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Travel Rod Roll Reviews

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Travel Rod Roll

True To Size
November 2, 2023

Nice Roll, Needs Shoulder Strap.

It’s Great, I use its for my Beach Umbrella/UpCycled Trash Picker I made out of one of my boss’s broken golf clubs, as well as an actual fishing rod. I feel it could use a shoulder strap so I happened to have one from an old duffle bag. Works and was simple to attach.

October 31, 2023

Excellent travel rod roll

Had a 8 9 10 and 11 wt rod in this with no problems going to Cuba

September 21, 2023

Just needs a handle

I like this thing much better than the hard tubes. It can fit more rods in a smaller, lighter package, and I don't perceive the rods are much less protected. I took this on a fishing excursion in Alaska and drug it around Kodiak island for a week. It worked really well. Externally, it's a hard-ish, but flexible plastic protecting the rods... Read More so the protection seems adequate as long as you don't jump up and down on it. I got the L/XL version as I wanted to put both 4-piece fly, and 2-piece spin rods in it. It works fine for that, though the internal elastic straps just *barely* hold the fly rod. I do wish on the L/XL Patagonia could put the elastic straps even an inch closer to the center to fix this. Seems it would have no impact on functionality but would enable accommodation of more rod lengths on the L/XL. Biggest issue is the lack of a handle, which has been mentioned by other reviewers, and which Patagonia have fixed on the updated version (hence the 4-stars). The alternative I have gone with is to get one of those blanket strap/handle things. That works almost as well as a handle sewn in (a bit of slippage on the strap is all).

March 5, 2023

shoulder strap

Because it's a "travel rod roll" going thru the airport you need all three hands! So I sewed a shoulder strap on the two I purchased!

February 28, 2023

Travel rod roll

Rather than using tubes on my fly fishing road trips this perfect for my rods, I bought two for my different size fly rods,, put them on my tailgate by the river and ready to go

February 27, 2023

Light weight multi rod case

The case fits multiple rods in a case slightly larger than a single hard rod tube. While it wont provide as much protection as solid rod tube it provides good protection for majority of scenarios

February 24, 2023

Handy for fishing poles

Versatile and protective

January 8, 2023

Great product

I bought 2 of these to keep my extra rods safe when I float the rivers with clients. There great to have when I bring a couple extra setups with me when guiding.

December 5, 2022

too tight to fit rods through

hi, I agree with David. loops are way too tight to easily slide rods through. I think I am going to bend my guides even with painstaking detail to load. I have not taken the roll on a trip because of that. I should return but do not like returning things but it isn't stoking my will to use. funny since all the reviews online highly rate it.

Response from Patagonia
December 8, 2022

Hi Jon! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment with the bag. Feedback like this is crucial to improving products for future seasons so we'll share this with our design team. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

December 1, 2022

Great storage for fishing poles

Gift for my father; he stated its a great item to use for organization.

November 28, 2022

You May Leave The Temple

I travel quite often to fly fish and I always stress about which rods to bring and how I will travel with them. Now that I have a Patagonia travel rod roll I'm stress-free when it comes to how many, and what rods to take. Chasing trout I like to take a 4,5,7, and 8 weight rod that are all 4 piece 9' rods (except my Orvis 4piece 8'-6&... Read Morequot; blackout).I used to use a pvc cannon style tube carrier and maybe could get 4 rods in there with some juggling around. I agree with some other reviews that the elastic hold down loops can take a few minutes to navigate loading but I'm not in such a rush that I can't take the 30 seconds it takes to carefully guide them through the loops, it's pretty easy. Good news for the nervous nellies is if you leave your rods in their sleeves you don't really need the loops at all, just throw your rods in there roll them up secure the clips and done! This thing is super light, great for carry on(haven't been stopped at security once) looks sexy, a great way to use recycled material, and rugged enough for most travel. I wouldn't check it or throw it in the back of a truck and load everything on top of it but you probably could! I love it for the boat too, no loud rod tubes banging and rolling around. As far as I'm concerned whoever came up with this idea/design may "leave the temple".........

November 15, 2022

Lightweight option

Much lighter than my existing PVC pipe based travel tubes. I love that I can pack a ton of rods in it, 6 saltwater rods is totally doable. Only downside I see with it is the lack of a shoulder strap, so I added one I had laying around in my basement. Thumbs up overall!

