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Patagonia Men's Endless Run Shorts - 5"

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Patagonia Men's Endless Run Shorts - 5"

July 27, 2021


I especially ordered these shorts after they received such amazing reviews. I've run with them three times and am soooo disappointed :( These shorts caused chaffing in some rather sensitive areas. I run regularly with multiple other 2 in 1 shorts and have never had this issue. I suspect it is caused by a seam running straight down the middle. ... Read MoreI'd strongly advise you to stay away.

Response from Patagonia
July 29, 2021

Hey Beelad, thank you so much for the review on the Endless Run Shorts. We're so sorry to hear that you experienced so much discomfort when using them. Please feel free to send them back to us, and check out the [Men's Strider Pro Running Shorts - 5"]( as an alternatively. The fit is a bit more relaxed but it still has a supportive liner, and it's a crowd favorite.

July 23, 2021

Chafe no more

Excellent short. I bought these as I had bad chafe due to seams in the sensitive areas. Thought out shorts with pockets that can hold i phone, gel; and bars. Very smart and comfy.

July 22, 2021

Super Great

The most comfortable shorts I've ever hike/run in...... Cannot wait for my size to be available again cause I only have one pair....

July 21, 2021

Top notch shorts

My thighs have met a good companion. Grippy above the knee and caresses the thigh while it slides up when I do squats. Feels thick but inviting on the buttocks. Breathable around the thighs. Doesn't make noises when I walk. While sweating profusely, the shorts don't weigh you down and they dry as expected. I find them comfortable and I li... Read Moreke them.

July 8, 2021

Favorite new trail running shorts

These shorts were clearly designed and tested with serious distance trail runners at every step of the design. From the pocket locations to the material and fit, they just feel right. After my first run, they quickly moved to the top of my rotation and I find myself doing quicker laundry loads to keep them ready to go. Only complaint so far is the ... Read Moresize. I went with a Large and probably should have gone with Medium. The elastic waist fits a little loose for me (32 waist, 185 lbs) and when my iPhone is in the front pocket it feels like they might skip a little too low on my waist. The ties help, but getting the right size is probably a good idea. I ordered mine online and am not a fan of online returns/exchanges (hassle) so just stuck with this pair since I love them enough to keep running in them with the tie a little tighter than optimal.

July 3, 2021

Super comfy

I was reluctant to try these but after some bad inner thigh chafing at Manitous Revenge, I made the leap. Now Im a convert. I dont want to take them off or run in normal shorts again. Im normally a medium in the strider pros, used to be able to wear the smalls at my skinniest. The mediums in these fit fine but a little loose. I might try the smalls... Read More to see if it keeps the pockets a little tighter.

July 2, 2021

No chafe!!

I read reviews on these shorts, which described them as awesome. Yup. These shorts conform to my body and allow me to hold an iPhone SE in one pocket and a bobo bar in the other. I stash a gel in the back. Seams are well thought out so one doesn't chafe. That's why I bought them. Excellent short!

June 21, 2021

Make a women's version!

I tried the women's endless run shorts, but the inseam was too short and constantly rode up. (Sorry, but some women who run have larger thighs and a 4.5" inseam just doesn't cut it.) What drew me to the men's version were the larger pockets. I run with my phone and pepper spray for safety, and wanted a pair of shorts that would ... Read Moreaccommodate; the pockets on the women's version were also too small. These are perfect. The pockets are large, hold stuff so it doesn't bounce all over, and the length is perfect. I don't need a "modesty panel" but I don't mind this one. There's definitely a little more inner liner/gusset than I'm used to in a women's short, but it's fine. Please make a women's version like this! I wasn't sure which size to buy so tried a medium based on waist size. It feels like a good fit.

June 20, 2021

Purpose for Purchase Failed

I usually run with my Apple Watch and AirPods but sometimes its nice to have my phone. I purchased these shorts primarily for wha I assumed to be a snug legs and solid thigh pocket. Im a fairly thin person (61, 175) so I may be out of place but the medium were not as snug as I had hoped and my phone flips around in the thigh pocket. I was expecting... Read More a more snug fit.

