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Patagonia Men's Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Double Knee Pants - Short

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Patagonia Men's Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Double Knee Pants - Short

True To Size
September 9, 2021

The best pant.

I used carhartt logger pants for years. I saw a video on YouTube wranglerstar. He was saying how they were nice and comfortable pants. I order i pair and i was impressed for me they are the best pants on the market.

September 8, 2021

Durable works pants

Purchased pants to be a durable alternative to regular jeans and have not been disappointed. Incredibly tough pants that stand up to be used.

August 6, 2021

3rd pair!

'Still have my 1st pair of these. Very tough pants that are also comfortable and durable. Other brands "carpenter" and "work" pants might last me 6 months. I have had my 1st pair 2 years, and just bought some more. Highly recommend!

July 17, 2021

good fit generally, the waist is snug but I am a bit wider now

I got the short version, that is good. They feel like they will break in well, the high waist also helps but I would lower it for a custom fit personally.

July 15, 2021

Superb work pants

Much more comfortable than Carharts. I was concerned about the "strange" back pockets but after a couple of days I don't know how I'd manage without them.

April 30, 2021

The ultimate work pants

Ive tried all the rest over the years and these are the best work pants available, hands down. Fit just right, crazy comfortable, and ultra durable. Bought these for field work after I was gifted the iron forge overalls because of how comfortable they were. Also happy to support hemp products. These pants offer total freedom of movement and in my o... Read Morepinion, not too hot for work here in north Florida.

April 25, 2021

Work Tested

Its nice to have a pair of work pants that dont take a month to break in.

April 17, 2021

Excellent Quality, A Few Flaws

The build quality, materials, and comfort are top-notch. They are a sturdy pair of pants. I am a gardener in Los Angeles and they perform well year-round. I purchased 3 pairs to replace a similar product offered by Brand C. Unfortunately, I feel the Brand C's are more functional. For example, they have a myriad of pockets for specific items (p... Read Morehone, ID badge/credit cards, etc) that allow me to carry everything without feeling like I'm carrying anything. These Patagonia pants offer clown pockets. To find anything, I have to remove everything. Likewise, the double-knee option when combined with knee pads underperforms. The holes at the bottom are just too large and one corner of the knee pads inevitably pokes out. The Brand C's are better in this regard as well. I'm frustrated, because I feel with a couple of tweaks, they would have something excellent here. I like the Patagonia pants a lot as a comfortable weekend option, but I find myself reaching first for the one pair of Brand C's I have left.

Response from Patagonia
April 19, 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback here and for the comparison. We really appreciate your detailed comments about the material, function, and quality of these of pants. If you decide they aren't living up to your expectations, please feel free to [send]( these back to us.

April 15, 2021

Functional and looks great!

Durable, comfortable and practical. Ill probably purchase a second pair for rotation. I am absolutely impressed and I consider it a reasonable price especially for the quality. Great for active outdoor work and I can easily wear a base layer underneath for cold weather conditions. Heres a funny: my adult daughter saw me when I first put the pants o... Read Moren. She said No! Dont use them for work clothes, they look to good for that!

April 6, 2021

The size is weird

My husband usually wear 32", but this pant 32" was little tight, so I exchange to 33". Now 33" is not 33". He can swim inside of pants. I asked my son (Size 34-35"). The pants is still big on my son. Unfortunately we already took off the tags and doesn't want to go through sending it back...

Response from Patagonia
April 9, 2021

Hi SongYi, we're truly sorry these pants weren't a good fit! Please note that you can still return them even if you took off the tags. You start by going through our online return process [here](

April 4, 2021

Seem built to last

Ordered regular inseam and found them too long . Customer service were really helpful and worked hard to get them exchanged for short length. Process was smooth and hassle free.

March 23, 2021

Sturdy & roomy

This is my 2nd pair. The material feels sturdy but fine against the skin. The fit is roomy around the legs but drapes well. Only complaint is that it's shrunk a 1/4 inch after the 1st wash. My 1st pair remains the same length after a 2nd wash. Go figure.

