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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Sling Bag 20L

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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Sling Bag 20L

True To Size
July 16, 2021

Very Versatile

I bought this pack for wade fishing and duck hunting in Texas saltwater marshes, but I wear it for far more activities. It is a great size, extremely comfortable - even with heavy weight - and it truly is waterproof. I have completely submerged it on multiple occasions and nothing inside the large pocket got wet. What makes it so versatile is the f... Read Moreact that it is waterproof, and therefore pretty much air-tight. You can inflate it so that it floats when you are deep wading or swimming and you can push all the air out so that it holds interior objects tight to your body as if with compression straps. The interior pocket is big enough to fit a large water bottle, camera lens, or anything else you might need. This has become my go-to manbag. My only gripes are limited interior storage (it's basically a large sack with a couple of small pockets), it cannot be set up to be over the left shoulder - which would make fly casting much easier, and that you cannot remove the secondary cross-body strap.

May 3, 2021

Perfect fly fishing day pack

Use for fly fishing in Wisconsin's bigger rivers where you wade out and don't get back to land for several hours - so you need a day's worth of ancillary stuff with you. So, big enough for fly boxes, extra reel and all that sort of stuff, plus a snack, bottle of water, camera/DSLR as well as a thin rain jacket. I'm 5'7&quot... Read More; and it fits well and comfortably resting center in between the should blades with a puffy or tee-shirt. I like it better than a back pack for this use because you can just swing the sling it around your body to get to the compartments as opposed to having to take it off, which is a deal killer if you are in the middle of a river. So, perfect for a day pack. There's 1 external and 1 internal zip pocket which are really handy of smaller items as well as some external straps and D rings for an extra rod and other stuff to hang. I would not use this for my primary pack if I was out West hiking up somewhere needing more emergency gear in case you need to bivy overnight. For that, I'd get something bigger and use this just for wading. For that, it's perfect. Also, I lost a strap and Patagonia is replacing it for free. Dig this pack and this company.

February 20, 2021

Great bag with a slight construction flaw

I just bought this bag and love it however its hard to open the main T-zipper. The loop-tap is not in line with the big zipper, for you to use it as counter pull. You have to thumb-fold the bag right next to the T-zipper to have enough momentum to open it. This zipper is great but really tough and it feels awkward when you want to open it because t... Read Morehe bags outer skin is slippery and sturdy therefore hard to pinch. I love this bag and have been a big fan of Patagonias ski wear, underwear (long Johns) and backpacks. Your products are usually impeccably made and so I thought I share this as I thought you might want to change it and move that top loop-tap where it aligns with the T-zipper, so that it could also serve as the counter-hold to open the bag. Fruit for thought..? Thank you

February 11, 2021

Favorite Bag, would love to see one major improvement

This bag goes everywhere with me, and I consider it to be the ultimate companion for anything water-related. It fits a laptop, electronics and layers for travel on a plane. (And I can wash off any germs with soap and water after it sits on the floor in front of me). It fits three large flat tackle boxes for saltwater spin fishing, and more fly boxe... Read Mores than I care to carry for days on the water. The outside pocket isn't fully waterproof, but for tippet or fishing licenses in a bag, it is just fine. When I go canoeing (in an ultralight racing canoe) the risk of flipping in heavy water or high winds is real, and this bag lashes easily to a thwart or seat thanks to the included straps. If I take an accidental swim (and I've taken a few), all of my stuff stays safe and dry. Ditto for paddleboarding. If there is one major thing I'd love on this pack, it's of a water bottle holster. I would LOVE to see future versions include a bottle pocket, just like the sling packs have. (On that same note, I'd love to see the Stormsurge 30L pack have outside mesh bottle pockets as well). It's hard to get tackle boxes and a Nalgene bottle to fit in this pack, and a 1L collapsible bottle doesn't quite fit in the outside pocket. To the Patagonia designers - please include a bottle pocket, OR add a few extra attachment points and invent a removable bottle pocket (preferably with 4 attachment points so it doesn't flop around when I'm walking) - I think that'd make this great bag even better. Thanks for reading!

