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Patagonia Atom Sling Bag 8L - One Strap Backpack

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Patagonia Atom Sling Bag 8L - One Strap Backpack

True To Size
January 17, 2022

Broke Right Shoulder == Needed a sling bag

I broke my right shoulder and needed a small bag for travel, misc, etc. instead of a hip or day pack. This bag was perfect as it slings over your LEFT shoulder and my right was in it's own sling for 8 weeks. It seems most sling bags are for the left shoulder. What about people that break their left shoulder and can't use a day pack or the... Read More "left" sling bag? Could there be a limited set for "Right" shoulders? Just thinking. Love the bag and still use it even after my should has healed.

January 11, 2022

Just another bag

The details on this bag are severely lacking; the older model is much better - better pocket placement, lining and lining. The recycled material is stiff and rough to the touch, unlike the older model. This model is "just another bag." The design attempt and workmanship is suitable for a bag that is "swap meet" purchase - not a ... Read MorePatagonia.

December 29, 2021

Love this bag

I love this bag, been using it for 2 years, and during covid, starting using it instead of a purse- comfy, convenient, and cool. I use it for everyday errands and hiking. I actually just bought my second one- I usually wouldn't get another unless I wore it out and it's still in great shape, but I saw a color that was irresistible and do u... Read Morese it everyday, so figured I would use one for hiking and one for daily use to justify getting it! I saw Patagonia say they want to get rid of the DWR for environmental reasons- I heartily agree, and that's the only reason I hesitated buying another one (I would prefer less negative impact! I hope they do away with the DWR- it's important to be water repellant, but there must be other ways- waxes, etc? and our environment is more important!) Contrary to what many have said in the reviews, I like the tiny pocket on the strap, and wouldn't want my phone there; At first, I thought that was an issue, but over time realized I don't want my phone emitting against my chest all day, and find that pocket perfect for extra key, advil, lip balm, anything small I don't want to lose. The outside pocket I use for a small journal, and the inside I stash water bottle, snacks, sunglasses, phone, etc and use a separate pouch to organize. I do wish it had one more outside pocket- agree with the idea of stashing a water bottle outside if it can be strapped on, that would be ideal, if the weight balanced out with this design- or just an extra pocket outside overall for easier access to things you need like phone, maybe a mesh pocket, which I think would make most happy. I also love the idea of having the extra strap you can remove, like the older model, as sometimes I am hiking a lot, and even this small pack on a small person can feel a little weighted and is only on one side, so the strap for stability and balance on both sides would help. Finally, as a lefty, please, please make this with a way to switch the strap to the left side! I am used to it now, but being able to switch would be great for left handers, plus anytime you are achy you can just switch sides to balance it out. (Yes, it's a tiny bag, but as a small person with back issues, I can still feel it when hiking!) I hope they'll take this feedback into account.

December 25, 2021

Very handy

Perfect for just casual walking around/shopping etc, but the diagonal strap also makes it secure enough for more vigorous hiking.

November 30, 2021

Missing strap

Great bag but the previous versions had an additional strap that kept the bag from swinging around. I would make it an optional thing that can be removed.

November 27, 2021

Exactly What I Wanted

I detest having my pants/shorts pockets stuffed with phone, keys, wallet, mask, etc. I wanted a bag I could wear across my chest that would hold these items and give me easy access to them. This bag does it all. The padded shoulder strap is comfortable and has a small zippered pouch that can hold my iPhone 11 but only if I take off the phone case. ... Read MoreA slightly bigger phone pouch would be nice. I love the slick little strap at the bottom of that phone pouch as I use it to hold my glasses when I take them off. There are two zippered pouches on the bag. I use the smaller pouch to hold my keys, wallet and any other small items I may need like lip balm, adhesive bandages, etc. The larger pouch has a padded section that easily holds my iPad, a small book, my small wireless earphones, mask and a liter bottle of water when I travel. The amount of room available is amazingly large. The zippers are made of metal and sturdy. The bag is designed to be worn over the right shoulder only. I simply slide the bag around from my back, under my left arm and to my chest when I want to access the compartments. Finally, there are two straps on the bag I use to hold my sweater or rain coat as needed. I used to wear a small backpack as my airplane under seat carryon item but have switched to this bag as it is less bulky.

November 11, 2021

Strap to short

It is ok .Can't put cell phone in and the straps not long enough make it about a foot longer.But I do like it.

October 21, 2021

Smaller then expected

The pack is small, kinda looks like a purse on me. The cell pocket on the strap is big enough for maybe a flip phone. With today's cell phones I would have expected it to be bigger, it only fits about half of my phone, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5g.

October 16, 2021

Handy Bag

This is a handy hand bag! I like to use it when I go out for a bike ride or a break from work or out to do things with friends around town. It fits the essentials like wallet, water bottle, keys, some snacks and a lightweight layer. I saw some other reviews about the zippered pocket on the strap not fitting a phone and I find that my iphone 7 fits ... Read Moreperfectly even with it's case on, I just have to stretch the stretchy fabric a little but not enough to put strain on the zipper stitching - meaning my phone fits great in the strap pocket which is nice because it can be easily accessible and not adding bulk to my pants or jacket pockets.

October 14, 2021

Great EDC bag

Wear this bag when I need to carry equipment that is too much for pants pockets, but not enough for a backpack. 100% recommend!!

October 12, 2021

Versatile sling perfect for short hikes

Just what I need for hikes with my dogs. Enough space for my water bottle and the dogs' water plus, protein bars and more. My favorite feature is the rotation for easy access. I do wish the strap pocket was big enough for my phone, but I still love the sling.

