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Cabin Fever: Birch White
$ 14,99 $ 19
CFBI | Estilo Nº 49960
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These hardworking, cozy-wearing quarter-length socks are as tough as they are easygoing. They're built from a durable hemp-blend fabric that holds up to everyday abuse, harnesses hemp's natural odor resistance and uses minimal water to cultivate.

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  • Durable Hemp Blend Fabric

    Highly durable hemp-blend fabric stands up to the toughest daily abuse
  • Fabric Helps Resist Odors

    Fabric has natural odor resistance that helps to reduce smells even after heavy use
  • We Love Hemp

    Hemp cultivation has a low impact on the environment
  • País de Origen

    Made in USA.
  • Peso

    60 g (2.1 oz)
  • 35% recycled cotton/35% recycled polyester/30% hemp sock yarn


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