February 4, 2021

Bombproof, waterproof

I bought this after my regular vest kept getting soaked in the raft winter steelheading. No looking back. The sling frees up your casting space, and you can throw this anywhere in the boat and not care about it. Fits a drone, flies, lunch, raincoat, cigars and extra reels. Best winter fly pack ever.

January 25, 2021

Update to my 5/2017 review (spoiler: it's still awesome)

I'm on my second one; it is still like new despite ~2 years of daily use (the first one had a zipper issue and Patagonia promptly/cheerfully took care of me). I've continued to use this second bag daily in an extremely wet climate and zero leakage. This is perfect airplane carry-on & day trip size; also perfect for hopping on and off ... Read Moreof whatever you're riding, from tuk tuks to longtail boats. I griped earlier about the lack of external straps--someone must have noticed, because my newer bag came with color-matched straps--perfect for a rolled raincoat. Might sound counter-intuitive, but the somewhat squared-off bottom corners work really well & ensure that *all* the interior space is usable, rather than being more teardrop-shaped but losing the ability to pack things in closely and efficiently. I've recommended this bag to many friends and a few have purchased--they are as happy as I am. Great bag at a reasonable price, considering how durable it is!

September 15, 2020


Perfect size and does what it is designed for very well - keeps things dry! I use it while fly-fishing on the flats here in Hawaii. Highly recommend!

September 1, 2020


I bought it specifically for a multi rafting/kayaking trip and it performed amazing! Completely dry and great fit

July 21, 2020

Cant recommend enough!

I purchased this bag for my wife a couple years ago for a river rafting trip. She absolutely loves this bag. We were recently in a boating accident and had all of our belongings zipped up in the bag, wallets, cell phones, jewelry. The bag went down with the boat stuck under the dash. 27 hours later divers recovered the boat from 25 feet below the s... Read Moreurface. Once they got the boat to the shore, the orange bag floats up from under the dash! I opened the bag expecting to have lost the phones and they start ringing! So it is unsure what it takes to get the bag to leak but I can attest that 25 feet deep for more than 24 hours isnt going to do it.

June 21, 2020

Absolutely Waterproof

I purchased this sling pack because I was tired of drying my fly boxes and other stuff after wading too deeply with a non-waterproof sling pack. This pack is a great size holding more than enough stuff. Would have given this a 5 star rating if the main compartment of the pack had some separate areas so that I could more easily locate items, also wo... Read Moreuld be nice to have a magnet on outside of pack to hold flies when I am changing them. Waterproof zipper is a bit stiff but works more easily when the supplied lubricant is applied.

June 17, 2020

Absolutely Waterproof

I purchased this sling pack because I was tired of drying my fly boxes and other stuff after wading too deeply with a non-waterproof sling pack. This pack is a great size holding more than enough stuff. Would have given this a 5 star rating if the main compartment of the pack had some separate areas so that I could more easily locate items, also wo... Read Moreuld be nice to have a magnet on outside of pack to hold flies when I am changing them. Waterproof zipper is a bit stiff but works more easily when the supplied lubricant is applied.

May 1, 2020

Great all around fishing and river bag

This bag was my go-to bag on my Grand Canyon trip. The outer pocket held small items that could get wet (sunscreen, lotion, lip balm, and multitool) and the dry interior of the bag held stuff I wanted to keep dry (small first aid kit, sketchbook, colored pencils, lighter), along with a water bottle. When we stopped for a hike (wet or dry), I could ... Read Moreunstrap it from the raft, sling it over my shoulder and be set for the day. No need to fish around the raft for the backpack or shuffle things around. It works great for fly fishing as well and keeps my fly boxes dry. The only downside for fishing is there is only one internal pocket and keeping fly boxes and other gear organized takes a bit more work but is not a big deal. I give it 5 out of 5.