October 4, 2021

Versatile with a Pop of Color

I've never been a purse type of gal. I had a Patagonia Atom Pack from 2002 that I inherited from my mom and wore it out. That pack was more of a tear-drop shape, lighter overall in the amount of material and had a waist strap. I love this pack since it's versatile and easy to carry around. Since then, the Atom pack has morphed into more... Read More of an oval, rounded rectangle shape - this 2021 model has more backpack-like padding and a more supportive shoulder strap. It has two layers of material that do effectively shed rain. The two main pockets, the top one and the main compartment do seem a little smaller than years past. It is possible that the extra material padding all-around makes the pack feel less-flexible as you stuff things into it. I've fit a 32oz nalgene, kindle, sunglasses case, 5X7 pouch, and phone into the main compartment, it fits, but it starts to feel tight and make it hard to push things into the top pouch where the key clip is. Competitors for this sling are few, the closest I got was the Osprey Daylite sling (discontinued) the overall quality was not as good as Patagonias. As a result, I opted to go for the deep red color to add a pop of color to my mostly navy and black outwear. I am glad to be using the sling again, there are just a few changes in size.

September 30, 2021

The Atom Sling is THE King of EDC

I've gone through a number of bags for my every day carry : The Atom is the one I always come back to. Perfect size, if it's an iPad and everything else needed on a daily basis, looks really cool and does not look like a man bag. I highly recommend this.

September 28, 2021

Atom Sling Bag

Love this pack, I traded in an older sling pack and this one if far superior. Like the way it is tailored t sling over my back. I use it daily to carry 2 cell phones, keys, glasses, face masks and etc. Very comfortable and is designed so its easy to access at chest level when you need to open. Has three separate compartments.

September 18, 2021

My only bag since COVID hit

I use this bag exclusively. I find it so comfortable and easy to use I havent taken out any of my fancy purses.

September 16, 2021

Maximally minimal

Pack is a perfect pack for low to medium impact kind of days. Quick bike errand, day trip out of town, or all day convention you need only the essentials, this pack is perfect. Compact but complete compartments. High utility and great color.

September 13, 2021

Perfect size for traveling.

Perfect size to hold keys, cell, wallet, sunglasses, passport and any other travel docs for easy access through check in and TSA.

September 9, 2021

Lightweight, compact bag

I bought this for trail walking and light hiking and it's worked well so far. It's large enough to carry 2, 32oz canteens, wallet, keys, sunscreen and a collapsible doggy water dish. My one complaint is that the phone pouch on the strap is not large enough for my phone, despite having some stretch to it.

September 8, 2021

Super Comfy

Its very comfy and it fits a lot of stuff too in it

September 6, 2021

Good little pack

A little small for fishing as I intended but overall a good shoulder pack. Wanted something for the streams that would not be to hot in the summer. Maybe a place to hold a water bottle on the outside that works with the strapping system.

September 5, 2021

Great EDC Bag

I use this as an EDC bag and its super convenient to hold all of the items I need throughout the day.

September 4, 2021

Too small overall

I love the idea of this bag. However, it fits practically nothing including my phone. The pocket for the phone was very small and my phone did not fit. It was sturdy, but bag itself would not carry much.

Response from Patagonia
September 14, 2021

We're sorry to hear this bag didn't work out for you, Molly! We appreciate your product feedback. If you haven't done so already, you're welcome to [return]( it. Please reach out to our Customer Service team if you'd like any assistance with that!

September 3, 2021

Miss designed

I cringed rating 2 stars I am a loyal Patagonian for over 30 years so its hard to be hard on my favorite brand. Front pocket is too small and product video misleading, unless you own a IPhone 1 sized 2 x 3. It would be great to have larger front pocket to fit current size phones and an exterior bottle holder

Response from Patagonia
September 13, 2021

Hey Viggen, thanks for the review! No need to cringe, feedback like this is a very important way that we're able to improve on our designs, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We'll pass this valuable info along to our teams. In the meantime, we recommend checking out the [Ultralight Black Hole Sling 8L]( The strap pocket should work for your phone and the interior is big enough to carry a water bottle if you wish.

September 3, 2021

Cool bag

Great sling for my phone, glasses, keys, iPad, books.

September 1, 2021

misleading measurements

after researching on your website it appeared to be good for my needs. 17x10x3. but when i went to pick it up at my local store it measured 13 inches. pretty disappointed but took it home and made it work. other than the misleading size i like it a lot. you might want to tweak the description stats or otherwise clarify.

August 31, 2021

Great product

Dependable, practical and fashionable as expected from this manufacture. Enjoy !!!!

August 31, 2021

Super tiny

Wont even fit a water bottle or small composition notebook. I guess if you are using it as a purse it might be handy. Not worth the money thats for sure!

August 29, 2021


This is a light sling, well suited for day travel around town, BUT, the small slash pocket where one would expect to be able to fit a phone is too small to fit a phone with a protective cover. This is a COMMON flaw with travel gear in general. Everyone thinks it is quite clever to provide these storage spaces but assumes we knock about with our $50... Read More0-$1500 devices as they arrive out of the box. Every sane traveler has a protective phone case. Ever tried to buy a new phone in Mozambique?

Response from Patagonia
September 2, 2021

Hello Gordon, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are very sorry the pocket design did not work out but your feedback will help us make improvements in the future. You are welcome to [return]( the item.

August 29, 2021

Amazing Bag

This bag is absolutely amazing and it fits great and the quality is top notch.

August 27, 2021

The best purse ever

I love this and use as a purse. This is my second one. My first I had for years, washing many times. It still has the nice color. Was so happy they are still made Thank you

August 23, 2021

Sling bag

Padded strap was cumbersome for my fit . Not using as i hoped

August 21, 2021


Used this bag for a trip to hawaii. Perfect size for my wallet, phone etc.

August 21, 2021

Packs a Punch!

I use this sling when I ride my bike around town for errands - perfect fit and stays on without moving an inch. I recently took this to Maui and wow!!!! I fit sunscreen, phone, water bottle, wallet, a light jacket, and a towel. The straps on the outside of the bag helped keep the towel on in place NEVER fell or moved.

