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Patagonia Men's All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants - Regular

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Patagonia Men's All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants - Regular

True To Size
October 12, 2020

Excellent pants

These are excellent pants. I am a field ornithologist and I bought a pair for work pants in the summer in Montana and the winter in northern Mexico. I wore them every single day this past winter managing an off-the-grid field station and studying birds in coastal thornscrub forest. They are the perfect warm weather pants for pretty much anything sh... Read Moreort of vigorous hiking or something equally high energy. They're tough enough to resist mosquitoes, thorns, and abrasive surfaces. They also breathe well enough that I don't overheat when I'm bushwacking on surveys, handling camp chores, or running errands in town in the hot desert sun. But they're substantial enough that they are warm enough for me most months of the year (though I run warm). They fit loose but move with you well. I thought the oversized back pockets were gimmicky at first, but I've come to really like them. I use to them hold notebooks, tools, work gear, I'll even stuff a windbreaker in a back pocket when going out for a walk. They're also very durable. Heavier weight pants from other companies have never lasted me more than 2 seasons. My first pair of these lasted 4 seasons before wearing out this summer. I just bought two more pairs on sale. I think they are my favorite pant.

September 6, 2020

Love Patagonia!!

These are great for casual or light work. LOVE all the hemp Patagonia stuff! Tough stuff but comfy!!

September 6, 2020

Hemp canvas double knee

I bought these for sun and skin protection when volunteering in a native plant garden. So I am using these as work pants.. The pant fit is good and they are very comfortable when digging, kneeling, etc. The material appeards durable but I'll only be able to tell how durable after additional months of work. The 4 pockets are deep enough to kee... Read Morep valuables from falling out and hold tools too. The material is a little heavy for working outside in the summer but lighter pants would be less durable. Additional tool pockets would be nice especially on the side. Overall I am very pleased with the pants.

September 4, 2020

600 days

Just bought these pants to have a third pair. Have two other pairs I have worn constantly more than 2 years, probably 300 days on each pair. Love the looser more mobile fit. Wish Patagonia made a five pocket version in the 9.6-oz All Seasons Hemp weight also.

August 31, 2020

I love the loose fit

The first pair I bought are a 36, which is what I wear in all other pants. They fit perfectly everywhere except the waist. The next pair I bought are 38, and fit perfectly at the waist, and quite loose everywhere else. I find them nearly perfect for homebuilding. The back pockets are a bit annoying if you carry a wallet, but truly handy for hand to... Read Moreols and miscellany. And the fabric is dreamy--sturdy, soft and very pliant.

July 19, 2020

Great Design, Sorry Craftsmanship

I really wanted to love these pants. The fit is nice, materials are wonderful and seem quite tough (I spend a lot of time kneeling in soil/on gravel and not a stitch is out of place), and the design of the back pockets is something I never knew I needed. But the rivets keep popping off! I already returned one pair, only to receive another pair with... Read More the same problem. I wear them about a week and then the rivets on the front pockets pop right off. Very disappointed, as Patagonia stuff is normally built so well.

Response from Patagonia
August 26, 2020

Hi Tyler, we're so sorry to hear about the continued issues with the rivets on the All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants. Please feel free to initiate a warranty return here,

July 13, 2020

Bad fitting

The pants I got are mot my true size. I normally wear a 33-34/32. When I initially ordered the 34 it was to tight and it did not feel well cut it. Since I want to Try those hemps pants for work I went on and ordered the 36. Well it fits of course since I am naturally a 33-34. Very very baggy. I feel like the designer who put this together had a ver... Read Morey wrong idea of proportions and actual sizes. I will not buy this again or suggest this to a friend. The sizing and fit are bad and dont make for a safe workwear. When you have to much flapping around in the legs you could easily get stuck in things. Simply bad design.

Response from Patagonia
August 18, 2020

We're sorry to hear the disappointment and that these didn't end up fitting well. We appreciate you taking the time to express this and hope you can [send]( those back as a return.

July 13, 2020

Super comfortable and durable pants

I love these pants. Very comfortable and break in quickly. The waist runs small though. Order at least a size bigger than you would normally.

July 13, 2020

Super comfortable and durable pants

I love these pants. Very comfortable and break in quickly. The waist runs small though. Order at least a size bigger than you would normally.

June 17, 2020


Great Comfortable Pants! Should Last a Long Time. Unique Design.