October 1, 2022

Great Concept, Requires Version 2.0

I was quite stoked about this product concept and eager to use it. When putting a standard four piece 9 foot rod in its rod sack through the two elastic straps it becomes apparent this will be a frustrating piece of gear that will require excessive patience, care and handling. It is awkward wrestling rod guides through the tight elastic straps, det... Read Moreermining which end of the rod bundle to poke through first so you can get the other bundled end inserted in the other tight elastic strap and then managing the end cap flaps. What should take seconds takes minutes for each rod. Bummer. I am returning. A simple fix would be to replace the sewn elastic straps with sewn hook and loop straps ensuring the hooked sides do not snag or catch on the rod sacks. Also, move the straps closer together to accommodate shorter multi piece rods lengths. Fix these issues and I will be first in line to purchase.

Response from Patagonia
October 6, 2022

Hi David, thank you so much for this detailed feedback! This is immensely helpful to our design team in making product improvements. We're sorry this bag was a disappointment, and glad to see you've returned the items that weren't working for you. Please let us know if we can be of any further help!

September 21, 2022

As described

Product will work perfectly and actually holds even more rods than it says!

September 21, 2022

Awesome! But would be exceptional with a few tweaks

Great product but needs a second generation. This thing makes trips up to alpine lakes so much easier. No need for four rod tubes. However there are a few things that could improve in a next gen. The elastic straps have to go, it sounds like people are struggling to get their 6 weights in there and I struggle to keep my 3 w fiberglass rod from nood... Read Moreling around. Maybe a Velcro feature so you can customize the size of the strap to fit 2 weights and 7 weights alike. Another thing I would change is the flap that covers the ends of the rods. The flap gets in the way because it has two stitched sides. I Think one stitched side would suffice and make it easier for us to pull and put back rods.

September 10, 2022

Better than expected

Got this but was skeptical.Love it. I can hold 4 fly rod or 8 tenkara rods. Everything feels snug and secure

August 24, 2022

2 sizes doesn't fit all

I decided to take a chance when I saw these go on sale for a trip I have coming up. I pack fly rods and spinning rods while I travel so it's not very often that you find a product that could hold both. While it does "hold" both it has design flaws like others have mentioned. All the rods I have either had the original tube divided so... Read More there's no sock or they are rods that I have built and therefore don't have a sock either. Due to the fact that none of the rods have a sock, when you tip the rod tube upright the section shift and almost fall out the end. Which inevitably will lead to a tip breaking off. If the side flaps extended past the loops designed to hold the rods in place the rod sections would not have the ability to fall out the ends. In regards to my title of this review is very difficult to categorize all travel rods into only two different sizes of rod sections. It would be great if this product had three or four different sizes. That way it wouldn't matter if you had a travel spinning rod or whatever length fly rod. You could find something that would work well vs better than nothing. I also understand that it's hard to design something that will fit everybody's needs. In the end I'm on the fence but think I will make do and find a way to secure the rod sections better either with zip ties or velcro during transport. I know it's not an amazing solution but it'll work for now. Hope this helps since folks make a decision. I would have went with the smaller size but it was about an inch to short to fit my spinning rod.

Response from Patagonia
August 26, 2022

Thank you for sharing this feedback, Tyler. It sounds like neither of these sizes really met your needs. We're very sorry about this! If you decide that this bag just isn't going to cut it for you, we'll be happy to help you [return]( it. You can also contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 638-6464 or via Live Chat on the website for assistance.

August 20, 2022

Good but needs a handle and webbing.

After traveling extensively with a double rod case I decided to give this case a try and used it on a recent trip to Mexico. I was able to pack 5, 7 - 10wt rods, and never felt they were vulnerable or unprotected. If fact the case performed better than I had expected except: 1 - It is difficult to secure the rods in the provided bungee spaces. The ... Read Morebungee is tight and maybe would work well for 3 - 6 weight rods but for my saltwater rods it was difficult to pack and remove. I plan to modify according to one of the reviews above with my own bungee cord. 2: I wish the outside of the case had a handle and a few lashing loops. In order to carry this on as 1 piece with my backpack I attached it to the molle webbing on the side of my (Yeti) backpack with compression straps. The problem is that it slid down through the compression straps because there is no attachment point on the case. Again I will modify it but I am surprised that the design team at Patagonia has left lashing points like molle webbing off the case. Overall a good rod case and better than any other for carry on that I have seen.

Response from Patagonia
August 24, 2022

Hi John! Thank you for taking the time to write us such a detailed review. We're sorry to hear about some of the disappointment with the bag. That said, detailed feedback like this is how we improve products for future seasons so we'll share this with our design team.

