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Patagonia Slope Runner Vest 4L

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Patagonia Slope Runner Vest 4L

True To Size
September 25, 2020


Hello. The vest is amazing. Confortable, takes a lot of gear and fits good. I´ve received with no flasks in it. Need Help to get them!!!

Response from Patagonia
December 2, 2020

Hello Hélder! We're truly sorry to hear the two 500ml HydraPak flasks are missing. You should have definitely received them along with the vest, so please reach out to our [customer service]( team for assistance.

August 19, 2020

Perfect Minimal Vest

I've been using this vest for a few months now, and I love every aspect of it. the pockets have a good amount of stretch so you can stuff your food, cell phone, and flasks in without worrying. I can stow my houdini jacket and pants in the back with a water filter and poop kit with room to spare. i've never had any problems with it being u... Read Morencomfortable at all. i often forget that i'm wearing it after a few minutes. it has a nice pocket in the back for storing keys and a wallet. i've probably ran around 100 miles with this vest, and it does not stink!!!

July 27, 2020

Awesome Vest!

This works great for trail running- it holds SO much. Highly recommend. I have a smaller frame and wasn't sure if I needed and XS or S but the S works great as you can tighten/adjust to get the right fit for you.

June 26, 2020

Well thought out vest

This vest is exactly what I wanted. The water bottles are easy to drink from, even without taking them out of the pockets. There are plenty of pockets and my phone (iphone x) fits in the front zipper pocket. (a plus size phone probably would not fit) I like the big back pocket, it works great for stuffing a jacket or long sleeve into and I don&#x27... Read More;t even notice it. The adjustable straps make it easy to tighten up and prevent bounce. I think if you had a larger bust this wouldn't fit quite so nicely though. (I got 99 problems but this ain't one of them)

June 26, 2020

Lots of pockets

My kids made fun of me for wearing this vest when I was traveling. It has more pockets then you need and the pocket at the neck I securely had money in as I travelled. I still wear this vest for my daily 3 mile walk. It holds my phone conveniently. I have not used the two water bottles it came with yet. But I plan to. It was definitely a well thoug... Read Moreht out vest and I love it so much I wanted to write my first review on a product! I would definitely recommend it!!!

June 4, 2020

Best Running Best but...

I love the vest. Its light and snug fitting all around. At first I thought it would be too small but it surprised me. Some people say the bottles are hard to get in but I found that if you fill the bottle all the way and get it in just a little it will slide down nicely with a few downward shakes of the vest. Sorry, not very descriptive but It work... Read Mores like a charm. It holds just enough stuff for a long run with space for my standby Dragon Fly jacket which will slip right over the pack and has a big enough front zip to access the front of the vest. The bladder compartment and bladder fastener are a perfect fit for my 1.5 litre bladder. My only complaint (which is Why I didnt give it 5 stars) is the phone pocket which is VERY snug for an iPhone X with a relatively slim protective case. It is so snug as to be hard to get in and out. The zipper has frayed from wear at the top and bottom where the zipper catches on the phone as you move the zipper up and down. I am wishing the vest had a non zipper mesh pocket that was made for the phone rather than the zipper because I found myself struggling with the zipper every time I wanted to take a picture. It was impossible to do on the move. I have been in touch with the service team and we are trying to work out the best solution. In a perfect world the pocket would be slightly bigger and have a water proof zipper, not to keep out water, but to be more durable, smoother and less likely to fray. I will try and get it repaired because I dont want to give it up. I bought one for my wife as well and she loves hers so I am sure that once Patagonia works out the bugs on this one it will be a keeper and provide many years of service.

April 21, 2020

I love this vest.

This vest is so minimal, but it can store everything you need and has proven to be durable over a year of use. The adjustment cords in the side pockets really allow you to dial in the fit based on how much you are carrying in the vest. I was surprised at how well the phone pocket works. It does not rub my chest uncomfortably or cause the pack to ri... Read Morede unevenly or bounce. I can fit a Garmin inReach Mini in the back zippered pocket, and it rides comfortably. The side pockets can each hold a full gel flask that I can quickly and easily access. I love storing a Houdini, Airshed, or bar in the lower back pocket for quick retrieval. The common theme of this pack is that all the pockets and storage make for swift and easy access. You do not have to take the pack off to get into any of the pockets. I've used this pack through the warm and humid summers of the south and it remains comfortable and minimal during a 6 hour training run or 100 mile race. All features of this pack were well designed and thoroughly tested. Well done!

