River Rafting, Sea Kayak or Paddling Guides

  • 1. Eligibility Requirements:

    - Whitewater Raft & Kayak Guides and select Ocean/Flatwater Kayak & Canoe Guides, who work for a company that offer multi-day trips and guide full-time during their region's operational season.

    - Applicants will not be approve after the operational season

  • 2. Documents to upload for application:

    - Weblink detailing your operation.

    - A letter of endorsement from your organization stating that you are a full-time guide during the operational season OR a recent paystub that states full-time status (please black out all sensitive personal information).

    - Copy of CPR/First Aid, WFR and/or other applicable certifications.

    - Information about your swiftwater rescue or ACA training.

    - Owner/Operators must provide liability insurance.

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