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Kinda Large

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Patagonia Forge Hat - Bucket Hat With String

Kinda Large
July 22, 2022

Sun Shield

This is my preferred hat when I am getting sun. It packs well, just roll it into a scroll. Lightweight. Its floppy nature is just right to pull down over my eyes to eliminate glare while I'm laying down on the beach, my terrace or anywhere-anytime.

July 8, 2022

Good lightweight hat

I was looking for a lightweight hat with a bit more sun protection, and the Forge hat covers those criteria nicely. It is comfortable and the brim has good coverage, but it is pretty floppy, so if you want something that will hold a shape, look elsewhere. It has the laid-back feel of a bucket, but with the added dorkiness of a sun hat. The appeal o... Read Moref that is obviously going to be subjective. The grommets do allow for some ventilation. It will still get warm on a hot day, but the headband material is super cozy and functional, so no worries of sweat in the eyes.

July 7, 2022

Great hat, but........

Great hat, but I had to send it back to get a smaller hat. The original xl was way to big for me. Thank you Patagonia for another fine product.

July 5, 2022

Cool in warm weather and not bulky

Bought this hat in black and it looks very stylish - doesn't look like a safari hat. Fits well and is comfortable. Only thing is, the hat on the model in the picture has a floppy brim but the brim on my hat is straight and stiff like a gaucho hat. I think I'll wash it and it will get softer with a little flop. Great material and it keeps ... Read Moresun off my face and neck. The string is great when a breeze comes up to keep it on my head.

June 18, 2022

Sun Off

Keeps the sun off my neck and forehead.

June 6, 2022

Gardening Hat :)

Perfect for my summers spent in my garden, fishing or anything outdoors. Not too hot.

April 11, 2022

Too large and floppy

I really wanted to like this hat but have found myself not using it after a month unfortunately. Two issues: 1. The hat is really big. I was clearly within the L/XL size according to the size guide (I'm 6'7" with a 23" head circumference), but its so big the head hole actually comes down over my ears slightly like a beanie. I h... Read Moreave a fairly tall head as well. It makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear and I feel like I'm swimming in it. 2. After some wear the hat became very floppy. The sides of the hat don't stick out but fold down. This isn't as much of an issue on the sides and back, but it enters your sightline which means you're constantly pulling it up.

Response from Patagonia
April 13, 2022

Hey Nick, thanks for the review. We're sorry to hear it's not working out with the hat. You're welcome to start a return [here](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html).

February 6, 2022


This is a fairly nondescript hat, reasonably nice in style, clearly well-constructed. But it was underwhelming for the style aspect. But then I found an old piece of 3/8" webbing with a cute design around the house, attached it around the brim, and voila! It looks fantastic. It's frigid here, so I've only worn it around the house so ... Read Morefar, but it's comfy, and the brim is stiff enough for sun protection. I have a hunch, though, that it will become a favorite--it has that wear-it-for-decades-before-passing-it-down-to-my-grandchild aura about it. Ah, Patagonia; how do you do it?

February 2, 2022

Good sun protection; runs large,

a little warm for hot weather, I think. Will try it for golf, but not sure yet how it will perform there due to heat, and how comfortable it will be in the wind while swinging a golf club. Brim a little too floppy to be stylish.

January 7, 2022

Deep bucket, almost too deep.

I had to modify the upper seam of the hat to make it sit right. Default fit has it being almost lower than eyebrows for a little-bit-too-mischievous sort of look. Is heavier than a sun hat would / should be and brim flops as a floppy brim should. I like it but Im still on the hunt for a perfect sun hat to eventually replace this one.

Response from Patagonia
January 15, 2022

We're sorry to hear that this one has been a disappointment. We designed this one to be a bit more on the sturdy side, as it's part of our Work Wear line. The altered seams would void the warranty in that area, but we hope you still enjoy it and find a more suitable sun hat from our Spring 2022 product release!

January 1, 2022

So close to being perfect..

This hat is so close to being THE hat. It has the perfect amount of floppiness, the fabric is of excellent quality, but sadly, its too big. My head measures exactly 22 around and the s/m slides down over my ears and eyebrows, not just a tad too big, but way too big. This would be an easy fix with an adjustable string in the sweatband.

October 27, 2021

Just right

I looked all over for a hat that was good looking, casual and didn't look like a goofy bucket hat or made me feel like a tourist. One that I could wear while working in the garden, on a hike or simple stroll with the dog. The Forge Hat fit that bill (pun intended) perfectly. Good job, Patagonia!

June 14, 2021

Nice durable hat

A very comfy hat for all day wear the hemp feels cool in the sun and seems very durable

June 8, 2021

Great floppy hat

This is a great hat for hiking! It does run large, so order a size down.

May 18, 2021

Too big

I wonder if it would shrink some if I wash it. I mostly wear it to play golf. I like the hat, I just wish it was a little smaller. It would be nice if the pocket in the hat was a little deeper,

Response from Patagonia
May 20, 2021

Thanks for the feedback on the fit. We don't think it will shrink in the wash, but if you do have any issues with it don't hesitate to return it.

May 18, 2021

Perfect for big heads

As someone who struggles to find hats that fit, when I saw reviews mentioning it was way too large I got excited. It's just as big as the negative reviews said and I couldn't be happier.

May 15, 2021

Stylish, functional, long lasting

I originally got this hat for my male partner but he doesn't like the olive green color. I decided to keep it and have loved it so far! Feels comfortable and light on my head, protects me from the sun, and looks great! Of course the hemp, recycled and organic materials are great. Love it and Patagonia

May 2, 2021

Great sun hat

I've had this hat for about a month and have worn it in sun and rain. It blocks both well. The brim is a bit floppier than I expected, but in a good way. A 100% nylon hat would be a touch lighter and more crushable, but this one breathes very well and provides really good coverage of my face and neck.

