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Patagonia Tres Pack 25L - Convertible Commuter Backpack

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Patagonia Tres Pack 25L - Convertible Commuter Backpack

True To Size
September 16, 2021

Perfect briefcase

I purchased this as a briefcase for my 15" PC laptop. It has room for all of my electronics plus a book. Interior pockets are well designed. The fabric is durable and looks great. I'm very happy with this bag.

May 12, 2021

Checks almost all the boxes.

This backpack does almost everything I wanted and was more in my price range than anything the competitors make. Like the style (business but I also like to play), like the conversion to messenger bag option, kinda wish it was like 2 liters larger. Also wish there was a water bottle sleeve somewhere and the clips for the messenger bag seem like the... Read Morey could be more robust. Overall, I'm happy and it does fit my 15.7" laptop in the sleeve (necessity!). Hey Patagonia, how about a pocket for the messenger bag strap? Or a diagonal water bottle sleeve, so when you switch either way is partially vertical? P.S. thanks for making great products.

February 25, 2021

Great laptop bag

Patagonia makes great bags. They also back them up with a great warranty. This bag although new is awesome. I use it everyday to bring my laptop and a few other essentials with me. Love it!

February 12, 2021

Practical and simple.

Absolutely loved the material and quality. It works really well for everyday use and work. I have a 15in laptop and it fit perfectly. My notebooks and folders were able to fit as well with no issues. It is spacious, but it is not one of those bags you can carry tons of stuff in you MIGHT need- it is clearly meant for the essentials only which is wh... Read Morey I made this my go to bag for work. I took it on a simple hike, nothing too crazy and it was able to carry the essentials. I enjoy this product 100%. If youre looking for a casual bag for work or something simple for travel, I definitely recommend it!

January 30, 2021

New work bags

I was looking for commuter bags for my team. These work great, everyone liked them.

September 14, 2020

Great Travel Pack

I used this pack while flying to visit family in August. I was surprised at how much I could fit into this bag. There's a zippered padded pocket on the back to fit a laptop. I was able to fit my 13" Macbook Pro, but there's definitely enough room to fit the 15". In the main compartment I packed a small packing cube with a change... Read More of clothes and pajamas, but was still able to fit a lightweight jacket, toiletry bag, and my over-ears headphones/case. The front pocket was perfect for small things I needed to access quickly. I like that I was also able to convert from a backpack to a messenger bag. Another great Patagonia product.

May 26, 2020

Great Office/School Pack

I use this pack to as a portable office since I work out of two locations. The "side entry" makes an easy and convenient way to get to files, notebooks, and iPad without having to open the main compartment. I don't wear it enough to notice any "pilling" as it is mostly used from home to truck to office. I have occasionally ... Read Moreused it on a hike where a small pack was optimal and it has performed great. It is a very well made product.

April 27, 2020

Travel Finally Got Easier

I purchased the Tres Backpack 25L for a trip beginning in March that would cover some business, some visiting relatives across the country and some VW Vanagon camping driving from Boston to the Gulf Shores. After reading other reviews, it seemed about the right choice. I am very happy I selected this product. It holds a 15 laptop securely with no p... Read Moreroblem slipping it in or out of its pocket. Other reviewers who complain clearly did not understand where it was to be placed. Tablet easily slides into the inside pocket. This replaced a loved but painful shoulder bag and the Tres carried everything from the shoulder bag plus a lot more. Small overnight bag, clean boxers, shirt and socks, writing stuff and lots of hand sanitizer and wipes. Humped through 5 airports, multiple trains stops and walking around a few cities with this on my back. It carries well, fits under seats and looks pretty fine on an old man. I recommend this highly. Again, for others looking for info. This does have a great pocket for 15 laptops.

March 9, 2020

Great pack but abrasive back ruins clothes.

I have had this pack for a little over a year, and the overall design is perfect with one really troubling exception, as follow... The back of the pack is surfaced with some type of friction material that feels soft to the touch but actually ruins softer textiles (wool, microfiber, fleece). It ruined two very expensive cashmere sweaters before I re... Read Morealized the problem. As a commuter pack, this poses a real problem, since I would ideally use this occasionally with business attire, but I can't afford to have it destroy an expensive suit jacket. So it's now confined to casual use with outerwear, which is a shame. Since it would be a really great commuter/short-term travel pack otherwise. I just confirmed with Patagonia support that the design has not changed since my purchase (Oct 2018), so the current model presumably still has this problem.