August 20, 2021

Go to EDC bag!

I can carry all I need for work and personal items in a discreet, nice looking bag! Its also very rugged and somewhat water resistant Ive found if I spill something on the bag clean up is quick and easy!

August 17, 2021

Very Convenient

Its a perfect size to fit what I needed. The one two issues is: (1) I wish the shoulder pocket would fit my phone (2) the strap is too large. When I go to tighten it theres a lot of extra string hanging so I have to fold it. It doesnt look very appealing.

Response from Patagonia
August 17, 2021

Thank you so much for the feedback Kayla. We'll pass it along to our design team.

August 9, 2021

Great pack

Perfect size for just carrying essential stuff that I need to carry every day

August 8, 2021

Nice pack

Its nice, I stopped carrying things in my pockets and love it. Good quality as expected.

August 7, 2021

Too small to be of much use

I bought this to be used as an everyday bag but couldn't fit enough in it for it to be of use. The small outside pocket on the strap is too small for sunglasses in a case or for a smaller sized iphone. The smaller zipper compartment fits keys but little else and the largest compartment fits very little and has only one subdivider - no small po... Read Moreckets. Certainly would not be good for hiking as there is no water bottle holder. This being said, if you want a small bag to carry a few snacks and a small wallet - this might work for you.

Response from Patagonia
August 9, 2021

Hi Claire, it sounds like the Atom Sling Bag 8L - One Strap Backpack isn't quite what you expected as far as size. Try taking a look at the Stealth Sling 10L, it's a bit roomier and has a few larger compartments for bigger items, You're also welcome to contact us to make an exchange or return if you're unhappy with your gear. Please feel free to call or initiate either process through our website.

August 6, 2021

Phone Pocket

Don't try to put any phone in the pocket made for the phone. It very small, and I have a small phone. Can't make it work. It could be a defect, but who knows.

Response from Patagonia
August 6, 2021

We're so sorry the pockets didn't fit your phone Faron. We're always happy to provide pocket dimensions before you purchase. Feel free to return your sling for something that will work better for your phone.

August 3, 2021

Great work bag. Holds every need.

Great bag! I own another one. My husband stole mine to use to carry his stuff back and forth to work. So this is a review of him bag. Lol he loves it and I got mine back too! Win Win situation.

August 3, 2021

Modest bag, big guy

Low profile is a plus. Tablet, e-reader, phone in the main compartment. Handful of misc on the secondary pocket. Stuff stayed put.. but I wouldn't say it was great at organization (maybe if it had more pockets?) Carries on the back well enough, with a low profile.. mostly sits well under my arm when seated. In and out of a car, running errands... Read More, and then for a 5hr flight. I'm a slightly bigger, and taller guy. A longer padded bit would have been nicer for side carrying.. 6" more? The unpadded strap kept creeping up against my neck when carrying this way for too long. The cell phone pouch is ostensibly great... for a smaller phone. Didn't work for mine, and didn't seem like a good place for my wallet. ymmv. Did stuff a spare cloth mask in it. Good for a casual use, or as a personal bag for carry on. Not sure i'd choose this for a hike.

July 30, 2021

Decent but could use more tweaking

Well made bag but storage and pockets could be a little larger. Overall great bag though.

July 28, 2021

Perfect for quick trips or hiking

Great for a trip where you only need your wallet, cell phone and water bottle.

July 27, 2021

Too Small

I was excited to replace my dingy older Patagonia sling bag with a fresh model. I was especially glad to see that the pocket in the strap was now designed to actually fit a cell phone. Unfortunately, the new bag is a good bit smaller than my old one and too tight for even my basics. And the phone pocket doesn't fit my phone. I'll keep wat... Read Moreching for a larger option but had to return this one.

Response from Patagonia
July 29, 2021

Hello Kelly, thanks for the review on the Atom Sling. We're sorry it didn't end up working out. We recommend checking out our [Ultralight Black Hole Sling 8L]( as a potential alternative. While it's still 8L, the bag is a little less structured so you could fit more, and the front pocket works for some phones. We'd be happy to send over measurements if you're interested, please reach out to customer service.

July 23, 2021

Versatile and incredibly useful

I purchased this product as a last minute road trip travel backpack to Colorado. It was the perfect addition. It was light, and durable. The backpack perfectly fits a 23oz water bottle, cellphone, Gopro, and snacks. The exterior straps perfectly held Nano jacket in place while trekking through various areas of CO. Great buy!

July 22, 2021

solid bag

Convenient size to carry around on daily excursions while traveling. comfortable, accessible, and can pack more than expected.

July 22, 2021

Comfortable and functional bag

I purchased this bag for a trip to Colorado. We did a lot of lite hiking with our young school aged children. This bag was the perfect size for a water bottle or two, as well as a lot of snacks. The pocket in the cross body strap is perfectly convenient for my phone.

July 21, 2021

Phone pocket design flaw

Baffled that the phone pocket in the front doesn't fit a standard iPhone. Seems like a major design flaw, not sure what modern smartphone could fit. Super disappointed and will be returning!

July 20, 2021

Super Light

I really enjoy the bag! It's light and easy to handle. I wish there was a water bottle pocket.

