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Stealth Sling 10L Reviews

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Stealth Sling 10L

True To Size
November 14, 2023

Fantastic bag!

This bag was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It is super secure and has a tonne of room and places to tie things down to both internally and externally. I'm a bigger guy and the bag fits me perfectly so it may be on the bigger side for some. The waterproof insert is a nice touch.

November 9, 2023

awesome pack

Had the olive and gave it away....what a mistake! Excellent pack, as a daily driver and for short hikes. works excellent left/right orientation and made of fantastic fabrics. Please bring the olive color back

October 27, 2023

So much better than a backpack

I love this thing. I always have trouble with one backpack strap slipping off. I have had a lot of great patagonia backpacks, starting with one that had a Chouinard label that was my first backpack in 1977. But this sling is the best. Heavy or light, it stays so nicely on the small of my back. Best thing yet. I love how you can switch it from fitti... Read Moreng on the right shoulder to fitting on the left, so easly, with velcro. I love how easy it is to conver to a regular fanny pack. Thanks for designing this marvel! I use it for day hikes, for going to work, and for traveling. Personally, I would prefer fewer compartments, but that is a quibble. A good size for a minimalist week long trip inside civilization.

October 25, 2023

The one that got away...

I'm right-handed, but I find carrying any weight on my right shoulder leaves me sore after a day of casting. No weight, no problem. The problem is there are only a handful of slings on the market that can be worn over the left shoulder, and an even smaller pool of those made with recycled materials, which is why I was interested in the Stealth... Read More Sling. Its so close to perfect, but misses the landing on a few important features. Here's whats great about this sling: : * The strap: Its super comfortable and the magnet built into the workstation is brilliant. I don't know why every other manufacturer isn't doing this. * Versatility: Many of the fly fishing gear manufacturers predetermine how their packs will be used, but not this one. Its a multipurpose pack for the multitudes. If you read the reviews here, you'll see that many customers are not using it for fly fishing! * The wallet: The addition of the Velcro-backed waterproof wallet is a nice touch. * Quality: Its Patagonia! As you would expect, this pack is very well made. Here's why I didn't keep it: * The strap: The strap attachments are Velcro and IME, Velcro doesn't hold up over time, especially considering these are the stress points on the pack. There's no hemostat dock on the strap, which seems like an obvious oversight. There are loops you could clip one on, but then your hemostat is positioned perpendicular to your chest, making it another obstacle to navigate. * The pockets: There are almost too many dividers in the main pocket, like a file folder, making it difficult to stow bulky items, like a jacket or adult beverages. * The hydration sleeve. It's not big enough for a Nalgene to easily fit. You can squeeze one in, but it then bulges into the main compartment, eating up valuable and limited space inside the pack. The sleeve isn't very long, so the only way to keep a narrower, longer bottle secure in it is to clip it by the lid to the pack with a carabiner, which means you will need to use a bottle with some sort of loop on it. * The net holster: The net holster will only work with a mid-length net (or longer) as the handle needs to pass through a slot on the other side of the pack to be secure. A hand net will immediately fall out. The angle of the holster causes the net (mid-length) to stick out over your shoulder (like the wing of a fly!) This might be fine if you're gliding into your fishing hole, but your net will catch on trees and shrubs if you hike in through a forest. This also makes it difficult to grab the net over your shoulder with the opposite hand. If the angle was more acute, the net would be positioned vertically, making it easier to retrieve and less likely to snag on foliage. I found that the holster didn't hold my net tightly so that when I swung the sling around, the net would slide out a few inches, requiring me to resecure it. I imagined this would get worse with time and that my net would at some point slip out and go floating downstream. So I tried attaching a leash, but there's no way to store the net after use without getting wrapped up in the leash because you cant easily "resheath" it over your back. To put the net in the holster, you need to swing the sling around front, but to get the leash correctly positioned, you need to first pass the net behind you. Imagine doing this in a river with a rod in hand! I wanted this pack to work, so I figured I would only use it with my hand net. I tried attaching my magnetic net release to it, but, the wild thing about magnets? They're attracted to other magnets! So when I detached my net from its magnetic home and tried to reattach it, one of the two ends of the magnetic net release would connect with the magnet on the back of the pack and I would be unable to resecure my net. Contrary to the specs, there are no proper D-rings on this pack (there are a lot of fabric loops that I suppose are shaped like the letter D). This made it tricky to attach a leash or magnetic net release and I just clipped a carabiner on where I could make it work. In short, you cant really use a net with this pack. This isn't a problem specific to the Stealth Sling, though. Net management is an issue with any pack and I was hopeful Patagonia would finally solve it. Maybe in the next iteration?

