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Patagonia Men's Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Barn Coat

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Patagonia Men's Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Barn Coat

Kinda Large
September 17, 2020

Good Price to Performance Ratio

Im a relatively active 69 year old male. Im 58, 185 pounds. 45 chest, 20 shoulders, 34 waist. 33 sleeve, 17 neck. Usually, a size large in Patagonia coats fits me very well. First off, I dont farm, ranch, or work outdoors. I just enjoy the comfort and style of a barn coat in casual settings. I have owned a couple prior to the purchase of the Pata... Read Moregonia and, for me, once theyre broken in, they simply cant be beat. I have similar hopes for the Patagonia. I purchased the Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Barn Coat in December 2019. I waited several months before offering my views on this coat because I wanted to ensure that my impressions would be consistent over time. Because my shoulders, chest, and neck traditionally have been the critical areas of fit, I tried on both a large and a medium at the Denver Patagonia store. The large was a very comfortable (almost ideal) fit in the shoulders and chest. However, the balance of the torso was blousy; it wasnt bad, but it wasnt a fit that I was accustomed to. The medium, on the other hand, had a more of a fit that I preferred in the lower torso, yet the shoulders and chest were close to being tight. The range-of-motion in the shoulders was not restrictive, but close to it. The closest I come to layering under any coat is a flannel shirt over a t-shirt. So I felt the medium would be an acceptable fit. I ended up ordering a medium from Patagonia to get the color that I wanted (coriander brown). That said, for folks with measurements similar to mine but prefer to layer, the medium probably would not work very well. Admittedly, this past year I have been second-guessing myself as to whether I should have purchased the large. I havent had the need to layer. And I havent had any circumstances or physical activity where my shoulders felt constrained. Its just that Ive missed the comfortable drape of a size large on my shoulders. And Im sure that I would have acclimated to the larges relaxed torso shape as well. Nonetheless, the medium is serving its purpose quite well. But enough about fit. I truly enjoy the hemp construction. It was comfortable right out of the box. And as it continues to break in, it is becoming even more comfortable. Maybe I am naturally warm-natured so quite possibly this next statement may not be true for all folks, but I find this coat comfortably warm for Colorado winters. With gloves and a hat, I find no need for layering or the need for a heavier coat. I find it very effective at wind blocking. The construction is first rate; I havent seen any flaws. And it seems to be quite durable, although Ive not found the need to crawl through any barbed-wire fences lately. With my perception of the quality of the material and components, I feel this coat offers a very good price to performance ratio especially when I consider this coat to last a good number of years. All in all, Im very satisfied with this purchase.

July 10, 2020

strong coat

I work in a warehouse refrigerator environment driving a forklift and the last coat I got was a Berne brand. It wore out in the sleeves fairly fast. The abrasion resistance on this Patagonia coat is quite impressive. It wasn't begun to show any signs of worn. My only complaint is that the sleeves are a little too short for me. I ordered a larg... Read Moree knowing that I'd be able to layer but hoped the sleeves would fit me. I like the jacket and like the quality. Thank you

December 16, 2019

Every day jacket

Nice and warm good for work or causal, looks rugged. I think it will wear well.

December 15, 2019

Love the coat. It does

Love the coat. It does run big.

December 7, 2019

Rugged and warm

I got this to replace a much-loved denim chore coat that had lasted near 30 years. I suspect that this coat will outlast me; it's very tough. The pockets are roomy and easily usable even with gloves on. The cut is roomy enough for a bulky layer underneath, but it's warm enough that that would be needed only on very cold days (I just came ... Read Morein from moving firewood at around 30F and left the coat mostly open). I'm 6'1" 185# and the medium fits well; I've got long arms (I usually need to buy a tall) and the sleeves are just long enough for me.

December 5, 2019


I will say that I am completely on board with Patagonia and have no problem paying the higher prices for it, being that it is an amazing product. I have NEVER written a review on anything, and this goes to show how much I really enjoy this jacket. It can be worn in literally any way, and I often wear it to school in the winter as I am walking aroun... Read Mored campus. Its big enough to layer underneath it, and when you do it keeps you extremely warm. Not only do I wear it in a casual setting, I often cut firewood in it as well. I am about 5'9 and weigh 165, and have ordered a medium and it fits me perfectly. It is just big enough I can stuff a sweatshirt, and my pat vest underneath it to keep me perfectly warm. I can't say enough about this jacket and it has been my favorite I have ever ordered.

December 4, 2019

Warm and comfortable coat

When I first received it the hemp shell was somewhat stiff, but after a few days it was broken in and comfortable. The coat is warm and handles moderate rain and snow very well.

November 20, 2019

Great Jacket!

feels like I have worn it for years as soon as I put it on. Pliable, soft AND RUGGED.

