Liz Clark

After college, Liz Clark departed Southern California in her 40-foot sailboat, Swell, enchanted by foreign waves and cultures. Nine years and 20,000 nautical miles later, Swell is still her floating home and transportation. When she’s not surfing perfect reef passes in the South Pacific, she’s working to raise environmental awareness through writing and photography. Liz is the author of Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage Of Awakening.

Self-Isolation, Learned from a Life at Sea

Captain Liz Clark’s been self-isolating aboard her sailboat Swell since 2005; here she provides her experiences and insight for navigating isolation during a pandemic.

Liz Clark
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Excerpt from “Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening” by Liz Clark

After an hour’s sleep, I wake to the sound of fat raindrops pelting the deck. The noise quickly escalates into a deafening torrent, and I push up off the settee and climb up the steps. Glancing at the radar screen on my way up, I see a massive squall blacking out the entire 8-mile radius…

Liz Clark
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“Ten Tuamotus Days:” A Short Film

Liz Clark
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Liz Clark on Amelia the Tropicat

I’ve had a few pets on Swell over the last nine years—most of them made their way aboard on their own. I don’t mind the geckos that often show up in a banana stock. They hide, so I rarely get to see them, but they are harmless and make cute coughing noises in the evening.…

Liz Clark
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Special Delivery with Liz Clark

  Editor’s note: We’re happy to follow up on Dallas Hyland’s moving tribute to Patagonia ambassdor Liz Clark — after she broke her neck bodysurfing — with good news. Liz’s neck has healed up well and she’s back in Tahiti living on an organic vanilla farm near the boatyard where she’s splitting her time between…

Liz Clark
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Liz Clark on Runnin’ the Tidal Rapids

With a brief window of calm winds, Crystal and I readied Swell to move east among the atolls. With the news of Barry’s passing, I wanted to check out what was rumored to be a new boatyard on an obscure strip of coral a few atolls east, plus with a swell on the way, we…

Liz Clark
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Taking Responsibility: 5th International Marine Debris Conference…Words from Roz Savage

When I set out on this trip, I thought there would still be places where I could see what the Earth looked like prior to human impact. Sadly, I think I was wrong. Every place I have sailed has borne painful evidence of humanity’s maltreatment of the Earth. The coral is dying, fish populations are…

Liz Clark
7 min Read
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