July 16, 2021

Needs work

I would really like to provide in-depth feedback on this product; Im not sure if I'll be able to do an adequate job in this online-survey format. I bought this bag to replace a much-loved and well-used old Atom Sling. The older sling bag was so superior in so many ways -- I'd hoped the new one would have fixed a couple features the origin... Read Moreal missed on, such as a strap pocket that would fit a typical smart phone. The new bags strap does accommodate smartphones, though it is positioned in a way that presses uncomfortably against my clavicle. The phone pocket on the strap isnt in a particularly convenient location should you need to check directions or see who is calling you. Also, the strap pocket doesnt appear to be water repellent in any way. The mesh pocket inside the older version of the sling bag, that was convenient for stowing and finding small items (lip balm, hand lotion, etc.) is gone. There is a small, zippered pocket on the front of the new Atom (replacing the sunglass pocket on the old bag?) with lanyard and clip for keys. The lanyard is much too short and, being the same color as the interior of the bag, is hard to quickly spot and grab my keys when Im coming in the door with groceries. I expected to be able to put my wallet in this small front pocket but, with my car key fob and house key on the lanyard just two keys, there isnt enough room left to easily zip the pocket closed with my wallet inside its small, credit-card size wallet. The inner pocket in the larger compartment on the old bag was a convenient place to carry a water bottle: the pocket kept the water bottle from sitting on top of the other items I carried reading glasses, gloves, small notebook, face masks and such. The inner pocket on the new bag will only fit my reading glasses, wallet, and phone. Everything else on the other side with water-bottle side is in a jumble that I often must dig through to find what Im after. The bottom line here is that the new bag carries less and doesnt let me find what I need simply or quickly. My original reason for buying the Atom Sling was to carry things with me when I cycled to the gym or rode across town and either didnt pockets or didn't want stuff dangling in the pockets of my shorts. The belly strap on the old Atom Sling helped keep the pack in place when leaning over the handlebars. I was disappointed to find that the strap had been deleted from the new version of the bag. Im sincerely trying to make the new version of the bag work for me. I travelled internationally with my old Atom Sling; I'm not sure if the new one will be suitable for that purpose. One more thing: why is the Patagonia name on this bag upside down?

July 16, 2021

Great Sling !

Fits me just great, simply adjust, enjoy! Plenty room too!

July 16, 2021

Perfect for errands and outside activities

The straps on the outside are great to tie down a pool towel! I use this thing basically everyday.

July 15, 2021

My new everyday bag

I got this because I wanted something that would be a smaller everyday pack that could still fit some essentials (a water bottle, a switch, maybe an extra layer and things of that nature) and honestly I wish I would have purchased this sooner. It fits everything I need it too without being too big for everyday use. My only grievance is that the str... Read Moreap runs long cause I've had to tighten it up to almost it's max and there really isn't a way to pin up the excess strap that hangs down. But overall if you're sick of using a full size backpack everyday but aren't really a purse person this would be the product for you!

July 15, 2021


I like the product stability, genuinely made. The only problem I had with the product was kind of small and stiff. Other than that I would highly recommend it.

July 12, 2021

very nice for daily use

i really like this bag. it is very convenient to just throw it over my shoulder for any occasion. i would recommend this to anybody. it has lots of room.

July 8, 2021

amazing bag

Absolutely amazing product, perfect for a purse or a small backpack! Highly recommend. Amazing quality!!

July 6, 2021

True to size

Excellent for carrying small essential item for hiking and biking

July 5, 2021

Hold so much

Holds my iPad and a bunch more everyday stuff I lug around with me daily. Prefer better then my backpack

July 4, 2021

Great bag

Bag is great, would be a 5 if a cell phone could actually fit in the sling pocket

July 2, 2021

Atom Sling Bag 8L

I use this as a purse. Love how it tucks over my shoulder. Phone wallet sunglasses and misc all fit nicely. Prefer the two toned to the solid look.

July 2, 2021

Awesome bag

Very happy with the bag, my only complaint is that it can get quite warm underneath it. I pack it pretty full and it sometimes leaves a sweat pattern on my shirt after a short hike.

June 29, 2021


It is the most comfortable to use. It's light and doesn't put a strain on your shoulders. Also, the size and arrangement of the pockets are the best, I think the usage is well thought out.

June 28, 2021

High Quality

You definitely get what you pay for with this bag. Nice material and very well constructed.

June 28, 2021

More Than Meets The Eye

I got this bag a few months ago and it quickly became my go-to. I use it primarily when rollerblading to hold a pair of shoes. It fits a pair of sneakers (US Mens size 9) with some space to spare in the main pouch. It also holds my wallet on the shoulder pouch, and my iPhone 12 Pro + wireless headphone case + keys in the smaller pouch. It also has ... Read Moremany straps and buckles so you can get creative and add a lot more on the outside. I once loaded it up with everything above, plus an ultralight camping chair, water bottle and binoculars. The build quality is top notch, its light and comfy, and the bag always feels secure on my back. Cant think of anything bad to say.

June 27, 2021

Sling Bag

Everyday bag. Works excellent for my needs . More convenient than my fanny pack.

June 27, 2021

Perfect bag!!

My favorite bag! Very easy to get to the zippers!

June 26, 2021

Atom sling

Always wanted one of these and finally got one. Its very handy for day hikes and fishing.

June 24, 2021

Sling bag

Great bag.Free from defects.Nice build quality.Just the right size for my edc and drinks.

June 24, 2021

Perfect size and function

This little bag is the best ever. I have the smallest version and its perfect on the go. It carries the essentials and just a bit more. And the little pocket in the strap is really handy for things you take in and out all the time. The key holder is also great. I LOVE this bag.

June 22, 2021

Super comfy

As an older mature lady, the only thing Id love to add would be a couple of zippered inside pockets!

June 19, 2021

Sling pack

I do wish Patagonia had included a waist/hip belt. Time will tell how well the zippers remain functional. I bought this a month ago, so little used yet.

Response from Patagonia
June 24, 2021

Hey Susan, thank you for leaving us a review on the Atom Sling Bag 8L. We appreciate the feedback on the waist belt suggestion, we'll be sure to pass that along to our design team. The zippers should be functioning no matter what, if you find this to be an issue in the future that would be covered by [warranty]( Please feel free to leave us a review once you've gotten more use out of it, we'd love to hear about your experience.

June 19, 2021

Day Hike Perfect

Actually holds my phone as designed!

