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Patagonia Planing Roll Top Wet/Dry Surf Pack 35L

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Patagonia Planing Roll Top Wet/Dry Surf Pack 35L

Kinda Large
May 3, 2022

Spacious and durable

The bag fits so many things and because its one giant space inside, its very easy to pack. The design makes it easy to carry and doesnt strain my shoulders after a long (6+hours) use. The materials are durable and I hope the bag can last years on normal wear and tear.

January 25, 2022

So much room!

Super cool looking and spacious bag!

December 29, 2021

Great for Snorkeling too!

My family and I used this bag to hold all snorkel and beach gear. A good fit for that activity as well. Felt top heavy at times but overall well designed and useful.

December 16, 2021

Good overall waterproof bag

I bought this bag for trips to Tahiti and Hawaii. I wanted a waterproof bag for throwing on the boats for snorkeling and excursions. I like having the choice of cinching the opening closed to the sides for a lower profile or top for easier carrying. Overall, I really like the bag with a few small issues. As someone else mentioned, the hip strap buc... Read Morekles need better security. They easily slide out of the buckle and can be lost. I found one dragging in the airport. Next, the inside pocket needs to be bigger. Its so small, I can't even fi my phone. This is just a big bucket bag with no organization which I understand for keeping it waterproof and maximizing space, but it needs a functional pocket inside. I would also like to see a water bottle pocket or two on the side. They can be mesh and tight to the bag. I like having the outside mesh pocket for fins and wet gear. It does clean up quickly from mud after an 11 mile hike in Tahiti. Great bag.

October 28, 2021


This back pack is awesome!! Fits towels, wet suit etc. great pack for the boat and the beach!!!! Just what I've been looking for

September 27, 2021

Perfect backpack for any occasion

Have taken this bag everywhere, from work to school, from tailgates filled with beer and ice (maintains cold surprisingly well) to the mountain tops. Pretty much can do it all while being tough and looking good!

September 21, 2021

Great size and waterproofed

I live in an area that is at risk for severe weather events including tornadoes and hurricanes. This bag will be great to have packed and ready to go with needed personal essentials if I the need to move quickly. Large enough and waterproof. Comfortable to wear.

September 13, 2021

A Solid Bag, Almost Great

I love this bag so far except for one thing - which is that the inside zipper pocket is way too small. I can barely fit my phone in there. I wish I could comfortably fit my keys and phone in that pocket but this isn't the case.

Response from Patagonia
September 22, 2021

Thanks for the valuable feedback, Sidney!

September 13, 2021

Rafting gem

I love this bag, but Id really love the same size and structure with a truly waterproof zipper or zip lock style closure on the main compartment. Perfect day pack for rafting trips and totally splash proof, just would really love it to be submersible to carry it in an IK or flip situation.

September 13, 2021

it's a backpack that is great for surfing or other wet activities

lots of room for stuff though no organizing sections but that wasn't what i was looking for in this bag. i wanted lots of room and some waterproof aspects so i could become a 1 bag person when heading to the beach for surf camp. my one issue: the video of the pack indicates it had straps to attach something like a skate board on outside of bag... Read More, but i think that is no long part of the design--so update the video

Response from Patagonia
September 22, 2021

Hello Shawn, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. You can detach the waist strap then thread the strap through the hard plastic loops along side the pack. This way, you can use it to secure the top of the skateboard then use the bottom strap for the bottom of the skateboard.

September 8, 2021

Great Bag for taking to the lake or river.

Got this to pack food/towels/etc from the campsite to the lake or river. We love the size and the outside wet pocket.

September 1, 2021

Very roomy

This bag is a great weekend bag. I bought it because you can strap a skateboard to it but havent tried it yet. I am a little skeptical when staying my skateboard to it because Im afraid the grip tape will damage the front of the mesh pocket. Is very comfortable wearing the bag and it has so much room. I do wish it had a side pocket for a water bott... Read Morele but other than that, the bag is perfect.

Response from Patagonia
September 7, 2021

So glad to hear you're liking the pack! We recommend some sort of protection between the grip tape and the mesh outer fabric of your pack. You may also want to look at a bag like our SnowDrifter designed for carrying snowboards, but you'll still want to protect the bag. Thanks for your review!