March 22, 2020

Excellent for water

The 20L Stormfront is exactly what you want for a smaller waterproof bag. I have reviewed hundreds of bags and this one is the best for waterproof I have found. I use it every day on the saddle of my bike and have for three years now. I take it to the beach whenever I paddle board or swim out to my friend on their boat. Never has it failed and take... Read Moren on water. I love the inside pocket for the size. Just big enough to keep my phone and wallet in a handy spot. If you want a padded bag you can hike miles and miles with, then this is not the bag you wish to purchase. However, for short day trips and just to keep strapped to your board, this is what you will want over and over. Also, if you want your materials organized, I would highly suggest purchasing an smaller bag to place inside. You cant expect a bag to be waterproof and have a bunch of storage pockets. The materials used for waterproofing and the materials used for pockets wont work together all the time. In conclusion, but this bag if you want something that will fall or be placed in the water for however long you want. If you want a bag that has a sling on the right or left, then buy the 35L Stormfront Backpack or the Stormfront Fanny. If you are fine with a sling that is only right side (Im a lefty by the way, then go for this bag. Its just a great size and the true Patagonia quality

December 18, 2019


I've been using my Stormfront Pack for a few years and it is the perfect pack, but I've been looking for a pack that is more functional while fishing. I decided to try the Stormfront Sling and I am extremely pleased. It is super comfortable and just the right size and I know it's going to last forever.

November 26, 2019

Stormfront Sling

Amazing. Perfect. As always from Patagonia. Not cheap but you certainly get what you paid for.

October 22, 2019

Great tackle bag

Using it as my primary tackle bag for surfcasting. Main compartment has plenty of room for a few different sized trays, and a Black Hole cube with all my hooks and other accessories. Plenty of other pockets and whatnot to hold everything I’d need to take out (side loops are perfect for a sand spike). Keeps all my tackle and gear dry and is comfy to... Read More wear while casting and walking long distances.

August 26, 2019

Patagonia Stormfront Sling

I really enjoyed the bag. It appears to be made with quality and worked for me very well. I would have liked to receive information on options to carry the bag and how to properly make adjustments to the straps.

August 15, 2019

Storm front

Great ocean bag for boat use and keeping your items dry while camping. Convenient size.

August 15, 2019

Stormfront Sling

I use this daily as a saltwater fishing guide. It has been an invaluable piece of gear in which I count on every day. It keeps all my essential gear dry and at the ready. Great job Patagonia, keep on keeping on!

August 10, 2019

Stormfront Sling

Excellent pack! I'm not using the pack in an exotic destination...just a small local river. I needed a pack that could keep my stuff dry while fishing. It works perfectly! I sling it around to the front and use it for some flotation while swimming across deep holes. It has kept my gear and valuables dry on several river fishing trips. Worth ev... Read Moreery penny.

August 10, 2019

I Purchased two water proof

I Purchased two water proof pack for an expedition trip in the north western pacific, this trip required us to swim from ship to the island. Both are great packs served it’s purpose of carrying my gear. One was rated as submersible and the other not. Swimming our gear from ship to island and back to the ship, the non submersible was dry as a bone a... Read Morend the submersible leaked. Although the packs was never totally submersed, one leaked. Luckily my electronic gear was double bagged so just some paperwork and clothing got wet. All in all they preformed well, a bit noisy/loud while walking and opening and closing, but I would recommend these pack for open ocean travel.

August 4, 2019

Nice but not perfect

I love the size, the inside pockets and the waterproof aspect of the bag. I only wish the zipper were longer so the bag could open wider. It’s really hard to see inside the bag. Sometimes I have to take everything out to find what I’m looking for.

Response from Patagonia
August 7, 2019

Thanks for the feedback on this and we can see where you are coming from—taking everything out of a bag can be quite a hassle. If you find it brings you too much troubles, we recommend you [send]( it back to us. Let us know if we can offer any help to you.

June 17, 2019

Multi use pack

Great size and design/fit for a day's fishing adventure. Sling design is great for use on the water. Rotate pack to the front and the zipper and pack is right there almost acting as a work platform for changing flies/leader etc. The same rotation keeps a spare rod really easily accessible for multi species flats wading. The only downside is it... Read More that is doesn't come with rod straps (like the Stormfront backpack). Customer service pointed me in the right direction with Voile straps (9" nano strap is perfect). This pack has convinced me that the sling design at this size is better for me than a backpack even for everyday use. Added bonus is that this pack is essentially airtight which means properly inflated it makes a great pillow.

