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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Wet/Dry Duffel Bag 65L

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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Wet/Dry Duffel Bag 65L

True To Size
October 9, 2021

Needs improvement.

The Bag is pretty good but the biggest issue is the compression straps on the sides which work great if youre not using the shoulder strap. However if you are they are left dangling like broken appendages. A simple fix would be to have alternate buckles and elongate the straps so that they could at least strap to each other under the bag. The zippe... Read Morer on top could also be made waterproof so it could be left in a pickup or inside a raft/drift boat without concern. The inside pocket could be bigger and one on each side would be nice. The bag is still very solidand will last a lifetime. I have many black hole bags and they are all bomber

September 21, 2021

Versatile and Simple

I love this bag. It is great for all water based things from off shore fishing, to stashing muddy wading boots, sweaty clothes or wet bathing suits and towels. Simple main compartment is big enough to fit all my kit for an over night canoe. Bag has been sturdy and abrasion resistant went getting thrown into boats and onto docks and rocks. Only grip... Read Moree is that the pull strings on the zippers are weak and not up to the task of closing the burly zippers. Not a true dry bag but pretty darn close.

September 3, 2021

Great idea, poor design

I returned my mail order after I got it; the dry compartment has two zippers that leave a gap when they are zipped tight to each other. Any movement will cause air (and water) to migrate through the gap. Example: a class III rapid with the bag in the bottom of your boat.

Response from Patagonia
September 13, 2021

Hey Tom, thanks for the review and for sharing your feedback with us. the Stormsurge Wet/Dry Duffel Bag 65L is a water-resistant, nonsubmersible bag so it will work great for certain circumstances but won't perform well if submerged. If you were looking for a submersible waterproof bag, we have a few you can choose from. Check them out [here](

September 1, 2021

Nice bag

Nice bag, great size. Can fit a lot in there. My first impression- if there were weather protection around the zippers, it would be five stars. There is a slight gap between where the zippers meet where water could get in.

July 23, 2021

Perfect multipurpose bag

I use this bag to store, haul, pack, and carry all sorts of stuff on many different types of adventures. The bottom pocket is great for keeping wet or dirty stuff separate and the waterproofing is excellent. I especially love having this pack on overnight canoe trips. It would be the perfect carry on if only it had backpack straps. Excited to see h... Read Moreow long it will last me!

October 23, 2019

Great Bag for it's intended use

I'm using this bag for fishing and sailing, primarily on the boat. Just used it on a Babine Steelhead trip in the rain and snow, bag was on the boat all day, worked great. Read some reviews about more straps needed, and would be nice to have more interior pockets, but that comes with more stitching which increases risk of leakage, so i get it.... Read More The bottom compartment was awesome for wet boots/waders. Overall really good bag. A few more internal pockets and this bag is excellent.

September 17, 2019

Really large space

This would be a cool bag for clothing, but I bought it for lots of small pieces of gear. With the floating bottom, I would constantly be turning out the entire contents to look for things that fell into the seam. Wish it came in a smaller size without the floating bottom. Am returning product.

Response from Patagonia
September 26, 2019

We're sorry to hear this item didn't work out for you! Please note that your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you would like to initiate a return or exchange, you may do so [HERE](

August 29, 2019

Not for me

I was hoping for a heavier weight fabric...kinda like the old school Black Hole Duffel that I've had for almost 20 yrs. and still doesn't had a rip or tear and looks almost new. This seems very thin and not a bomber wet/dry bag as anticipated. Second the zipper did not have a heavy duty feel. For something that will be used in and around ... Read Moredirt/sand it seemed very minimalistic and prone to breakage or jamming...something that seemed more appropriate for a pair of chinos than an adventure duffel (something marine grade more along the lines of what they put on "Yeti" coolers would be more confidence inspiring). Last, backpack straps would be huge addition. Lately it seems like Patagonia is skimping on the straps. Bags like this and the Black hole duffel series should have a set of both a removable shoulder strap and removable backpack straps. I pay a premium for Patagonia products with excellent build quality so that they function and last near a lifetime...I didn't feel this product at this price point lived up to that standard so returned it was.