November 19, 2019

Nice, heavy jacket

So far I thoroughly enjoy this jacket. Its held up amazingly over the last couple weeks of tree work and farm chores so far. I'm waiting to see how it holds up in the colder parts of MN winter. Here's hoping!

November 1, 2019

Very comfortable

Really enjoying this coat and cold morning and evening fit me perfect love the liner inside which allow movement and make easy to put it on and take it off. Only think I would suggest would be a double zipper to allow to ride and access knife at the belt.

October 30, 2019

The coat runs large, but

The coat runs large, but I read the reviews and ordered a small instead of my usual medium. It fits me great and I'm 5'10".

October 14, 2019

Buy small

Nice coat but only 2 snaps down front and no two way zipper? Big omissions in my book.

Response from Patagonia
October 28, 2019

We're sorry to hear the Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Barn Coat did not work out for you! If you would like to initiate a return or exchange, you may do so [HERE](

September 30, 2019

Excellent Barn Coat....Exactly what I have been looking for

I really like this jacket. It is well designed and the quality of materials and construction is excellent. The fabric is tough but relatively soft. As per other reviews, this is a roomy jacket and especially in the mid section. This is basically a Carhartt jacket that probably isn't as tough but with more style. I am 6'1, 225lbs with a 4... Read More8" chest and 39" waist.....The XL fits great. Some noted the sleeves were narrow but I did not find that to be the case and I have good size biceps. Looking forward to layering this with a nice flannel or fleece. For the price I think this is an excellent value from Patagonia.

September 17, 2019

Purchased and received a (Large)

Purchased and received a (Large) coat yet it fit like it was a (2XL).

Response from Patagonia
September 26, 2019

We're sorry to hear this was too large. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our [return]( process.

May 8, 2019

Chore jacket

I am very pleased with the flexibility and design features. It is a jacket I will have and use for a long time.

March 24, 2019

Hemp Barn Coat

I took the advice from comments of the size being larger than expected and ordered the large. I'm 6' 215 lbs, the mid-section was fine, but the sleeves were very tight with no room for a sweater or sweatshirt worn underneath.

March 14, 2019

By Far My Favorite Coat

For reference, I'm 5' 9" and 160lbs. I usually wear Medium shirts and coats and 30x32 pants. I bought the Small barn coat and love it. THE NEGATIVE: First, the caveat that most people seem to be mentioning: This jacket runs large. BUT IT's DESIGNED THAT WAY. Patagonia advertises it that way. Just go into it knowing that, and you... Read More'll save yourself frustration. I'll make the case below that it is better precisely BECAUSE it runs large. People who like the metro, sleek look will not like this though. While it does look good as far as work wear goes, you don't buy things like this for fashion, per se. Also, this thing is heavy, so I think Patagonia should have given a more durable hanging loop. I have serious doubts the hanging loop is going to last in the long haul. The hemp absorbs smells more than canvas I've noticed. No huge deal really, but this may bug some people. It is slightly annoying that the jacket doesn't completely relax to the body well if you sit down with it zipped up, but that's what you get if you want a nice, heavy-duty zipper and a jacket that holds its form. Can't have it all I guess. I would still buy it again. I would have made the inside pocket a horizontal zip instead of vertical. Vertical has been awkward for me. I would have put the drop in pocket on the right breast instead of the left, as most people (me included) are right handed. I would have loved to have an option for a detachable hood with utilizing metal buttons hidden under the back of the collar. Lastly, I would have added a third snap button half way up the zipper; a hidden one though so that it doesn't look funny. Now, all the GOOD STUFF: 1. Hemp is way better than canvas. More soft and comfy, yet more durable. I wore Carhartt for years as an electrician and loved it, but this improves upon that. It's softer. The other day I wore my leather tool bags over the coat and it was actually comfortable. I couldn't do that very comfortably with my canvas duck coats. The other day, I was loading a bunch of oak logs into my rig for firewood and caught my barn coat shoulder on a barb wire fence hard enough to pull my shoulder back as I walked and make me lose my balance. Having torn canvas work wear on nails etc many times, I thought for sure I had ripped a hole in my new jacket. However, much to my delight, I searched to find where it had torn, but to no avail. There was literally no sign of the snag. This jacket is SUPER warm and comfy, yet somehow still incredibly durable and hardy. It doesn't look like it would fray and unravel much even if I did tear it. Besides, Patagonia does repairs. 2. This thing has a TON of pockets, yet still looks stylish as far as work wear goes. It's like a jacket that seconds as a small backpack. This and room for layering underneath are the two reasons I thing the large sizing makes sense. I usually wear Medium, but in this I have Small which is perfect. If this jacket were more form fitting, I could not comfortably utilize the many pockets (such as when you try to shove your phone into the pocket of a tight pair of jeans - not comfortable). I have frequently walked around with the following in my pockets all at once and am so comfortable that I literally forget they're in my jacket: full size key ring of keys, car keys, comb, large leather wallet, cell phone, pen, beanie hat, scarf (and sometimes a small book or my small Bible). The lower back pocket struck me as super strange at first, but I've learned to love it for gloves/hats/scarves. Also, the particular style of the pockets is helpful. Having a drop in, a mini cargo, two large cargo pockets, an inner security pocket, hand warmer pockets under the large cargo pockets, and a lower back pocket gives great versatility. 3. The large size also means it's comfortable to work in, which is why it's in their work wear line. I have some other coats which are ostensibly for construction work, but they pull on my elbows, shoulders, and armpits when I'm lifting things or reaching. This coat is practical, so it's roomy for active work days. As I said above, it intentionally has layering room. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on in the store with a thick cotton sweater underneath. 4. Despite its large size, it keeps its shape well. It doesn't look super misshapen and baggy after use. It holds its form fairly well. Part of this is aided by the adjustable cuffs. 5. The buttons and zipper seem to be really beefy and strong, which hints that they will last a long time. 6. I like the low back. Keeps you warm and dry when you sit on something cold or damp. 7. The jacket keeps me warm with just a T-shirt under it down to the mid-30s Fahrenheit (unless there's a chilling wind - then it's only good into the mid 40s). But surprisingly it still breathes pretty well if I wear it in mid 60 degree weather. Maybe this is an attribute of hemp? Not sure. 8. I like that the style dresses up and down. I can throw on nice jeans and polished boots with my hair done, and this jacket still looks sharp and eye-catching. Conversely, I can wear this thing as I work or camp and it doesn't look out of place at all. A great all-around coat. This is my first Patagonia product, and I am very pleased. I hope Patagonia's work wear line really takes off. Next, I plan on trying the Farrier Shirt and Shop Shirt.

