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Patagonia Men's Frozen Range Parka

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Patagonia Men's Frozen Range Parka

True To Size
April 13, 2021

Best Winter Investment

As a surf photographer based out of the mid-Atlantic, I bought this for the brutally cold days standing on the beach. My first experience with the jacket was shooting a swell during a blizzard in New York. I was blown away by the warmth with only a long sleeve shirt underneath. I could not have lasted the entire day on the beach without it. After w... Read Moreearing the jacket a few more times I have found that no matter how windy or cold outside it is, this jacket has you covered. All of my friends envy it every time I wear it and I definitely consider picking one up.

March 21, 2021

Very good quality

Very Good quality, just a little to bulky for my preference.

March 19, 2021

Game Changer

After moving from New Jersey to accept a job in Portland, Maine, I quickly realized that my Nano Puff, R1, and capilene base layer combination which had served by well 90% of the time in winters previous performed like a warm t-shirt at this windy latitude. I needed something much much warmer. When I find myself outside these days it's usually... Read More because I'm birding, which can involve fast-paced walking or even running, but mostly involves standing still while looking through a spotting scope. And in the winter time, scoping through sea duck flocks can be a miserable experience if you are not dressed properly (and for me it usually was up until this purchase). Enter the Frozen Range Parka. Believe it or not, the decision of which coat to buy wasn't terribly difficult. I wanted something that would keep me extremely warm, hot even, no matter how cold it was outside, but wasn't going to make me looking like a marshmallow when I wanted to wear it on a date (check out the Mountain Hardwear Men's Absolute Zero Down Parka for a laugh). Patagonia's main competition when it comes to parkas are Arcteryx and Canada Goose, but when I factored in how relatively lightweight the Frozen Range was, in addition to Patagonia's unbeatable Ironclad Guarantee, the decision became a no brainer. Stylish, yet functional, the Frozen Range Parka completely changed my quality of life. I no longer dreaded being outside in the winter time, and I instantly came to find out that when I was able to maintain my core warmth, my hands no longer felt like they were going to fall off! Some people don't like the snorkel style hood because of the reduced visibility, but trust me, when you finally need to put the hood up (like me this week when a small blizzard came whipping across the marsh complex), you'll be glad you had the extra protection. This is one of the many reasons, including weight, coverage, and price, I think this parka is superior to the Frozen Range 3-in-1. My only critique after a few months of wearing the parka is that the giant buttons on the front are a bit unnecessary. I have only used them once, and they honestly take too much time to bother with. I wish the coat had snap close buttons like the Frozen Range 3-in-1, but it's definitely not a deal breaker. Now, don't get me wrong, I CAN still feel a shiver while wearing this parka, but I think that's mostly influenced by how insulated my head, hands, and feet are, in addition to how hungry I am. Never neglect to wear proper underlayers when the temperatures dictate. Thanks for keeping me warm, Patagonia!

March 2, 2021

Perfect for winter in Boston!

This jacket is great for cold, winter days in Boston. The wind chill this morning was down to -7 and this jacket easily kept me warm on my walk to work. It's also sharp looking and comfortable.

February 28, 2021

Incredibly Warm and Stylish

Save money vs products like the old Canadian counterpart. Buy a jacket which is more unique, stylish, better crafted, and warmer. Great product.

February 18, 2021

Uninsulated outer pockets are a dealbreaker

Love the overall design of this parka, and if the outer pockets were insulated I would go so far to say this parka was perfect. Unfortunately, for a "frozen range" winter parka, uninsulated zippered outer pockets is a deal breaker for me. After a few snow days in this parka, and despite loving its look and feel, not having functional oute... Read Morer pockets makes it unsuitable. If you have cold hands like myself, then you will have to always keep a pair of gloves/mittens with this jacket, otherwise it's frozen doom for your fingers. At risk of coming off as a review-troll, I'm giving this product one-star because I want to make sure Patagonia sees it and takes note. Doesn't matter how warm a parka is if there's no place for your hands to get toasty then it's dependent on another product: gloves. It's baffling how these outer pockets passed user testing and design reviews -- what were they thinking for such a high end item? Not only are the outer pockets uninsulated but they also face forwards, causing the zippers to pinch your wrists with an awkward tension on the pocket corners when your hands are in them. All in all, the outer pockets are only suitable for storage. I will gladly purchase an updated version of this parka design as everything else about it is delightful and very functional. But the outer pockets are so bizarre, it's almost insulting that Patagonia would overlook (and overcomplicate) such a critical feature (i.e. insulated outer pockets!) on an item that is as expensive as this. If gloves sufficiently keep your hands warm on the coldest of days, then this parka is good for you. But if you have cold hands like me and need insulated outer pockets (even when wearing gloves) then unfortunately this parka is probably not suitable for you.