March 12, 2020

Sweet spot for storage when pack is just too much

Excellent addition for people that want a moderate amount of storage without bulk of a pack. Design avoids some of the bouncing & shifting encountered with other ultra-running vests. Comfortable enough to wear sleeping . Sternum straps have excellent range of programability, thought the minimalist hook closure requires some dexterity to undo on... Read Moree-handed.

November 14, 2019

Neat and tidy

There isn’t much to this vest and that’s why I scooped it. It has plenty of small pockets to keep nutrition and little necessities for longer runs. The addition pouch of the bladder is great. The front water bottles are good enough and you can drink from them without have to remove them. Very adjustable too. I’m 5’11” small shoulders and bought a... Read More medium. I wear a medium Houdini for reference. It fits great and has waist and chest adjustments

November 5, 2019

Superb Lightweight Running Vest

As soon as the package was opened I couldn’t wait to try it out and put it through some paces at a local twenty mile loop. It performed so well and the balance between form and function was perfect. Great job again Patagonia!

October 23, 2019

So comfortable

This vest in great for running and 3-4 hour mountain scrambling. I drink a lot of water, so this size vest is only good for 3ish hour excursions. For full day trail running or hiking, I’d go with the larger vest

September 26, 2019

This vest has ALMOST everything

I reached out to Patagonia customer service this morning. Running the Napa Valley Ragnar relay next month, and wanted to combine: storage, hydration, and reflective vest, all in one. Unfortunately, this vest, while it appears to be reflective, is NOT REFLECTIVE. For runs during dark times, you would have to layer your reflective vest on top of anot... Read Moreher vest, which would add bulk, heat, and just seems a bit silly. Patagonia....the color on this vest is already reflective; please add the technology to make it an “all in one” runners accessory!

Response from Patagonia
October 2, 2019

Thank you for your detailed feedback!

September 21, 2019

Fits great

Fits great and is not bouncy. The back panel still makes me sweat, but I think everything is always making you sweat anyway.

September 14, 2019

Well designed medium distance and race vest

4.5 stars I've been using this for runs up to 15 or so miles and races. The features that stand out are the flasks that are great to grab a quick drink from, handy pockets where you can store nutrition or phone/keys, light weight and comfort. During a race, the flasks are great to pull out and get a quick refill at an aid station. It's al... Read Moreso nice having them on your chest, as opposed to lugging a reservoir around on your back. The small pockets on the side wings are especially useful to grab a quick snack then stash it back while on the move. The rear lower pocket is still accessible on the move and is good for extra snacks. The large pocket on the back is good for larger items and I've been using it for my cellphone because the front pocket along one of the straps is too small. I've been using that for my car key as it has a nice zipper and feels really secure. One unexpected feature is it provides some warmth on in between weather days where long sleeves are too much but you still need a little something extra. I'm 6'1, 170 lbs and the large fits great except for some caveats noted below. The front drawstrings are useful in getting the right fit and are easily adjusted on the move. A drawback on the vest is the flasks are difficult to re-seat in the vest after filling up. They get hung up on the inside of the lower pocket in front of them and it takes some effort to get them in. Another small issue is the side wings have slack along the lower edge no matter how tight the inner draw strings are pulled. It's not too big of a deal but I'd prefer the lower piping be snug against my body. All in all, it's lightweight, functional, well-made and a good tool for trail running and races.

August 26, 2019

Good Product/Bad Fit

When I first started using this vest for running, I loved it. It is light weight, has lots of storage, and did not absorb sweat (even in the Florida summer heat). The issue I had was that the top of the vest began rubbing against my neck while running and on long runs, caused great discomfort. I returned the product to try and get a medium, but the... Read More medium was way too small to wear.

Response from Patagonia
September 3, 2019

We're very sorry the vest didn't work out after all! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your returns.

