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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Great Divider Boat Bag 29L

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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Great Divider Boat Bag 29L

Kinda Large
November 19, 2020

Quality product

You get what you pay for! Quality product made right. I use this product for my gear while Fly fishing up in Washington state. Only thing I would change are the pull cords on the zippers. They come off easily depending on the angle of pull.

September 1, 2020

Super size

I needed a 'boat bag ' and started to look around, several venues and settled on Patagonia's and I could not be better satisfied ... all the space I need or wanted and is NOT that heavy ... plus is water resistant or water prof ... yes I like this product ..

August 8, 2020

Super size fits all

This is the BEST boat bag I have ever seen or used all my gear goes in with room to spare .... water proof , easy to carry , and dividers that I can place where I want ... I would highly recommend this to anyone .

June 21, 2020

Bring it all

This boat bag is roomy. I keep everything I need in the Stormfront great divider so it's all I have to grab as head to the river. Plenty of room for all your fly boxes and great clear side pouches so you can see your leaders, tippers, and anything else you want to put in there. Even room to throw my portable BT speaker. The clip closure on the... Read More main compartment was a big reason I chose this boat bag. Once on the water I usually just leave the bag unzipped so I can get in and out easily. The way the closure is designed the top zipper overlaps the bag above the lower zipper so even if only buckled your gear stays dry and protected. My only improvement would be if Patagonia could make the zipper a little less tough to open. Other than that very happy with it.

May 25, 2020

Great boat bag but needs some tweaks

Great boat bag for terminal gear, fly boxes, cameras, etc. Keeps gear very dry and the tapered opening keeps water from getting in when opening and shutting on wet days. I'd love to see two small changes. First, the zipper pulls constantly pop off when unzipping. There is a small opening in the zipper on the same side that receives pressure wh... Read Moreen pulled. If I'm conscious of it I can pull at an angle that keeps it from happening but I tend to forget in the heat of the moment. Second, the higher velcro strips on the inside are too high. These are the strips that are used to attach the dividers. When I attach the dividers to these strips it creates a one inch gap between the bottom of the bag and the dividers. Any small terminal gear can move back and forth between the dividers. If you move the dividers all the way down to the bottom of the bag they don't connect at the top. Great bag but would love to see these two issues addressed.

November 18, 2019

Great Divider

Great boat bag, it covers all the essentials. My only complaint is the lid and bottom of the bag are made out of these flimsy panels and can sometimes make the bag really distorted and will make zippering the lid shut a hassle. If Patagonia can fix these small issues I think this would be the best boat bag on the market

November 5, 2019

stormfront great divide bag

bomber construction, waterproof. fits all my fly and spin lures w. room to spare. i would run beefier zipper pulls. the elastic strap connecting the side squeeze from the lid has stretched out. maybe a UV damage thing? maybe switch to a nylon adjustable strap instead??

September 16, 2019

I've owned 2 of these now, I really like the new model.

The older Model was Bomber, but it had it's drawbacks, the dividers fell out easily after a while, The zipper was really hard to Zip, needed 2 hands, the lid didn't close easy like this one with the snap closure if you need access but want to keep the rain out of the contents. When you snap it shut, the tapered top walls allow the lid to ... Read Moredrop over the bottom everytime in the same spot. This is a huge upgrade. The material feels slightly softer than the old one, the straps are more narrow and more ergonomic. The new Zipper is much smoother. I had heard a bad review on this saying that it was not as solid as the older unit but Mine was used and abused and loved but definitely shows its wear and faded from the UV.

February 15, 2018

These bags have gone downhill.

I've been a Great Divider fan since Day One,and I still own and use one of the original "avocado cooler" models. That bag has lasted twelve very hard years,despite UV damage and failing glue. Looking back on it,it had extra-burly rubberized material,a well-thought-out interior,and both carry straps and a shoulder strap. Its points of... Read More failure were over-reliance on adhesive as opposed to stitching and a zipper that needed lubrication every other use. But it was definitely bombproof. This newest model is the latest in a line of compromises that Patagonia has made with these bags. The interior is still largely the same,though not improved. I don't understand the cupped top of of the bag at all,as it just makes it harder to get a camera body in and out. The fabric materials is substantially less burly. The shape is now wrong for overhead carry-on bins,which is a critical mistake as this is primarily a travel bag. The secondary strap on the lid is unnecessary. I can't tell if the straps are stitched in place or not,but they appear to also be welded. So I have a request. I know the original green material had UV problems,so please bring back the original Great Divider silhouette,but kit it out exactly like the Black Hole series,with that line's ripstop coated nylon material. Stitch the straps instead of weld them (or do both),and plan on weights of up to 50lbs (camera gear is heavy). Add a clip so you can lock the shoulder strap to the carry handles so it doesn't flop into the bottom of the boat and get wet. Ditch the narrow points of entry,and add slightly more padding to the shoulder strap (the split strap of the second edition was perfect). I'm in the market for a new Great Divider now,but I won't buy this disappointing edition.

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