August 19, 2021

Perfect design

Using it next week on a fishing trip to Alaska. Believe its everything I was looking for in a waterproof pack

August 19, 2021

User Friendly bag

This is my almost perfect gym/travel bag I just wish it has a mug holder. Ive gotten a lot of compliments for coolness lol I love it so much is like a laundry bag and keeps the wet stuff separate when dirty I just throw it in washing machine I clean it with hydrogen peroxide

July 16, 2021

Super durable and useful.

I've been using this bag for a few weeks now and I'm loving it! I mostly use it to bring my gear to the kite beach and for taking my kids to the pool. The roll top is nice because you can fill it with gear or carry a small amount and it functions properly and is comfortable to wear either way. The construction is burly and it feels like i... Read Moret's going to last many many years!

July 8, 2021

Weather water proof baggage

This backpack carries all of the stuff I need for the day. The weight is not an issue as the bag is design to hold a lot and fit your back properly. I load it up and my back always feels great during my bike ride and after. The inside pocket carries important items. The outside bag is large and holds items I need to get to quickly. Overall this bag... Read More has met all of my expectations. If you need a a backpack to haul your gear for the day and not worry about it getting wet, this is the one for you.

June 12, 2021

Great Pack, with just a few minor issues

Ive purchased this pack twice now as my first was was unfortunately stolen and had the same issue with both... the hip straps, which I use almost all the time while wearing the pack at work are not hemmed in place and can very easily slide out of the socket/guide/bracket theyre positioned in especially when not under tension. This may not be an iss... Read Moreue for some people who dont use, or prefer to remove the hip straps all together but Ive now lost half the strap to my second backpack after barely noticing that the same thing had happened in the field the first time I bought the pack. The closure system for the roll top uses the same connection and has the same issues (straps slip out when not under tension with nothing holding them in place). I personally close the bag by rolling it and closing it a different way, but a waterproof bag which doesnt stay closed kind of defeats the purpose. I put in a request for a replacement strap and the rep informed me it may be up to a month, Im happy to wait and sew a hem in to a new one when it arrives, but I feel like a hem in the factory may save some people a big headache. My only other problem is that the back plate and chest clip system is a bit small for me. Even when I expand the straps to fit my shoulders, its just a bit narrow. This is likely just a symptom that its one size fits all. But overall I love this pack. Lightweight, durable, and as far as Ive been able to tell- fully waterproof. Cleans up well after getting muddy and dries out quick after a day working outside in the rainy PNW. Hopefully Patagonia makes a relatively minor fix to an otherwise super solid piece of gear.

April 14, 2021

Big Tote Bag and Waterproof

Overall I love the wide opening of the bag itself. I use it for my Muay Thai classes. I EASILY fit my shin guards, boxing gloves, and water sack. Still have more space to fit other items. One thing I would advise for the predecessor, maybe make a bigger inner zip pocket, position it a little higher. But definitely make the inner zip pocket a bit b... Read Moreigger.

March 20, 2021

So good, we bought another one.

I bought this for my husband to use as a deck bag when were out paddling/diving/etc. It is an incredible bag... safely store everything you need for the day, towels, mask & snorkel, even your flippers! The mesh pocket on the front is perfect for a wetsuit. Now Im buying one for myself!

March 17, 2021


Its good I like it a lot for my swim stuff I wish the nest outside was bigger for all my swim gear

March 7, 2021

The surf pack to rule them all

Makes the long hike down to Trestles much easier and takes care of the soggy suit on the hike back up. Simply put, I love this bag!

February 16, 2021

Best ever

A truly waterproof backpack. I use this for biking to/from work and gym and as an overall multi purpose backpack. Roomy enough to drop an entire bag of groceries directly inside. Dries very quickly when wet.

January 29, 2021

Super roomy Dry bag combo

I got this to carry my wetsuit and other wet toys around. I went with the cool color set on sale, and it's all good. Haven't hit the water yet, but I'm happy to have things organized.

November 25, 2020

Perfect bag for the beach

I haven't yet taken this bag with me the swimming and surfing, but I can see that it's going to be perfect for my needs. I love the size--it holds my wetsuit and towel and other paraphernalia, and I can separate wet and dry items. The waist straps are minimalist but excellent. Roll-top closure tops the list of features that makes me love ... Read Morethis pack. I wear it cycling or toss in my basket.