October 13, 2023

Great Fishing Sling

Great sling to carry everything I need for a long day on the water. Spacious enough to carry snacks/water for water that requires some hiking. My only gripe is that the net holder is not very secure/gets in the way of my casts. I used a detachable magnetic clip so it lays lower. Great pack overall.

October 2, 2023

Versatile Pack

You can use this pack for almost anything. It has plenty of space and is super comfortable to carry even with a heavy load in it. I use it for hikes, fishing, walking and as an emergency go-bag in my car. I love how easily accessible all my gear is without needing to take off my bag. Only 2 negatives: 1. Not a lot of space to stuff clothes in when ... Read Morehiking and peeling off layers. I use small stuff sacks but still not perfect. 2. sling can want to swing around forward when bending over to tie laces, etc.

September 6, 2023

One Bag to Rule Them All...

...and in the darkness bind them. But for real though, I have bought a little too many sling bags in my lifetime, always looking for that perfect one. I needed one that was just big enough to fit all my everyday carry stuff, but not too big to the point it's basically a messenger bag. The Stealth Sling 10L is damn near perfect. I use it ever... Read Morey day, either casually (I have the black version, so it fits with most outfits), hiking, or as my cycle bag (I know I checked mountain biking. I don't do that. But I commute via cycling, and this bag is awesome for that). I normally carry a large-ish battery pack, an e-reader, and sometimes my Nintendo Switch, and there's still room to spare for snacks in the large compartment. I'll also carry my smaller kryptonite u-lock in the bag as well. The small front pocket has two smaller pockets inside, great for holding things you don't always use, but sometimes need (for me that'd be like, ibuprofen, my inhaler, bike tools, etc.) and keep all of that stuff separated from commonly used stuff like keys, wallet, and cellphone. The water bottle pocket is amazing. This was the biggest win out of all sling bags I've used before. I've been wanting a water bottle pocket that runs along the long side of the bag, and hold the bottle in place securely, and with the elastic bands, the Stealth Sling does this perfectly. I also use a 1L Camelbak bottle, so normal bags can't hold that very well inside. My only gripe with this bag is that I feel like 10L is just a TAD to big. If it was 8 or 9 liters, it would have been perfect for me. Sometimes if it's not full, the extra fabric kind of, sways around all wonky, but it doesn't hurt the functionality at all, it's merely aesthetics, so no points detracted from there.

August 27, 2023

perfect size for personal item carryon on airplane

I have a carryon bag pack for travel, but needed personal item bag to hold my travel documents. This bag is well constructed, has multiple pockets for easy organization of my belongings and is an ideal size for an extra carry on bag.

August 15, 2023

Max Perform Bag

Most versatile bag I own. Won't go on a trip without it now. I've used this bag in so many situations. It's the perfect side arm bag for kiteboarding or fishing trips. I use it as a daily gym bag. It can fit my 13 inch macbook, accessories, and a water bottle. Honestly when I bought it I had no idea how much I'd actually use it.... Read More But it's even got hundreds of miles on it hiking, biking, and touring European cities.