June 19, 2021

Highly Functional and Convenient

Its so easy to sling the pack around to your front side whereby the zippers are staring you in the face, begging to be opened. Positioned with intention, the pockets dont dump their contents when unzipped. I use it as my go-to walk the dog (or for any outing with the dog) pack. It holds my keys, phone, wallet, dog poo bags, dog treats, ball for fet... Read Moreching, and a collapsible dog water bowl, all comfortably without feeling over-stuffed. It is thoughtfully designed, and highly functional with great comfort to boot!

June 18, 2021

Very useful

Very useful in my opinion for I am using it whenever Im biking. I even used it when we went to Utah and Arizona for hiking. A lot of things can be placed inside the bag.

June 15, 2021

Great bag, almost perfect...not quite.

I really like this little bag, but it could be improved. One, it feels slightly too small in terms of storage. Would love to see this bag in a 10L to 12L size. Secondly, I found in the corners of the internet that this bag used to have a secondary strap that could loop around the front to keep it more secure to the body. I was sorry to see this rem... Read Moreoved, as it would be great for wearing while riding a bike. Lastly, I'm a lefty, and would be great if there was a lefty version. All that being said, the strap is great, the material is great, and it's very comfortable to wear.

June 14, 2021

Durable and flattering

Cant wait to wear hiking the west coast!

June 14, 2021

Lightweight and convenient

Note that the shoulder pocket might be too small for your phone, since I cannot fit my iPhone. Other than that I think this is a great lightweight bag for day hikes and running errands.

June 12, 2021

Beautiful bag

Not only do I love the color and pattern, but this bag is perfect for my everyday use - transitioning from the grocery store to a mountain hike.

June 11, 2021

Overall nice bag but could be better

This is a well made, attractive bag. As others have mentioned it is quite small. I would prefer a size in between this and a full backpack. I got this primarily to use when road tripping national parks etc and getting out of the car for short hikes, etc. It basically replaces a purse for essentials, which is fine and more or less all I need, as I w... Read Moreould use my backpack for longer hikes, except it would be difficult to fit anything larger than a typical disposable plastic water bottle inside, esp if youre carrying other items. The zipper pocket on the strap is useless, way too small for a phone. My phone barely fits in the smaller zipper pocket on the main pack but its a squeeze to get it in there. This has the potential for an awesome pack if it held slightly larger volume and if the two smaller zipper pockets were larger. Note to curvy/large chested ladies, the strap wraps awkwardly under and around my boob, something to be aware of.

Response from Patagonia
June 14, 2021

Hi Jen, we really appreciate you reaching out with this helpful feedback. We're sorry to hear that there are some aspects of the bag that aren't ideal. Please feel welcome to [return]( this is you aren't wanting to hold onto it.

June 9, 2021

Love it - But 1 major problem!

I love the bag - I use it as my everyday purse! The major problem is that the mesh fabric on the back of the purse pills my clothes where it rubs. I solved this problem by sewing a piece of cotton fabric over the mesh panel. My sister had the same problem with hers and I just covered her mesh panel as well. Patagonia needs to change the design caus... Read Moree no one wants a purse that ruins all their clothes.

June 4, 2021

A surprisingly roomy bag, but...

Okay, I bought this to use for casual wear, but the primary objective was a bag to use on my ebike. The size is good & it is comfortable for the most part BUT when I ride, the weight of my gear slowly sends it off my back and it bounces to my side. I think if there was a double, Y shaped nylon toggle with another strap that would secure it at m... Read Morey waist, this would be prevented. I also wonder about the tiny pocket on the strap. I have an iPhone 5SE, about the smallest phone on the market, but with my phone cover on, even it doesnt fit. The pocket makes the strap wide enough for it to rub my neck (especially when it slides off my back an to my side.)

Response from Patagonia
June 7, 2021

Hi Lorraine, thank you for taking the time to write us this helpful feedback. We are sorry that there are some features that aren't very practical for you on this bag. Please feel free to [send]( this back if you decide you don't want to hang onto it.

June 4, 2021

Smaller than advertised

About a month ago I complained this sling pack is actually about 14" and not 17" as described. Patagonia responded and eventually a customer service representative confirmed that I was right and the description is inaccurate. I like the pack and I am not returning it, but the false description has not been corrected as promised and anyone... Read More expecting a larger pack may be disappointed when it arrives. Since we are ordering over the internet, we should be able to rely on Patagonia quality for a good customer experience.

June 3, 2021

Almost Perfect

This is a great sling bag, almost perfect for my uses, but in my opinion, there is room for improvement. As a bag for short hikes/walks, quick errands, going to the gym or just needing more than your pockets but not a full on backpack, it does pretty well. I would like it to have more versatility so it could be truly used as a true ALL-day-go-every... Read Morewhere-pack. Here are my suggestions for improvements: 10 or 12 liters would be a better size for the main compartment so it could hold just a little more and maybe a slightly larger tablet. Right now I can fit a 26oz Yeti water bottle in there with maybe one or two other items such as a rain shell, extra T-shirt, small towel, second smaller bottle, etc. Without the Yeti, I've been able to fit a Nintendo Switch and a portable charger, book or rainshell and some snacks...You get the idea. It's already good, but a little more space would make it awesome. Make the shoulder strap pocket bigger! It doesn't fit larger smartphones. I've used it to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer or a mask or my multitool or pens. I have a minimalist wallet that could fit, but I prefer to carry that in my front pants/shorts pocket since there is no security pocket, which brings me to my next suggestion: add a small security pocket towards the top of the bag for passports, ID cards, small wallets etc. Speaking of pockets, make the outer small zipper pocket about an inch longer. This would make it able to fit a larger smartphone if you don't want to use the shoulder strap pocket. Would also be nice if it could be carried on either right or left shoulder. Water repellent zippers would be great too. All this being said, I really like the material and the ergonomics. The nylon is sturdy and the DWR treatment adequate for light rain showers. It's really nice to be able to swing the bag forward and have the zippers perfectly positioned to get your stuff out without taking off the whole bag. Once the strap length is adjusted properly, I like how it sits close to the body comfortably and the mesh material on the back is soft and pretty breathable. Overall, as with all things Patagonia, this is a great well constructed product. With a few tweaks it could be elevated to the next level.