August 28, 2019

Not impressed

This bag is way overpriced. Looks cheap. Zippers are hard to pull, one of the zipper way to small strings already has come off. Does not compare to other brands for the price. Looks plasticky.

Response from Patagonia
September 5, 2019

We are so sorry you had so many issues with this pack, please know that you are always welcome to [send]( that item back to us as a warranty return and we will make sure you are taken care of.

August 12, 2019

Great Duffel

Great, bag, I like that it has two separate areas for wet and dry clothes.

May 5, 2019

Carries All Your Fishing Stuff from Beginning to End of the Day

Capacious bag that stands fairly open when empty, doesn't slump to the ground, making it easy to load for a day of fishing. When you're done, unzip the bottom waterproof layer and load in your soggy waders and boots, keeping them away from your other stuff. Ideal. Side straps and shoulder strap. Excellent bag.

November 18, 2018

Orig Black Hole Bag

This is my 30 y.o. Black Hole bag updated from dual top zips and mesh wet side to a separate bottom compartment. Fixed worn zipper that needed tacked back onto the bag at 28 yrs. Its a better bag than the new Black Hole luggage shaped design for cache'ing packs, dive gear, ski boots and odd stuff that just won't pack. Internationally, air... Read Moreport luggage restrictions are no problem for backpacks when you stuff them in one of these - no wasted time removing shoulder straps and loose items. Diving gear same except tanks. Ski boots just throw it all in for the weekend. It fits. Sailing the wet/dry compartments mean stinky, smelly don't leak into the cabin. Argentina to Alaska it flys no probs

October 19, 2018

Great for fishing

I bought this bag mostly due to my experiences with the stormfront hip bag and stormfront roll up back pack, I can gladly say it did not disappoint. After reading reviews I saw that it was not completely waterproof..which is fine for what intend using it for. I use it to store my waders, boots, and other fishing clothing as well as fly boxes, the s... Read Moretormfront backpack and other supplies. Great for managing fishing supplies and easy to then grab what you need. Wish they made it in a 90L though.

March 8, 2018

Thank you Patagonia!!

The Harvard Boathouse sank today with the sailing team's gear inside. My sailor's gear was stored in this bag which was completed submerged before it was salvaged. Everything inside the bag was totally dry! This bag saved $2000 of gear from ruin! Read Morento-charles-river/O1Z50FBsgVeQPuR26zkioN/story.html?s_campaign=8315

January 11, 2018

A smart and versatile piece

This is a very clever gear bag. I love that I can leave it out in the rain while camping. One key suggestion for the designers though: Those tiny little string loops on the zippers are inadequate. The zip pulls should be larger tabs easily handled with cold or gloved hands. Give us some nice big ties to grab. As is,I can barely manipulate the zippe... Read Morer with gloves on.

July 16, 2017

Quality bag,with room for improvement.

I ordered this bag to use primarily for separating my wet freediving gear from other essentials like my camera and a change of clothes. The quality of the materials and the style is excellent,but I found myself really wishing that this bag came with clip on backpack straps like my black hole 90L duffel does. Carrying this duffel full on any sort of... Read More hike,especially when weighed down by a wetsuit full of water proves unwieldy with the shoulder strap alone. It would also be nice to have a deeper lip on the bottom zip section,as keeping your items in the duffel while folding the top over and zipping it closed can be difficult,without removing anything that is in the top section beforehand. Overall,a high quality bag that suits a lot of adventure and travel needs,but it needs some functional adjustments before it is worth the price tag.