August 20, 2019

Better than I hoped

What I ran with to test: 2 full water flasks (.5L each, comes with purchase) 1.5L bladder in back filled just past 1L line (post market) Long sleeve pants in bladder pocket Thin running jacket with hood in the back top zipped pocket Head Lamp, roll of bandage, Emergency Blanket slid in to the back tubular side sleeve Passport in dedicated cellpho... Read Morene zip pocket(actual cell phone(pixel2) in the back pocket of pro-strider 5'. Fits nicely) Collapsible silicone cup (diameter of a tennis ball) in the side sleeve Preparing for a race and wasn't 100% happy with my ultimate direction scott jurek pack. The pack moved a bit too much, would start to chafe in random spots and would stretch as my run went longer and needed frequent adjustment. I'm 13 days out from my race and decided to gamble with this pack knowing that I might be sinking in $140 for failed late change to my gear. HOWEVER, I went on a 7mile road run, which I think is a better test than in the trails as I feel running faster with more oscillation would test the product, and it performed a lot better than the UD vest. First, the pack in general fits higher on the body, which gives you freer movement with the arms. Whether the position it sits is the reason or not, this pack feels more fit to the body, resulting in less movement of the pack and a huge factor in liking this one more. With what I had, the 4L was just the right amount of capacity. 8L would have been too much room and the stuff would have bounced everywhere in the extra zip pocket. I didn't anticipate this but the plastic slide piece for the bladder digs in to your shoulder blades a bit if you clip its top to the designated clips that are inside at the top of the back pack area. I would either get a non-top slide bladder or don't clip it at all and just let it sit. The water actually moves less and didn't bother me for a 7-7:30min pace run for 7 miles. I'm reading that some people are having a tough time sliding a full water flasks. My advice would be to pull out on the second opening below where the flask goes so the bottom of it doesn't get caught as you're trying to slide it in from the top. Overall, fantastic. Could not have been happier with my gamble. Would highly recommend.

August 12, 2019

Patagonia Slope Runner Vest 4L

Like: I like that the vest sits high and tight on the body Like: It is lightweight and breathes well Like: The quality of materials is evident Like: The design of the vest and pocket locations is MOSTLY simplistic and minimal. Like: The flasks have wide mouths for ease of ice cubes and refilling. Quality material too, the flasks are top notch. Like... Read More: The looks of the vest. Simple grey and yellow color scheme without obnoxious logos plastered all over it. I appreciate that. Dislike: The cell phone pocket, which is located between your body and one of the flask pockets. When you have a full flask in there, you'll feel your cell phone digging into your ribs. Also, the pocket is a very tight fit for a cell phone and it is not waterproof, so if your phone isn't waterproof and you have a protective case, the phone won't fit. Dislike: The flasks are VERY challenging to put back into the chest pockets. More difficult than any other vest I've tried. Dislike: The zipper pocket at the top of back pouch will inevitably work it's way out of the back pouch, and will both bounce around on your back while you are running and make taking stuff out/putting stuff back into the back pouch while on the move a pretty difficult task. That back pocket needs to be affixed to the vest on all four sides, not just one. I look forward to seeing improvements made on future models. The 9 trails shorts are my favorite running shorts of all time, I love their tech t-shirts, and I can't wait for their vests to catch up and get dialed in.

August 10, 2019


Well. Leave it to Patagonia to finally design a running vest I like. I have two bars that any running vest has to actually hurdle. Can I get a full bottle into the bottle sleeves while wearing the vest with actual gear.. and can I reach into the pockets in the back. Standing over 6' tall, with a chest diameter only an endurance athlete could... Read More love. The second requirement seems to be a tall order(pun intended) for running hydration specific brands to accomplish. I can actually reach into the back pockets on this thing! That a bottle slides in easily and doesn't eject on steep downhills is proof that you CAN design these vests to work in a more than "Eh, I guess this will do" sort of way. Obviously the materials are great, the fit is great. If I had one niggle, and it's a small one. The zippered pouch is seated a little too high and can come out if you fill the pack up for race day. That said, I've worn it without a shirt, no chafing, I've worn in on hot sweaty runs and the material breathes quite well. Maybe the best running specific vest ever designed?

