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Patagonia Nine Trails Hiking Backpack 20L

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Patagonia Nine Trails Hiking Backpack 20L

True To Size
September 3, 2019

Nine Trails Pack 20L

I have been using the pack for mountain biking; it fits well, doesn't shift when riding and is the perfect size.

September 1, 2019

New Day Pack

I love it - Super light weight - and the color is spot on RED

July 5, 2019

Great Pack for day trips/hikes

I recently traveled to Europe for a few weeks, and did many day trips into cities and also many hiking day trips. This pack was great for both of them. I used a 3L hydration bladder which fit with no issues, and could consistently fit a change of clothes, extra water, sunscreen, a frisbee, and more in the pack. 20L is the perfect size for me for bo... Read Moreth day hikes as it's not too heavy, but can fit enough stuff. Also, the pack is very low profile, which makes getting through crowds in a saturated european city such as Rome a non-issue. For the fit of the back, the two straps do a great job at keeping the pack secure. I did quite literally thousands of steps while I was hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy, and the pack always felt secure and was never bouncing around. The straps also did a good job of taking the weight off of my shoulders. Also, even though the weather was 95 F and extremely humid, I rarely felt like the pack was extremely hot on my back. Granted, I was extremely sweaty because of the heat/humidity and I especially felt the sweat on my lower back/butt, but I think this pack mitigated the heat as well as it could have. This is a great pack and I would recommend it to anyone.

May 8, 2019

Versatile & Accessible

So I use this for skiing and mountain biking and the best feature is that on the ski chair to access it for water or snacks I just pull it to my front. A double strap back pack would mean more work when I don’t have time or the space to do it as it’s cumbersome. Same goes for mountain biking. Quick stop, pull it around and it’s there. Love it!

May 8, 2019

Good Size

I love this backpack! I took it with me hiking and then also as a carry-on to a recent trip to Seattle. The only think I'm not sure of, is how a water bladder hose fits without keeping the top portion unzipped.

May 8, 2019

Perfect Little Pack

Only had it out a few times, but really enjoying it's small size and lightness. One caveat. It's not waterproof at all.

Response from Patagonia
June 1, 2019

We're sorry to hear that the pack wasn't what you expected. Unfortunately, the Nine Trails Pack was not designed to be waterproof, only water resistant. We would recommend checking out our [Stromfront line]( which will be waterproof.

April 15, 2019

Nice functional pack

I took this pack on a three-week trek in Nepal in November 2018. The shoulder straps, hip belt, and back panel were all very comfortable, the side pockets nice for water bottles, the big external pocket great for maps and stuffing in rain gear. It would be great if there were a side zipper to access the main compartment since one now has to unpack ... Read Morethe entire pack to get at stuff at the bottom. It would also be nice if one of the hip belt pockets was a tad bigger to accommodate a point-and-shoot camera.

January 10, 2019

Nice but some annoying features

I kind of love/hate this pack. It is simple in that it has one main compartment and the stretchy big pocket is great for just chucking stuff into it without fear of stuff falling out (which becomes a bit of a black hole for that b/c it's a little too easy to do that but it's convenient). The side pockets are deep enough to hold water bott... Read Moreles and long bottles securely and the little zip pockets on the waist belt are super handy to stash lip balm and I even crammed my Note8 phone in there. The thing that drives me nuts about this pack are the zipper and the fact that the pack will NOT stand up. You can't even lean it back side to a wall, it will tip forward every time b/c the "belly" of the pack where all the weight goes is too high for the support panel so it tips onto the soft side. To lean it against anything you have to lean it on it's back at an extreme angle, or just flip it around and lean it with the front facing the wall/support. It doesn't make sense for access. The plastic back panel can be zipped out so I might try that but then I'm worried the pack will have no structure b/c it's very soft fabric. The second point, the zipper. The zipper is tiny and it doesn't zip smoothly. It almost feels like a trouser zipper the teeth are very fine. So you can't rip the bag open or zip it closed. It also only zips longer on one side. It is very comfy though when hiking. Not too big that you're turning into a pack rat but not too small that you can't carry extra items. I was able to hike with it carrying my kid's stuff, my stuff, food and extra water and the side straps are nice to lash other things (like when your kid decides he doesn't want to carry his backpack anymore so you end up with that too :D). I also can bike with this pack and not feel like I have a huge load like some of the courier packs.

August 21, 2018

Awesome hiking pack

I picked this up to be my new hiking pack, and I am not disappointed. The stretchy front and side pockets are awesome for waterbottles, camp shoes, etc. It's difficult to reach anything in those pockets without taking the pack off, especially if you are strapped in, but that's where the hydration reservoir pouch comes in handy. A Patagoni... Read Morea rep told me its designed for a 2L reservoir, but could fit 3L. I have a 3L that fits very comfortably inside this pack. 2L leaves you with plenty of room to spare. This is a tall pack, so definitely put your most likely to be used items at the top so you don't have to take everything out to reach your rain shell in the bottom of your pack like I did. I'm 5'11 and bought the L/XL size and it fits great. The waist and sternum straps really help and are placed perfectly. The sternum strap can be removed or adjusted up or down on the shoulder straps. The waist strap cannot be removed but you can always cinch it down if you want it out of the way. That would mean you can't use the little pockets on the sides of the waist though. Those pockets fit my 6x3" cell phone nicely, but any larger and it may be difficult to work with. The fancy back mesh feature may work, but I can't really tell because my back got soaked with sweat anyway. This is a technical pack, and I would not recommend it for daily use like school or work. It just doesn't have any features convenient for that. For day trips on the trail, it's perfect and I highly recommend it.

July 20, 2018


Very comfortable and light. Only complaint is the hydration bladder is too small. Needs to be 70 oz. There's plenty of room for it.

July 8, 2018

Excellent running/commuting backpack

I bought this backpack to use running to or from work (14km). It has enough room for my 15" laptop,power cord,and clothes. The laptop does not fit in the inner pocket,only in the main compartment. A larger laptop would probably not fit. This was my second attempt at finding a commuting pack. The key features this one had that the first didn&#x... Read More27;t are: 1.) 2 side pockets that hold water bottles securely. They will not fall out,even if I lean over. I have to stop and take off the pack to get my 750mL bottle out because it fits so tightly. 2.) Short enough length in the S/M size so that it fits my 5'6" height comfortably - if I was any shorter it might not work. 3.) Widely adjustable location for the chest strap. I found that the only way to prevent bouncing while running is to use the chest strap in the lowest position. This was essential. Many other backpacks don't allow the chest strap to go low enough to run with. 4.) Straps along the sides to tighten down the pack contents after it is filled up. 5.) Straps far enough apart that they don't rub around my neck (or at least not much,1cm increased separation would make it perfect.). In summary,it does exactly what I need it to.

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