June 16, 2021

Best Running Shorts

Absolutely love these shorts for running. Love the tight fit and pockets, which are massive. My phone doesn't bounce in the side pockets and if I wanted to I could carry a 250-350ml soft flask in them with out issue. Do wish it came in more colors but alas,not the case right now. I'm a 33 waist and the medium fits perfect.

June 15, 2021


Really good shorts for running. Given history of patagonia products not being reproduced long term I ordered 2 additional pairs.

June 7, 2021

Hope Patagonia makes more of these

These are my favorite shorts for long-distance runs. Zero chafing, pockets can easily fit a phone and keys, and the front material offers a bit more modesty than most running tights. I really hope Patagonia makes more of these in different colors, I'm planning on them being my go to for ultras the rest of the year.

May 28, 2021

Great fitneeds colors!

Im 58 130lbs, 29 inch waist. The XS fits me well. A little tight up front but I prefer tight to loose. Love these. Theyre a bit warmer than the pro striders, but they have more utility. They stay up well, and fit nicely. The big pockets are great for phones. There is a bit of bunching at the top with the front material but it isnt enough to complai... Read Moren about. Would love some more colors!!

May 16, 2021

Amazing Design

A friend put me onto these shorts. Amazing fit and feel. The pockets are incredible and I love being able to get my phone in the back without any bounce. I will be purchasing more pairs. Please make these in a full length tight too!

May 13, 2021

ultra fantastic

true to size M.. 6'1 170lbs. I received them 5 days before my first trail 50k, ran 8 miles in them and it was clear that they were perfect. In the 50k they were so comfy I never even noticed them. I have a large iPhone that fit in one leg pocket perfectly with no bounce, and I stuffed gels in the other. th "modesty/warmth" panel is g... Read Morereat if you prefer, as I do, not to rock the cycling short vibe.

May 12, 2021

Truly comfortable

These shorts are amazing. Granted, at first they look odd, once on, the feel fantastic, they look great, and perform even better. I can see why the past reviews mention that after these, the other running shorts take the back seat. There is so much versatility to these, and they are ultra stretchy, and dont get in the way of movement. The pockets a... Read Morere well designed, simple yet deep and keep things in place while running fast. Completely worth the try!

May 12, 2021

Great running short/tights

The endless run shorts give an excellent amount of compression. The material is lightweight but thick enough to be durable. I bought one pair initially but after running in them I bought two more. These are now my favorite run pants. The fit is good for me at 62 and 205 lbs.

May 11, 2021

Versatile, beyond the trail!

My favorite short ever. Use for long road runs and the pockets are great to hold nutrition. As a triathlete, the versatility is incredible and this is so much more than a trail short. Its even fantastic for yoga.

May 7, 2021

Great for long runs

Wore these on my 12-14 mile runs and they were great. They helped avoid the uncomfortable, burning shower from long run thigh chafing.

May 5, 2021

The best running shorts I´ve ever had.

I´ve tried many different running shorts over the years and these are simply the best. I´ve used them in different weather conditions and they haver performed excellent. Unlike other running shorts, I haven´t had any chafing or other unpleasant issues when they are wet or after a long mileage. I decided to buy an extra pair before they change the m... Read Moreodel or they ran out of stock. I bought a size L the first time but the M fits better, I´m currently using a size 34-32.

April 28, 2021

Great for longer runs...

I wasn't sure if I would like these or not when I ordered them, but they fit me perfectly. Having a hybrid running short like this for longer runs really works. They allow you to keep going when other shorts might start to chafe. I love these shorts!

April 26, 2021

THE running short.

I have been waiting all my life for these. Please make in more colors! So comfortable and useful, I have multiple so it looks like I'm always running in the same outfit. Holds a phone, snacks, and other small items exceptionally well.