August 10, 2019

Perfect for marathon training

Purchased for my son in law who is training in the Florida heat to raise money for autism at the Nov Chicago marathon. He loves that it fits above the waist so it doesn’t rub. That the water is air tight. The wicking is great

August 10, 2019

Great Vest

The running vest is very comfortable. I’ve used it twice now an find it better than a waist belt. I would recommend this product.

August 4, 2019

Material Has Short Life Span!

After one 12 hour run the pack already had tears along the sides, I’ve been running with it for three months now and the pockets on the front are already ripping. I got a size small but if the water isn’t full it chaffs bad would recommend sizing down. Super disappointed in the quality of this product and it’s short life span! I always brag on how ... Read Morelong Patagonia gear lasts!

Response from Patagonia
August 7, 2019

Thanks for the comments on this and we are sorry that this pack isn't holding up for you. We welcome you to send that back for a warranty [return]( If we can offer any guidance, please reach out to our [customer service](

August 2, 2019

Back to the drawing board :( needs some material refinement

Conceptually this is great, execution needs refinement. I do not recommend in its current state. However, with small improvements I would gladly buy instead of any other vest. Pros: fabric is excellent. Best on skin fabric ive used in a vest. Bottle holding is great, no problem using a 1.5L bladder in the back. EVERY VEST SHOULD HAVE A PHONE POCK... Read MoreET, excellent! I like the concept of the lower back reachable stuff pocket, fits a windshell and other stuff nicely. Cons: the outer mesh, specifically the mesh used on the outer low back stash pocket, needs to be of a higher stretchability or durability point. I put a Houdini in there on the move on the first use and it blew several stitches. I wouldnt consider putting a windshell there over stuffing it either. Perhaps even using the fabric that the out main back pocket is made out of, a lightweight stretchy nylon face-no mesh. It would be stronger and more weather resistant. The phone pocket is incredible, but the execution or material choice is terrible. I used it successfully on a couple runs, then on an 8 hour day an inner seam frayed which caught the small zipper which then literally caused the whole zipper/pocket to explode. With such tight clearances and frayable fabrics you are asking for trouble like i experienced. Perhaps rework the stitching and increase clearance so that if an inner piece of fabric frays that it cannot catch in the zipper. Or use another method of bonding fabric, or forgo a zipper in lieu of another closure method. Also would be awesome to have pole holders like those used on the UD Mountain Vest 4.0. Those are low profile and a simple add on ajd work well. Would increase the vest usability even more.

Response from Patagonia
August 6, 2019

Thank you for the thoughtful review on this vest. We value these comments and are glad you've been able to put this to the test. With that being said, we are sorry to hear about the troubles with durability. Please feel free to send this back to us for a warranty [return]( If you'd like some [help](, reach out to us!

July 27, 2019

All around great running vest

This is a great running vest and here’s why: Fit - snug, good adjustment points so achieve a comfortable, chafe-free fit. Capacity - 4L is great for multi-hour runs, just the essentials. Soft flasks - I prefer these to bulky, sloshy hydration bladders (and had issues with the forerunner pack bladder leaking). The soft flasks are much better at st... Read Moreaying put, and they pack down to nothing when empty. Here’s where this piece of gear could be improved: Cell phone pocket - it’s located under the soft flask which means when your flask is full, your cell phone is pressed into your ribs which is uncomfortable. Also, this pocket is BARELY big enough for a modern smart phone (I can only fit my iPhone XS if I take it out of its case. Pockets - the pockets are ample and there are a good number of them but they could use snap(t) closure hardware to keep small items from bouncing out while running. The elastic hem alone is not secure enough to keep keys or my AirPods charging case from bouncing out. Overall a great piece of gear that I hope to see improve on the next iteration.

June 7, 2019

perfect fit

I've worn this vest a lot and I cant say enough good things. The fit is amazing im 5'10'' 160lbs and i wear a medium. I didn't have any problems with rashes or hot spots with this vest right out of the bag. Im a big fan of the storage pockets in the back i've done 7 1/2 hour days carrying my food and filter in the back... Read More wand not felt over loaded. I've also taken it on short runs and really enjoyed using one bottle and the cell phone pocket on your left chest area. The material is great, it doesn't stick or get to baggie when your sweaty. all around this is an amazing product that I would seriously recommend for every runner.