November 10, 2020

Burly Well Made Pack

The fabric and construction are burly and top notch. It was recently used as a boat bag for dry gear while fishing down in the Florida Keys. It kept everything dry during some major downpours. This will also server as a beach/surf bag and for runs to market . . . I dig it the most!

October 28, 2020

Great backpack

Love this backpack. It can roll down small if I dont have a ton of stuff, or be big if I need it. Mesh pocket on the front is quick and easy. Love that it has hip straps so its pretty comfortable for longer trips. My only complaint is that there is no hydration pocket/access for hose. Another interior pocket would be great too. Love the stripes/col... Read Moreorful pattern. Havent tested how waterproof it is yet.

September 16, 2020

Too large

I thought this was smaller. would be great for a family going to the beach.

September 10, 2020

Like a leaky faucet right above your butt for the walk home

Solid construction and a good idea overall but just not functional for my purposes (which seem to be what it was built for?) I live about a 10 minute walk from the beach and often visit family about a 12 minute walk from the beach. Typically I've walked to the beach with my board and towel precariously draped over my board. I got this to addre... Read Moress the issue and it was great the first two times I used it on hot days when I chilled a bit at the beach and had time for my suit to drip dry. Visiting family in foggy northern California the last few days I've packed up right away and headed home post surf. The whole 12 minute walk back is like having a leaky faucet right above my butt. Water drips out of the holes soaking pants, underwear, legs, and sandals. I arrive home much wetter than when I left the beach. Probably an awesome pack for damp things or separating stuff you want dry from that which can get wet... but no good at all for having on your back while carrying WET things.

Response from Patagonia
November 11, 2020

Hello, thanks for the feedback on the Planing Roll Top Wet/Dry Surf Pack 35L. We're sorry to hear that you experienced some leaking issues. You are welcome to [return]( at any time. Also feel free to check out our [Stormsurge Roll Top Pack 45L]( for a comparable design with more waterproofing capabilities.

July 16, 2020

Perfect Beach Backpack

I use this backpack everytime I head to the beach. The rolltop makes it easy to keep sand out of the bag and there are no zipplers to get jammed up. When something is wet, I can put it on the outside of the pack and I don't have to worry about my phone or valuables getting wet. The bag is also BIG! I can fit in multiple towels, a wetsuit and b... Read Moreeach gear no problem.

May 9, 2020

Great, Large backpack

Pretty huge backpack, bigger than expected. Will definitely hold all the stuff I want to bring on light-medium hikes, beach trips, day trips out in Seattle, etc. The wet clothes catch on the outside of the backpack is a great addition, and all my stuff stays dry on the inside.

April 28, 2020

My work horse.

I've now had this bag for over year sure have put it to the test. From daily surf/dive sessions to hikes and even traveling abroad with just this 1 bag. It's heald up to much abuse and has never failed me. It isn't the perfect bag but it sire is up there. It shines the most when it comes to keeping wet/dry items separate. Sometimes ... Read Morei wish there was more padding on the back/shoulder area for heavier loads and dividers to help distribute weight as i drive a motorcycle and often use it for shopping at the grocery store. Overall, I highly recommend this as a great tough all around bag that really keeps your items dry if that is your main concern.

March 5, 2020

Great bag for river trips/beach

We have had this bag awhile and I was skeptical at first because it seemed so bulky and a bit overbuilt. However, we have used it in so many ways and it's fabulous. We bike to the pool with it and it holds enough gear for a family of four. We used it on a 5 day river trip (everything has to be well-packed in waterproof bags and strapped down f... Read Moreor obvious reasons) and it became our easy-to-access lunch/snack/sunscreen bag in the boat everyday. My 7 year old son used this as his carry-on bag for a two week beach trip and it fit his little body just fine during travel days. Then we used it to hike to snorkeling excursions and aside from it matching the rocks where we placed it as the tide came in (we almost lost it , but it kept our dry gear dry and allowed our wet gear to breathe from the mesh compartment as the tide lapped up over the bag.) If you are on the fence about getting this bag- don't be. Its great in so many ways!

