintenance

o Check stock daily and restock when necessary to ensure that all products are available for customers; if stock is not currently available offer to put their name on the wish list and to call them when stock arrives.

o Perform merchandising duties:  folding, hanging, and displaying product according to retail merchandising standards.

o Steam all hanging merchandise.

o Assist in displaying all featured merchandise prominently in each section.

o Help store merchandiser and/or store manager by suggesting alternative locations for products.

o Maintain store image by adhering to the dress guidelines for Patagonia Retail employees.

o Maintain a clean and well-organized back-stock area.

o Vacuum, sweep floors, and empty all trash each day if required.

o Clean employee break area each day.

Environmental Activism

o Understand and follow the Patagonia environmental principles.

o Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

o Participate in at least two events or campaigns each year.

o Assist in identifying appropriate tithing recipients.  Align the stores with small grass roots groups that are focusing on direct action.

o Educate yourself on corporate environmental campaigns so that you can educate the customer on these issues.

o Get actively involved within the community on appropriate issues.

o Actively solicit input and action from customers on letter writing campaigns, petitions, voting, etc.

o Recycled all cans, bottles, cardboard plastic, paper and anything else possible.


o Report to work on time or notify in advance if absent or late.

o Operate the cash register; it should be each employee’s goal to use the register without error and to be consistently accurate in money handling.

o Responsible for opening and closing the store and securing all store assets.

o Use correct procedures for processing mail orders, transfers, special orders, and rentals.

o Know and utilize the procedures for processing paperwork between the store and Retail Services.

o Protect company assets by practicing security measures that help prevent theft; train staff on same.

o Practice safety consciousness at all times.

o Maintain store security including building security and cash handling.

o Process damaged and defective goods in a timely and accurate manner.

Physical Requirements

o Continually able to stand/walk for extended periods of time, necessary to provide sales floor coverage related to customer service and loss prevention.

o Continually able to reach overhead, bend, squat, kneel, and carry product, necessary for customer service, inventory re-stock, and store merchandising.

o Continually able to walk up and down staircase, carrying boxes, product, and other necessary store related items.

o Ability to regularly perform store maintenance items:  sweep, vacuum, empty trash, clean.

o Ability to safely lift boxes up to 55 lbs.

o Comfortable climbing ladders.

o Some travel may be required.


o Store is open 7 days per week.  Number of scheduled hours per week varies.  Must be available to work minimum of one weekend day, one opening shift and one closing shift throughout the week.

Minimum Job Qualifications

o Excellent customer service and sales skills.

o Previous retail or related customer service experience.

o Patagonia product experience/knowledge.

o Patagonia product use/knowledge.

o Surf-specific experience/knowledge required for surf store locations.

o Working knowledge of computers; proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

o Ability to effectively train, delegate, and set clear expectations.

o Ability to deliver clear, concise and succinct verbal and written communication in a timely manner.

o Ability to work in a self-motivated environment.  Pro-active based thinking.

o A comprehensive understanding of Patagonia’s company history and involvement in environmental issues and initiatives.

o A comprehensive understanding and ability to teach our Ironclad Guarantee.

o Ability to adapt communication style to a variety of audiences in a professional manner.

o Comfortable with team-based work structure and, when needed, the ability to work independently.

o Demonstrated flexibility on the job; ability to adapt quickly and react positively to business needs and changes in strategies.

o Accuracy with money handling and register use.

o Excellent organizational skills.

o Accuracy and attention to detail.

o Effective communication skills.

o Ability to effectively work with team.

Employee Conduct

It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other factors prohibited by law.