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Patagonia Materials and Technology
An example of a stitch-free CSS™ seam as seen from the outside. CSS seams create a clean finish on both the interior and exterior of the garment – increasing the functional elegance of our already streamlined shell designs. Learn more


Patagonia travels the globe in search of the best materials for our clothing, accessories and luggage. When the best isn’t good enough to meet the need we work closely with our suppliers to develop outstanding new fabrics. These joint developments have yielded, over the years, Synchilla® fleece, Capilene® base layers and Regulator® insulation.

Sometimes a fabric needs nothing new, but something less. Take the case of cotton, a natural fiber whose cultivation has for the past sixty years entailed massive use of toxic chemicals. Over ten years ago Patagonia said goodbye to the chemicals and switched exclusively to organic cotton. That was in 1996, and we’ve never looked back.

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Patagonia: Ironclad Guarantee

Ironclad Guarantee

We stand by our products.

Product Care

Washing instructions can be found inside each of our garments. Following these instructions will ensure the long lifespan of your clothing. In general, washing in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry detergent and line drying are the best ways to clean our products.

For a guide to the FTC product care symbols that you may see used on our clothing care tags, click here. To download this information as a PDF file, click here.

Our Definition of Quality

Our definition of quality demands that any garment we make be long-lasting and strong. It should also be as light as possible for its intended uses, supple, feel dry and comfortable against the skin, and be easy to care for. It should be versatile. It should fit an active man, woman or kid: arms must be free to rise and knees to bend. Environmental harm from manufacturing or growing practices, from dyes and finishes, should be as minimal as we know how to make them. Every garment should be beautiful; when we take all the necessary pains to make a product right, it usually does come out beautifully. We design products that embody these qualities.