March 22, 2021

Tough as nails work pants

I noted that the fit is a bit's very minor in the sense that a 32 fits basically like a 32 but seems just slightly more snug than other 32s that I have. Great pants, very comfortable for how seriously strong the material seems to be. "Short" was the right call for my 5'8" proportions.

March 20, 2021

Nice Pants

Fits well. Durable and like the back pockets - convenient.

March 19, 2021

Very comfortable

These are well built pants that are tough and comfortable as heck!

March 2, 2021

comfortable and warm

Those are more rigid pants than their cousin, the M's All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants. I am a journalist, and when I travel to a rougher country, those are the ones I'll bring along. I'm pretty confident they can resist anything. They are also very comfortable and kept me warm all winter in California.

March 1, 2021

Love the hemp and the color. Wish it didn't have double knees

Love these pants overall. I have a few pairs of the 5 pocket Hemp workpants and as with those the size of the pants seems to vary widely. I have 2 pairs of 36W and 1 pair 34W. There is about 3-4" of variance between the 3 pairs. Even the 36" is not close with the 2 pairs. So that is my issue with any of the hemp work pants. The good par... Read Moret is these wear really really well and they are so soft. Much better than duck cotton IMO. I love the deep pockets on the back side. I wish they came in an option without the double knee. Otherwise these are a keeper for sure.

February 7, 2021

Belta Lowda Gear.

I have two pair in 31 short, black and have been living in these most of the winter. At 6 and 160lbs. Im fundamentally structured like many of the Patagonia models and run medium in everything Patagonia, so finding the right fit was a bit of a cheat. Im a bit long torsoed, so having the 31 in short length is a great option, and these pants fall rig... Read Moreht to the ankle on me with no break. Not too long. Not too short. The pants are proving highly durable to date; holding up to constant daily wear while building fences, installing insulation, shoveling snow, bucking logs, cooking in the kitchen, working in the studio, and dealing with a puppy run amok. I expect them to last for a while. The tight weave of the fabric means that wind doesnt cut through very much and Ive worked all day in wind chills in the low teens with a mid-weight wool layer without any issues. Added bonus, they are comfortable enough to also lounge about in. They go on first thing in the morning and dont come off till bed. Folks have mentioned the wet diaper sensation. I did notice it when I first put them on when they arrived, but after wearing them all the time I dont even notice it. I may have gotten used to it, or they may have broken in. Regardless, I suspect the issue is due to the extra deep back pockets running to the back of mid-thigh in conjunction with the gusseted crotch causing the back-of-leg fabric to bunch up a bit at the pockets bottom seams with each stride. The only aspect that I find could be redesigned in the near term is the knife clip gusset. I think the concept is well intentioned as thats where my 501s start to fray early on, however its placement actually pushes out my knife clip excessively so that its end catches on things I might brush against even lightly. The extra tension put on the clip also makes it more difficult to draw when needed. That said my solution has been to start using my sheath knife again. All in all I love these pants. I purchased a pair and after living in them for a couple of weeks got another pair so I can rotate them as needed. These are an essential part of my kit and Im hoping they stick around for when Im ready for a replacement pair.

February 4, 2021

Fit a bit different

Nice pant, well made and true to size. Patagonia pants fit always seems a bit different for me. A bit loose in the waist and tight in the thighs, would make high stepping impossible, glad they are not for climbing. Not so bad as to return but not ideal.

February 3, 2021

Great pants

I am a potter, xc ski instructor, grandpa, etc... These pants work well for many occasions. With or without long underwear. If they are clean, I will wear them to dinner with a nice shirt. This time of year they are in my ski bag to put on after lessons. Love the pockets. Great pants.

January 31, 2021

Great material, Sturdy and warm.

The material and quality is super. I ordered Short and they are still long fo me.

January 29, 2021

Solid work performer

Finished upper seams , slightly oversized in the relaxed fit, weight and drape of the materials, SEVEN belt loops! pocket placement and size. All good, good job.

January 12, 2021

To wear ALL the time

My favorite pair of pants this season for casual wear and work. They're rugged, comfy, resistant, and soft all at the same time. Similar to the All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee, but baggier.