June 4, 2019

Great vest for day hiking, too!

4L is just about right for all of my day hikes.I run part-time on these. I can carry rain gear, food, water, first aid, filter very comfortably. The way a running vest carries on your rib cage makes for very easy walking - great freedom for hips and shoulders. And it also makes everything very accessible - water, food, phone, etc. I can get to ever... Read Morey pocket, including most stuff in the main pocket, without removing the vest. I wear a larger rain shell so that it covers the pack and I can get the shell out and on without removing the pack - or similarly put it away. Very light and comfortable. Like the simple and easy to use cords across the front. I actually cut away the zip pocket in the main compartment - it seemed to get in the way. The zip pocket in the left chest strap is great for small things (key, small knife, reduced wallet). I carry my phone in the right strap pocket - it sits nice and deep and secure. If I'm going longer than about 5 miles I'll carry a compact water filter along with one of the 500ml soft bottles that Patagonia provides with this back. Those bottles are really good, too - easy to drink from on the move.

May 20, 2019

perfect for racing!

I bought this pack specifically for racing ultras. I do love my Ultimate Direction vest for long runs during training, but I don't want any unnecessary bulk for a race, and I don't like carrying a bladder during races. I like to carry as little as possible (because that's what aid stations are for), while still having my hands free. ... Read MoreThis vest is PERFECT for just that. It fits like a glove. I wore it during a 50k and didn't have to adjust it, at all. Super comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. The pockets for the bottles are AWESOME because the bottles actually stay in place and don't sag down like the ones in my UD vest do once you drink some of the water. I stuffed the two front pockets with a few gels, and they stay put and didn't shift around at all while I was running. I also shed my Houdini as I warmed up and stuffed that in the back pocket as well as a pair of gloves in one of the side pockets. Overall I am stoked to have this for races. I've only used it once so far, but I will be wearing it during my next 50-miler, so I'll see how it holds up. I love that this vest is so minimal, that's totally my jam. If you're looking for a billion pockets with zippers to hold a bunch of stuff, this probably isn't for you. To me, less is more :) Sizing seems spot on. I'm 5'6", 135lbs, average build, and the size small fit perfect.

May 18, 2019

Patagonia FTW

Patagonia, how I love thee. This vest is 1,000x more comfortable than the Forerunner vest that I previously owned and better than the Nathan and Salomon vests I have tried. I really love that every aspect of this vest stretches, unlike some other vests I have used where some parts stretch and others do not. The daisy chain straps are really minimal... Read More and you don't notice the excess moving around. This pack really does fit like a shirt and the mesh material on the back absorbs no moisture. That, combined with the Airchaser shirt, was really comfortable and it didn't feel like my back was extra sweaty from wearing a pack. As others have mentioned, you really can access every pocket without taking this vest off. I had keys and an airpods case in the zippered pouch and they didn't bounce around or make any noise. I also felt like I was a little in between sizes. The large seemed like a pretty big step up from the medium, so I went with the medium.

May 13, 2019

Pack rubs on back and

Pack rubs on back and does not fit comfortably. Good storage. Good looks.

Response from Patagonia
June 10, 2019

Hi Monica, thanks so much for your feedback. Please feel free to [return]( the vest if you're unsatisfied with the fit and let us know if you have any questions.

May 10, 2019

Snug as a Hug

I'am incredibly satisfied with this vest. I can bring my torrent shell jacket stuffed in the large pocket, have a winter hat, glasses case, buff and extra socks in the back/side pockets. Then on top of that I can fit a few energy bars in the front pockets with my phone too! The 500 ML ultra flask's are sweet and get the job done, (they&#x... Read More27;re even top rack dishwasher safe!). Another great feature are the adjustable pull cords to get a real snug fit for running and even much longer runs they will not come loose, the design has the quality you would expect from Patagonia. The only issue I have come across is that one of the chest pull cord knots came undone, which was an easy fix, although could it have been avoided?

May 8, 2019

Love it

The trail vest is epic. perfect for trail runs. Love how light weight it is. the pockets are in good spots. water access is great. Would definitely recommend to friends.