January 4, 2020

Strap tip - surfboard / skateboard carry

Just received the bag and it’s light weight and burly. Someone in another review asked where they could get straps to allow use of the bonus tie down spots. I was just able to attach my surfboard to the pack by relocating the waist straps and also the roll top cinch straps to the bonus tie down points. Works flawlessly. Way to Patagonia. Allowi... Read Moreng multiple uses of the straps, reducing redundancy and waste!

December 21, 2019

great pack

perfect size

December 13, 2019


Love it!!

October 1, 2019

Great bag

I use it for ultimate frisbee. I’m able to put my dirty socks and cleats in the front where they can breathe and then stuff everything else into the bag. It’s great because it’s waterproof. Would have enjoyed a possible water bottle side pouch but I can’t complain!

September 28, 2019

Good product

I got the striped bag, looks really good. Bigger/ roomier than i thought it would be. Awesome how the wet pack side has holes in bottom to drain better. Patagonia always makes great items

September 28, 2019

one versatile bag!

I was looking for a bag that was versatile for whitewater kayaking, transition bag for triathlons and just general "haul it all" type of bag and this one fits the bill! Definitely kept the wet and dry gear separate. I was a tad disappointed that the mesh compartment wasn't bigger as it didn't quite fit my full wetsuit without re... Read Moreally stuffing it down. (Probably would have fit better if it was inside the bag but somehow the brain thinks wet things should be aired and on the outside). Comfortable fit on the back for a shorter, smaller torso. (5'2", 110#).

September 21, 2019

Perfect surf bag

Needed something to carry my gear to the beach in. Roomy inside and love the ease of the roll top. Outer mesh for wet gear to drip from is fully functional. Best of all the shoulder straps are extremely comfortable.

September 10, 2019

Awesome except for Wet Butt Syndrome

I bought & returned 4 other wet/dry bags in search of the perfect surf backpack. It's suprisingly difficult to find a bag that can hold my river surf gear (wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet, leash, etc.) and have a separate compartment for dry stuff (towel, clothes, phone). This planning bag is the best I've found so far, and as a 25+ year ... Read MorePatagonia customer I was hopeful this bag would be the one! Everything works great and is up to the quality we expect from Patagonia, but there's one big design flaw, and it's so obvious that it makes me wonder if the designers ever actually used the bag in the field. There are 3 holes in the bottom of the outside mesh compartment, meant for drainage, which would be great if you were hanging the bag on a tree. However, this is a backpack, and usually I'm taking my wetsuit off at the river, putting the wet wetsuit in the outer compartment, and then putting the backpack on and walking back to my bike to ride home from the wave. The three holes make it so that the wetsuit drains directly onto my surf-tired butt, causing wet butt syndrome and a soggy sarong, which is just plain uncomfortable. I love Patagonia as a company and I've got my fingers crossed that the designers take a hard look at this feature and figure out a good fix for the next edition of these bags. In the meantime I guess I'll try to come up with some sort of non-warranty voiding fix. Though wet butt syndrome isn't a total buzz kill after a sweet surf session, I'd still rather not arrive home looking /feeling like I peed my pants with wetsuit juice!

September 6, 2019

Great for Water Activities

This bag is great. Lots of room instead and definitely kept everything dry. I take this bag out on my paddle board in the ocean with me. It kept my towel and wallet and phone perfectly dry despite frequent splashing and small waves bringing water on top of the board. The outside pocket is also great for keeping my snorkel gear and water bottle easi... Read Morely accessible. The straps are comfortable and the rolling top keeps the bag small if you aren't carrying quite as much. The inside pocket could be a little larger, or there could be a second inside pocket. It was big enough for my phone, but nothing else in addition. After I got out of the water, I had to dig to the bottom of the bag for my keys. That is the only downside.

August 19, 2019

functional and cute bag!

I use this bag mostly as a casual backpack to hold a change of clothes, swim suit, towel and and anything else I might need for the day when I leave my house in Hawaii. It is my mobile locker. I do wish that the bag had more interior pockets- it is HUGE and a blackhole for small belongings. Some larger pockets around the outside of the bag would be... Read More great. Over all though, it works for my needs and I get a ton of compliments on the stripes.

August 15, 2019

Great bag- well made, great space, comfy

I bought this bag to replace a very old Patagonia bag that was designed to the same thing- keep wet and dry stuff separated. This bag is better made, much more comfortable, and has great capacity that can be rolled down for smaller loads or rolled up for bigger ones. I’m a big fan

August 12, 2019

Need a bag to take everywhere? Found it!