April 25, 2021

Best Trail Running Short ever

I ordered these shorts to use while training for a 50k and they are undoubtedly the best trail shorts I've ever owned. I ordered the XL as that was the right size at the time and I have 0 regrets. With that said, I've lost ~30 lbs since starting the training and will need to replace the XL with L in the immediate future. Since Patagonia h... Read Moreas an excellent resale option for used clothing I am actually perfectly happy with donating the shorts back to Patagonia to resell as it allows me to get the size that is a better fit without regret about waste related to disposing of shorts that I've only worn for a relatively short time. Get these shorts if you are looking for the best trail running shorts you've ever owned and if you need XL you can go to the lightly used section and buy the pir I'm returning.

April 24, 2021

Best half tights ever!

These shorts are a delight! So far best ones I've ever had! Shorts are super comfortable, breathable, and well fitted. Big, side pockets can fit almost everything (phone, t-shirt, Houdini jacket). I tried to run with a 0.5L soft flask in the pocket, but it was too heavy. Highly recommended upgraded version of the Strider Pro.

April 16, 2021

Great fit - why not make these in a womens cut

I got the mens shorts because my experience is that the paragon womens run shorts are too short and too tight. These shorts are super comfy and the legs dont ride up on a long run. The fabric is quite thick and Ill be curious if theyll be too hot in the summer. The pockets are nice and I like the loop to clip in keys. I think a nice addition would ... Read Morebe a zipper on one of the pockets. I also like the lack of a liner on the shorts. Super comfy! My only complaint is that they dont make this in a womens cut! The womens model is shorter, has less pocket room, no wind proofing on the front and fits like a sausage casing. Until Patagonia improves their womens shorts Ill continue to get the mens...

April 15, 2021

Best running short ever.

Fit perfect, room to carry everything you need for under 2hr efforts. Don't fall down. No chafing. Very happy.

April 13, 2021

So close to perfection

After a handful of runs these will now be my go to short for any sort of longer run. Great pockets, super comfy liner. As a long-legged person who often runs in chilly mountain environments I'd love another 1-2" of length for warmth. And as others have mentioned, a slightly beefed up waistband would be helpful when packing in the pockets ... Read Morefull.

April 11, 2021

Amazing shorts

I love these shorts. Outstanding for running or for yoga. Personally I think they could be a hair snugger in the back, for those of us with smaller behinds.

April 4, 2021

Best Patagonia Shorts for Running

In my opinion, these are the best Patagonia shorts for running. The elastic liner doesn't ride up or bind like the Nine Trails or Strider Pro. Plus, the snugness of the shorts hug the body just enough to keep pocket items from bouncing but not too much that you feel confined. I'm 5'4, 118 pounds, with a 28" waist and the small f... Read Moreits just right.

April 1, 2021

Weak & Insufficient Waistband

After combining my own experiences with those of four other people, also daily distance trail runners, we all agree that the waist is poorly designed in that it does not support either items in the pockets or constant movements typical to running on uneven and over obstacle laden trails. The shorts would loosen up at the waist, although the light c... Read Moreompression lower section would not drop. And as two people mentioned, the string that attempts to hold the waist tight seems to not be a good match for the minimal waist material. Wouldn't buy these, wait for a hopeful upgrade. Also, for some reason, previous comments by myself and others are not all posted here. So you may not be seeing an accurate representation of evaluations.

Response from Patagonia
April 1, 2021

Hi Stanley, thanks for taking the time to let us know this helpful feedback about the waistband. We are so sorry to hear that you, and others, are disappointed with the design and quality of that. Please feel welcome to [send]( these back to us as we always want to ensure you're satisfied.

March 25, 2021

Amazingly comfortable, but unfortunately too small

The shorts are pretty awesome, although you may get weird looks. They didnt fit me well and will probably go with a medium. I am size 31 waist and 60 lean build 168lbs

March 24, 2021

Extremely Comfortable

These are the best fitting and feeling shorts I have found for running, hiking, etc. They dry very quickly and have ample room for storage.