Response from Patagonia
April 10, 2020

Hey Jason, thanks for your feedback. We're sorry you've experienced an issue with this pack. You are correct, the current model has not experienced an update since you bought the bag in 2018. It sounds like the bag is not preforming the way you were expecting it to. We would be happy to help you exchange it for a pack that may work better for you, check out our [Ironclad Guarantee]( for more information.

December 29, 2019

Great all purpose carry all

This is the perfect size and oh so adaptable to a wide variety of tasks. Love that it can be carried four different ways.

December 23, 2019

Sturdy Construction, Nice pockets, Perfect size

I got this bag to replace my laptop backpack I've had for many years and so far I've been quite happy with it. It is made well, as is expected from Patagonia. I like the main zipper pocket because it opens all the way down to the bottom which makes it very easy to access items in the bottom of the bag. I like the laptop zipper too. I also... Read More like that it can be used as a messenger bag. At first I thought it was weird that the clips for the messenger bag strap were always visible if you don't use them, but then I figured out how to tuck the clips in so you can't see them so problem solved. Overall this is a great bag that is the perfect size for a daily-use backpack for work/school.

November 26, 2019

Beware Blowing Out The Shoulder Strap Anchors!

Picked up two of the same model and color on Web Special. One for daily use as briefcase (nature-based/outdoor-industry consultant), the other as backup (been doing this for decades). One after the other, the shoulder strap anchor web loop stitching on each bag (body) has blown out. While it takes a handful of months to critically fail, under full ... Read Morecapacity-tolerant loads, the stitching that holds one or the other shoulder buckles blows out & pack drops like a big bad rock. Contrasting so many other Patagonia products, this design, in my experience is under-engineered: a couple-inch wide strap looped through the receiving-end of a Fastex-style buckle and stitched squarely to the body profile, that will not withstand daily torque of full-volume capacity loads hanging from my shoulder (or cross-my body to keep it from slipping from my shoulder), swinging, twisting to the lifts, yanks from my mode of transpo, and strained by each shock-loading step of my ogre-stomping feet. Repairs take time. So far, I have had enough time (& bags) and live within a couple of hours of Patagonia Eden (Outlet Store), to be able to send one in for repair, whilst availing myself of the familiarity with my work-bag config that makes this design otherwise primo for me. Shoulder strap anchors better integrated into the body of the bag, as they were in the cross-shoulder design of your past messenger-style bag (Critical Mass) never had this blowout problem ... or with this bag, providing enough loop and multiple lines of (an x-box?) stitching for the receiving end of the anchor buckle might serve this bag (and your customers) better.

October 27, 2019

Great pack!!!!

This is my go to bag for work that hold my computer, work related folder, my lunch and Patagonia raincoat.

September 22, 2019

Very convenience and useful

Roller bag is popular for flight but it is too much for just 1 day short trip. This pack is very convenience for just overnight business trip by air. I can put my computer, paperwork, 1 day clothing and toothbrush.And I can use this bag not only backpack also for shoulder bag or hand carry bag. Good for simple trip for me.

August 25, 2019

The ModernBriefcase

New teacher, new bag. A perfect blend of business and leisure. Holding instruction outdoors just got better.

August 20, 2019


This bag was smaller than I thought but it fit my MacBook Pro and other items. It's good for a work bag and also can fit 2 days worth of clothes if packed properly.

August 14, 2019

Good multifunction bag but not great at any one thing

Well made, looks like it will last forever. Interior organization is practical but without overkill. Great size for daily commuting (laptop, lunch, notebooks, etc) but also occasional overnight MLC use — not too big, not too small. My problem with this bag is that by trying to hit the trifecta, it’s not super comfortable in any one configuration... Read More. Which is a shame because Patagonia used to make this incredible ergo shoulder strap that made any bag work great as a cross-body (messenger-style) or over-the-shoulder bag. My singular wish for the Patagonia product development team is that they look hard at all bags as cycling bags, because if a bag will stay put when you’re on the bike, it will also stay put catching the bus or running through the airport or just dashing in to work from the parking lot.