February 15, 2021

Outside pockets are oddly designed

Love this parka, but if you have cold hands like I do, the outside pockets are a letdown. This parka would be perfect if the outside pockets weren't facing forwards (making it awkward to easily insert your hands into them, especially while wearing gloves), and also the outside pockets are *on the outside of the insulation* which makes them mo... Read Morestly just storage pouches. This parka is so close to being perfect, except the outside pockets are confounding in their design -- surely Patagonia had a reason for making them this way, but they seem "backwards" in the two ways that I mentioned. All in all, this is still my favorite parka to date.

Response from Patagonia
March 5, 2021

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate your detailed thoughts on the pocket design as it helps to make improvements to future iterations.

January 20, 2021

Very warm in temps in the teens.

Very comfortable and very warm. Wind resistant and water proof. A great coat.

January 13, 2021

For warmth this is far better than the Tres 3 in1

If you are debating whether to buy this coat or the Tres 3 in 1, if warmth is your concern pay the extra $100 and buy the Frozen Range Parka. I bought both coats and I was cold in the Tres 3 in1 on a 10 minute dog walk in 25 degree weather. I went on the same dog walk in the same weather with the Frozen Range Parka and was toasty throughout. Patago... Read Morenia was great about returning the Tres 3 in1. For sizing I am between 5'9' and 5'10" and weigh 155 lbs. The large was a good fit. It was a little roomy but fits nice with a sweater. A medium would be too tight if you are my size and wear a layer underneath.

January 12, 2021

Fantastic Parka!

I've had lots of jackets over the years and this one of the best. Super warm, great fit, and good coverage. This is the first parka I've owned that drops this low and it's great. The second zipper allows for me zip up from the bottom for access to pants pockets. The jacket pockets are deep and allow me to hold two nylon dog leashes (... Read More6' each) in one pocket. The giant collar has been great in the cold and wind and the hood is there for next level warmth. Clearly, I'm a big fan!

January 9, 2021

Excellent! Super Warm

This is an Excellent Parka. I highly recommended. The Parka is Lightweight, waterproof, very sophisticated buttons and beautiful. The pockets are deep enough for your cellphone, wallet, keys, and even gloves and hat. The hood is amazing warm. I get many compliments. The investment is worthy. Thanks Patagonia!!!

December 31, 2020

Its never too cold now

Great cold weather parka. Built solid, looks great and keeps you toasty in sub-zero temps. Perfect for walking the dog on frigid Vermont mornings. Would be nice to have a draw cord inside to keep any drafts out, but has not been an issue. The hood looks a little goofy on the web site, but looks good in real life, and works great.

December 29, 2020

Patagonia Frozen Range Parka

This is an excellent coat, lightweight but very warm

December 28, 2020

Great winter coat

I love this coat. At first I purchased the mens tres jacket but was concerned it wasnt going to be warm enough for the frigid northeast winters. I returned it and decided to go with the parka. Im glad I made the choice. Its very warm and looks great. I get many compliments on it. The hood is incredible. Im a big scarf guy and havent felt the need f... Read Moreor one since getting this jacket. I also love how the bottom unzips so I can sit comfortably in it while driving. I definitely recommend.

December 22, 2020

Vermont Early Morning Dog Walks

Got this parka just as the early morning temps in Vermont were dipping below 0. Walking the dog before sunrise with temps of -12 F were no problem. Super warm and comfy, great build quality and I really love the olive color.

December 17, 2020

Really 4.5 stars...Nice Jacket

I wanted a jacket for really cold winter days (<25º) here in Boston, like today (12º in the 'burbs this AM). This jacket is perfect for that, without looking too puffy like the VII; great to wear to work & on biz trips. And not too bulky in the car, either. Also, waterproof was a key requirement for those cold sleety days. I'm 5&#... Read Morex27; 8", 152 lbs, 42" chest, 32-33 sleeves and the M fits well; just a tad long in the sleeves but manageable. A few things that keep it short of a 5: 1. I too find the inner cuffs to be slightly loose, and worry about their performance over time (stretching out & losing their seal. I really prefer and like the flexibility of a velcro strap to tighten it up, even though it may have 'cheapened' the jacket. 2. The pockets aren't cut for casually putting your hands in; I really miss a 'sleeve' behind the pocket, that's lined with polarfleece. Many of my other jackets have this and it's great. 3. When will jacket mfgrs give us two large interior pouch pockets? iPad in one and gloves +/or hat in the other. Same for the inner zipper pocket along the chest as we have lots of electronics/accessories these days-give us a 2nd! 4. The bottom zipper frequently gets stuck on the surrounding material; I tend to use this a lot when driving. Takes a bit of working it to 'unzip' upwards.