May 3, 2023

utilitarian, compartmentalized, and deceptively cavernous sling bag

I've used this for about a year almost daily to consolidate all my dog's necessities like: balls, treats, poop bags, wipes, towel, leash, harness, etc. I simply sling it on hikes or throw it in the back of my suv for the impromptu opportunity to exercise my dog and not having to worry if I forgot something. I haven't been gentle with... Read More this bag by any means and will accompany me on all roadtrips, all the while without fail. I don't tend to use the other strap meant to go underneath your arm for easier deployment and less hassle donning and doffing. I prefer it to a backpack on shorter hikes. I also like the ambidextrous adjustability along with the elastic bottle or bear spray holder located on the bottom. Very useful bag.

March 30, 2023

This is a beautiful product

This is a beautiful product however once I received it, it was ordered, I found it too large on my body. This was simply a personal opinion. Again, the product is very nice.

March 20, 2023

Perfect for every day.

The sling fits great. It's very light yet holds a great number of items I use it every day.

March 12, 2023


The best sling bag on the market! Tons of pockets, well made and super comfortable

March 1, 2023

Stealth Sling

Have not used yet getting it ready looks like it will work. I have an older vest from Patagonia that is conventional my go to is very good looking forward to trying this one out.

February 28, 2023

Good bag, just too short

The bag was really very nice. Well thought out pockets, good construction, and comfortable strap. My only problem was that I had hoped it was an inch or so larger to fit a particular piece of gear. There doesn't seem to be a longer sling bag on the market. If you're reading this (product development) I'm talking to you!!

February 26, 2023

Great bag for beer & fishing

The beer to bag ratio on this Stealth pack is exactly what I was hoping for!

February 24, 2023

Overall good with a few QC problems

First, the product acted as it was advertised. I wanted a sling pack that could hold wading shoes, a fly box, a water bottle, and my wallet and keys. It does exactly that. What I'd like to see improve is the cinching method for a rod tube. The material is slick against an aluminum tube and the elastic strings are going to wear out sooner rath... Read Moreer than later. Perhaps a more grippy material would be good here; silicone, maybe? My problem is with the backing material. After one week-long use against Patagonia fishing wear, the back is pilling. I can't add a picture here, but I can if you email me. I'm surprised by this immediate wear.

Response from Patagonia
March 2, 2023

Hello Jack, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. If you're not please with the Stealth Sling 10L - Fly Fishing Sling, feel free to begin a [return or complimentary exchange]( at any time.

February 23, 2023

Feels Awkward

There was one review that mentioned that the straps were placed in an awkward spot. Did not think too much about it since only one person mentioned, but I see what they are saying. Tried adjusting it but its not a something I can just throw on and go. Material and quality is what you would expect from Patagonia.

February 22, 2023

Perfect size and weight for

Perfect size and weight for a day walking the beach looking for fish eager to chase down my flies.

February 21, 2023

Great small travel bag

Great little bag, wish it had fewer packets, etc. inside but very well designed and built. I use it as a travel carry on.

February 14, 2023

Great for Grand Canyon hiking and snowboading pack.

This was just the right size to go casual hiking around the Grand Canyon in. Pretty great to snowboard as well - doesn't get in the way. ilike.

February 14, 2023

Perfect for every day carry

Sling fits great and Im a larger guy. Very light yet holds an amazing amount of items including a full size iPad. I use it every day.

February 8, 2023

Perfect Fit!

