Government Individuals: Wildland Fire Crews

Patagonia works with federal wildland crews, this includes Smokejumpers, IHC, Helitack/Rappel Crews, Handcrews and those working on Engines/Fire Modules.

    Eligibility Requirements for Smokejumpers, Hotshots and Helitack/Rappel Crews
  • A supervisor from the Crew will need to submit a manifest or roster to listing crew members for the season from their government email address.
  • Once submitted, individuals can apply by submitting an unofficial text or word document listing your crew name and/or including your Crew in the company line.

    *For USFS Wildland Handcrews, Engine & Fire Modules, please follow the below steps:
  • Submit a recent E&L Statement if you are a temporary or seasonal employee and do not have an FS.FED.US email
  • A copy of your Wildland Fire Qualifications Card (Red Card) or current IQCS Report.
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