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Men's Dirt Craft Bike Pants Reviews

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Kinda Large

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Ms Dirt Craft Pants

Kinda Large
November 18, 2023

Love it just runs big

I wear a 31 with everything and 31 runs big

November 15, 2023

Good cool weather pants

I'm only recently started embracing the MTB pants trend. Used to only wear longjohns and shorts, or leg warmers. Having a semi-breathable non compressive layer is so much more enjoyable. The good: lightweight, surprisingly breathable, ALMOST long enough for my 6'6" 37" inseam. Perfect when combined with crew height warm socks. ... Read MoreThe bad: a little TOO light. I wouldn't want to wear these for big bike park days or in any kind of cold precipitation. The material feels fragile, and there isn't much reinforcement around the knees or seat. Good for dry, cool weather rides in the shoulder season. I see several people complain that the inseam is too long. Its part of the reason I bought these pants. While it is on the long side, the ankle cuffs are tight can easily be rolled to prevent material bunching near the cranks. Honestly I just wish Patagonia made a Long length version that was an inch longer than the current version, and a standard length that catered to those with shorter inseams.

November 15, 2023

Awesome pants, one design flaw

I love the fit, design, and color of these pants! They are my go-to pants for riding in almost all weather. Sadly one critical design flaw makes these a 3/5 stars for me. The ventilation holes throughout the leg of the pants happen to be the same diameter as the pins on many flat pedals. Any time you get on or off the bike its important to ensure... Read More that the vent holes on the pants aren't getting snagged on the pedal pins. I messed this up recently and the pin stuck in a ventilation hole and the pants tore from the back of my knee down past my calf. Bummed that I now have to send them in to get fixed up.

Response from Patagonia
November 20, 2023

Hi Alex! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're glad to hear that you love the fit, design, and color of our pants! We are very sorry to hear about your pants, but we appreciate your input on the design flaw and we'll definitely take it into consideration for future improvements.

November 13, 2023

no adjustability

I like the fit, I like the material, breathes really well. But there is no waistband adjustability, I think all my mountain bike shorts/pants Ive ever owned have had either Velcro or some sort of way to adjust the waist band. I always tend to loose a few pounds by the end of summer and am afraid these will fit in spring and will be too big in the f... Read Moreall. probably a great pair of pants if you never fluctuate much in weight throughout the year. P.S. Patagonia, if you have waistband adjustability it will make these pants last longer for whomever buys them (which is more environmentally friendly) even if these pants fit you great the elastic waistband will wear out and they will start to fall off you.

October 12, 2023

Parachute pants

They run very long. Why is the inseam length not given? The pockets are not sealed inside. I can already feel my phone slipping out and falling down the pant legs. The waist is not adjustable like other bike shorts, so you better not lose any weight if they fit you well. I'm likely sending these back :-/

Response from Patagonia
October 16, 2023

Hello Brandon and thank you for your review of the Men's Dirt Craft Pants. The two zippered, envelope pockets on outer thighs keep valuables secure and close at hand. The top part that is not sealed is for the pass-through access that pairs with thigh pockets on our Dirt Roamer Liner Bibs and Dirt Roamer Liner Shorts. The inseam measurements for these pants depending on size are: 28-30 is 31", 31-33 is 32" & 34-44 is 33". If you are not satisfied with these and would like to [return](, you are always welcome to!

October 12, 2023

Great pants in fabric, fit and function

These pants are fantastic. Enough stretch for any MTB moves I'm likely to try, and really comfortable. Honestly I'd sort of like to wear them even off the bike. They breathe enough for mild temps but are warm enough for cold temps with knee pads. I usually wear a 32 in everything, I sized down to 31 because of the length, and I'm h... Read Moreappy. It's definitely more of a racer's fit than a baggy fit but I like that better than lots of bunched fabric around my heels. I can't compare these to other MTB pants because these are the first MTB pants I've ever owned but I'm glad I bought them. And the dark purple color is great. I normally don't care much about colors or style but I am always a little stoked to put on these purple pants.