June 6, 2019

These bags are excellent!

I have two of the submersible waterproof bags from Patagonia (the hip sack and now the sling bag). I've loved the hip sack I've had for years (and actually wore it as a sling bag most of the time, as it came with a strap), but sometimes I needed something a bit bigger to pack an extra layer while on the river. This one does the trick. I p... Read Morearticularly like the orientation of the bag/zipper and ease of access when you swing the bag around to your front to get into it without taking it off. The zippers are very robust, and I've never had a leak (even after dragging it behind my boat for who-knows-how-long before I noticed). Great gear. Very sturdy materials and build quality. HIGHLY recommended. On another note . . . some of the earlier reviewers mentioned that this sling bag did not come with straps for a rod tube. It seems Patagonia heard that, and now includes the rod tube straps as a standard feature, mine had them upon delivery.

May 8, 2019

wish there was an opposite shoulder version

I cast leftie and I've always worn messenger bags slung on my left shoulder. With this ergo-designed to go over the right shoulder, I just could never get comfortable with it. I had a right-handed buddy try it out and he has no interest in giving it back. Loves it. I know us lefties are in the minority but would buy an opposite shoulder model ... Read Morein a heart beat.

April 23, 2019

Ideal for Cycling, Photography and Walking in the Rain

Patagonia has really missed the boat in only describing this sling as for fishing. I use it for photography in inclement weather, cycling in inclement weather, and just walking around when there is any risk of rain. Whenever one needs a small backpack and also immediate/easy access to whatever you’re carrying, and when whatever you’re carrying shou... Read Moreldn’t get wet....well, this sling is ideal. The extra strap that comes up from the waist stabilizes the sling, which one need when cycling or in any other activity where the sling slinging around from back to front would be problematic--like when climbing. The zippered opening has been described as too small by some reviewers, but I don’t find this to be true at all--it’s easy to get large items like running shoes and a DSLR with a 80-200 f2.8 lens through the opening. The material and build quality are both unexcelled, and the carrying capacity, comparable to a small day pack, is adequate for day hikes, nature-oriented photo shoots, and some bike commuting. I have a whole bevy of shoulder bags and small backpacks from Patagonia, Tumi, Billingham and Coach. I’m finding that this sling has the greatest utility and has replaced most of the adventure/cycling/photographic carrying systems I use.

July 2, 2018

Great sizing and superdurable

I am a rock climbing photographer and converted this into a camera bag as I wanted a fully waterproof bag. My only complaint is I wish the main zipper opened a bit more as its hard to get really big items in an out but other than that the bag is great. I also wore it on a couple multi pitches and the sling feature is great as you can rotate the bag... Read More in front of you on hanging belays to access water,food,or your jacket without having to take the bag off. That being said I wish the sling strap wasn't connected with a buckle as I am worried one day the buckle will open and my bag will plunge to the ground. My current solution has been a tether strap connected to my harness from the top handle so if the buckle opens the bag is till attached to me.

December 28, 2017

Lacking features

The pack does what it is advertised to do,which is keep stuff dry. The construction and comfort are great. Not a whole lot of storage options is one of the negatives,but the one thing that drives me crazy is that it doesn't come with rod tube straps like the other stormfront products. Why,Patagonia? Why not include those two pieces of cheap pl... Read Moreastic? The other two stormfront back packs have it so why not the sling pack?

December 27, 2017

Very well made,but a bit stiff

Overall I'm very happy with it after one day,but the material it's made out of and the large waterproof zipper is very stiff. I imagine it will probably ease up a bit overtime. I mainly use it as a motorcycle backpack so it's nice to be able to just swing it around to grab something when I'm wearing my (also stiff) leathers.

December 15, 2017

Perfect fishing bag

I have had this bag for almost a year now and put it through its paces.It is the best fishing bag on the market hands down.The bottom line is you stuff stays dry ! I can stuff a few extra fly boxes,wading Jacket,jetboil and water bottle and still have a room. I use to Use a backpack while fishing.Going over to a sling took a little getting use t... Read Moreo at first I have to admit but now I'll never go back to a pack.The ease of use a sling provides rocks ! My only complaint is the bag didn't come with the rod tube straps like the backpack and big duffle do.... But with one quick email I was sent a pair no cost so really can't complain! Use a backpack while fishing

July 25, 2017

Catch more fish with this simple,effective pack.