March 24, 2021

Best shorts ever!

Super comfy tights/shorts with huge side pockets. You can fit in there phone, essentials, Houdini jacket, etc. Great breathability and comfort! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that they're tights-style shorts so you need to use really tight boxer or none. Overall great update for the Strider Pros.

March 23, 2021


Really satisfied with this purchase, have deeper side pockets which fits my oversized phone, snug fit, feels really exceptional while running distance either through the city or in the mountain. Highly recommend

February 23, 2021

Perfect Ultramarathon Short

I have worn these for all three of my ultras (one in summer, one in fall and one in winter). Never had a chaffing issue. On top of that they provide so much carry capacity that I ran my last ultra without a running vest. Shorts have plenty of pockets for gels and accessories. And they way the pockets are positioned... you dont feel what is in them.... Read More You can't even notice your phone (big Galaxy S10) back there. Front panel provides a breathable wind break but is really great to cover your twigs and berries (be they small or large). Hoping they keep the same design but come out with a new color panel so I can get a 2nd pair. I have a 29" waist and had to exchange the small for a medium

February 1, 2021

Action Packed

Ready, ok. Having drank the Patagonia kool-aid almost a decade ago, Im happy to dance with ANYTHING they throw at me. But having been in the 5 Pro Striders for the past 8(?) years, I had my reservations. Mainly being the pockets and lack of the zippered back pocket. My questions were quickly answered cause these pockets hold on tight like a squirre... Read Morel to a tree. Phones, gloves, jackets, bars, nuts, these babies dont bounce! The Endless is my weapon of choice for mountain running, long runs, anything with inclement weather. Although the Striders run cooler on the hottest days, the Endless got the most mileage last year. To those of us with meaty thighs, Im seeing some friction wear in the groin area that the Striders dont have and looking forward to the next Endless model, whatever that may bring. ALSO, Patagonia, I know your market is probably around the black, grey and navy world, but some of us kids clamber all over the pastels and fluorescents, anything teal or mango is mucho bueno! Grassyass!

December 13, 2020

Top-notch Shorts

Once you put these shorts on you know...This is the only pair of shorts youll ever need. The Endless Run Shorts can do everything. And even more, there is beaucoup storage, they fit perfectly, are the ideal length and have flawless style. These are the most versatile shorts I own. They have taken over the top spot from my strider pro 5. The only t... Read Morehing I would change/add is make the front panel out of a rip-stop material. I am on my second pair... the first pair I have got caught on a tree branch and the panel tore (also got a hole in the black stretch material). Other than that these shorts are near perfect.

December 2, 2020

Great short for long runs and adventure runs/races

I was a huge fan of the Strider Pro shorts with the boxer brief liner and used those for most of my long runs including a couple mountain 100's. These are a worthy replacement. So far I've used them up to about 50k and they have done well. They actually stay put better than the liner on the strider pro, and the large pockets are very hand... Read Morey for phone/snacks etc. They also seem more durable and easier to put tights or pants on top when it gets cold.

November 21, 2020


Far & beyond the best running shorts I've ever owned. Sounds a little ridiculous, since they're shorts, but perhaps not too surprisingly the folks at Patagonia have outdone themselves again: I'm not really interested in ever buying running shorts other than these. They fit great & snug, but are in no way tight or restrictiv... Read Moree: they feel light & freeing. Nothing bounces around in the pockets, which is huge for me. Plenty of room to stash goods for long runs. Very well made, as expected: I've been running in them daily for almost 3 months with zero signs of wear & tear. My other shorts have been relegated to walking-around-the-house duty. Only "improvement" would be to make them in all black (&/or some funky cool old school Patagonia patterns on the front flap). Highly recommend, and will be buying more pairs for myself soon. (please never discontinue these!!)