Patagonia has once again out done themselves in the bag department! The ease of use, huge compartments, ability to store wet and dry in a flash, collapses down small - I can't think of a situation where this bag won't be ideal. In our family, this has become the new favorite travel bag and will serve us for many, many years to come!

August 12, 2019

Great surf bag

I just used this bag on a week long surf trip, hauling my gear for surfing and just relaxing on the beach day on a daily basis. This bag has a ton of space, more than enough for everything I needed. I found the inside pocket to be big enough for my keys, cards, and phone, so I’m not sure what other reviewers were concerned about, but I suppose an i... Read Morenterior pocket could always stand to be a bit bigger. One of the biggest benefits to me was the fact that the heavy nylon material really does not end up with much sand stuck to it, even on the more porous back padding. I think this is key for anyone alternating this bag between surf work and a bike bag. A great all around bag for the beach.

August 11, 2019

Holds Everything!

My go-to bag for surf sessions or a day at the beach! The front mesh pocket with drainage is key and keeps everything else from getting wet. Have also used it is a weekend getaway bag but the fact that it has only one main pocket (top entry) makes using it for several days a challenge.

August 10, 2019

Durable and great looking

So far so good. I really wanted a durable and easy to use bag for the gym and for the kids. I didn’t need any organizational space (this has like none) but I needed to easily find things and stuff things. Glad I found it at a sport basement. But only online had my color. Hoping the Patagonia warranty holds because the last two bags ripped with ... Read Moreall the use.

August 10, 2019

Great bag

Took this on a deep sea fishing trip. Worked perfectly to separate everything

August 10, 2019

Favorite Pack

This pack has more than enough room to carry everything I need, my wet suit and an extra pair of dry clothes plus shoes and I'm good to go. I used to use the black hole backpack and that got too bulky and weird trying to get everything in there separated and organized.

August 10, 2019

Planing Roll Top Pack 35L

I've been using the planing roll top pack 35L as my "utility" pack for a multitude of activities. Trips to the lake for paddling, swimming at the pool with the kids and even going to the Gorge Amphitheater to see the Avett Bros. This pack has been perfect for a couple of reasons... First, it is weather proof and can keep items dry wh... Read Moreen you need it to; second, I am able to isolate my wet items from the dry items easily; and third, the bag expands a lot with the roll top style, and can hold everything I need for myself and my daughters. I questioned whether to go with the zip top or roll top and I'm very pleased with my choice!

August 10, 2019


Bought this as a more adaptable alternative to a dry bag for canoeing and boating trips. Took it on a weekend long canoe trip and everything inside stayed good and dry, despite the bag getting wet and intermittently sitting in puddles of water. Only concern is that it can be hard to stuff things in the outer pocket when the bag itself is full. Othe... Read Morerwise top notch!

August 10, 2019

Great bag

Comfortable to carry. Good size for day trips to the boat or beach. Would like to see the inside zipper pocket be bigger (it won’t zip with my wallet and phone inside it). Does a great job keeping wet from dry.

July 28, 2019

Great for wet gear, mesh pockets need to be bigger

I bought this bag to haul white water kayaking gear around in. Pros: I love being able to separate out my wet stuff from the dry at the end of the day, and being able to wash the sand and mud out of the liner so easily is great. The shell fabric seems very durable without being heavy or stiff. Cons: the outer mesh pocket really needs to be deeper, ... Read Moreand the drawstring closure could be more secure. If it's a drysuit or full wetsuit you need to stuff in there, it's just too small. The interior mesh zipper pocket is also maddeningly tiny for no apparent reason. I can't even fit my keys in there, so basically it's just a fancy chapstick and chewing gum pocket at this point. The last minor complaint I have is that the drain holes are positioned in such a way that they drain directly onto your bum if you wear the bag too quickly after loading it with wet gear. (This has created some interesting conversations). This bag would definitely benefit from a few improvements, but overall it's a really useful bag if you do a lot of paddle sports, surfing or swimming. I would still buy it again despite my complaints.