May 30, 2021

Just not big enough

Very comfortable sling. Well designed for women and lightweight. However, its just too small! The next size up is an 18L. Can you guys design something in between?

May 20, 2021

Great bag!

This bag is the newest addition to my collection and it's quickly become my favorite. It's the perfect size for everyday carry. It's well-made and equally at home on the trail as in the city. Love it!

May 20, 2021

Excellent bag for short hikes and Birding

The 8L Atom Sling is proving to be an excellent pack for Birding and short hikes. It holds a water bottle, field guide, small camera, plus other smaller needed items. The pocket on the strap is too small for my phone (a non-issue for me), but the smaller outside pocket fits it perfectly. All in all, a GREAT little pack.

May 19, 2021

Shoulder pocket size

The shoulder pocket seems a little too tight for my phone (Pixel 3a.)

May 19, 2021

Please fix the material to reduce pilling!

I've had an Atom 8L for years and I love it so much. it is SO versatile and holds way more than you'd guess. The ONE problem is it causes all of my clothing to pill. I really want to use this bag but it ruined so many of my tops.

Response from Patagonia
May 21, 2021

Thank you for this valuable feedback, Emily! We're glad that the bag has worked well for you but sorry to hear that the fabric on the back has caused so much trouble. Your purchase is covered by our Ironclad Guarantee and we encourage you to return it. Our Customer Service team will be happy to [help](, in addition to recommending other bags that might work for you!

May 17, 2021

Not the best

I ordered the sling because of the great reviews and its super cute but ended up returning. Neither cell phones fit in the pocket and the strap is not adjustable from each side meaning it would be more comfortable for a left handed person to have easy access to the pockets. I have a toddler so this was a necessity. Going back to my trusted and chea... Read Morep eddie bauer sling. Please make this more customizable!!

May 17, 2021

Super comfortable

I purchased this sling back bag to replace a shoulder bag to take weight off a painful shoulder. It is roomy, comfortable to carry, and attractive. Great job, Patagonia!

May 16, 2021

Great little EDC bag.

Would recommend.

May 12, 2021

iPhone Pocket size

Overall 8L seems good for small carry needs but disappointed the strap pocket for iphones is too small for a 7s iphone

May 11, 2021

This is great!

Love it!

May 10, 2021

great product that took some getting used to

Well designed product and very comfortable! I used it for 2 weeks beach hopping in HI and loved it. Sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger. It also goes over the opposite shoulder that I would normally use so that took some getting used to. Great product.

May 9, 2021

Super Practical

I love this bag! Its the perfect size for carrying a water bottle and a few essentials for hiking/running and pretty much any other daily activity. Super comfortable to carry and I love how its organized. Definitely worth it.

May 6, 2021

Great sling purse

This is a great purse, except the regular iPhone 12 doesnt fit in the front cell phone pocket. I kept it, it can fit in the smaller zip pocket.

May 6, 2021


Disappointed. Description is inaccurate. I wanted a small, unobtrusive sling pack to carry something 15" long and some water and food while day hiking. I spent some time on the web checking out various packs, eliminating anything 15" long and shorter. I decided on the Atom Sling 8L at 17". However, I discovered it is actually a littl... Read Moree less than 14" long. There are no pictures showing how it is measured. What about the other Patagonia sling packs? Should I subtract 3 from their advertised lengths? Otherwise, it seems to be a nice pack. There is a buckle on the chest strap so it can be put on and taken off without worrying about maneuvering around any head gear. There is a very small pocket on the chest strap that can barely fit a 4 oz. bottle of bug spray. It could be more useful if it was larger. There is a strap across the chest strap that could be used to hold sunglasses, but it rests on top of the shoulder or in back when the pack is on, so that wont work. No idea what its for. Just be aware, this pack is smaller than you would think. I was planning to attach some photos, but I guess we can't.

Response from Patagonia
May 10, 2021

Hi Bruce, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're very sorry to hear about the discrepancy that you experienced between the measurements provided on our site and the bag you received. This sounds like it may be a quality issue with the bag received. We've reached out to you directly with further assistance!

May 2, 2021

Light weight and comfortable

I use this sling to conceal carry. Love the fit, super light and keeps firearm in place.

April 30, 2021

Perfect for 6 weeks on crutches

Bought bc I had ankle surgery and will be on crutches for 6 weeks. I won't go back to a regular purse. Light weight breathable holds the necessaries not the junk

April 29, 2021

Comfortable and Convenient

I love this bag! I mainly use it for errands. I love that I can swing it around and pull my wallet out of the zippered pocket. With kids/dogs, it makes it very easy! Every time I go out with it, I get a compliment and inquiry about how to buy it. Highly recommend!

April 29, 2021

Patagonia Sling Bag

Love this sling bag ... I use it as my everyday purse that saves my shoulder and back.

April 29, 2021

Less is more

Picked up this little gem for long walks. I can throw in my music, a water bottle, and a book. Perfect right?

April 29, 2021

Great Bag

Big enough to carry what I need, but not oversized

April 28, 2021


Its Perfect

April 27, 2021


Super fast and safe delivery!!

April 26, 2021

Patagonia Atom Sling Bag 8L

Love the color and fits great.

April 24, 2021


You guys removed the support / stabilizer strap! My old bag from a few years ago was so perfect, i loved everything about it. But as with all good things, they eventually come to an end. so i retired my old Atom sling bag, and went to buy a new one, come to find out you guys have completely removed to support strap! So if you want to wear the bag f... Read Moreor any activity other than just a casual walk, the bag will just flop around, and if you bend over with it on, the bag will just slide over your head and fall off! Please bring the support strap back !!!!