I am an aspiring angler. I admitedly got the atom 8L sling to use as a "purse/briefcase" because I am a retiring Ranger going to an "urban" job interview, and I do not carry a purse (for phone, keys, pens, mouthwash, wallet, brush, notebook, kleenex, hand sanitizer... 10 essentials, whatever). I use a yeti carryall at work (can ... Read Morefit binoculars, work gloves, waterbottle, etc). I don't want to go to the urban job interview with a yeti carryall. The patagonia Atom 8L was sleek and "professional" looking, but it did not fit my Samsung tablet nor Kindle Scribe (to read books, reference material pdfs, take notes). Enter THiS flyfishing stealth 10L. IT's PERFECT! It looks "urban professional" enough for me to bring into an "urban professional" job interview, holds my tablet, kindle, and all my crap AND the 10 essentials for hiking. I can even very easily attach my solar panel lantern/battery bank to it to charge wheneverwherever I am. I can use the net holster for my folding crutch or my hiking poles. I'm telling you; even though I may keep a lot of stuff with me in this, it does not LOOK like I am carrying a lot of baggage. It is sleek and compact, but it DOES pack enough to be prepared for urban job interview AND wilderness trek. I like that I don't have to "take off the backpack" in order to access what I need; I can just whip this sling around from back to front and access what I need. ALSO, the water bottle holder DOES effectively accommodate a hydroflask lightweight 24oz waterbottle. AND if/when I go fishing, this will accommodate all of my tackle boxes, snacks, net and telescoping pole (and kindle scribe if I want to journal about it, tablet if I want to identify a bird, bug or mushroom I'm not sure of). And I'll have my waterbottle handy. Being on sale, I got 2; black one for formal winter and tan for spring/summer, because... that's how purses are fashionable, as far as I understand. Heh. My coworkers call it "PataGucci."

February 3, 2023

Fits 8.69 in × 11.43 inches laptop

exactly what I am looking for a sling day bag that can fit my old 13" pixelbook (Chromebook) when I take it to the coffee shop. I can whip it in front of me to take out things i need, and whip it behind is when I'm on the go. perfect. Looking forward to see Patagonia make a lighter-weight day bag for everyday travel version of this.

November 9, 2022

Well Made, Versatile

I really liked this bag for fishing purposes. The left/right shoulder re-configurability is a great feature. The bag was comfortable to wear with many options for adjusting the straps. It has many useful pockets. I ended up returning this one in favor of the waterproof Guidewater, but it was a close call. Recommended.

November 2, 2022


Just picked this bag up as it seemed viable for potential use for EDC and travel. Was I not disappointed: First, it fit my 12" VAIO (although not designed to protect it, so be mindful on active environments) , passport, Patagonia Houdini outer shell and notebook with room to spare. No doubt it can swallow my CCW as well. Cannot hide the fishin... Read Moreg heritage, though. I think Patagonia is on to something with this design and can be developed into a purpose designed multi-use urban (work or study) pack with tighter compartments and dividers as the ones in this design do allow to much movement of stowed items. Let's see where this product takes us.

October 9, 2022

I use this bag as

I use this bag as a home health nurse and it holds everything I need and more! Super comfortable to use all day! Fits my iPad, stethoscope, and a small notebook among a slew of other items! Would 100% recommend this bag for any of your needs!

September 25, 2022

Overall I love it, however

Overall I love it, however my water bottle slides out when I flip it around so I put a carabiner in place to stop that from happening. Great size. Well built

August 20, 2022

Perfect size bag

This is marketed as a fishing bag, but its perfect for travel or every day use. Great size to hold all the essentials for the day, comfortable fit too. Tried a lot of sling bags and this one is the best by far.

August 3, 2022

Great pack for fishing lots of compartments

Its a great pack but its very flyfishing dependent, If you think youre going to get it for multi use the number of small compartments may be an issue

August 1, 2022

great around town sling bag

I do not fly fish, but was looking for a nice sling bag that holds my everyday thinks. ear pods, book, sunglasses, water bottle. This bag is comfortable to all day use.

July 28, 2022

Stealth Sling

First of all I will admit I am not a fly fisherman. And I missed the Fly Fishing Sling portion of the product name. I purchased the bag to use as a hiking/casual use sling. When I received the bag I discovered the shoulder strap was not attached at an angle (from the upper corner to the opposite lower corner). The strap was attached from the upper... Read More corner to the same side lower corner. No matter how I tried to wear the bag it was incredibly awkward. Even empty it just did not fit properly. Maybe it is something that works for fly fishing but it certainly does not work as a hiking or general use sling bag. It was returned.

Response from Patagonia
August 2, 2022

We are sorry to hear about your confusion with the Stealth Sling 10L - Fly Fishing Sling. If you ever have product questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team which you can connect with [here]( If you have any questions or concerns about your return, please reach out to us as well. Agents are available Monday-Friday, 6 am (PST) - 6 pm (PST) and Saturday and Sunday, 7 am (PST) - 3 pm (PST). Thank you so much for your feedback.

