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Patagonia Nine Trails Pack 14L

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Patagonia Nine Trails Pack 14L

True To Size
May 1, 2021

Nearly perfect pack!

I'm 5'6" and weigh 140lbs. I was looking to replace a six-year old mountain bike and hiking pack from another brand, which was great but slightly overbuilt with too many bells and whistles adding weight, which I just didn't find useful. I wanted a pack that was lightweight, fit well on my hips, shoulders and across the chest. It... Read More needed to accommodate a 3L bladder, have zippered pockets on the waist for my snacks and phone, *side pockets for bear spray, trash I pick up along the way, and extra snacks. I wanted the pack to be fairly streamlined, but also have a few separate pockets to put pumps, tools, emergency inner tube, medical kit, rain jacket, knee and elbow pads, neck gaiter, and of course more snacks. This pack exceeded my expectations and will double as a fantastic hiking pack! *the only improvement would be to angle the side pockets slightly more upright so I'm not worried the bear spray or trash will slip out when I'm ripping downhills.

February 9, 2021

Excellent design

I work as an MTB guide so beyond the normal tool kit and essentials I need for myself, I also have to carry a large first aid kit plus additional tubes, CO2, water, snacks etc. for my guests. The elongated design allows me to comfortably carry my water reservoir, first aid kit and a small pump in the main compartment. The outside pockets allow for ... Read Moreextra water bottles and snacks for the guests. Previously I needed to carry a 20L hiking pack to meet my needs on the trail. Previously I was switching all my essentials back-and-forth between a smaller hydration pack for my own rides and the bigger hiking pack when Im working. Now I carry everything comfortably in the 14L pack and I don't have to worry about forgetting anything.

September 6, 2020

Utilitarian Pack, Spot On Fit

Fit is spot on. Use it primarily for mountain biking, able to fit a full 2L reservoir, first aid kit, extra layers, pump and repair kit nicely. Works just as well for trail runs and shorter day hikes. Hip pockets and mesh side pockets are great for stashing snacks. Havent seen this design on many other mtb packs. Suggest moving the loop for securin... Read Moreg a pump down an inch, my pump is about 10 in and almost slides right through. Also make the stash pocket inside the front zip pocket a bit larger, at least to hold a phone, cash and ID.

August 25, 2020

Shoulder straps are too long

After researching many different brands and models for a new mountain bike backpack I settled on the Patagonia Nine Trails 14 because it seemed to be a great size, weight and have good organization. In person it was everything I hoped it would be and I loved it until I tried it on. The shoulder straps are a good 4 inches too long. I could not snug ... Read Moreup the pack against my body and even though the sternum strap is adjustable, the fit was so off that I couldn't get it to cross my chest at the right spot. It was closer to my waist than my chest. It might be ok to wear this pack with loose shoulder straps on casual walks but nothing that requires jostling or bouncing like mountain biking or energetic hiking. Hopefully one day Patagonia will make this pack with more adjustability in their shoulder straps. I bought the S/M and I'm 5' 115# with a long torso.

August 13, 2020

Comfortable, but....

I bought this pack because I wanted a larger hydration pack to mountain bike with, in order to carry food and tools etc. It seemed like a nice size for being on the trail all day. Pros: Very comfortable - you almost forget it's there. Adds back protection for when you eat it and wind up falling off your bike (unintended protection, but it sav... Read Moreed me big-time the other day.). Big enough but not too big. Good size for lunch, tools, a bike pump, etc. Seems like quality construction and materials and I bought it knowing it was backed by Patagonia's lifetime guarantee. Cons: Water reservoir leaks! You cannot lay this pack down if you have water in it. I would think designers would make this the first priority in making a hydration pack: it won't leak! But alas, it must be kept upright if you want your pack and all the contents to stay dry. Bummer The locking mechanism on the bite valve requires 2 hands in order to lock/unlock it. When using this for mountain biking, this is a major flaw, as trails don't often allow you to take both hands off your handle bars to mess with anything. The ventilation on the back isn't the best. Granted any pack used for mountain biking isn't going to keep your back from sweating, but it's just something I noticed when comparing this pack to the Ospreys at the shop I bought the pack from. Not a deal breaker at all, but... Overall, if the HydraPak reservoir didn't leak I'd be a lot happier with it.