July 31, 2022

Frustrating Design

I bought this case for a trip. Tired of having rod cases rolling around in my truck. While it did help organize my rods, I found it difficult to use. Rolls up on itself when trying to get rods out/in, and rods are hard to slide into the elastic straps. I returned it after the trip for a refund. Cool idea. Poor useability.

Response from Patagonia
August 3, 2022

Thank you for this feedback, Ron. We're so sorry this bag didn't work for you! We're glad you got it returned, and we will share these notes with our product team.

July 10, 2022

Much lighter than alternatives

I am going on a trip with a strict luggage weight limit on a chartered flight, and I am super happy to have found this new Travel Rod Roll. I saved 3 ½ lb in weight between the new Rod Roll vs the rod case I was planning to use. I am not sure what kind of test Patagonia conducted with this product, so while it looks sturdy, I am not quite ready to ... Read Moreput this rod tube into my soft checked luggage. So I sewed two quick side release buckets onto the straps which allow me to snap on a shoulder strap when necessary and make it much easier to use it as a carry-on item on a flight.

May 2, 2022

Great idea - Needs refinement

I read the reviews before I bought the Rod Roll so I had made a pretty informed decision before slapping down the credit card. In theory I feel this is an awesome product. In application it needs a little refinement. After speaking with customer service about the exact dimensions I went with the large since I have rods between 8 and 10.6. Before us... Read Moreing mine I added a series of tie downs between the factory elastic loops. I realize a lot of people (me included) feel that its silly for a consumer to HAVE to modify gear right out of the box. However there is no perfect gear solution and everyone who sets high demands on their equipment will eventually make some minor modification so it fit their needs a little better. Using a hole punch and a piece of scrap wood I punched two holes for each rod as close to the center of the factory attachment points as possible. Then using some 5mm bungee cord i created simple tie down points so using an overhand knot Im able to secure the rods almost perfectly. I transported my rods in socks to help keep everything organized. The rigid black hole fabric is more than adequate to protect your rods from most reasonable impacts. Obviously not as much as some solid tubes but I had confidence my rods were protected. All in all it has great potential if you're willing and able to take an hour and fabricate a solution.

Response from Patagonia
May 11, 2022

Hi Adam! Thank you for taking the time to write us this review. We truly appreciate this feedback as it's how we improve products for future seasons. We'll share this with our design crew.

March 15, 2022

Great rod carrier

Roll fly rod carrier is a good deal. Carries multiple fly rods safely and the large size easily holds my 116 switch rod.

February 9, 2022

size is strange

The sizing is way off. the daisy chain on the large is almost too far apart for 9' rods and will not fit shorter than 9' rods at all. The S is 2" too small for a 10' rod. Some minor changes would make it much more versatile. It almost seems like the designer didn't have many fishing rods and just guessed on the size. The de... Read Morescription is missing this key information: The L is 44" wide and the elastic daisy chain is 27" wide, making it a little too big for 9' rods (9' rods fit, but swim). The S is 30.5 wide that would work for 9' rods, but not for a 10' that is 31.5". Bottom line is I paid Patagonia (shipping) for the pleasure of finding out the specifications that should have been clearly spelled out in the description. I am a bit disappointed since this is a very narrow use product and the information is really vague. I guess, it is my bad, I should have asked more questions.

Response from Patagonia
February 10, 2022

We appreciate this detailed feedback on our sizing, and lack of information needed on our website. We've alerted our product design and web teams and reached out to you privately to take care of your return. Thanks for the review, Greg!

December 15, 2021

Cool case

Case is cool. I love how light it is. Can be a little sneaky to store rods but all in all good case.

October 30, 2021

Super convenient

This is something I didnt even know I needed! Instead of carrying four (4) tubes, (2 each for wife and myself, we carry one. Its only slightly larger than one tube. Construction seems bomb proof too.

September 4, 2021

Re-purposed scrap

I use the L/XL Rod Roll and have 6 Trout Speys tucked away in it. The roll takes up very little space compared to individual cases, it's very easy to keep in my rig. I wish the elastic would have either a Velcro closure or snaps to make rod removal easier.

September 1, 2021

Travel fly rod holder

This travel fly rod holder is a great piece of equipment. It is sturdy and able to carry up to four fly rods. Immediately out of the box you have to roll it and shape it, which is not a huge problem. Once its in its form, it is bulletproof.

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