February 9, 2021

pick the right size for a good fit

Earlier purchases of hats like this were way too big (I usually wear a large) went S/M and fits good!

January 5, 2021

Limited colors

This hat is great, I got it for my father in law and he loves it. It's a bit big on him, and neither of the two colors match his style, however it has a drawstring close which helps keep in on his head during long hikes in the windy mountains. He recently came to me to show me a hidden pocket inside the hat that appeared big enough to stash ID... Read More's and a passport. He's not a fisherman, however this hat would work great for that as well. It's material that would dry quickly, be easily washed, and can hold flies.

November 9, 2020

Comfy and Stylish

I love the forge hat! It runs a little large on me but with the adjustable string its perfect. I mostly wear it going on walks and it keeps my face out of the sun, would absolutely recommend to a friend!

September 17, 2020

Cool hat runs large

Great Hat, I love it! Perfect for hiking on a sunny day. Baseball caps I wear a 7 1/2 but I needed the S/M size for this hat. The Large one is huge. Good ventilation, and a cool inside pocket makes this hat special

September 8, 2020

Literally the only hat that doesn't look terrible on my huge head

Despite being a small person, I have a big, round head and literally 99% of hats look terrible on me. As in, my head is wider than the brim of a baseball hat and it just looks bad. The L/XL size of this hat actually fits me, and the nice wide brim gives great sun protection AND looks like a hat is actually supposed to look on one's head. I got... Read More the coriander brown color which is a nice gold-tan color that is pretty neutral. I have been living in this hat during all my outdoor, socially-distanced adventures this summer.

September 3, 2020

Great hat for sun protection on the trail.

Cool, lightweight, comfortable, cute.

July 27, 2020

Too large

In spite of using my head-measured circumference to order the L/XL size this hat is way too large. There is no way to adjust the size. I tried washing it and drying to attempt to shrink it some, but to no avail. I would advise not buying this hat unless you can try it on firsts.

Response from Patagonia
July 27, 2020

Hello Robert, we're sorry to hear that the size L/XL ended up being too large. Please note that we do offer this hat in the size S/M as well. You are welcome to return it for a refund or merchandise credit if you remain dissatisfied with how large it is. https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html We would just recommend returning it for a refund before washing it in the future. Thanks for your review!

July 13, 2020

Good looking and Feature Full

This hat looks absolutely Great. Its completely water resistant and has a pocket on the inside. The hat is comfortable and just the right amount of flop. Altogether best hat Ive ever owned!

July 9, 2020

Good looking and Feature Full

This hat looks absolutely Great. Its completely water resistant and has a pocket on the inside. The hat is comfortable and just the right amount of flop. Altogether best hat Ive ever owned!

July 1, 2020

Great protective hat

This is a great hat for protecting your skin while out on the water paddle boarding!

April 19, 2020

Super cute and lightweight

Loving my new hat. Currently wearing it in my couch since I cant go anywhere yet to wear it in public but I am really looking forward to it! This hat is lightweight. So comfortable. Love the chin strap- Ill never lost this hat. Also, has a random pocket on the inside of the hat on the very top part??? No idea what this is all about but I love it!... Read More Im gonna stash some cash in there when Im not wearing my new stand up bag belt that is just so cute to wear with this hat!!!

December 17, 2019


I have a big head (23 in. circumference). And dislike anything tight or confining. Especially hats. Plus, I live in KeyWest where the sun can cause spontaneous combustion as it did to my previous chapeau. But not this one. Not only is it comfortable and durable, but handsome, as well. It puts steam in the step and Imbues an aura of well being. More... Read More colors - maybe a mellow yellow - would be nice. But, for now, this one is ensconced in my cadre of required gear, right up there with the Model 16 Randall and your five-inch Baggies. OogaBooga. Mark Faris.

December 15, 2019

Great Hat, but too big

This is a great hat, I have the older version that I wear all the time. This version is too big however, I got the smallest size I believe.

November 26, 2019

I love it

The Forge Hat is super cool, I use it everyday, it can be for fancy event and to go to the forest. I just love it

September 17, 2019

I love my Forge hat

1) It fits comfortably. I have an odd shaped head where I normally need an XXL to fit comfortably, and I was somewhat shocked to find this fit comfortably. 2) It looks good. 3) I am going to be sad when I inevitably loose this hat.

September 11, 2019

Large and floppy

I noticed one of the low star reviews for this hat was that it was too large and floppy. That was actually an endorsement for me. I often have a hard time finding hats that are large enough. I also need something that excels at keeping sun off of my face and neck, I don't want a brim that is excessively large. So, a hat that is large and flopp... Read Morey sound perfect to me. It isn't so floppy that it is going to obstruct your eyes or ears, it's just not a stiff brim hat. I will say, the material it is made out of is pretty hefty, so it may get too warm in the summer.

July 20, 2019

Good quality and design

I like the hat. it's classic design but more stylish than any other hat in Patagonia. so you can wear not only for hiking but any occasion casually. it's functional as it can protect from Sun also hemp is comfortable with hot weather.

May 6, 2019

floppy and too large

The hat looked great on the site and in the video, but when I got it I was dismayed to find out that the brim is completely floppy. It has almost no stiffness at all. They must have spent hours shaping it so it looks so even in the video... Unlike a Tilley hat that has some metal wire in the brim so it holds its shape this one doesn't seem to ... Read Morehave anything. That makes it too annoying to wear for me, perhaps it's great for someone else... The sizing also didn't work for me. I'm right at the boundary between small/med and lg/xl. I have the wayfarer hat and had to exchange a sml/med for a lg/xl, so I ordered the lg/xl forge hat. Well, that turned out to be way too big.

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