August 11, 2020


This thing leaks. Nothing you can really do about it. The main reason I bought this pack was the 2L water reservoir. I don't recommend if you want to use this with the reservoir, otherwise, it's a fine backpack.

Response from Patagonia
September 30, 2020

Hello William! We're so sorry that your reservoir is leaking. We sadly don't have spares but definitely feel free to reach out to HydraPak and they will help you replace it. Alternatively, you are welcome to [return]( the backpack to us for a refund.

July 21, 2020

Fantastic backpack for MTB and summer hikes

I purchased this bag 17 months ago and have put probably 500 miles on my bike while riding it. There are many great things about it and only a handful I'd change. The great: - The backpanel. You will sweat, it's a backpack on your back. But, it is a stiff-ish mesh which is against foam. These materials are easy to clean and won't ... Read Morebe moldy when continuously sweated into. The backpanel has some substance to it and I hope it'll protect me some in the event of a crash. Any chance the foam could be the viscoelastic kind? Might be $$$ but this would be a huge selling point for spine protection. - The pockets: They hold things, there are two of them. This is a small bag, so don't expect to be bringing much if you've got 2 L of water. - The side pockets - they fit your phone, and snacks. Well sized, things don't fly around when you're hucking it off drops. - The back middle pocket. Useful for stashing layers you might put back on soon. - The zippers and overall construction - it's Patagonia, so it's gonna last. - It looks dope Could be improved: - the side stash pockets. I've never felt comfortable using these, I worry things will fall out of them. Maybe I'm nuts but when riding a bike I bounce around quite a bit and these just don't seem secure enough. - Can someone at Patagonia figure out how to get the last little bit of Gu out of the Gu packet? I keep stashing the empty things back in the side pockets and sticky Gu gets all over the inside and I have to lick it off before getting back into the car. Please get back to me on this. Thanks.

June 18, 2020

Just Right!

Nice pack back for all of my needs - just the right side for all the things I do. Thanks -

June 17, 2020

Very useful

I like this back pack. I use this for running, hiking, shopping and playing with my kids at park. Its light and can carry a water bottle and some snacks.

June 17, 2020

Perfect Size

The nine trails packs are well made and well designed! I use this one for shorter hikes and its exactly what I wanted. I kind of wish that the meshy pockets on the side of the bag had a more horizontal opening because I like to put my phone in them on my 20L nine trails and these ones are a little more vertical, but thats just a personal preference... Read More.

March 29, 2020

Great day bag

Perfect for short bike rides and small day hikes. Just enough room for either trail maintenance gear or snacks and layers. Great to have an included water bladder.

February 17, 2020

Nine Trails Pack Leaks

I purchased the 14L Nine Trails pack to use for hiking with our dog. On the first hike with 1/2 a bladder full, the pack leaked the entire 2 hours. I got it home and removed the bladder and hung it up and found the leak at the lower removable valve. I like the 2 liter capacity and will try to replace the valve with one that isn’t removable. Althoug... Read Moreh it’s a nice to be able to remove the tubing for cleaning, the connection isn’t working as I’ve read about this issue from another person. Otherwise it’s a great pack and fits well. I’m 6’0, 185 and the L/XL fits great.

Response from Patagonia
March 24, 2020

Hi John, thank you for taking the time to write us a review! We're truly sorry to hear that you've experienced the bladder in the pack leaking. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

January 27, 2020

Hydration bladder leaks when anything else is packed in

This pack is a nice size and is well-made, but I'm having an issue I haven't seen in any other reviews. I got the L/XL pack. The pack is small enough that a full 2L Hydrapak (included) and a stowed fleece pretty much stuff the pack. Every time I've carried that load, the pressure on the hydration bladder has been enough to cause a sl... Read Moreow leak where the hose connects to the reservoir. At first I thought the Hydrapak that came with the pack was faulty, so I switched it out for one of my Camelbak bladders that has never previously leaked. Same problem -- halfway through my 20 mile ride today, I could feel the bottom of the pack soaked, and much of my packed fleece was wet too. The pack itself is fine, I guess. But I bought it in large part to use as a hydration pack for biking and skiing, and based on my initial experiences with it, it's not usable for that if I want to be able to include even a single item of clothing in it too. Bummer.