There are few products that will actually help one become a better,more efficient angler. A nail knot tool,a chest lanyard,and waders with solid organization all spring to mind,as does this sling pack. It ticks off all of the boxes for efficiency: simplicity,ease of use,durability,and thoughtfully-laid-out features. Switching up my previous style... Read More of organization (vest with a zillion pockets) to this style was not one I took lightly. But,after my first day on the water with this pack several seasons ago,I cannot think of many situations in which a vest would be superior. The ease of use is unparalleled; simply keep the bag on the shoulder,rotate around,and - voila: zippers and tool keepers are right at sternum level. Spin back around when finished,keep casting. Opening up the main compartment,there is only one mesh pocket for organization,but I don't find this a detriment,as there is wide access to all gear to all. I find it mostly holds my keys,wallet,and license,and odd bits of trash or waste. On most days,I have a large streamer box,a large nymph box,and two smaller boxes for dries; a spare reel; a leader wallet and off-cuts of monofilament; and weights and indicators in a medium box. I could probably whittle this down,but the Stormfront sling carries all this with extra room. One nice note about the zipper: while it is stiff due to being waterproof,that stiffness helps keep the opening from flopping about - I have forgotten to zip it up a few times,and nothing falls out when fishing. Maybe that's luck,but it seems intentional. The outer pocket is great for quick stashes (changing indicators,beef jerky breaks,etc.),and is super weatherproof. When steelhead fishing in the snow or rain,I'll temporarily tape up the upper drain hole on this pouch,and everything stays dry as a bone inside. In the summer,when I add wet items like indicators,the drain holes are big enough to dry out gear inside overnight - no rusting inside a sealed pouch is a plus. With that being said,this thing is completely airtight. So,I suggest cracking open the zipper in between trips to let any moisture from your flies / leader / reel escape naturally. I've gotten in the habit with this with my fly boxes after a day on the water,so no big deal,but a unique physics consideration for a unique pack. It carries naturally,but if you're the kind of folk who enjoys a beer from time to time,the accessory waist strap can give you a bit of a spare tire look with a full load in the pack. I find myself letting it hang more often than not; I may cut it off at some point,as it just drags in the brush. An alternate clip point on the bag,or making this strap removable,would be welcome. Perhaps the best feature is the shoulder strap attachment: instead of always removing or donning the bag over a shoulder,it clips and unclips at the bottom of the shoulder pad. This makes it so easy for taking off when wearing a chest lanyard (or a vest) - unclip this one clip,and the bag drops to the bank/gravel bar/boat with ease. Because it's so quick and easy to put on and take off,I'll often drop it when I set up at a new hole,cast freely,and then pop it back on when it's time to move on. The rod tube holders are great,and the extra lash points let me add extra gear when I need it. The lash points fit a Voile ski strap perfectly,so I can add a net when I need one on the bottom of the pack,or a big 40oz Hydroflask water bottle. The tool dock on the bottom of the pack holds a couple of zingers (clip-on or pin-on) for tools,but since I use a lanyard,I don't find myself using these much. All in all,this thing rocks. And the thoughtful,tight-knit,expandable feature set will keep you moving fast on the water.

July 11, 2017

Rock Solid...clean lines,no hassles

For years I have looked for a simple waterproof sling that I could primarily take into the salt that would keep my fly or plug boxes dry,salt/sand free,large enough for the necessities,and would stay in place. Don't know how many bags I have tried that were serviceable but have missed out on one of those key needs. The Stormfront sling nailed ... Read Moreit; tough,clean lines,and did its job without a lot of fuss and hassle. Ups: Kept things dry,even when wading deep at spots like Brewster Flats on the Cape,held everything needed for a long day or night on the beach,and most importantly'this bag stayed put,as in rock solid,did not slide,did not limp off the shoulder,did not budge once snugged down. Downs: (Minor) 1) For the money,wish it came with rod tube straps,been a pain to find good straps that fit the tight lash points and really holds a rod tube (or sand spike) in place. 2) The main pocket could use some kind of divider to allow for a bit more organization. 3) And the sparse setup on the main strap for attaching nippers or tippet could be refined to allow for more tools. Not a big deal in the salt when you only roll with the very basics but I like having my tippet,nips,floatant,hemos,and a small fly patch always in front of me when fishing rivers so I don't have to always sling my pack to change a fly.