March 11, 2019

Excellent coat. Favorite.

Tough fabric but soft to the touch. Fit and finish are very good. This coat will last a long time. Easy to put on and off. 5’9” and 169 lbs. Athletic build and medium fits very well.

February 9, 2019

Fantastic jacket!

As comfortable as a well worn old friend from the very first wear. Not too stiff, surprisingly soft, but also tough. Just warm enough on its own for cool to moderately cold days while working, loose-fitting enough to layer with a nice warm sweater or flannel for those extra cold days. From the first time I put it on, I knew it was my new favorite c... Read Moreoat. I'm almost sad to think winter will one day be over and I will need to put this jacket away for the season.

November 27, 2018

It's a BARN coat

I honesty believe this coat deserves a better average rating than is shown. Is it big? Yes. But it is a barn coat and the Pat folks do not hide that in their description. Is it too big? Perhaps. But this depends on the person. For those seeking a sleek and more form-fitting garment, you best look elsewhere. For those seeking a garment that is roomy... Read More and suitable for layering and much outdoor work, this is the ticket. I purchased this coat to replace a similar insulated and reversible flannel coat from Patagonia that had finally gone thread-bare after about 15 years. When I first received that previous garment in Large size (my normal size purchase from Patagonia), I felt it too was a bit large initially. But I grew to appreciate the room it offered and dearly loved it in the end. This new barn coat has about the exact same room in the torso. I am about 175#, 5'11" and I purchased a Large. I am an average build. If I had gone to a Medium on this, I am pretty sure the sleeves would have been too short and possibly a bit restrictive. The feel of the coat fabric is very nice and pliable. I love the slickness of the inner lining as that makes it easy to slip on over sweaters and other similar fabrics. My only wish is that the front draft flap had a third snap in the along the center. I feel that just two snaps (one on the top and one on the bottom) do not offer enough of a secure closure. But this is just me being picky. Great coat! It will last for years, I am certain.

March 6, 2018

Soft and warm.

Have had this jacket through the winter so far. Working outdoors in the Colorado Rockies,a 30 degree day is relatively warm. This jacket has kept me warm and dry through heavy wind and snow squalls while moving pipe. Plenty of room to layer a vest or a sweater underneath and on the coldest days do. Strenuous activity and I warm up real quick. The... Read More collar is nice and stays up to keep wind out. There is a LOT of room in the Midsection as others have said so you will definitely appear larger than you are. Sleeves are the perfect length too. Highly recommend this coat to anyone who wants a warm coat that stands up to abrasion and water and rust and road salt and anything else that comes your way. Great jacket for working all day or just for looking good with a beer around a fire too

March 6, 2018

Sizing is weird.

I tried the large and its HUGE in the mid section. I am 5'10" and 185. I could fit an entire pillow inside this jacket. I then tried the medium and felt the mid section was fine however the arms were a bit tight especially if I wore a layer underneath. I wish they put the large arms on the medium body... then it would be correct.