Response from Patagonia
February 3, 2020

Hi Josh, we encourage you to take a look at the Patagonia Nine Trails Pack 20L, We believe that sizing up will help to stop this leakage issue.

December 3, 2019

Great tiny pack with nice features

I tend to fill whatever pack I’m using and this small pack helps me minimize. Fits great for a trail run, allowing me to carry essentials. Great for a day hike with the dog too.

November 15, 2019

Perfect for Photography and Bird Watching Walks

I bought mine in the Patagonia shop in the Village at Squaw Valley This little bag will hold my Canon SX 730 in a waistband pocket, my iPhone8 in the other waistband pocket, my Canon SX 70 and a light jacket in the main bag (With room to spare), and a water bottle or water bladder in the outside kangaroo pocket. In addition I LOVE that I can make i... Read Moret fit tightly. Snugged up, it feels just like a posture (anti-slouch brace). The rigid back keeps me from slumping, and the padded shoulder straps keep my shoulders from slouching forward. Double the functionality!

November 5, 2019

Great fit. Good storage space,

Great fit. Good storage space, two handed release, waist belt storage

September 9, 2019

Great little versatile pack with disappointing material quality

Let me start off by saying that this pack is great and versatile for anything from biking, hiking, and music festivals. I mainly use it for urban commuting and is great for this because of quick access pockets. I particularly like the side hips pockets. The fit is snug and makes for great pockets to store keys and lights. The hydration bladder incl... Read Moreuded is a nice plus and works perfectly. My only gripe about this bag is some of the fabric choices used. The CORDURA fabric used ripped very easily on the top of my pack after taking a 2 mph fall off my bike. I had practically stopped and just tipped over but then when I got up there was a small hole in the top. Additionally, the small organizational inside pocket has ripped on not once, but twice. I admit one of those times could have been my gear snagging (doubtful though) but the second time, the inside pocket ripped on the bottom, so it's useless as a pocket now. I've had the bag repaired once, to fix the external hole and inside rip but has since torn the inside pocket. Overall, a great bag with much functionality.

August 23, 2019

Great Ride Hydration Pack

This replaced an older pack for me and has turned out to be an upgrade. The pack sits comfortably, partly due to the sizing options. I'm between sizes but the small/medium stays a little higher and more compactly on my back making fit and performance during riding good. It's got minimal but good features on the shoulder straps to keep ext... Read Morera strap from hanging in the way, for the drink hose, and even for a radio which I sometimes need to carry. The waist and drop-in pockets substitute well for jersey pockets, that way food or a phone is accessible securely in the zippered pockets or quickly in the drop in pockets. The compartments are ample for standard ride stuff plus a first-aid kit that is sometimes required of me. The load is secure. I like the way the bladder has its own pocket and is hung to stay suspended and more flat.

August 11, 2019

Good pack but tight

It does a great job at being robust, tough, and reliable. However, it is tight inside, and really is more of 2-3 hour pack, than a day pack. You cannot pack much more than the a full bladder and a few small items

August 10, 2019

Nine Trails is for runners and for hikers

On top of being a frequent Hiker, I’m a runner, and I’m currently training for a half marathon. I looked into different hydration packs, but for the price and the volume, I went with Patagonia. I’m very satisfied. It’s not terribly heavy, so I’ve been able to use on my extended runs, while also being able to pack a rain jacket and some other person... Read Moreal items. I’m a huge fan, and I’ll definitely advise other hikers and runners to look into it. Thanks!

July 28, 2019

Fragile fabric and unsecured side pockets

One good MTB wipeout and one of the hip belt pockets was ripped to the point of uselessness. Considering that the hip strap zone has a high likelihood of impact, the fabric for those pockets should be VERY durable. The two side pockets on the main body are not secured in any way. On the first ride I merely laid the pack down and the contents of one... Read More pocket fell out. This led me to not trust the pockets and now I don't use them at all. The pack also needs at least one more secure sub-compartment/pocket within the main (non- bladder) back zipper compartment. The combo clip for the chest strap & bladder tube means that I can't lower the chest strap without lowering the drink tube attachment point. This means that for me the chest strap is either too high, or the tube is attached too low to comfortably drink. There should be independent adjustments for these. Or make the tube longer. I'm pondering whether to attach velcro to the side pockets and repair the hip strap pocket or to just cut my losses and return this pack. I really expected better.

