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Patagonia Women's Snow Guide Pants

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True To Size

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Patagonia Women's Snow Guide Pants

True To Size
February 22, 2020

Great Style

I got lucky when I found these at my local sporting goods store. I'd been looking for a ski pant that looked good and was comfortable. These are both. They aren't perfect, but I adore them. First, let me start by saying I'm technically reviewing the similar style of 30280. They're very close to the cobalt guide snow pants above ... Read More30285, but mine don't have the vents in the back of the leg, and mine are black. (I actually came on the site hoping to find another pair just like mine.) The size of my pants fit me so perfectly that I don't need the suspenders, and my sister commented the other day that they don't even look like snow pants. I know!! :) I love the style. They allow great movement too. Ok, here are the OTHER details: (Positives) Suspenders are included in case I ever need them, and because of the presence of suspenders there is NO VELCRO, which has its place in the world, but I don't like it used in clothing as it ruins my precious base layers and any other fabric it gets its greedy hooks on. Another positive for me is that the exterior material on most of the pant keeps most dog hair from collecting on it. I wear my snow pants at my sister's home around her two dogs and am amazed how free of dog hair I remain in these...with one exception, the small zone of textured material that is only on the inside of the bottom of the legs attracts hair/fur easily. Fear not, the area rinses clean quickly. (Negatives) These pants didn't keep me dry the other day when falling snow accumulated on the chairlift seat, and I was forced to sit on the frozen precipitation. I was soaked after a handful of rides up the chairlift, even while wearing a coat that partly covers my bum while sitting. I've rarely been skiing when it's snowing that heavily so the issue isn't a high priority for me, but for someone who skis regularly this would be an important element to consider. In addition, the suspenders are a little flimsy and don't stay attached as well as I'd like. Luckily, I don't need them, but if I ever needed them on a regular basis, I'd find a way to attach them permanently. (I'm not commenting on warmth because I'm someone who runs warm so I'd be a poor judge.) I hope Patagonia makes more black pairs of either of these styles as the cobalt ones are cute, but I don't think I can get it to look good with my jackets...and I have no interest in buying another jacket.

January 20, 2020

Great backcountry touring pants

They are soft, comfortable with or without long underwear. They fit well over touring boots. The pockets are in the right places and the ventilation zips are great. They are even attractive to wear to the bar after touring! If between sizes, pick the smaller size because they are stretchy and stretch a little throughout the day.

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