November 20, 2020

Warm and comfortable

This parka is extremely warm. In milder weather (30F) at a brisk walk I was actually overheating. The "snorkel" hood is very good at keeping wind and elements off your face, but dramatically reduces peripheral vision. The material is soft and comfy, and the buttons, zippers, etc. all seem very high quality. The mesh phone pockets are incr... Read Moreedibly irritating and there really seems to be no need for them. There's also an internal "pocket" which is large and extremely loose - good for tucking a hat and gloves into, not good for anything you want to be sure won't fall out (like a phone/wallet/keys). Finally, the external pockets are not insulated . . . which is again a bizarre choice for a parka geared towards extremely cold weather. Overall a fantastic product with a couple minor design quibbles.

November 14, 2020

Perfect for 30 to -30

Cuts the wind and keeps me warm

November 13, 2020

Best investment to get my partner to shut up about being cold

I bought this for my partner mainly because he's a wuss with the cold, and gets sick easily, and loves 90deg weather but is forced to be in the NE with me. I saw that hood, and immediately knew that while it looked weird, it was perfect. My partner could go out while having his head and face completely covered and he'll never complain abo... Read Moreut cold ears. The body of the jacket is perfect for him, and he's never complained about being cold anymore. The pockets have been extremely nifty. The inside pocket is spacious enough to fit 2 boba teas to sneak into movie theatres. He's taken this snowboarding too, and found it cushy enough for his falls on the bunny slope. Overall, best investment I've made, for his warmth and my sanity.

October 30, 2020

Awesome Jacket

This jacket is so cozy. I got this jacket in preparation for my move to Boston and just tested it in the first snowfall of the year. It performed extremely well - very warm and fits nicely. The buttons add a nice sophisticated touch. Highly recommend.

September 21, 2020

super warm and a puffy down jacket

I was so lucky to buy this last large one on the website at a sale price. The color is exactly what I expected and because it's a winter gear, i prefer a larger size (I normally wear M) to cover more inside clothes. It's not heavy but worm, the shell material gives a thick and Wearable feature.

September 14, 2020

Instant classic

I previously purchased this coat in another color last winter ( weird ocre/orange) and ended up returning it. I thought the buttons might be an issue with gloves and that the hood lacked adjustments. I was wrong- I re-ordered it just recently as I find it hard to find a parka to fit my needs. It is too warm out to really test it yet but Im really d... Read Moreigging this military inspired green. Harkens back to the old N3b parkas. The hood is an excellent neck and chin shroud if like me you get cold in that area. Cuffs are excellent and buttons are no problem for gloves ( I checked.) On top of all that it looks great on!

February 9, 2020

First and best parka I own

Very stylish thigh length parka. I got the coffee color and love the color. The oversized buttons adds the perfect touch. This also has a elastic sleeve to keep cold draft out. Snorkel is the best feature, especially when wind chills and rain hampers your commute. I would highly recommend this product before it is gone!

February 4, 2020

Amazing parka

* Excellent coverage - full to hips (the 3-in-1 uses a jacket, not a parka for insulation layer but this parka is full length warmth) * Stylish - a lot of compliments on the color, style, and overall composure of this parka * Warmth - unless you pack in multiple layers you won't overheat, but rather you'll be super comfortable in anything... Read More cold (provider you wear something under this) * Performance - 2 layer Gore tex really blocks out the wet! Wind it no match for this hip-length shield either. 44oz but feels lighter and is vs other maker's parka weights * Hood - I happen to love the snorkel hood. If you want it but want peripheral vision then rethink this as you cannot have both. Unzip the parka a bit and the hood won't be snorkel. * Fit - true to size: I'm medium in every Patagonia item - 6' 1" 156lb and fits perfectly. I can layer under this (not that I really need it), but an R1 or R2 or down sweater work great.

January 9, 2020

Warm and sytlish, but a couple downsides

Really like the look of the jacket, especially buttoned up. I've received multiple compliments. I was warm at a standstill down to about 25F with a light wind wearing just a t-shirt underneath. Below that I layered a nano puff underneath and was more than warm enough at 0F with -20F wind chill (again with no activity). 5'7", 165 lbs... Read More, athletic build, a Small is juuust large enough to layer a flannel, the aforementioned nano puff, and this jacket. Length is great. Two way zipper is appreciated but the bottom one somehow manages to be very difficult to get on track and operate barehanded and essentially impossible with gloves. Like another reviewer mentioned, the elastic cuffs seem a bit loose. A thumbhole in the cuffs would've been better, especially to get the cuffs under a pair of thick gloves that you'll obviously be wearing in the intended temperatures of this jacket. My main complaint is the supposed "handwarmer" pockets are useless because they are in front of, rather than inside the insulation. You will absolutely regret if you forget your gloves. Presumably this is to optimize their production of this jacket and the 3-in-1 version, but this quite frustrating especially at this price point. I like it the hood, but of course it comes with a complete loss of peripheral vision. However, it's very warm and keeps the wind out well. Overall happy with the parka, but these missed details make it feel like I overpaid.

