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Environmental Impact

The quality of Patagonia depends, to a large degree, on whether we can reduce our impact on the environment. This means auditing the materials and methods we use to make our products, taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our products and examining how we use resources at our buildings and facilities.

Worn Wear


Worn Wear celebrates the stories we wear, keeps your gear in action longer through repair and reuse, and recycles your garments when they're beyond repair.


Materials & Technology

Patagonia travels the globe in search of the best materials for our clothing, accessories and luggage. When the best isn’t good enough to meet the need, we work closely with our suppliers to develop outstanding new fabrics.

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Reference Library

In an effort to build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm, we carefully consider our use of textiles, treatments and processes. Here you’ll find our thoughts and practices on everything from paper use to compostability..

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Resource Use

Resource Use

How we manage our infrastructure is just as important as the way we make our products. Go behind the scenes and learn about our construction techniques, energy use, storm-water runoff, landscaping, water use and employee transportation.

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