Response from Patagonia
July 30, 2019

We are sorry to hear about the disappointment with some of the designs features on this pack. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product you order, so if you'd like to [return]( that pack, please feel free to do. We are happy to discuss other options for you if you want to [reach out]( to us.

May 9, 2019

Nine Trails Pack

Love it ! Fits great and holds just enough of your biking stuff.

October 17, 2018

One of the best riding packs around

This thing is extremely well designed. It fits the body like a glove, has simple on-the-fly adjust ability and the right amount of storage. If you're looking for a simple everyday pack for mountain biking, the Nine Trails is hard to beat. I've been extremely impressed with mine. I do wish it had a rain cover or a waterproof pocket in it s... Read Moreomewhere though.

July 31, 2018

Excellent Pack for Riding

I had the previous years' version of this pack, which I use for hiking and was using for riding as well, but this update has a lot go great improvements. The airflow is quite good (even here in the sticky southeast) and the pack rides well. It's very stable and there is plenty of space for the essentials with no bouncing of shifting of th... Read Moree load. The hip pockets are really handy and there are no extra straps flopping around and getting in the way. The hydration pack is solid and I appreciate that the reservoir separates easily from the sip tube, making it easy to clean and dry out after a ride. Great work on the update Patagonia!

July 3, 2018

Fits well and stable for technical mtn biking.

Received this pack recently. Completed a few rides and now I can compare it to my Platypus AM Series pack. The Patagonia is a tad lighter feeling on the back and holds 2L of water vs the Platypus 3L. But for most rides the 2L of water is more than enough. The material on the back of the pack provides decent airflow and keeps you from getting too sw... Read Moreeaty. Plenty of space inside for tire tubes,tools,food and a light jacket. The L/XL fit my 5'8' back perfect. Very stable on steep descents,no getting hit in the back of your helmet from your pack shifting up during a steep drop or descent. Plenty of adjustability. Great waist belt. Overall very satisfied.

February 23, 2018

Awesome MTB Pack

I have been searching for years for the ideal pack for long mountain bike rides,and have tried many options,not being impressed by what was a lot of the same product. I liked some aspects of one,and hated others. I saw this pack well before it was actually released and was quite intrigued. I ordered one a few weeks after they were released. The wi... Read Morede,sweeping hipbelt is exactly what a pack like this needs to stay planted on your body while riding over rough terrain,or mashing the pedals up a stiff climb. the pockets are well thought out,with smooth,easy zippers and big elastic mesh on each hip. I can get to my phone,energy bars,or even a small point and shoot camera without taking my pack off or even getting off my bike. The large pocket is pretty simple,as it is intended to hold a full bladder and maybe an extra layer. Not to say that it isn't large enough,I was able to fit a nano-air light hoody in there without deforming the pack too much. The smaller zippered pocket has some organization that comes in handy for keeping bike tools in the right places. Your tools won't shift around in your pack when you ride thanks to these smart internal pockets. The exterior catch-all pocket is perhaps my favorite feature. I have used it to stash a ruined tube,trailside litter,extra water bottles,candy wrappers,or my jersey when I started to overheat. There are different openings in the same pocket,a large opening north of the pack,and two forward facing openings to the East and West of the center or the bag,these are handy as you can stash extra bottles here and still reach them without taking your pack off or even getting off your bike. I went with a L/XL pack,and I am about 6ft tall. Honestly if you are 5'11" you could go with either size and be plenty happy,but in my opinion if you are shorter than that you will want the S/M. My only complaints are about the bladder,which seems flimsy,and it has an odd closure system. Maybe I will learn to love it? Time will tell,and if not,I can always buy a different bladder and put it in this pack. I am debating whether to give it 4 or 5 stars,and will go with 4 stars. For a product to truly deserve 5 stars it has to be awesome at many different activities. I have tried running with it and it doesn't stay in place or fit well enough,its not a great pack for climbing with or skiing with due to its layout and size,and it is kind of awkward for hiking with. Although,I understand that in order to be good at mountain biking,this bag is sacrificing performance in other areas,and I am OK with that.

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