August 12, 2019

Excellent Commuter Pack

My favorite part about this pack is that it can change from a back pack to a shoulder strap bag. I use it everyday for toting my lap top back and forth to the office. It is just the right size and holds everything that I need. No complaints!

August 10, 2019

The best backpack I’ve had

I’ve had many backpacks and this is the best one yet. It’s high quality, very convenient, and makes organizing your stuff a breeze. I’m very happy with it!

August 5, 2019

Not bad, but needs some fine tuning.

I like this bag. I've used it for commuting up and down the Penninsula from Silcon Valley to SF, and it performs well. I generally like the size, shape, and volume, but I'd love to see a 30L option. It's described as capable of hold an extra outfit or change of clothes, but it barely holds a sweathshirt if I'm carrying anything ... Read Moreelse. I'd also LOVE to see the same kind of organizer as on the MLC in the front pocket or main compartment. For a bag that converts to a briefcase the lack of holders for pens, pencils, business cards, smartphone, etc is unexcusebable. Plus for a bag that's intended to change orientations (i.e. from vertical carry backpack to horizontal carry shoulder bag/briefcase, it needs a lot more zippered subpockets. Small items, like coins, end up all over the place.

July 15, 2019

my go-to everyday work bag

I'm an architect and need to carry my laptop almost everywhere I go. Read carefully: I will echo some of the other reviews that the 15" MacBook Pro WILL fit nicely in this bag when placed in the separate laptop compartment. This is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the little sleeve on the inside of the main compartment which is more for an iPad or... Read More Kindle. I especially appreciate the flexibility this bag gives in me in allowing it to covert to a backpack, or a bag with handles only, and then also a single shoulder strap style bag – all in one. It's almost perfect for my needs, but I could benefit from an extra compartment or two so I can organize a little better on the go.

June 4, 2019

bag is too long

im only 5'2 so its probably the reason why this bag didn't fit. it was much too long and looked very large while was wearing it and could store little more than a towel.

May 14, 2019

Great versatile pack

I am excited about my new pack and the versatility of moving from work to weekend.

May 9, 2019

It’s true.

All of the other reviews you’ve likely read about an unusually small laptop pad inside the bag are totally true. Oddly small and completely useless for a laptop. Other than that it’s the best bag i’ve ever had. I use it as a backpack, over the shoulder and carry like a briefcase. Typically I carry 2 laptops cables and a clipboard and it works great... Read More. Completely acceptable working at a coffee shop or walking into a clients office, job site or boardroom Buy again.

March 29, 2019

Good bag to go from backpack to more professional brief case

The first thing that is confused in the other reviews is that this backpack has a separate full size pocket that stores just your laptop in it. I have a 15 in Macbook Pro and it fits easily. There is also a sleeve within the main compartment which does not fit a 15 in laptop but I assume is for ipads. I bought this to take to work conferences wher... Read Moree I like a backpack while traveling but a more professional briefcase during meetings and the black version of this meets that bill. I have found it well put together and well functioning. I have other Patagonia backpacks and it is smaller, but not so small that it did not fit my needs of a carry on for flying. The only thing I miss on it is an outside sleeve to store water bottles in.

February 28, 2019

Best bag ever...

I use this to carry my 15" macbook pro as well as a mirrorless dslr with a long lens. The laptop needs to go into the separate compartment closest to the shoulder straps (it actually fits BOTH my personal and work laptops together, but that becomes too much weight to lug around). Camera goes into the main compartment, there's room for a t... Read Moreablet in the smaller laptop sleeve. Small notebook in the front pocket. It has saved me tons of shoulder strain since I can carry light loads on one strap with ease of accessibility, and also carry heavier loads with both straps if I needed more mobility for hiking and other stuff. I did once wish there was a waist strap for snowboarding and more padding on the floor sides, but I have no idea how they could put it in for those rare occassions without adding bulk that would need to be carried around all the time. I didn't want too big of a bag, since it's sometimes used for work. I received this as a gift, it's been the perfect bag for my uses... there aren't too many convertible bags on the market these days.