June 17, 2020


I bought my first pair 3 years ago. The newer ones that I bought 3 months ago are lighter in weight, softer and more comfortable. It remains to be seen if they will be as durable as I kneel a lot using these for gardening. The opening of the pockets for knee pads is too small...make the opening bigger with a velcro tab to close the opening while st... Read Moreill holding knee pads in place. The pocket could be narrower is too wide for any of the knee pads that I've ever used so that pads can slip a little side-to-side.

June 17, 2020

Great work pants.

These are the best work pants I've ever owned. Tough, but still breathable.]

June 17, 2020

Great pants

Love these - just what I was looking for - a bit long but roll them up and theyre good to go !

June 12, 2020

almost awesome

After wearing the iron forge for a few years as my daily work pants, (with much fondness on all levels), I thought I'd treat myself to the all seasons hemp work pants, which I figured would be the same as the iron forge, just made with lighter material. The cut is different, though. The knee pads sit about an inch lower, so that the knee pads ... Read Moresit at shin level, instead of knee level. The importance of this minor detail becomes immediately apparent the first time you drop to your knees and there are no knee pads there. Second, the length is oddly long (at least an inch longer than the iron forge). And last, the cuff is narrower than the iron forge, making it difficult to get over work boots. Maybe I got an off pair, or maybe they're made with a different pattern. I don't know which, but it would be nice if they fit just like the iron forge. Also, Patagonia, the knee-height side pockets and hammer loop which are on your dyneema work pants would be a nice addition to the iron forge and all seasons double-knee pants. The extra storage space for tools is nice. All that being said, I still like them enough to avoid going through the rigamarole of an exchange or return, but it would be nice to see these shortcomings addressed.

June 9, 2020

Doesn't Fit

I cannot tell you if these are good pants or not, because they do not fit. I wear a 32' waist in all of my pants and like most people wear many brands. For some reason Patagonia's idea of a 32' waist is not in line with the rest of the clothing industry. They are not just a tight fit, but I cannot even button them, so I'm stuck ... Read Morewith two pairs of pants I can't even wear. If you do order these, buy a size up.

Response from Patagonia
June 10, 2020

Hi Shawn, thank you for taking the time to write us a review! We're really sorry to hear about the issues with the fit. We appreciate the feedback as its crucial to improving things for future seasons. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

June 6, 2020

Runs small

I bought a 34/32, normally is the size I wear with other Patagonia pants and other brands I can wear 33. Those pants did not fit like a 34 but more like a very tight 33. Proportionally are big in the legs but very tight at the waist and have a very short seem. If they need to be workwear they need improvement in the way they fit, crouching down ben... Read Moreding, etc, you want some room in your waste and seem and not feel like constrained. Cant talk about other things since I find it to have a chance to really put them to use. The next pair will be able to give a more specific review of durability and other performances.

March 12, 2020

Wow, to the comfort! Fits snug in the waist

These pants are fantastic! Well built, per usual with Patagonia. Insanity comfortable material. Bought a pair of these and one of the Iron Forge 5 pocket pants for wearing to start building my house. These 34 fit like a 33. Was going to exchange for a 35, but the next size up is a 36. Ive been having this issue with Patagonia waist size lately on s... Read Moreome shorts/pants. 34 is 34. If its smaller than that, its not a 34. Hoping I can get away wearing them to stretch them out, and refraining from clothes dryer. We will see...

Response from Patagonia
April 11, 2020

Hey there Caleb. Thank you for your feedback on sizing. If you continue to have issues we would be happy to help [exchange]( them for something that will work better for you.

March 9, 2020

Framing carpenter

I bought these in the fall and they took a beating all winter. The preform as expected.

March 3, 2020

New fabric is a great improvement

I own a couple of pairs of the double knee organic cotton pants. This blend is softer, yet is standing up to regular washing better than the straight cotton pants. The color is not lightening or fading with additional washing. The pocket cut is really nice for carrying a wallet. The pockets are roomy and accessible.

January 28, 2020

Wanted to love them but can’t.

I really wanted to love these pants. They’ve got a really functional design, the material is awesome, and for work pants they look decent enough to wear casually. That being said, the sizing is really weird. I’m about 5’11” and typically wear a 38x30, or sometimes a 36x32 in some brands. I ordered these in a 38 short. I can’t get them buttoned ar... Read Moreound my waist, and they’re 2-3 inches too long. The legs are also very baggy, much more so than one would think by seeing them on the catalog model (and I’ve got some pretty muscular legs). You’d have to have a rail-thin waist with massive legs for these thing s to fit right. Not really sure what to leave for the sizing indicator on this review since they seem to simultaneously run too big and too small. The sizing is just bizarre.