Response from Patagonia
April 26, 2021

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on the newest iteration of our Atom Sling Bag 8L. We'll be sure to let the appropriate teams know about your thoughts on the support strap. While our Stealth Atom Sling 8L is made with anglers in mind, it could be a great alternative for you. Click [here]( to check it out.

April 23, 2021

Atom sling

I absolutely love my atom sling, it's so convenient

April 22, 2021

Compact / The right amount of storage

I use this pack daily to carry an extra layer or for stowing a layer I have taken off. Great for carrying rain gear. Comfortable to wear and easy access when needed. Also great for throwing in a couple of fly boxes, tippet, etc along with a light lunch for a day of fishing.

April 14, 2021

Right size and easy entry

Perfect for day hike. Holds the essentials and you can access without taking it off your back/shoulder.

April 11, 2021

Fun colors

It is an amazing bag! I just wish it was a little bigger so that I could put more in if I needed to, but it does fit my hydro flask!

April 7, 2021

Every day bag

I have three of these, because I couldnt decide on color, and for different events. One is my everyday purse, one I use for small hikes with the pup, and another for fishing. BEST PURCHASE

April 6, 2021

Can fit a surprising amount in here!

I had a full size two strap backpack for work and a small designer purse for everyday things, got tired of switching my wallet/other necessities between the two all the time so I wanted something a little more versatile that still had enough style to look nice for whatever I was going to do. This is just the thing I needed!! Honestly couldn't ... Read Morehave designed it any better. I also use it for shorter day hikes, as I have a 1L CamelBak bladder that fits perfectly in this back with everything I have in it and the straw can come out of the top and be looped through the strap to stay in place. It's ideal for everything I imagined using it for and more!

April 6, 2021

I love this bag!

This is my go-to bag for every vacation from Disney to Europe. It holds a lot when I need it to, but not enough that I end up carrying all my kids stuff too. I give this bag to all my friends because I love it so much.

April 4, 2021

New kids stash bag for wipes and dipes and snacks

Best bag. May get a second

April 3, 2021

Perfect sling

I really enjoy this bag because, its easy to take on the go. Mainly use it when I hike or go to the beach to carry the essentials. Worth the buy! Even has a pocket on the inside to store your wallet or important stuff if you wanted.

April 2, 2021

Great to carry other than a purse.

I love this for using everyday.

March 30, 2021

Great bag, bad pattern

I love the bag, its my second bag and wanted the bird pattern. Had to return because there were no birds on the bag. Just bird parts.

March 30, 2021

Handy size for small items.

Fit and finish is great.

March 27, 2021

It's meh

I thought it would be a little better quality for the price. The zipper is disappointing. Is it for doesn't seem like it's going to hold up. It's on the cheaper side as far as zippers go. The actual material the bag is made of is nice and sturdy. The strap is padded and that is nice. I just don't think it's a great quality ... Read Morebag it's an okay bag.

Response from Patagonia
March 29, 2021

We're sorry to hear that the Atom Sling did not live up to expectations. Please note, one of our offerings is repair, so that should definitely extend the life of the bag should it's durability become an issue. If you find you still feel unsatisfied with your purchase, feel free to [send it back](

March 16, 2021

Just the right size

I have been eyeing this for years and finally decided to get it. I shouldve done it years ago! Amazing product. You can fit so much stuff in this. Perfect for running around town, to work, on the ski hill, etc.

March 10, 2021

Too small

I wanted to love this pack. It was a little awkward over the one shoulder and unfortunately the inside compartments were way too small. It didnt work for me but I think others will love if they want the small space. Something just slightly bigger than this with two shoulder straps would be great. Looking for something smaller than a regular backpac... Read Morek

Response from Patagonia
March 17, 2021

We're sorry to hear that this one didn't work for you, Andrea! We recommend you take a look at our smaller backpacks like the Altvia 14L, Atom 18L, Arbor 20L or Tamangito 20L. Please let us know if you'd like any [help]( to return or exchange your Atom Sling Bag!

March 9, 2021

Smaller and less useful than you might think...

First the good - it carries well and is well made. Unfortunately after that I don't have much to say that's good. - Neither the pocket in the front, nor the small pocket on the main section will fit a phone OR my sunglasses. In fact the front strap pocket is almost useless (my wallet sort of fits, but...). - the small rear pocket will h... Read Moreold keys, and a phone charger, and my wallet, but that hardly seem like a safe location. - So that leaves the main pocket for everything else? My, camera, sunglasses, passport, and phone all shoved into one section with a small divider? Honestly don't get the intended use for this one.

Response from Patagonia
March 17, 2021

Thank you for your review on our Atom Sling Bag. The Atom Sling was designed for day to day casual use. The pocket on the front strap was intended to be able to hold a phone, we're sorry to hear that it didn't work for yours. Feel free to reach out to Customer Service with more information on what phone you have so we can pass the word along to our Quality Analysts. If you're interested in another comparable bag, we'd recommend checking out the [Stand Up Belt Bag 3L]( You can wear it as a belt or a crossbody, and the front pocket should be large enough to accommodate the essentials.

March 2, 2021

Versatile! A few tweaks needed for perfection

Like other reviewers, I find this bag to be really useful in most situations. I like it as a work bag, but use it for day trips too. I shove my reusable bag in it when I'm at the grocery store. I even found the lash straps great to clip things on my back. Some things that may turn someone away from this item, and change my mind on repurchasing... Read More would be: -Lack of waist strap (It slides when you bend over) -No inner zip compartment (not a huge issue, but nice to have to keep things from all sliding around when vertical) -If you have a large phone, you may have an issue (I have a Galaxy, the front strap "Phone" pocket I find better used as a chapstick and pen pocket)

February 21, 2021

Problem solved.

