• Christie Fong

Christie Fong

Ecommerce, SEO Specialist




Ventura, CA

Christie Fong
“Patagonia has made me more proud of the work that I do. I feel passionate about our mission and I’m honored to work with such humble yet talented and inspiring people.”

Passionate about: Climbing, seeing the world and continuous learning.

Path to Patagonia: Well, it’s quite an unlikely story. I’m originally from Miami, Florida, a place that’s known for its humid subtropical climate and sea-level elevation (among other things). Miami isn’t your go-to destination for climbing, surfing or snow sports. I had always heard of rock climbing and was interested in trying it, but I didn’t really know what it meant to climb until I went to my first climbing gym in Shanghai, China, in 2011. I immediately liked climbing, but after a few visits I moved back home to Miami. The following year, a random job offer that provided relocation assistance landed me in Phoenix, Arizona—I figured I didn’t really have anything to lose. Once I moved to Arizona, a co-worker invited me to her climbing gym. After the first visit, I got a month membership. After that, it was a three-month membership and so on. I eventually befriended more people in the climbing gym and so began my physical and mental journey with climbing (or, as they say, “the rest was history”). I started climbing outdoors at the numerous local crags in Arizona, going out as often as I could. Within my first two years of climbing I also made trips to Moab, Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, Hueco Tanks and even Chironico in Switzerland. Only naturally as I started to develop my relationship with climbing and the climbing community would I begin to really learn about Patagonia. Then one day I noticed an open position for my line of work, applied within 24 hours and now I’m here. It’s been a great journey. I’ve learned so much and I really feel aligned with my personal and professional lives.

Favorite Patagonia product: It’s kind of hard to name just one. I wear our Velocity Running Tights for anything climbing related and our Serenity Leggings for the day-to-day and lounging around. When it gets chilly out, I love our Women’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T P/O in Tempest Purple. Then when temps really plunge, I go for the Women’s Fitz Roy Jacket. My first piece, though, was the Women’s Nano Puff Hoody. Still have it, and still love it.

How does our culture fit into your life?
I feel more deeply connected to Patagonia because of its roots in climbing. I climb every chance I get, and I don’t plan on that ever changing.