• Kids' Print Synchilla® Blanket, Timber Twist: Violet Red (TTVR)

Patagonia Kids' Print Synchilla® Fleece Blanket

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  • Timber Twist: Violet Red
    $12.00 $20.00 TTVR
Timber Twist: Violet Red (TTVR)
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This cozy, colorful, easy-care blanket is sized just right for kids and made from leftover Synchilla® fleece fabric that’s soft and durable; it measures 58”x 45”.

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The job of Blankie is not for everyone. The hours are long, the work can be grueling, and you get dragged around a lot. Still, the payoff is huge: You’re it; you’re Number One. Our Kids’ Print Synchilla® Blanket is up for the job. It’s durable enough to top the most ambitious fort or haul a truckload of plushies. Soft and warm, it’s also ready to snuggle up for the ten-thousandth reading of Goodnight Moon. And when you finally get to sleep, you’ll sleep a little better knowing that Blankie, made from leftover fabric, was never headed to the landfill.
  • Soft, durable, easy-care Synchilla® fleece fabric
  • Colorful printed fleece blanket finished off with blanket stitching, because Blankie!
  • Sized just right for kids: 58”x 45”
  • 493 g (17.4 oz)
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8.4-oz Synchilla® 100% polyester fleece

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