Response from Patagonia
February 3, 2020

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to write us a review! We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment with sizing. Feedback like this is truly crucial to improving products for future seasons so it's much appreciated. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

December 31, 2019

Great work pants

I work in a wearhouse where I am exposed to many diffrent activites (bending, lifting, spill clean up, sitting, fall rescue) and these pants are durable, flexable, and very comfortable making it my first choice for work wear in the morning. The fit is a little bit long in legnth but fits the waist great. I am looking forward to getting another pair... Read More!

December 29, 2019

Finally a great fitting pair

Finally a great fitting pair of pants that have plenty of storage in the pocket without having items jabbing into your side. I highly recommend!

December 18, 2019

Still perfect

Third pair , love em!

December 3, 2019

Comfortable wear and real good

Comfortable wear and real good make!

December 2, 2019

Comfy Sporty Casual

Just the right amount of dressiness for my job. Nice drape, soft fabrics, comfy fit.

November 29, 2019

Best pants PERIOD!

I love these pants so much I got them in every color. They are sturdy but comfy enough I wore them on a flight from LAX to London. Casual enough to wear with a t-shirt but stylish enough to wear with a button down when I go to work as a teacher. My favorite pants of all time!

November 22, 2019

good pants, very durable. Just

good pants, very durable. Just need a hammer holder or power drill holes

November 17, 2019

Epic Pants

These pants are absolutely amazing. I love the feel and the fit of the pants. They feel soft enough to be very comfortable but still thought enough to be the work pant. And the fit is great, I'm constantly squatting down at my work and the never feel like I'm squeezing my croch or butt. And then when I stand back up they look nice and sti... Read Morell fit very nice. But most importantly as a work pant, I can beat them up, and they still keep ticking. I'm constantly getting them covered in concert and dirt and dragging lumber across them, dusty boxes are constantly rubbing and abrasing them, but they come out of the wash time and time again looking new. All the fabric is holding fine, and same with the stitching, belt loops, rivits. Being in Nor Cal, it can get pretty hot up here but the pants are definitely not the hottest pair I have had.They are just a great pants, no matter what. A jack of all trades pair of pants, perfect for a master of no trade, but working in a verity of fields.

November 14, 2019

Awesomely soft - perfect weight

A little baggie but ok. Use this cut and material to make a slightly dressier version!!!

November 9, 2019

These are my favorite pants

i work in an office and a warehouse at my job and these pants are both stylish enough to be presentable and durable enough to hold up to inevitable scuffing or getting caught on a piece of sheet metal without tearing. Very comfortable too! The blue version is stylish.

November 8, 2019

Awesome pair of pants

This is my second pair of these work pants. The first pair I need to send in and see if they can patch the knees with the same material...the best. I am on my knees a lot and use pads in the double knees. I am under kitchen sinks so, there is a lot of twisting on those knees so most pants last a couple of weeks before the knees are toast. I got a y... Read Moreear out of the first pair. So, I thought I’d try again with out pads and see how long they last. Good fit (5’9”, 168lbs) size med fits well. Plenty of freedom in the legs...I wouldn’t change a thing. Second only to the Hemp Iron Forge Canvas pants...hard to beat.

November 6, 2019

The back pockets are still weird

I almost love them, the fabric is excellent. No phone pocket, back pockets are nice for tools/choring, annoying for a wallet and casual wear.

October 23, 2019

Need overalls!

These pants are fantastic. I’ve used them gardening, roofing and cutting trails in the woods Durable enough for work but comfy enough for casual wear as well. My only complaint is that they aren’t available in overalls! Hope to see Patagonia take the suggestions for improvement to the women’s overall and make a men’s version as well.

October 21, 2019

This is my second pair

This is my second pair of these pants and they are very comfortable, durable and easy to care. All in all, great pants.