July 4, 2017

Well Built

The strap takes some getting used to. I wish the part that goes around your waist was removable I feel it is not needed for casual use. The shoulder strap has to go over your head to use it properly on your right shoulder. This is great for hikes but for carrying it to the drift boat every day I tend to use the carry handle.

June 16, 2017

Two design oversights

In my opinion,this bag's two major design oversights are 1) that there is no purposeful,integrated way to carry a net,like the back panel sleeves found on comparable slings from competitors,and 2),that it's a right-shoulder-carry-only sling. It should be ambidextrous. Solve these problems and I'm all over it for my next fishing pac... Read Morek.

June 2, 2017

Waterproof is nice

This is a nice size bag and the fact that it is waterproof is good. I think they should add another female clasp so that you have other options for wearing which maybe more comfortable.

May 31, 2017

simple and effective. dry stuff inside

had this backpack for a couple days and it has already saved my stuff ,keeping them dry. really worth!

May 28, 2017

great day-tripping pack for rainy climates

This has been my go-to daytrip bag for frequent Southeast Asia travel. At 20L it is big enough for a book,change of clothes,toiletries,40oz water bottle,and other necessities. It will easily fit a mid-size laptop. The small inner pocket is fine. I haven't completely submerged it yet but the main zipper looks plenty waterproof. Typical Patagoni... Read Morea solid construction with heavy welded seams,sewing is good,etc. Very glad tto see the black color since the grey doesn't work for me and I'm not interested in the bright orange. Minor gripe: considering the price,I'd appreciate having it come with short straps through the welded slots--nothing fancy,but a few inches of flat webbing and a slider or other buckle on each slot...I was annoyed to have to scrounge up my own. Overall,though,a really good product.

April 30, 2017

Why right shoulder only?

I love P stuff,have lots of it,however,I do not understand why P makes their slings for right shoulders only,especially the waterproof ones. The majority of people are right handed,and for those who fly fish,casting all the time,a right shoulder bag is not preferred. The construction and all is typical P top notch and would have kept the bag had it... Read More not been for the right shoulder only design. If you are ok with this,its a good bag,just seems like a lack of foresight by P in the design and usage.

April 24, 2017

Awesome dry bag!

Purchased this for bonefishing in the Bahamas. We took it out in the flats boat or our kayak every day for 10 days. The bag worked flawlessly and it looks as good as the day I bought it. Light weight and the color (grey) kept the contents cool in the tropic sun. Put our camera and all of our valuables in the bag and they never got wet. Plus we carr... Read Moreied other gear like a towel,extra tackle and some food. Packed it full. I liked it so much I just purchased the 30L Stormfront bag in orange. I plan to use this as my carryon and flats bag for our next trip.

April 15, 2017

Wouldn't fish without it!

I bought this about a month ago mainly because I wanted to have a pack to confidently take out on the water when it rained and know my camera would be safe. I love it. There is a lot of room and it is totally waterproof! The zipper means business. It's almost a little too tough on my hands especially when it is cold outside but that's hal... Read Moref the reason it keeps everything dry. I can fit my camera, water bottle and fishing accessories in it so it is perfect. It even has the holes up front to attach my zingers. I think the only improvement I would make it to extend the padding on the sling. It just misses the top of my shoulder when I have the main pack to my back. All in all it's great

February 4, 2017

Perfect for every occasion

Bought this for tramping around New Zealand and for on the boat. It rained cats and dogs for the 1st 10 days of the NZ trip but all my gear was toasty dry inside. I loved the way it rides as I am not a fan of a traditional backpack. During hot/dry days,it was also super comfortable to carry. The inside pocket is super handy. I haven't dunked i... Read Moret in the river yet but I intend to try that before boating season. LOVE this bag.

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