July 11, 2022

Favorite sling pack

Really like this sling for fishing because it is more user friendly then other slings I have tried. It just makes more sense the way it is built to be used over either shoulder. The main strap is comfortable and is easy to adjust on the river and the stabilization strap works well too. The net holder will be an issue for some but I hang mine off th... Read Moree strap. Also really like the water bottle holder. Like the waterproof pocket as well. Good job!

May 14, 2022

Great Man Bag

I'm a stay-at-home dad. Needed a convenient bag to keep my readers (getting old) as well as kids snacks, band-aids, keys, wallet, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. Great grab-and-go bag with super easy access where you don't have to unstrap to get to anything (as with a backpack).

May 7, 2022


Nice size for half day trips. Also very scalable for extra gear with all the time down points. Interior keeps items well organized. A larger pocket would be nice inside the pack.

May 1, 2022

Love this bag

This bag is perfect for me. I do not fly fish (yet) but its perfect for my life style. With the great storage pockets inside it hold my planner, sunglasses, hat, phone, EarPods, snack just fine. The shoulder strap is comfortable and easy to get on and off. I will be taking this bag with me in weekend getaways. Love the size and weight of the bag.

April 26, 2022


Unless you are looking for a wonderful, slim lined, bare essential bag. I use this for work. It was the only sling bag I could find that will hold a 13 inch MacBook Pro and not be a huge bag. It carries the computer, lunch, accessories to computer, notebook, etc. Love the water bottle holder. My only wish is that there were a handle on the top for ... Read Morewhen I take it off. I find myself wanting to grab it there. I love that there's another chest connection for stabilization. I sometimes ride my bike to work so this holds up well. I haven't hiked with it yet but looking forward to summer vacation / dad duty with diapers and sippy cups. Who knows, this bag is so great I might even take up fly fishing because of this bag. Kudos Patagonia for making another great product.

April 8, 2022

Excellent Bag

Im the worlds worst fisherman, so forget an anglers angle. Been using the Stealth Slings (large and small) for ages for photo gear with padded inserts for lenses, when wandering town, short hikes or traveling. Have the earlier, teardrop Stealth Sling and this offers a bunch of improvements. The rectangular size is flatter, less bulky and rides cl... Read Moreoser to the body. Because its a little longer, it has more space for an extra lens or two. Thankfully the bulbous rear compartment is gone making it much less obtrusive and less likely to snag on things. It has a lot of loops and tie-downs for clipping stuff to it or tying things on the outside. I like the stretchy tube on the bottom, which is perfect for a 1 liter water bottle. A big improvement on the floppy pouch of the old version. A few negatives: I do miss the zippered pouch on the shoulder strap, but it was never big enough to carry my iPhone or larger lens caps, so its not really missed. The shoulder strap is less comfortable than the older teardrop Stealth Sling.. Unfortunately, the main strap is quite soft and tends to slip easily, so the bag tends ride lower on the back than Id prefer. The pack barely fits my 11 iPad Pro. If it were 1/4 deeper itd be perfect. The few quibbles aside, the new Stealth Sling is excellent.

April 8, 2022

Best Tactical Truck Bag

Fits a Black Triangle "Rigid Bag Panel" perfectly, waterproof pouch is money! Can fit my CCW, extra rifle mags, knives, and water nicely.

February 21, 2022

Nice sling bag

I have two of these. One I use as a daily sling bag and the 2nd is my fishing bag. I have one tankard rod and two telescoping spinning reels strapped to the outside and all my tackle inside the bag. I keep a set of pliers on the shoulder strap. It carries more than I need and I can easily swing the bag around front to access my gear.

