Eliel Hindert

Eliel Hindert grew up in Utah’s Wasatch Range, then wandered north to the coastal mountains of British Columbia for an education in both the classroom and outdoor environments. Today, Eliel balances the demands of professional skiing with the deadlines of writing and video production.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A New Film

The road has been my home for the better part of my adult life. That elusive space not quite here or there, but simply a collection of moments in between. Let’s rephrase that. The road has been where I’ve felt most at home for the better part of my entire life. Sure, I’ve had homes…

Eliel Hindert
3 min Read
Jumbo Wild: We the People

If you didn’t look close you just might miss it, and we do. Gazing across the Columbia River Basin into the morning light on the Purcell Mountains, we pass right by the Radium Hot Springs municipal offices. It’s not difficult to do here, where human presence is a mere asterisk on the seemingly infinite word…

Eliel Hindert
7 min Read
Chasing Snow into the Southern Hemisphere – Live Updates at #PursuitOfPowder

By Eliel Hindert We live our lives one step at a time. Steps filled with dust, snow, mud, ice, rock, and increasingly present pavement. Right foot in front of the left ad infinium that move us through space and time, changing our surroundings while our surroundings undoubtedly transform us. Take a single step over the…

Eliel Hindert
5 min Read
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