June 14, 2017

Not ready for prime time

Picked up the Stormfront Wet/Dry Duffel and was excited to try this new bag as I've previously owned (and promptly sold) the Stormfront Rolltop Boat Bag. Seems like this item replaces that one in the fishing line. First,the good,then the bad,then how to improve it,and last my recommendation on who should buy it. Love the TPU rubberized fabric... Read More they use for these pieces (but imagine it's primarily what makes these duffles on the spendy side). The material is flexible,long-lasting and waterproof. The top carry handles are well-placed. The bottom compartment unzips to allow for wet boots and waders to go on the bottom - where they should be. The top zip is one you've seen before on H2No and Goretex Jackets - the two toothed sides of the zipper have the glossy black rubberized "tape" which when zipped together form a snug seal to ward off light rain. Not waterproof. Two side handles are nice for chucking the bag and going. Cusco orange is a great color. Handy,simple mesh pocket inside. Really great size for my waders and boots below and all my soft fishing clothing up top. Negatives: The main compartment zipper is NOT waterproof! All of the bags in the Stormfront series are waterproof because the main compartment is using a T-Zip. Because Patagonia designers - for some odd reason,probably price - did not spec this bag with a T-Zip in the main compartment. Do not rely on this bag to keep gear dry in a boat! Additionally,the main compartment zipper is a dual zipper,which means zipping the two sliders together leaves a sizeable (1/8" to 1/4") gap between the zippers. Water gets in fast. Ask me how I know. Also,Patagonia removed or spec'd zippers where the "tongue" tab part of the zipper - the part you grab with your fingers with - is removed and replaced by a small piece of 3-4mm paracord. I'm not sure why,because functionally,this does not work well at all... What results are zippers that tend to bind,or,you need to use two hands- one to hold the fabric of the bag taught,and the other on the other side to unzip. After a 30 degree day of all rain on the Olympic Peninsula,my barely-functioning hands could hardly get the bag's zippers open,half-tempting me to throw the bag into the river which I just stepped out of. Lastly,the bottom (wet) section has no structure,so when you're repacking it with the wet stuff you have to sorta shape it out with your hands before you put anything down there. How to Fix: What must improve seems so obvious that it honestly makes me wonder whether this design was sitting at the back of the bus,didn't get tested much,and was a bit hasty decision to wind up in the production line in the first place. 1) Replacing the main ziper with a single-slider T-Zip would make the main (Dry) part of the bag waterproof and ready for a boat. This would be ideal,and place the Stormfront Duffel in line with the rest of the Stormfront series as I mentioned above. If designers decided against a T-Zip,then utilize a single-slider that tucks up into that little zipper slider hood. You've all seen what I'm talking about on so many other Patagonia pieces. 2) For ALL ZIPPERA,utilize versions that have the METAL PULL TAB ON THE SLIDER. 3) Make the inside mesh pocket a little bigger and not black. Improvements that are not imperitive: 1) Adding four D-rings to the bag would allow this to easily be lashed onto a boat,giving the Stormfront Wet/Dry Duffel increased versatility. 2) Some structure could be added to the bottom (wet) compartment floor. Perhaps another layer of material in the corners to reiforce them and stiffen them a bit,a thicker-spec'd piece of TPU for the floor,or adhering a 1/8" closed cell foam to the floor. Lots of ways to address this. Would I reccommend this? Yes - if you're looking for a regular duffel bag that can travel in all kinds of methods and is water resistant. No - If you ever plan on using it on a boat on a river. If you want to guarantee your stuff stays dry. In sum,I dig the bag,although it really feels like a "first draft" of bag that the designers rushed to the catalog. With a few funtional improvements this bag is ideal. As is it's only half-realized product addition to an otherwise strong Stormfront line.

April 24, 2017

To Patagonia and back,for real!

Bought this to pack all my clothes and fishing gear in for a 12-day trip to Patagonia. It was perfect,beefy and durable,and was allowed as a carry on. One large open compartment with a small zippered stash pocket and a separate bottom compartment that was perfect for my waders,boots and other damp or dirty items. I bought the bright orange and use ... Read Morethe two hand straps over my shoulder and wore the whole thing as an oversized backpack which made it easy to get around airports,etc. As durable and tough as this piece of gear is,it was lightweight. Will be using it for many years and to many destinations.

April 8, 2017

Great Concept But.......

Love this bag for the "concept" - separate your dry clothes from your wet ones when coming home - BRILLIANT!. Problem is that the zipper on the dry topside compartment does not keep the water out where the zippers meet each other,not matter where along the zipper's length they rest. Looks like a weatherproof bag,feels like a waterpro... Read Moreof bag - so why not overlap the zipper and make it a weatherproof bag. Would not take much to perfect. At this price,it should be perfect.

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