February 7, 2022

Best EDC bag yet

This is possibly the best EDC bag Ive found to date. No heavy metal seat belt buckle to dig into your chest, light weight yet water resistant and durable, carries my iPad Pro 11 with a cover and case, along with all my other daily essentials, the water bottle holster is great!, switchable sides for the main strap is appreciated, lots of space insid... Read Moree with elastic pockets, waterproof removable pouch, and dark grey color is the ideal bag for me.

February 6, 2022

The Joy of Just What I Need

Despite what I assume is a rather thoughtful fly fishing feature set, this bag is a great daily driver, making it easy to carry just what I need. There is enough room for a small book, an 11-in iPad, headphones, and a light layer. And I love having the storable security strap while on a bike.

February 3, 2022

Fantastic bag, but beware of dimensional discrepancies.

I originally purchased this bag with a single use case in mind- carrying a particular object that was exactly 20 inches in length. For the Stealth Sling 10L the advertised dimensions indicate a 21.5 inch length, however, upon receiving and measuring the bag it was only 16 inches in length. The other dimensions matched perfectly. Needless to say, th... Read Moree bag would not fill the originally intended role. That being said, its still a fantastic bag. Lots of thoughtful details and solid construction. Ive decided to use it as a daily work bag, it works great for that. Also Id like to note Patagonias customer service is hands down the best Ive ever had the pleasure of talking to in regards to communication, prompt responses, and willingness to right any wrongs. Still waiting for someone to go into the office and measure a product sample though!

Response from Patagonia
February 8, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a thorough review Paul, and pardon our delay in getting back to you on the confirmation of those measurements. Our product team has been working diligently on the release of new Spring 2022 product, so we have not been able to look into this for you. It's safe to assume that you're correct, there seems to be some misinformation on the product page, we will work to get this resolved with our web team. In the meantime, we'd be happy to set you up with a free return for the inconvenience, but it sounds like you've found a different use for the bag. If you change your mind, please [reach out to us]( so we could get that set up for you. Thank you for bringing this discrepancy to our attention!

January 9, 2022

Perfect Bag

I use this bag to carry my true essentials when doing my charters. Has just the right number and size for what I carry. Captains License credentials, personal wallet, EPIB, Flash lite, Boat Keys, Business Cards, Camera and a few snacks.

January 8, 2022

Nice Sling/Bag

The bag/sling was very nice but it was too big for what I needed it for. I had one before and it was stolen so my Mom was going to surprise me at Christmas with a new one but this one was too big. I will shop for a smaller one because I loved my bag.

January 2, 2022

Well designed

I like this pack because it allows me to easily access the bag without taking it off, I can just slide it around and open it up. Super helpful in the water.

January 1, 2022

Awesome Sling!!!

Not sure why this gets so many negative reviews though I am only using this for casual use. I do not fly fish or do any fishing for that matter. I will tell you that I have been looking for a good sling. Started with the 8L Atom, which is amazingly awesome for how much it fits. Then got the stealth. Negatives, does not have good compartments/mesh/e... Read Moretc so you need to use pods/packing cubes/etc to organize. B/C of this I also got the 511 LV10 13L. I went back to the stealth. The stealth is SUPER COMFORTABLE to wear. Best sling I have owned. And even though its only 10L it fits a ton (more then the 511 LV10 Sling 13L). I cut out the mesh/elastic in the main compartment to make it even roomier. If patagonia wanted to make this better, they definitely could, but man this is pretty close to perfect even with the negatives. My favorite pack at the moment and I also own Tom Binh, Lowepro, Mindshift(Camera), etc. Patagonia, if you are listening, the perfect marriage would be to combine elements from that 511 sling with your own.

September 27, 2021

Excellent pack!

Im rather surprised by the negative reviews Im reading here. Ive used mine now a dozen times and love it. Lightweight and rugged it hugs the body comfortably. As a lefty its so nice to finally have a sling pack that works well for me. Storage is excellent, well laid out and functional. Seriously folks this is the best sling pack Ive used!