November 15, 2020

Shorts version of a Swiss Army knife

I bought these shorts about 2.5 months ago but just got the chance to wear them the past couple of weeks. The Endless Run shorts are perfect for anything. They fit like tights but have a little more flexibility when it comes to uses. The front panel is genius. Its functional and looks great. Then there are the pockets. They are very useful, you can... Read More stick tons of extra nutrition you want on the fly in the side pockets and still fit a phone in the other. I own a couple different pairs of Strider Pros and love them. I also like my shorts-tights (la Sportiva Freedom shorts now discontinued). These shorts are like their love child. The only thing I would point out is that the Endless Run shorts really are for cooler weather. If you wear the shorts in warmer weather expect to have sweat running down your legs. They also do not dry as fast as my Strider Pros or Freedom tights but these are also thicker shorts. I look forward to cooler days just so I can run in these.

November 13, 2020

Comfortable, functional, & durable

These shorts are incredible! I've done several all day trail runs in them and they perform really well. Being a larger runner (6'-5", 250 lbs), I am particularly hard on shorts (I am looking at you, Strider Pros). The tighter fit of these shorts prevents the bunching and riding up that I've experienced with other shorts. We hav... Read Moreen't even talked about the pockets yet! The two side pockets are huge and great for storing your food, nutrition, and gear. I've even stuffed a soft flask in there. The rear pocket works well for a light jacket or other gear. The only improvement I'd like to see with these shorts is a zipper on the rear pocket. I'm always a little worried that something smaller might fall out. Overall, these shorts are a home run. I'm looking forward to running in these for years to come.

October 28, 2020

Perfect running shorts

These are the best running shorts I've bought yet from Patagonia. They fit perfectly and I feel confident in them. I love the deep pockets. No chafing even on 20+ mile runs

October 22, 2020


I really like these; my only issue was with the drawstring. When I actually needed to carry a phone and a bar on a long run, the string wasn't enough to hold the pants up. When I super-tightened it, it cut into my stomach. A better waistband would make these top-notch.

October 15, 2020

Miracle Shorts

I have been running for decades and have never found shorts that are as comfortable as these are. Whoever designed these: Where have you been all my life?! The front pockets are a simple solution that works brilliantly. Most shorts are either painfully restrictive or are so loose they give you no support. The vast majority chafe too, if you run any... Read More distance. Not these! If running naked was comfortable this is what it would feel like! I have thrown out all my other running shorts.

October 4, 2020

The greatest shorts.

Hello, I didnt read the size guide and got a large as my strider shorts are, sent them back for a medium and they fit perfectly. I am 6ft, 180lbs. I just ran 21 miles in the rain with these and they are so comfy, they dont ride up and zero chafe issues and the pockets are unreal. Maybe add a wee zip on the back like the striders but probably not n... Read Moreeeded. If youre on the fence then just get them. I got them sent to Scotland From my dad in the US as theyre not available in Europe for some reason... definitely going to get another couple of pairs in the new year.

September 21, 2020

For my Bod, Best Running Short Ever

I've been dreaming of these shorts throughout my running lifetime (42,184 miles so far and climbing by about 30 miles/wk). They perform in blazing sun and torrential rain, humid 95deg days and dry 50deg mornings, 5k sprints and 20mile LSD. The side pockets carry iPhone X and snacks unnoticeably. Back pocket great for keys & ID. I feel prot... Read Moreected and supported yet almost nude. 6'0" 160lbs & M fits wonderfully. No chafing rubbing or hot spots anywhere. A practically perfect garment (I could wish for more interesting color/pattern choices, but functionally these made my favorite lululemon shorts obsolete.) It's only been a couple of months: wondering how many seasons the materials will hold up? and how will these perform as a base layer for strider pro pants when it gets frigid and I need another crotch layer? Eager to find out both answers. Loving the experience so far. Run happy!