January 11, 2021

Sizing is small

I can generally rely on a 33 waist with a 30 inseam on most brands. These pants run small and I found the 34 to be a better fit although I would consider it a snug fit. The material has no stretch so that is a factor in the fit. Im not sure if the large leg openings is completely necessary but the pants are without doubt durable and very well const... Read Moreructed. I also appreciate that the material is responsibly sourced.

January 5, 2021

Old School

Ive used Patagonia pants for work for years. Its been a long time since I was in construction, but I worked in a fab shop as part of a high-end car audio integration business. These pants fit great, are incredibly tough, and I will definitely buy more.

December 30, 2020


I Use these for work and find them comfortable to be in all day and they hold up to normal wear and tear.

November 11, 2020


Love the pants comfort and appearance.

November 4, 2020

Comfort and Function

Great pants! Heavy, but no break-in time necessary. Sizing is perfect and fit is generous. I would like to see some type of closure on the rear pockets (Velcro) similar time the standup shorts. Love the pants though!

September 2, 2020


I appreciate the attempt at a solid work pant. but being a farmer who is constantly moving and wearing rubber boots I found the design to be way too large in the legs. A tapered cut option or something more streamlined would be great. Thanks

June 25, 2020

Hemp Pants and bibs

Tough and flexible Impressed also got the bibs.

June 19, 2020

Heavy duty, comfortable pants.

I love the rear pockets. Heavy duty construction but feel broken in right away. Well worth every penny.

June 17, 2020

Perfect fit

The pants fit perfectly and hold up to the damage my fuel reduction crew puts out. My only complaint would be that the pants claim to be more abrasion resistant than "the other brands" but I've gotten a little more punctures in my Iron forge than my charhartts but that might just be luck of the draw.

April 22, 2020


Ordered these pants for my husband, he loves them they are tough, but super comfortable . He loves the rancher coat, but wants it in dark ash, it would be great if you carried all your colors in all workwear, in both men and womans.

January 2, 2020

One more small pocket would be useful

So far, these work pants are great. The only helpful change / addition would be a small tool pocket just below the existing side pockets on the right side (from this right-hander's perspective ;-)) for carrying things something such as hand pruners.

December 29, 2019

Love these pants. Comfortable, surprisingly

Love these pants. Comfortable, surprisingly soft. Love the large pockets.

December 25, 2019

Great pair of pants that

Great pair of pants that hold up well under rigorous conditions and comfortable right out of the box.

December 6, 2019

Great work pants.

Fit is just right and comfort is too. This is a very soft, but tough material. Much more comfortable than the standard heavy duty work pant from the well known manufacturer. I’ll be buying more of these.

November 23, 2019

Great construction pants!

My husband will ONLY wear these pants on the job site anymore. He loves them. Comfortable, durable and an eco/ethical choice. Thanks, Patagonia!

November 22, 2019

Iron Tough and I like them a lot!

Could use a little stretch in waist.

November 18, 2019

Heavy Duty Comfort

Was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these heavyweight pants were from Day 1. A bit long even in size Short, but no big deal.

November 6, 2019

“Honey..,where are my pants.”

These pants are GREAT, insomuch as I bought another pair in a different color. I work outdoors a bunch and usually wear pants out faster than most. These fit relatively true to advertised with the exception of inseam. I run a 36x30 in other brands and they are about right. Although these pants are 36x30 on the label, they actually are about a 36x34... Read More. I can deal with that tho. The durability and function are again highlighted in these pants from Patagonia. Thank you

November 5, 2019

Great pants

These pants are comfy and tough! They’re the best work pants by far.

October 25, 2019

Fit well, comfy

31 short fits my 31/30 body. They are heavy but extremely comfy. The back pockets are unusual, but quite handy.

October 20, 2019

heavy duty

Like wearing armour. There definitely heavy. This feature makes them great in the colder months. I would love to see a tapper version of these. Some folding happens above my short boots. Im a welder and some of the weld spatter can get cought there making holes. Super awesome pants! Would be cool to see a welder pant, where the double knee is ex... Read Moretended up too the quads, right below the pockets.