September 14, 2021

Solid daily bag

Purchased for casual wear and hiking. Use this when I need to carry more than just the most basic supplies on a hike. Really like the bag itself. The place for tucking water bottles is perfect. The space inside is basic, would have added some elastic straps or clips to help secure items inside. Really not too happy with the straps, feels like their... Read More design is half-baked. The straps can be moved, but only to the other side. Would have liked if it the strap was designed to allow this to turn into a messenger bag or hip bag. Last, as a tall guy, the strap's design seems to let the sling slip down my back at times.

September 13, 2021

Overall review vs price

This product is sufficient except for the net holder. My net falls out sometimes or gets caught on branches when hiking. For the price there should be more thought put in to the security and placement of the net holder function. One has to be creative with their tippet and other standard gear as this sling/backpack is supposedly an alternative to a... Read More fishing vest theoretically. Make sure it achieved the same functionality

Response from Patagonia
September 22, 2021

We appreciate your feedback on the design and function of this bag. Please know that your purchase is covered under our [Ironclad Guarantee]( and we welcome you to return it. Reach out to our Customer Service team if you'd like any assistance with that. We're happy to help!

August 29, 2021


I love Patagonia gear and have been waiting for a long time to try the new stealth sling pack version when it came out. My new stealth 10L sling arrived today. Its already boxed up and being returned. On the positive side its a great looking pack! I was pleased to see the velcro for the sling itself is heavy duty and seems durable. As far as fun... Read Morection for a fishing pack: The net sleeve feature is just plain odd. Most the other packs ( I've had fishpond, Simms etc) orient the net in a way that keeps it behind the caster almost vertical and out of the way. This pack has it at an angle so pronounced that a long handled net sticks off to the side so far an off shoulder cast is tough to do without hitting the net. The handle portion sticks out at an angle to the other side so walking through brush, or even a doorway find the net or handle catching. When its slung around to the front, its off at an angle and doesn't sit level no matter how you adjust the sling strap. Additionally the backing is so thin that anything in the pack is riding into your back. The Pockets are ok, however I wish it had another zippered compartment or two inside. The original stealth Atom sling was heavy duty, well thought out ( for fishing) and much better made. Too bad, I wanted to love this pack but its just super lightweight and seems more like a cycling or light hiking pack than a fishing one.

August 26, 2021

Customize it

The pack part of the sling is really nice and an improvement over that of the vest front sling -- the vest front sling being one of the best. The loss of front pockets on the shoulder strap is a negative that is well offset by the pleasantly small wader work station. The zippered water proof pocket is a long time coming. Now, how this otherwise nic... Read Moree pack came out of design without a d loop for a net and a built in net holder that cannot hold a small trout net is a notable flaw. I added my own d loop so fixed that.

August 10, 2021

So close ...

Up front, I should say that I haven't purchased this (yet). I have the previous model. You obviously got the feedback and made it switchable between R and L hand carry and made it a bit larger. Fantastic. But what happened to the pocket on the strap. That for me is the selling point of this sling - if you just need to swap out a fly, you can ... Read Moreaccess the strap pocket without having to move the whole bag around. Now on new model ... you're out of luck. I like the old model I have and I was really excited to see the new model come out, but you've eliminated the best feature of the sling, in my opinion. Oh well ... looking forward to 2022's version.

August 5, 2021

I'm very curious how thoroughly it was tested before release?

I'm very curious how thoroughly it was tested before release? When the bag is in front, the net will hit your face or prevent your hands from reaching the boxes. Why couldn't the landing grid be placed differently? The surface in contact with the back is not firm enough, and it is unpleasant to feel the contents of the bag on the back. I ... Read Morehave been waiting for the update of this sling for a very long time and am very disappointed.

Response from Patagonia
August 5, 2021

Hello Antony, thank you for your review on the Stealth Sling 10L. We're very sorry to hear of your disappointment with this bag. Our designers have put a lot of time into it's design, and it has been tested out in the field as have the rest of our items. Nonetheless, your thoughts are important to us so we'll be sure to pass the word along to the appropriate team members. Perhaps the [Stealth Hip Pack 11L]( would work better for your needs. If not, we have a ton of other options that we would be happy to go over with you!

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