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Our greatest measure of success is impact on the ground. With your help, we’ve halted dams, changed policy and protected millions of acres of wilderness. Here are some highlights.

  • Artifishal

    Saving Wild Salmon

    The petition against increasing salmon hatchery releases into Puget Sound, Washington, has gained nearly a half-million signatures. In Sweden, schoolchildren will no longer be served Norwegian-farmed salmon.

    Ben Moon
  • Blue Heart

    Preserving Europe’s Last Undammed Rivers

    The Blue Heart campaign succeeded in stopping hydropower development on Europe’s greatest undammed river, the Vjosa. The Albanian government has announced plans for its first large-scale solar plant.

    Andrew Burr
  • Takayna

    Running to Save the Rainforest

    This campaign delivered the biggest environmental petition ever tabled in the Australian Parliament—more than 275,000 signatures. Efforts toward UNESCO protection for this incredible place continue.

    Krystle Wright
  • DamNation

    Cracking Down on Deadbeat Dams

    In 2015, a 200,000-signature petition to dismantle four dams on the Snake River was delivered to the Council on Environmental Quality. Efforts to remove the dams continue.

    Matt Stoecker

Preserving Grizzly Habitat

Jumbo Glacier Resort’s plan to develop a large ski area in Jumbo/Qat’muk is stopped permanently.

Jumbo Wild
Monumental Defense

This campaign solicited nearly three million comments in favor of preserving Bears Ears National Monument. After its designation as a national monument by President Obama in 2016, this area was slashed by 85 percent in 2017; Patagonia is suing the Trump Administration.

Bears Ears
Protect Your Point

The campaign raised $900,000 for the preservation of Punta de Lobos, now designated a World Surfing Reserve.

The Fisherman's Son
Means to Explore

The campaign raised $90,000 for trail infrastructure in Patagonia National Park, which was donated to the Chilean government in 2018.

Mile for Mile
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