October 19, 2019

Awesome jacket!

Superb craftsmanship and excellent cut! No break in period needed.

September 20, 2019

I think they are awesome

I think they are awesome comfortable soft after you wash them. Tough should last years and just get better.

May 8, 2019

Iron forge hemp canvas double

Iron forge hemp canvas double knee pant.. comfortable pants, the size I purchased fits exactly as I expected. 32, short length. Im 5’5”, perfect length. Only thing missing is the side pocket for a knife and pen stash that carharts have.

February 3, 2018

....sadly,disappointed... a pair of these for Christmas....looked like a wonderful gift that hearkened to the much loved Standup pants of old....problem is they didn't fit despite having the fit app showing a very high probability of correct fit ( have over the last few years been wearing Arcertyx in the same size and they fit comfortably loose )....made a trip... Read More to a Patagonia outlet to exchange for a larger size but unfortunately this seems to be the only pant in the Patagonia lineup that isn't offered in a 35 ....tried another 34 size pant just in case we could find a 1/2 in. difference that would solve the problem....and while the size from pant to pant was different it skewed smaller so frankly I gave sad....guess its back to Arcteryx ( btw their Cronin pant is a great bullet-proof work/play product not unlike the Patagonia Duck pant of 30 years ago,you know before the Duck went all Gap on us,and became lounging pants....).... great product but wish the old sizing protocol was being adhered to ( for reference,over the years have gone thru numerous Patagonia pants that had consistent sizing I could rely on )....and note have a closet full of Patagonia product other than pants that is all amazing...but over the last while have gone elsewhere for pants....

December 31, 2017

Lets get these in BIBS

Good quality,but weird fit for me. I mostly wanted to tell Patagonia that some bib overalls in these or the lightweight version would be awesome!

December 28, 2017

Run small

I bought my fianc' his normal pant size in these,but ran small.

December 1, 2017

Home Run Patagonia!

Wow Patagonia nailed it with these! I am 5'10,200 lbs and its almost like they were built just for me. Love the cut and apparent durability. These pants to sit a bit lower on my waist than I was used to,so the first couple days I was constantly tightening up my belt. Looking forward to more color options in the future. Thanks!

November 1, 2017

Perfect Pants

I can't express how much I love the pants.I love the cut not too baggy but just right so to provide a full range of movement in all activities.I did go one size larger in the waist just a FYI The whole workwear line is a home run ! It's great to see Patagonia making ruff tough stuff again. Maybe next year add a few more colors green ... Read Moreperhaps Tough stuff again

October 16, 2017

Built to take a beating and last.

I have had these for a month now and put them through the ringer loading trucks for a beer distribution. No tears or abrasions from the constant rubbing agains kegs,pallets,docks,and warehouse environment. They are absolutely comfortable for being so durable.

October 11, 2017

Very comfortable and tough

I bought these to try compared to my Carhartt's which i use for outdoor projects and trail work. These are softer but just as tough - or tougher,i think,bend well and aren't stiff when purchased. Fit is spot on for me,i appreciate the shorter length for my 30" inseam. So glad Patagonia is developing products like this!

September 21, 2017

Good fit and quality.

I've had these for just over a month working as a full time commercial electrician. I've put them through ground work as well as the usual work (having to kneel on concrete etc.) and they hold up well. They seem like they'll last at least a year. The fit for the selected size was perfect,length and width. The button had to be &#x27... Read More;broken' in because the button hole was extremely tight for some reason. I had trouble butting up the pants for the first week... My biggest issue with these pants are their pockets. The pockets are way too deep to hold any tools in them like pliers or drivers. They need to stick out a couple inches so that I don't have to be constantly digging through my pockets to find them. Another point on the pockets is that the backside pockets make you look like you're wearing the pants backwards. Not a big deal if you don't care about people mentioning it on site. I will try to update if anything changes! Great quality,pockets are too deep,awesome that they are a better alternative to the usual workwear.

August 27, 2017

New go to.