September 11, 2023

Solid pants with room for improvement

I am listing my review again after it was removed by Patagonia originally. I have been holding off from reviewing the pants but I see individuals have listed their reviews already and it seems to me they are not satisfied with the pants.. Actually, this is my first review on the website but I have purchased a lot. I am not runner nor rock climber,... Read More traditionally, I have used running apparel when riding for breathability reasons but Patagonia's MTB line keeps getting refined and better. I want to start by highlighting the good, the fabric feels superb, very high quality. The laser cut holes are great, heat dissipates. ENVE tried getting into the apparel market with similar pants and they were not well-thought. The side pockets are phenomenal and very well done, you can put a bottle or an iPhone Pro and it stays put. It does not interfere with the knee when riding. An issue I have had with other pants are the placement of the pockets and fabric thickness, pockets too low or deep and the phone will be bothersome. Likewise, if the fabric is too thin then it no longer has structure and no longer offers rigidity for the pants. The material composition is good, it is not "sticky" like the skyline traveler pants. Alright, what I think needs improvement. The back waistband should be about another inch longer, I like to feel that I am fully covered. Another individual mentioned that he would like the pants to have some waist cinch/belt-style holding mechanism, he probably experienced the pants riding down. I experienced that as well but I think having it without a belt loop is great, not much pressure added in the stomach area. I usually ride XC bibs and do not wear pants, I did not feel stomach pressure when riding but I did find myself pulling the pants up from the rear. I like riding apparel to stay put. Maybe make the rear a tad longer for more coverage and compression. Another individual mentioned the length, the pants are absurdly long, it does not make sense. The skyline traveler and outdoor everyday are 28" or 29" in length for medium but these pants are 34." They are way too long, I have to fold twice them to get them to have a similar length like Patagonia's other pants. Another part I think needs to be reworked is the lower leg portion, below the knees. The pants are "regular" fit but they have too much fabric and depending on your setup they may get dirty with the chainring or crankarm, the fabric is flapping too much. This may be in part due to the fabric having to be light for breathability but it loses some rigidity. What if the designers put a slightly thicker fabric below the knee/thigh portion and tapered it? The sewing pattern changes mid-thigh and it seems feasible. A litte more robust fabric for the front portion, more abrasion resistant but keep the laser holes. Alright, moving on. The sizing is different, the pants certainly have stretch and in the waistband. I strongly recommend calling customer service and getting the 1/2 waist measurements. I think the pants are forgiving if you are on the "bigger" side of clothing, the pants do not have pressure areas. To recap, please shorten the length, it does not match your other pants. I understand you want to have them tailored for riding but I wear socks and birkenstocks! Alright, I also wear these when riding my commuter ebike, I almost forget I am wearing them until I climbing and I pulling the back section to keep it from lowering. It does not lower much at all but I do not like that. Overall, I think the pants are great and they certainly were thought-well. Colors, come on Patagonia, get me some Patagonia colors like New Navy and Khaki, something brighter than black but not two-tone. I like to "look good, feel good." For those of you who "know," Patagonia is certainly in the league with Velocio and Rapha. Yes, these pants cost more than "cheapies" but they are certainly cheaper than Velocio's Recon Stealth pants. Castelli and Sportful, forget about them, they are not as good and consistent as Patagonia. I think these pants are worth the price, Patagonia is providing exceptional value. Heck, fix the little nuances for me and I would gladly pay more. I would only buy one or two but I would ride them until they wore out! Buy what you actually need, not a week's worth. Yes, the pants cost more than REI branded pants or TASCO MTB pants, but these pants are well-thought and have a phenomenal company taking ownership of the product. They are worth it! I have finished my review of the pants but I am still thinking about Patagonia apparel. I think the laser-cut holes should implemented into the dirt craft long sleeve and dirt roamer jacket, specifically in the armpits. Another suggestion is change the zipper "grabber" to the type on jackets with yarn to pull. The current "grabber" is too small and I have to fidget with it to grab it when riding. These pants are not perfect but they are SOLID.

September 11, 2023

Sick sick sick mark of

Sick sick sick mark of the bea a t these are great

August 27, 2023

Not up to industry standard

I am a huge Patagonia fan and was excited to get to wear Patagonia mountain bike pants. I was disappointed to actually wear the product. My view is it needs some mechanism to adjust the waist so they don't slide down while riding. The fit was a bit like a parachute pant. I returned the pants and purchased a competitor product that came with ex... Read Moretra material patches to fix the pant when I eventually tear them. Adjustable waist, athletic fit, and repair kit are what convinced me to return these and purchase someone else's product.

Response from Patagonia
August 31, 2023

Thank you for this feedback, Bryan; we're sharing it with our design team. We're glad you returned them, since we want you to be happy with everything you get from us.

August 14, 2023

Great pants but odd sizing.

I was really excited to try these when I first saw it on the website. The waist fits perfect but the length of the pants are too long for someone who is in between 5'-6"/5'-7". I love the feel and lightness of the materials. Please make these pants in a shorter length. I noticed that you have the Terravia Alpine Pants in a short... Read Moreer length. It would be awesome to make two length options for all your MTB pants as well.

July 14, 2023

Great protection

Love these for riding in scrub oak and thistles. Light enough to be sun protection when it's not too hot, heavy enough to be warm on frosty mornings. Only complaint is that the elastic waist is sloppy and doesn't stay up very well/gaps. Not plumber-butt territory but a bit brrrrrr. I'd love to see a pair of pants based on the cut and... Read More gear from the Dirt Roamer short!

Response from Patagonia
July 18, 2023

We appreciate your feedback on the fit, fabric and design of these shorts. If you have any further issues with the waist, please don't hesitate to reach out to our [Customer Service]( team or your local Patagonia-owned retail store. We'll be happy to help, as your purchase is covered by our Ironclad Guarantee. Thanks for taking the time to send us a detailed review, George!

July 11, 2023

Wonderfully light

The material of these pants, along with the perforations make for a pant that can be worn all day riding in the sun of Colorado for brush and sun protection. I bought the 33, and if I buy them again I would buy a size smaller. I measure my waist at 34 inches. OTOH my daughter thinks the somewhat baggie fit looks cool. I only know that I stay nice a... Read Morend cool while riding. The color is great. The waist band stretch could have a bit more snap to it. One other thing - the material is so light and stretchy that my phone feels a bit awkward in the pants pocket. So far they are wearing well. Overall I would buy another pair, though I will be keeping my eye open for a sale.

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