September 16, 2020

Very comfortable

I love these shorts. My only problem is Im a size small, but that doesnt mean Im short the inseam for the small size is way to short. The medium fit perfect on the inseam but the waist is way too loose got to tie drawstring to the max. I had the bouncing problem with the strider pro 5 inch to much bouncing. A lot less bounce with the pockets on the... Read Morese shorts. Just the waist A bit to loose. Recommend 100% to everyone I know.

September 11, 2020

Fell in love

ive always been a fan of running in speed shorts, instead of short shorts, or even worse longer shorts. these are an amazing happy medium of comfort meets speed short. love the cell phone pocket.

September 8, 2020

Freedom of movement

Im 59 150lbs and the small fits snugly upon first putting them on. During the run they feel perfect. I love the spandex pockets so everything in my pockets stays exactly where I want it. These shorts are perfect in that I dont think about them at all while running, they feel very natural. The pockets are extremely deep, fits my iPhone X no problem.... Read More I look forward to running in these for a long time.

September 7, 2020

Superior than the Strider Pro

In terms of sizing, Id recommend to get it as you would on the Strider Pro Shorts. As everybody already points out, Its an amazing shorts for everything running in the wild. Pockets are awesome, I ran with a Pixel 2 with tough casing and no sagging. I never ran with a compression shorts before (cos its always bulging down under). This one still do ... Read Morebut I can live with it thanks to the 'morality panel' they put up front. The only down side is probably the price, I probably could afford 1 in a lifetime so it might (should) be tough!

September 4, 2020


The shorts are kind of a weird Frankenshort, but they work Great. At their base they are in a skintight bike type a short. But they have a panel in the front to hide the bulges. I found them very, very comfortable. I also like the way the pockets work. Initially I ordered a medium (I have numerous Patagonias in M that are perfect) and these were ju... Read Morest a bit snug for me. The large is a bit too loose, but preferable to too tight.

September 4, 2020

Well constructed

Seemed like a lot of money for short running tights, but I liked the hybrid construction that is a bit more modest. Wearing them, I feel they are worth the extra $$ - very thoughtful construction, with useful pockets to stash keys etc.

September 4, 2020

Best pair of running shorts I own

Best pair of running shorts I own. The fit is perfect. The Material and the cut works great at any pace. These are also fantastic in the heat, rain, or cold. Pockets are surprisingly deep.

September 3, 2020

Best Running Shorts - Size Up

These are the best running shorts that I have ever run in. The pockets are great. My phone doesn't bounce around feels secure while easy to get in/out. I have a 33" waist so went with the M initially. After trying them on they were a little small so went with the Large instead. I would say I have a typical runner/athletic build.

September 3, 2020

Do yourself a favor:

Buy these shorts. Theyre incredible & make other running shorts basically obsolete. Extremely well designed: theyre comfortable, the pockets are very thoughtful nothing moves around! and the fit is comfortable similarly, nothing moves around! And theyre not too tight. iPhone 11 Pro Max (the big one) fits easily in one pocket; some snacks & ... Read Moreheadphones in the other; shell, mask, jerky in the back. Well worth the money. Would like to have my old shorts recycled to make more of these

September 3, 2020

Best running shorts ever worn

I dont write product reviews. These shorts amazing. I rarely hang around in shorts after a run but I am now. Liner is snug but not too tight, panel in front looks slightly odd but serves the purpose and is genius. The side pockets rock. Super ventilated and un-sweaty. No-chaffing comfort. These make other shorts instantly obsolete. Patagonia: wel... Read Morel done. Perfection. Please make this exact pattern with slightly thicker material and pant legs.

September 1, 2020

Love the pockets

These shorts have some excellent features and some downfalls too. What I love about these shorts are the pockets. Easy access to phone, snacks, gloves, etc... whatever you want to store here it is secure and comfy. I'm not very used to running in compression shorts so they felt a little hot and constricting but overall I like them after a mont... Read Moreh of running in them. Only feedback I'd recommend for improvement would to be to make the front panel a little more baggy.