May 8, 2019

Best vest

After several years of looking at trail running vests from other companies, I bought the Slope Runner Vest 4L as soon as it was available. Fit, function and finish are all excellent, as is to be expected from Patagonia. I have a size 42 chest and the size L fits well. This is a great addition to my running kit and I look forward to many years of re... Read Moregular use out of this vest.

May 8, 2019

Effective and simple

I’ve used other vest brands before and have always found myself messing around with the adjustment constantly. With this vest I hardly even know it’s there until I need something. The cell phone pocket is very secure and handy. The inner material isn’t too abrasive like other vests. It’s very low profile and comfortable, yet can still hold everythi... Read Moreng I need for a 100 mile race. If you plan on packing a Houdini jacket or something light it’ll be perfect, but you need something heavier and bulkier I don’t think it would fit this particular vest.

May 8, 2019

Excellent running vest

This vest wears like a shirt. no movement when moving over uneven / technical terrain. The pocket placement is perfect, allowing you to carry all the necessary layers and food for a short or long day of running. You can either use the provided water bottle up front or a water bladder stowed on your back. This is my new favorite running pack!!!

May 8, 2019

It's good, might be great, I think it depends on how it fits you.

I really enjoy this vest. It has a few things going for it, but also a few cons. I will give it 4 stars for me, but I could see it being 5 stars for people that get the perfect fit. 1. The bottles are great. Easy to fill and clean. 2. The vest is light weight and easily adjustable. 3. Has the space to hold some (or 1) light layers, food (gels, gra... Read Morenola bars, etc), phone, water (can hold a bladder system). 4. zip phone pocket is the best. 5. lower back kangaroo pocket is perfect for a 500 ml soft flask or light wind breaker layer. I love this pocket. Cons. 1. I am between sizes. The large is way to big, and the medium is snug. I went with the medium. I prefer snug over loosey goosey which hindered getting a proper fit. 2. I dont care for the side material. Its spongy feeling and I ... just dont like it. 3. Side bungie adjustment system (where the spongy foam is) for me is worthless. on the medium its fully stretched and I can't adjust it. On the large (the one I returned) if you pulled it in it distorted the fit. If you need it for anything beyond a slight adjustment your going to have a bad time. 4. Fully loaded it fits great, and when I am running on empty I find it difficult to keep that same fit. It's not a deal breaker. Overall I like it, but its not perfect. If I wasn't between sizes I think it would be the bees knees. I have a larger upper body in length. I am not overweight, and in decent shape.

April 12, 2019


With about eight-hours over three runs on my new Slope Runner 4L, it is now my favorite vest. They layout is intuitive and near perfect. Even with an extra soft flask, a Houdini, head torch, potty kit, and gloves, it still rides and breaths well. When coming to a windy ridge, the sleek fit and stretchy side pockets allowed me to pull my shell out a... Read Morend put it on over the Slope Runner without stopping to remove the vest. It has everything I need, and nothing more. Hint: the cinch adjustments work really well to adjust to my body and get it locked in, the sternum adjustments get adjusted as the load in the vest changes. At least that's what seems to be working for me.

March 11, 2019

Practically Perfect

Just got one of these and immediately put it through a 2 1/2 hour trail run to see how it would hold up. Here's how it scored: - Bottles are SO MUCH EASIER to get into the bottle pockets than my Salomon. +10,000 points - No unnecessary pockets anywhere, only where I would actually store things (no weird tiny shoulder pockets) +5,000 points - ... Read MoreYou can access every single pocket without taking off the vest (even the rear zipper pocket) +30,000 points - Sternum strap cords don't swing around when I run +15,000 points - Front zipper pocket makes the left bottle pocket a tiny bit looser, I noticed the left bottle moving ever so slightly on hard downhills (I put my emergency TP ziploc in the front zipper pocket and the movement went away) -10 points Total Score - 59,990 out of 60,000 points

February 6, 2019

Durable, shirt-like fit

Feels like the Salomon packs, except this actually holds up over long runs and heavy use. I blow up the flasks to make them slide into the pockets when they're not completely filled. Nice phone pocket hidden underneath chest strap. Best part: the synch adjustment on the underarms! Fits so nicely, like a shirt.

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