I was looking for an alternative to a standard backpack fora day on the hill and found this to work the best. Easy to adjust on the chair and it fits everything you need for a day of skiing or snowboarding. The best of all is the ability to move it to the front of you body when riding a lift. Highly recommended.

February 13, 2021

Nice. But ruined now.

Fit perfect. Loved it for the short time I had it. Only 2 days my receiving, my dog decided to tear it apart.

February 12, 2021

Just what I was looking for

I use it at the gym to carry my iPad Pro 10.5, phone, ID, and miscellaneous items. Works great and looks good.

February 8, 2021

Super helpful to have when you dont want to haul around a large bag. Feels light and doesnt hurt the shoulders. Definitely get what you paid for. Huge ambassador for this item.

Awesome bag

February 2, 2021

Perfect smaller bag to carry essentials

I bought this bag to carry some stuff for work without lugging around a full size backpack. This thing is perfect and I love the layout of the different compartments.

January 29, 2021

Day hiker

I love this pack for day hiking and photography. However, I would love to see an external pocket for a small water bottle.

January 27, 2021

Perfect side pack

Super comfortable and lightweight

January 21, 2021

Changed my life!

My girlfriend gave it to me for Xmas 2020. Changed my life! She saw I was always looking for key things - wallet, keys, glasses, iphone, mask, charger, pen, etc. Now I keep them in my sling bag. My personal life, professional life and social life are so much more organized. I am calmer and I save so much time! Great product!

January 10, 2021

Sling Bag 8L

Best sling bag for casual walking. Holds all my essentials--phone, wallet, keys, etc., my urban survival kit.

January 6, 2021

Awesome EDC bag

This is the small e.d.c. sling bag I had been looking for. It holds everything I need to keep with me on a daily basis and it does it with style. And I do carry quite a bit gear in it, extra glasses, power cell for the phone, extra batteries for flash light, gloves, wallet, a small tool kit in a maxpedition pouch, small roll of gorilla tape and a f... Read Moreew other things that I won't mention. I would of given it 5 stars but I think it could improved. Here is my suggestion, center the strap on the top of the bag, make the bottom of the strap switchable to either lower side, like with a quick connect buckle, and add a small zippered pouch inside the bag. But it is still an awesome little sling pack that I am sure I will use for years, unless Patagonia uses my Idea! Thanks for a quality product at a great price.

January 4, 2021

Perfect purse alternative

Ive never liked standard purses, so when my husband bought this bag as his man purse of course I borrowed it. Then rushed right out and bought my own. Its just the right size for my wristlet style wallet, phone, hand sanitizer, mask, sketchbook and pencils, and a few small personal items. I use it daily to bring my things to work, walk the dog, etc... Read More. It looks as nice and is as comfortable to wear with just a few items or with extras like a small water bottle for a short hike. I just saw the new colors, and decided to trade in my forge gray one for the new black painted meadow color. Love that Patagonia offers the gear recycling program so someone else can enjoy the gray one, and I can get a new fun color without feeling guilty! Highly recommend.

December 29, 2020

Birding Favorite

I've been looking for the ideal birding bag.. one that allows me to carry my bird book, a small water bottle, my phone , keys, tissues.. all easily accessible AND .. THIS IS IT! I'm in love with this bag. The only down side is that it doesn't have a small hide-away waist strap. If I wanted to wear this on a bike or for longer hikes a... Read More waist strap would be ideal. But, for a couple hour birding trip it's fantastic. I'm teach people about birds and now all of my students want one because they see how wonderfully mine functions.

December 23, 2020

nicely made but size is grossly overstated

if this item if 5L I would be generous

December 22, 2020

Great casual sporty bag

The bag has all the necessary pockets to keep my gear stowed. I adore the close body fit walking or shopping!

December 19, 2020

Best sling

I ordered the atom sling, for a gift for myself. I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I hoped it would be

December 16, 2020

Carry Bag

Nice EDC/CCW sling.

December 7, 2020

Great bag.

This is great small day bag

November 28, 2020

Very nice product.. Professionally made..

We like the product therefore we like the brand too.. The Quality of the material and build is first and foremost.. The Best..

November 26, 2020

Miss the zipper!

This is my third atom sling. Obviously Im a fan. However, on this latest version the main inside compartment no longer has a zippered section. Not sure why it was removed. It was kinda disappointing.

November 22, 2020

not big enough

I was given a bag almost like the 8L atom but is was slightly bigger with an inside zipper part I was under the impression it was the same but my mistake was not like the one I had been given so was bit disappointed.

Response from Patagonia
December 19, 2020

Hey there! You may have originally received a past season version of our Atom Sling. If you reach out to our Customer Service team, we could walk you through getting more information about the bag and we might be able to find it on [Worn Wear](

November 16, 2020

Perfect Sling

This sling is fantastic. It fits a surprising amount of stuff including water bottles and iPads. The pocket across the strap no longer fits newer phone models, but it's perfect for cash, chapstick, keys, etc. I have used this bag at the farmer's market, at amusement parks and I take it on my boat. Its unisex and everyone in my family borr... Read Moreows it.

November 9, 2020

A Solution in A Small Atom Sling Backpack

Atom Sling backpack is a great solution for carrying too much "stuff" around to and from work - because you can't! But it holds wallet, keys, phone and a few other necessary items. It looks good and it's from Patagonia. What more could one want?

November 8, 2020



November 3, 2020

Big little bag!

These bags have been my favorites for work and play since they first came out. They last well, and the colors are awesome work with my style. Plus, they hold what I need for a day on the road or with clients. Thanks for the work you put into your gear!

November 2, 2020

Great hiking bag

Love the color.

October 29, 2020

Great Bag

I love this bag!!! It is great roomy and I usually use a tote. This is perfect!!

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