September 1, 2020

Great shorts

Great pair of shorts in you dont want to reveal all.

September 1, 2020

Need more time

Well, I purchased these for trail running in the mountains and have not fully tested them, yet. A positive I noticed early on is that when you're sweating a lot the extra layer on the front of the shorts keeps things dryer in crucial areas. One thing on the negative that I think I'm beginning to notice in that same crucial area is that th... Read Moreere could be a problematic seem that will become more noticeable on longer efforts. The pockets are very convenient but I think the shorts could be thinner. In hotter climates, especially during the summer, you want thin material! I'm hoping for the best with these because it feels like they have a lot of potential.

September 1, 2020

Solid shorts

New favorite running shorts. Sort-of half-way between leggins and shorts. Comfortable for long runs (10+ miles), no chafing, good deep pockets for phones / keys and the design means you don't feel too 'exposed' or look like (too much of) a try-hard wearing something that's fitted. The materials used seem to hold up well even whe... Read Moren wet which is nice (so even when really sweaty it doesn't feel like you're running around in a wet paper bag). More colors please.

August 26, 2020

Best Running Shorts

After my first run in these I fell in love. The pockets are the best pockets on any running shorts I've owned. Can't even tell my phone is in them and the way it is oriented in the pocket it does not bind the headphone jack (yes, I still used wired headphones). The fit is nice and snug. Felt like I was wearing nothing at all. I want a pai... Read Morer for everyday so I never have to wear my other running shorts again.

August 25, 2020

Best running shorts, ever

They fit tightly without chafing; the loose fabric at the front is nice so that it doesn't look like I'm running in cycling shorts. I've been doing both city runs and trail runs in the Dolomites in these. I just ordered two more pairs.

August 10, 2020

New Favorite Trail Running Shorts

These are my favorite trail running shorts! The pockets are perfect to carry my iPhone, food, and a shell. The pockets are easy to access while moving and nothing bounces around. Ive run 30+ miles in the mountains with no chaffing. These are my go to shorts!

June 15, 2020

Perfect shorts for running

I am glad I purchased these shorts, as they are terrific for running early morning when the temperature is not that high. I wish the center pocket in the back had a zipper. I run with my ID and building card, along with a key. I bind them altogether with a rubber band. I was worried about losing it. I have a Strider Pro 5-inch which is perfect when... Read More the temperature is high and it has a center pocket in the back with a zipper. Perhaps, in the next version, Patagonia could add a zipper on this excellent shorts.

June 4, 2020

Pretty good, not perfect

I've been trying all kinds of running shorts to replace the 2018 Strider Pro 7 inch, which were hands down the best running shorts (with the boxer liner) I've ever had, but which Patagonia stopped making, for some unknown reason. I had high hopes and expectations for these shorts. Unfortunately, they don't quite meet these expectatio... Read Morens. They are comfortable to wear, they stay in place (nothing rides up while running). However, unlike the Strider Pro mentioned above, they cause chafing; I can run for several hours without chafing on the old shorts, not the case with these, at least not with body glide or chamois cream. My longest run in these so far is about 4 hours. The pockets are mixed for me--they are big, things don't fall out, but I haven't figured how to optimize use like I had with the other model. Overall, 4 starts and not 5 due to these being a small step down from the discontinued product Please bring back the 2018 Strider Pro 7 inch with the boxer liner!

May 26, 2020

The best pockets

I love these shorts/tights. They deserve 5 stars for the pockets alone. While they are super comfy, I'd prefer some compression so I could run without underwear on longer runs. As they're designed, I need to wear briefs or boxer brief compression shorts under them, which makes them a bit warm on hot days.

May 19, 2020

Very versatile with one 2.0 suggestion

I love these shorts and the built in features allowing me to leave other waist belts at home. In a 2.0 version I would love these shorts in a 8" considering that they ride up a little bit with all the leg lifting over rocks, roots and bounding from side to side.