January 14, 2019

Commute & travel bag

I bought this to use as a small carry-on backpack for travel and as a daily commuter bag. Unlike many other bags out there, I love the functionality of the full zip panel on the front. It's easy to pack/unpack while looking at all your items rather than blindly digging around in the bottom of the bag. The rectangular shape is also a plus becau... Read Morese it seems to fit more in only a 25L bag. I took this bag and a large cross-body purse to Spain for 2 weeks. It had plenty of space for: sneakers, flip flops, toiletry bag, and a medium packing cube of clothes (5 tops, 2 pants, 1 pair shorts) plus some other items. It was really comfortable to wear and I'm happy to have found a bag that works for ultra-light travel and daily use. My surface pro will fit in the laptop sleeve and there is enough room to pack a lunch and gym clothes.

November 19, 2018

Decent commuter bag

I work in the city but have frequent work trips to forested areas. I liked the idea of having a bag that could hold my laptop and other things when I'm working in the city and be converted to a day pack when I'm out in the field. I want to love this bag, but it's a tad too small to fit everything I sometimes have when I'm going ... Read Moreto work (laptop, rain jacket, lunch, workout clothes). It's great for days when I have a few of those things but can't fit everything. I do really appreciate that it can easily convert between a backpack and shoulder bag, though, as my typical commute involves using a bike share (backpack) and then the metro (shoulder bag is better to avoid hitting fellow commuters with the backpack). The only other thing that would be nice, and add convertible extra space to the bag, would be to add a water bottle pocket on the outside. Maybe the pocket could pivot with a clip, so it could accommodate going from a backpack to a shoulder bag.

October 6, 2018

Excellent Bag!

Very durable and multi-functional. It can work as a brief case, back pack, or shoulder pack. It has plenty of pockets for small items, such as pens and coins. Very comfortable padding also.

August 6, 2018

Ruins Clothes But Great Pack

I love the design and functionality of this backpack, but it pills your shirts incredibly badly!

June 29, 2018


I bought this bag to carry my laptop and some extra clothing. I have a 15 inch Mac book pro. This backpack does not fit the laptop whatsoever and is very small. Great quality as always but just poor laptop carrier design.

March 8, 2018

Awesome bag

Pros: Fits quite a lot for 25L,can easily do a 1 day work trip in it and does not lose it's slim shape. The ability to stash the straps allows me to use it for business meetings. Plenty of room for a water bottle,jacket,travel maps when using it for non-work activities. Cons: Wish the zippers were a bit more heavy duty.

October 20, 2017

4 stars for the 3

I bought this as my new work bag. It looks professional enough for my workplace (I dress in slacks and a collar,most of the time). Pros: It has great organization. favorites being: The side access to the computer compartment which makes airports easy. Front pocket fits a jacket,bike lock,and water bottle. Big enough for a a large binder,and a... Read More few portfolios/notebooks,but won't carry too much more,as the previous reviewer stated). Comfy to carry with all methods (backpack,briefcase,and over the shoulder) Cons: Big enough for my needs but by just a bit. Two of the smaller organizational pockets in the main compartment work great when the bag is used as a backpack,but not sure how it will when it is on its side (no zippers). Overall I would definitely recommended this as a great work/school bag,but may be too small for long days with multiple activities.

September 7, 2017

Perfect in every way except...

I recently purchased the Tres 25L and must say I am extremely happy with almost every aspect,except the size. I bought the bag for a work/play balance. I use it to carry my laptop and note taking folder as well as some workout gear (workout clothes and shoes). The goal of the bag was to be able to add a shower towel and shower supplies (toothbrush,... Read Moredeodorant etc..). Unfortunately,the 25L doesn't cut it. I think by increasing the main compartments size and over bag capacity to 35L,would do the trick. The design of the bag is perfect with the multi carry options and the separate compartments for various items. Please Patagonia Peeps,make me a 35L without sacrificing the design.... My afterworkout stinky self begs you...

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