Product Care & Repair

In 2015, landfills received 10.5 million tons of textiles. One of the most responsible things you can do as a consumer is to keep your stuff in play as long as possible–and our care and repair tutorials can help you do that.

DIY Care & Repair

Our gear is built to last, but it will last even longer if you take good care of it and repair it when needed. We show you how to do both.

Product Care 101 iFixit Repair Tutorials
Patagonia Repairs

Please allow us 4–6 weeks to complete your repair from the date you ship it to us.

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Put Used to Use

Ready to throw a retirement party for your garment? Drop it by a Patagonia store or mail it in for credit toward a new or used product. We'll make sure it stays in play–and out of the landfill.

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Quick Watch Repair Tutorials

How to Better Your Sweater
How to Patch Your Insulation
How to Fix Your Button
How to Fix Your Zipper Slider
How to Fix Your Buckle

iFixit DIY Repair Guides

How to Iron a Waterproof Jacket
How to Repair a Baffle on a Patagonia Down Jacket
How to Repair a Loop of Loose Stitching in a Nano Puff® Jacket
How to Repair a Hole in Patagonia Waders
How to Replace a Jeans Button
How to Install an Iron On Patch
How to Darn a Hole in a Knitted Garment
How to Install a Professor Patch on a Sweater
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