July 14, 2019

Great surf/beach bag

This bag is great for surfing and trips to the beach. It easily holds enough for one person and if you’re not packing a wetsuit then it has room for two. The mesh pouch is great for transferring wet (or sandy) stuff to the outside and in my opinion is what separates it from other wet/dry bags out there. I know the mesh bag was designed to lay flat ... Read Morebut I wish the base of it had a little stretch to it so it would be easier to put stuff in the bottom of the dry part while the mesh part is storing a wetsuit — a minor complaint. The mesh pouch on the inside is too small to put keys, wallet and a phone in so that’s annoying. There’s plenty of space in there to make it bigger so I don’t know why they didn’t. Now my keys float in the main compartment and I have to dig to get them out. I know there are spots on the outside for adding extra straps but I’m not sure where to find them. Any thoughts where I could get a couple of matching straps Patagonia?

July 8, 2019

My new daily pack

I bought this on the way home from Pike Place, where I shop for coffee and produce on the weekend. It is just what I was looking for -- a bucket pack with a waist strap. No water bottle pockets, but I'll just use the mesh compartment. I need to carry a variety of things from day to day: a laptop, gym gear, lunch, or shopping that I picked up o... Read Moren the way home. And I sometimes need to walk a mile with enough food to prepare brunch at a homeless shelter. My old Patagonia backpack with pockets and partitions is going to be donated.

May 17, 2019

Oh yep

I’m really enjoying this backpack. It’s big enough for all my little no-no’s. Love that the inside stays dry but the mesh pouch can hold a layer or water bottle for quick use. Living in land-locked Utah I don’t get a chance to take it surfing much but I love it for every day use. General comment: I’d love it if your gear came with a little guide, e... Read Moreither a card or a website that showed the item from a few angles and highlighted/explained the features. You guys think of so many cool things, sometimes it’s years before I realize the intended use of a particular strap or pocket. Thanks!!

May 8, 2019

Planing Roll Top Pack 35L

Great pack that we use for beach walks. All sandy dog throws store on the outer mesh and towels, food and drink stay dry and sand free inside. Easy to spray down and no zippers to gum up or corrode from the salt water.

May 8, 2019

Planing roll top pack

Overall I like the design - particularly the outer mesh pocket. But the bag is just way too small for its intended purpose, especially the mesh compartment This would be a much better product at 65+L with an outer mesh pocket that could hold more wet stuff. I’d also add compression straps on the sides for when the wet gear is transferred out of th... Read Moree main pack into the mesh pocket. Maybe consider adding a compression strap across the mesh pocket The internal pocket should be larger as well

Response from Patagonia
June 2, 2019

Hi Chris! Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with some of the features of the bag. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with their gear. You are more than welcome to [return]( that bag under our Iron Clad Guarantee

May 8, 2019

Cute and Dry!

So far I’ve used this bag for a bunch of work trips, and also some play, and it has been great. You can fit way more than you think in it. In the rain it has protected my gear inside without any moisture getting in. Great bag! Can’t wait to use it at the beach this summer!

April 13, 2019

Great for a day at the beach/a surf

Great beach bag. Years ago I had a similar but smaller Patagonia style of this bag. I love the wet/dry divider. Very large capacity that can be adjusted by rolling it. Again, perfect beach bag.

April 1, 2019

Great water/beach pack

Just returned from a multi-week trip during which I used this bag for several beach/water outings ranging from ocean kayaking to snorkeling. The bag successfully kept the dry gear dry while allowing the wet stuff (wetsuit tops, wet towels, etc.) to drain and dry. The ingenious design allows the volume to shift from dry to wet as needed throughout t... Read Morehe day. The pack was comfortable to use both walking and riding a bike both to and from the beach. I can tell already that this will be a go-to piece for years to come. The principal change I would suggest is expanding the zippered inside pouch. One day I needed to put passports, keys, wallet and other small valuables, but the pouch was a touch too small to accommodate everything. A bit larger would have accommodated everything.

March 8, 2019

For the surfer...

I needed a backpack for my daily surf trips at my local break or breaking out the passport for a trip. It holds a 4/3 full suit, booties, towel, leash, quiver of fins, sunscreen all with plenty of space reserved for water, snacks and more -- no joke. Cool thing about the rolled top is you can make it small and compact when you have light cargo so... Read More it doesnt look big and bulky.

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