December 31, 2019

The Socially Acceptable Way to Wear a Sleeping Bag

This coat is insanely warm but not OVERLY boxy/bulky despite its armor-like insulation. It's actually really stylish for how insulated it is. The snorkel hood makes hats and scarves and all the other usual winter accessories superfluous. It's already gotten into the single digits Fahrenheit here in Milwaukee and this jacket has stood the ... Read Moretest just fine. As for fit, I'm 6'0" and 190 lbs, and this Medium fits me perfectly.

December 29, 2019

"Great Parka"

I got this parka as a cold-weather coat and decided to have a custom coyote fur hood trim sewn on to it for added crosswind protection because I thought the regular hood was a little lacking. Other than that this parka is perfect.

December 27, 2019

sups cute but...

The look of this coat is super cute and the coat itself does keep you pretty warm in cold temps. though, here are some suggestions that would make it EVEN warmer: longer, tighter sleeve cuffs(with thumb loop—this keeps them secure), replace the cell phone pockets with fleece pockets for additional hand warmth, velcro not buttons :( for ease even th... Read Moreough the buttons look super cute. Here are some things i absolutely LOVE about the jacket: the hood—controversial, I know, but the mere size of its designed helps keep you warm even when its not on—, the secret wallet pocket left of the zipper, and the sturdiness of the buttons. Y'all did it right!

December 17, 2019



December 14, 2019

Warmest coat

Hood is a bit large but also adds warmth around head and neck and face.

December 11, 2019

My first Patagonia jacket

Excellent product Light wt cozy not tight slim fit but comfortable I bought two parkas I am a New Yorker so still I did not take my frozen range parka

December 6, 2019

Couldn’t believe a coat could be this warm

After reading the previous reviews I decided to wear my new parka outside to test it out . It was 35 degrees out, I only had a t shirt under the parka . I was SO WARM!! I couldn’t believe a coat would keep me so warm . It was like it wasn't cold out. When I zipped up the snorkel hoody it was like icing on the cake . I was even warmer . It’s al... Read Moreso very stylish . I am only 5”5 with broad shoulders and an athletic build . I bought a medium. The jacket didn’t make me have a square shape like a lot of jackets do on me. The color is great as well .

December 4, 2019

Good NY Parka

It would be nice to have a detachable fur lining for the hood to be available. Chest pockets without out zippers that rubs against gloves would also be a nice upgrade.

November 29, 2019

Very warm, looks sleeks.

Very warm, looks sleeks.

November 26, 2019

The Best

Went with the brown and couldn’t be happier. Getting multiple compliments every day. So warm and comfortable.

November 22, 2019

So cozy and so warm.

So cozy and so warm. Excited to snorkel through the NYC streets this winter.

November 13, 2019

Stylish Warmth

A bit pricey but a very stylish and warm jacket. After freezing every time I visit the in laws in Minnesota during the winter I thought I should invest in a proper winter jacket. Haven't had a chance to face the elements with the jacket but I am confident it might give me a fighting chance. Immediate warmth as soon as I put on the jacket. I we... Read Morear small in all Patagonia outerwear and this fits true to size for the fitment I like. I'm 5'9" 165lbs male.

November 11, 2019

in chicago

despite being told not to buy this jacket from a salesperson in the chicago store because it will be too hot and not breathable, i bought it anyways. all i have to say is that this jacket has changed my whole outlook on chicago winter. i use it to walk about a mile to and from work. totally agree with the previous reviewer- feels like a cozy impene... Read Moretrable sleeping bag yet somehow still manages to have city style. highly recommend!

November 8, 2019

Highly recommend this jacket

I just bought this jacket and it exceeds my expectations. This is jacket is very warm (A t-shirt is under the jacket is enough) and looks great. I never write reviews but I am making an expectation to recommend this jacket.

November 2, 2019

Consider adding graphic patterns to Parka fabrics

Patagonia is always tasteful and minimalist and I respect that, but I think the kind of fabric patterns found on the Synchilla Pullovers could be applied to the Parka lineup. One of the biggest reason I have yet to buy a top-tier Patagonia parka is that **all the options are incredibly drab**. Of course, bland colors should always be an option for ... Read Moresuch high-end items, but please incorporate some fun patterns as well.

November 1, 2019

Portable Sleeping Bag

The Parka is so comfortable and warm, easy to wear. Feels as good as your most comfortable sleeping bag, but in a portable version.

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