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Father’s Day Stories

Sunnyside Up

Last November, Fitz Caldwell (age 6) finished his first multipitch climb, Sunnyside Bench in Yosemite National Park. He did it with his dad, Tommy.

Tommy Caldwell
3 min Read
The Song Remains The Same

How a father and son found a way to climb one of Utah's most sought-after ice routes in a bygone era.

Andrew Burr
3 min Read
The Point is Forever

Punta de Lobos is awarded World Surfing Reserve status—an all too rare conservation success story.

5 min Read
The Lost Dory

Joe Curren shares childhood memories of his dad, legendary waterman Pat Curren, and the unique boat that traveled with them to Baja.

Joe Curren
12 min Read
My Vision for Punta de Lobos

Standing up to save a special place before it’s gone.

Ramón Navarro
3 min Read
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