February 28, 2018

Feels well made,Nice,thick and heavy.

I bought this to replace a my favorite coat that has been repaired a bunch of times. I think I've been wearing it so long,it's in fashion again. About this coat: I wear a size XL in nearly everything. I ordered a size Large for this after reading some reviews. I am marking it as "Runs Large",but that's not entirely true a... Read Mores the shoulders are quite narrow. I can't imagine the shape of the person who fit this jacket perfectly. The mid section is far too large and bellows out a lot. It's just plain HUGE around the middle. I can't possibly wear it this way and must return it.

February 7, 2018

Awesome coat,but not perfect.

I love all the features of this jacket. Material and construction are all solid and the insulation is good,but you will need additional layers for colder temperatures. The variety of pockets is great,with the coolest being the pocket on the back. I found myself using that much more than I thought I would. I have no complaints about the zipper as it... Read More's larger than what's on most jackets. Sizing- I'm 5'11",180 and I decided on Large. I initially bought a Medium,but the arms were too small so I had to exchange. The fit is true to size for a relaxed fit item. It's big in the body and long,but it was purposely cut that way and still doesn't look bad even though it is large on me. I don't know how anyone comfortably sizes down in this jacket - when I layered under the Medium I could hardly move my arms. Even in Large the sleeves,at the elbow and shoulder,are still restrictive,which is disappointing. I wouldn't consider myself to be broad in the arms or shoulder either. However,the sleeve issue isn't enough for me to give up on this jacket. Still a solid buy if you're in the market for a cool weather work jacket.

December 26, 2017

Good comfortable coat for work or casual wear

This is a solid coat for moderately cold and dry weather. It's a lot softer than the usual cotton duck canvas. It's still pretty heavy but not as stiff. The fit is true to size in the chest with the sleeves being just a little shorter than the old technical jackets that were available in relaxed fit. Relaxed fit is good for people that la... Read Moreyer a ton,people with broad builds,or overweight people. If you don't fall into one of those categories there are plenty of other regular fit or slim fit options. My only complaint is that there's an area on the back near the neck where there's canvas inside instead of the insulation lining and that causes a cold spot in really cold weather.

December 13, 2017

It's big

I'm 6' 1" and weigh 180 lbs. I work outside on a farm. The size medium fits me. I like the all pockets and the material feels durable. It's easy to move in,but it's not warm at all. I have to wear a down vest under it all the time and add a sweat shirt under that on really cold days. Even with all those layers the medium fi... Read Morets best. The main zipper is small so I'm not sure that will hold up over time

December 6, 2017

Makes Me Want A Barn.

Longtime Patagonia fan,especially their fly fishing gear. My SST wading jacket just turned 20 years old and still rocks. Ok,the barn coat.. As mentioned in previous reviews,it IS sized big. As long as you know that going in it isn't a problem at all. I'm a rather 'portly' fellow and usually wear a XXL but ordered the XL after r... Read Moreeading the comments. Fits great through the chest,waist,shoulders. The sleeves are XL length and not XXL length. They're actually fine and finding sleeves long enough for me is always a challenge. I could still easily fit a sweater under this thing even as it's one size smaller than I usually buy. The material is crazy comfortable. Not at all like 'the other' workwear brand. I like their stuff too but it's always stiff. This coat feels like it was broken-in right out of the box and wondered if the Fed-Ex guy wore it for a month before I got it.Great pocket s and closures. Stitching is stout and the zipper appears to be strong,something 'the other' workwear brand always seems to have issues with. The collar is nice but wish it were a bit taller in the back. As far as warmth,I guess that's a relative thing. I'm in New England and haven't found it as warm as some have described. Not sure I'd wear it snowblowing w/o layering-up,but in warmer climes it'd likely be fine. Also,wore it out in a really cold rain just before Thanksgiving and the material really seemed to suck up anything that fell on it. Even a bit damp I still looked pretty darn cool wearing it. I'd definitely buy it again and would recommend it to anyone that asked.

October 11, 2017

Great quality,runs large

Bought this for a winter deer capture field season. The jacket seems to be constructed beautifully,but it certainly runs very big. I wear an XL in EVERYTHING and this XL was too long/large in almost all capacities.

August 11, 2017

Great Coat,but too big

I can tell this coat is really well made and will last,but it's way too big. I'm a wind turbine tech up north and a smaller guy and Patagonia seems to make the only jackets that tend to fit,but relaxed fit might as well just mean 2 sizes too big. Small Patagonia jackets always are the perfect fit for me,but I'm swimming in this. It&#... Read Morex27;s so bagging I have no choice,but to return this and look at better options. I really wish they didn't make it a relaxed fit or at least added different smaller fits.

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