October 11, 2019

Tight in all the wrong places

Sadly just returned these pants. Want to wear hemp clothing for a myriad of reasons, want it to last a long time and surely these would, no question. The fit was too odd to overcome though. 6'1, 175, pretty trim. Always wear a 32 waist. Order the 33 just because, and as soon as they came out of the bag I thought, "No way these are 32/33..... Read More.more like 29/30. They were very tight around the waistband and just below, too, almost like a pleated fit. Not much room in the crotch area either...and by "not much" I mean they crunch the parts below. Can't imagine wearing them on a jobsite all day...thighs would be screaming. The legs open up quite baggy. This might be exactly what others are looking for though, so...? I even ventured down to a store 2 hours away to try on in person...but same result. Super bummed, but looking forward to the next iteration. Had two pairs of the original Patagonia double-knee work pants about ten years ago and absolutely destroyed them on the daily until there was just nothing left of them. Far, far better than Carhartts. Next time around on the hemp pants, I hope.

September 29, 2019

Very comfortable pant for the

Very comfortable pant for the style!

September 23, 2019

Great work pants / Hammer loop would be useful too

I wore these almost everyday on a 3 week roofing project. I was super glad for the double thickness seat after poking a lot of holes in the bottom of the pants sliding around on nail heads. Generally very tough material. I found my self stuffing the tape measure and other things in the big pockets, which were definitely useful. But I think a small ... Read Morehammer loop would also be a nice addition. I guess that depends on what kind of jobs you are working on, but I think there is always something too long for the pockets that needs some where to hang from when you are in the middle of the job. By the way, I really like this weight. I haven't tried the Iron Forge versions, but this All Seasons weight seems perfect to me.

September 9, 2019

Fantastic fabric

I love these pants. The weight is not too heavy, and the fabric feels and behaves like linen—breathes well and comfortable when weather is warm. My only gripe is that there is no cell phone pocket on the leg.

September 8, 2019

Well made and comfortable

They do run large.

August 16, 2019

Love these pants and have

Love these pants and have 2 pairs now. Very comfortable, functional, and durable. Waist runs a bit small, but otherwise a great fit.

August 15, 2019

Great warm weather, thin and light

I dig these pants, but they weeent what I was expecting. Lightweight material is breezy and feels great, but these are not the canvas work pant I expected. I’ve worn them for work, for sure, and they do a fine job, but I’d hesitate to wear them for really grungy work where a thicker canvas would do better. I’m wearing them right now, and I’m going ... Read Moreto work! I dig ‘em.

August 15, 2019

Hemp Canvas double knee pants

Like them a lot. Very comfortable fabric and great fit. Would like side pocket for phone.

August 12, 2019

Favorite work pants!

These pants are absolutely amazing. Unlike Carhartt's that take quite some time to "break in" these pants come broken in and feel much more comfortable. The back 2 "scoop" pockets are amazing for gloves, tools, etc. The double knee make using knee pads really easy. And I love that they're made from hemp. Hemp NEEDS to ... Read Morereplace cotton across the globe. These are a bit baggy but this allows unrestricted freedom of movement which I appreciate!

August 10, 2019

Great Gusset

The gusseted crotch makes these pants so comfortable and durable. I wear thru the crotch on most pants but with these there is little to no sign of weakening in the fabric. I wear them every day during the cold part of the season as a gardener/landscaper in NE US

August 10, 2019

Perfect work pants

Love these pants, I’ve been wearing these in the 100+ degree temps doing construction. They fit really well and are not hot.

August 10, 2019

Great Pants

They are my go to pants: not too heavy, not too light. I have two pairs. One for Winter (heavier) and the other for Fall (lighter). Very durable and rugged and fashionable. Bought similar pants in 1970's and wore them out on a one year long trek in Canada and Mexico. Had to wait many years before Patagonia made them again. Expect they will las... Read Moret a long time.

July 26, 2019

Great warm weather pants, workmanship can use some tuning.

I love the idea of the lightweight hemp work pant for summer as I work outside and hike into job sites. The pockets are really well placed and large enough to hold what you need while working. They are really soft and feel great brand new. These do run small in the waist compared to Carhartt pants fyi. My only gripe is after 4 days of wearing the s... Read Moretitching on the fly came undone completely and after about 1 month there are some serious signs of wear and tear. The durability of these pants is not even close to comparing to the Carhartt's I've owned which is upsetting for the price you pay. I think they would be great for a weekend warrior DIY house renovation dad.

Response from Patagonia
July 26, 2019

We are sorry to hear about the troubles you've had with durability. We hope you [send]( these back to us for a warranty evaluation. We are happy to walk you through this process to make it as effortless as possible.