Most definitely my new go to work pant for around the house (need FR for work) and camping,hunting and pretty much anything. The fit is great I like the gusseteted crotch and they feel broken in right away. The hemp material is nice and I hope it catches on all over. The only thing I would add is phone/pen and notebook pockets to the sides which I ... Read Morehave become used to having on work pants.

August 23, 2017


I instantly LOVE these pants. They are amazing. SO comfortable from second 1. The fit is accurate to any other pants I've ever worn. The one issue I take note for is indeed what the other man has said,my initial thought was,diaper feeling,although,skip the wet portion for me (work wear making brings work wear style reviews). I believe that por... Read Moretion will wear in just fine and the little lump you feel that makes you think that will be as comfortable as the rest of the pant. I'll try to update this later. Anyway,I am ordering more right away! I bought almost the whole workwear colltion and i"m nothing but impressed. My first pair will be a project pant,a pair of pants I use to make things with my son and when I die,I hope the pants bring back all the memories when he discovers them. Storytelling clothes are perfect,as are these (minus the little fabric) Patagonia note! I mountain bike a lot. I'd wear these in an instant for that as well,actually everything is great for mountain biking (it's getting cold,durability is important for the riding I get up to. Breathability is nice,but second at this time of year.) If the legs were tappered more,that would make these awesome dual purpose. Overall,I feel the leg could be tappered a more after the knee. As a professor that will wear these to teach the outdoor portions,perhaps I'm biased.

August 22, 2017

Field Tested? Maybe for the photo shoot.

Nice looking pants and constructed of quality material. First thing I noticed is the miniature zipper,these pants deserve a Filson quality zipper,not the zipper off my wife's jeans. The button hole is too small and it was a bit of a fight to get them unbuttoned/buttoned to try on. The fit is relaxed,almost baggy in the legs,but fit me well in ... Read Morethe hips,waist and inseam. You definitely notice the extra material in the gusset crotch,I don't think I'm flexible or lucky enough to ever realize the true benefit of that room in the crotch. While there are some improvements to be made,the pants look great,wear well and will absolutely be at the top of the rotation once the weather turns. 5'9" 220#

August 19, 2017

Great material but too much fabric in the crotch

I was excited to try these pants because I work on a construction site 72 hours per week and ask a lot of my work pants. I own a lot of Carhartt and Duluth Trading pants and overall,these pants are my favorite,but there is one big flaw... Pros: very good material,seems durable and comfortable. The claimed no break period seems very true,they are t... Read Moreough but flexible. Stitching seems very rugged and fit is true to size. Pockets are easy to reach into and back drop in pockets are the perfect size for an engineer's or surveyor's field book. Cons: there is way too much fabric material in the crotch gusseting area. If you could do a complete split,there would still be extra fabric there. I get that they want to allow you to move but they just went overboard. This results in walking around with a slight "wet diaper" feeling,and really diminishes comfort. Overall,these will be by favorite go to work pants,but if they would redesign the crotch gusseting,it would take these pants from good to perfect. I might actually take these to a tailor and see if they can reduce the amount of fabric in the crotch to eliminate the bagginess there.

August 11, 2017


I need more stars to properly rate these pants. I've owned some of the main competitor's pants and,while thick,they're not overly comfy. I always sucked it up "because work pants" or "because canvas" or "because protection" When working with metal especially,or when working up and down off of hands and ... Read Moreknees on gravel or mud,I always felt that the thick and uncomfortable style was the trade off for remaining unbloodied. I've also owned thinner canvas pants for work during warmer months. I have lived in the Patagucci Forge pants for two and a half days now. I've run a load of maple through my saw and planer,finished a small table from salvaged cedar,and taken a wire wheel to two old saw blades I had for decorative purposes. That's pretty choice as far as activities go. It's at least 25 degrees here (oh yeah,that's Celsius,eh) and I feel like I am in an old set of jeans. These pants balance between heavy protection and also feeling lightweight enough for temperature regulation. I love the drop in pockets! Two and a half days might be a little early to toot the horn,but I've not been let down by Patagonia yet,and there's the research done on this material which sounds pretty promising.

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