May 3, 2020

Great pockets, terrible styling

The pockets are great and probably better than every other pair of running shorts Ive owned. I frequently carry gloves, arm warmers, a rolled up shirt, my phone, a gopro with mini-tripod, etc. This spring I did virtually all of my runs in these and I have like ten other options in my closet. I dont understand the value of the gray fabric panel ove... Read Morer the front. It looks terrible, especially if youre running shirtless. Kind of like you have a pair of boxer briefs glued onto the front of some regular half tights. I run in my other half tights down into the 30s (F) and have never wished I had that panel, even in a stiff wind. If theres some use case that makes it worth it for some runners, then Id recommend Patagonia just make it match the rest of the fabric so it isnt noticeable. Oh... and some other colorways would be nice!

May 1, 2020

Please DON'T change these!! Perfect run short.

As a long time triathlete turned runner, I was having a hard time transitioning from tri shorts to running shorts. Enter these shorts. I love the snug fit without the mum covering her daughter's eyes effect tri shorts can have. The pockets are placed in the perfect spots. Phones, gels, bars all ride smooth with no discomfort or bouncing. Simpl... Read Morey perfect. I'm tempted to buy 10 more pair to avoid another Capilene undies fiasco (I'm still sporting the original six pair from the glory days), but I hope Patagonia listens to feedback and doesn't update or change these. They are perfect the way they are - great work!

April 23, 2020


Despite some initial tugging on my short hairs, these have become my absolute favorite. They're so comfortable that I don't think about them at all on runs anymore. I don't have to make adjustments. The pockets work as advertised. They're in a good location to keep items secure with no bouncing. My thighs tend to chew through fa... Read Morebric pretty quickly, so time will tell if this piece is durable but I couldn't be more pleased with the comfortable fit and superb functionality. Yay!

March 8, 2020


Fantastic short tights. Highly recommend, plenty of pockets, great for cool or warmer weather. I do think they could be a little more snug, the deep side pockets could be a little tigher. But these are very minor these shorts are still fantastic! Would be great to see a some different colors from these shorts!

March 4, 2020

Awesome shorts, phone pulls them down.

I got these shorts because I was curious and I wanted to get shorts that could hold my phone. The shorts feel great, they basically feel like running in your most comfortable underwear. The pockets are great and fit my larger phone, keys, etc., with ease. The downside is that the side of the shorts my phone was on kept falling down. I tried tighten... Read Moreing the waist belt, but that didn't seem to work. The phone felt great otherwise (no bouncing)!

March 4, 2020

My new favorite running shorts

These have replaced my 2018 5" striders. I love these new shorts. They fit nice and do not chaff my inner thighs at all. I took them on back to back long weekend runs and they are just so comfortable. No tugging, no creeping up my legs, and I look pretty good them. I absolutely love the deep pockets, which I use (so far) to hold my iPhone. T... Read Morehe phone rides on the back of my hip. I can feel its there, but is comfortable and held into place by the material.

February 27, 2020

Favorable Innovation

Had been looking forward to trying this product since an early review of their HEK was published in 2019. After multiple runs & hikes I have a favorable opinion of the design. The shorts avoid fabric slap & bunching while providing some wind protection and modesty coverage. The deep side pockets accommodate 4" phone w/ battery case eas... Read Moreily without noticeable sliding or bouncing.

February 25, 2020

running tights that don't make me look so european.

great product. i love the large pockets on the both side. very comfortable. my only recommendation on the next version would be that it would be slightly longer and/or offer an option for a capri. if it gets too warm, one can always roll it up a bit but having it bit longer in cooler weather like mountains would make a bigger difference. this piece... Read More works great with my 'Naked' belt which allows me to carry up to 3 bottles, phone, and houdini/and or airshed pro. I would love to see patagonia make something like it. I think it would give more verstatility than just having a pack

February 24, 2020


Soo good! Like a warm, cozy hug for your junk. I love these things.

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