June 22, 2019

Lots of potential, very uncomfortable.

As a hemp farmer and consumer of Patagonia and Carhartt, I was overcome with excitement when I found out about this line. I would like to mention the positives of these pants first, because these pants are quite cool, with room for some major improvements (in my experience). The gusseted front pockets for knives, pens etc. are very useful, as are t... Read Morehe goofy at first site rear pockets. After putting them on and placing a few items in the rear pockets, they quickly grew on me. The shape feels right when putting your hand in and they are deep enough for just about anything you’d want to put there. I also liked how soft to the touch and broken in they felt right out of the package. These also fit well over my boots. Between the cool design, the material and the fact that I love pretty much everything about Patagonia, I am upset at how uncomfortable the waist and crotch are. For a 33, they feel very snug. I wear a 32 or 33, depending on the brand. The waist stitching offers zero stretch, so when I simply walk, sit or squat, it feels constricting. Also, these are described as roomy in the crotch, but my experience was the opposite. I am 6’2 and pretty thin, so my lack of rear end shouldn’t feel crammed and wedged by a work pant when walking up steps or a ladder. Snug around the rear is one thing, but these give me a wedgie just walking. It’s incredibly distracting. To be specific, I do wear very thin, snug boxer briefs and find those to be the most accommodating in my Carhartts and Dickies. Because of how stuffed the rear and crotch become when I squat, it makes the tops of my thighs tight, and loose on the backs of my legs. If you are a full figured, burly guy, I do not see how these would work at all, especially if you have knee pads inserted. For a work pant, they are incredibly soft, and they clean up nice if you want to wear them out casually. I will continue to use these, however, I do not feel confident recommending them to anybody or buying them again.

Response from Patagonia
June 24, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to express all this helpful feedback to us. We are sorry that you've experienced some troubles and discomfort with the fit. We'd be happy to [assist]( you with [returning]( those, id you'd like.

May 27, 2019

Comfy fitting work pants

I’m an archaeologist and use these pants during survey. We walk through all sort of brush, scrub, and corn fields. So far these pants have held up to the constant friction after a few months. I haven’t but them through the full ringer yet but I’m confident they will do well, but not for as long as something heavy like carharts or the iron forge can... Read Morevas hemp. These are lighter weight and nice for warmer weather. The deep pockets are great for any gear and the deep crotch makes movement easy, including climbing over barbed-wire fences. The only change I’d like to see is a version with a slightly slimmer cut around the boot.

May 18, 2019

Mostly a great work pant

I like everything about these pants, except the very short crotch depth. I dont think I could wear them without the diamond cut. I wear them with compression shorts and they are still "tight." it's hard to walk uphill. Other than that great pants.

May 8, 2019

Beats Carhart hands down

Best work pants I've ever tried. The fabric is soft right out If the bag, no break in needed. I am a professional electrician, and have already snagged one pair on a nail in a firm board, no damage to the fabric that i can see. Did I say comfortable? Anyone claiming they aren't breathable has never worn carhart canvas work paints.

May 5, 2019

Great for work, play and travel

I bought these to replace carharts I have worn for years. I don't think they replace the need for rugged carharts but they shine in other ways. They are more comfortable for work (outdoor field work), nice enough for the office and are now my go to for travel (plane and car). I have even worn them at the bouldering gym after a day at work. I r... Read Moreeally like the feel of the fabric and the knowledge of using this alternative fabric which I hope becomes a new standard. I'm 5'8", 145 lbs. and am an ultra trail runner/climber/cyclist. They fit great in the waist, little baggy on me but allows for unrestricted movement.

March 28, 2019

Can you make a hemp stand up pant?

Don’t care for the gusseted crotch and would love to see a hemp stand up pant. Is that possible?

December 13, 2018

Solid workwear

I've waited years for Patagonia to make workwear and these pants were worth the wait. Competitor pants are not well designed, too stiff and have no fair trade or recycling guarantees. Patagonia offers all three for a great price. The pants are perfect for tractor work, hands-and-knees gardening, cutting cedar trees and even handling thorny gre... Read Moreenbrier vines on our acreage. Very durable and the pockets are cleverly crafted to fit tools, gloves, water bottles or anything necessary for a day's hard work. Comfortable, light-weight and nice enough to wear to a restaurant, not just the barn. Fit well over both hiking and work boots.

December 12, 2018

Durable pants, not breathable

I purchased these pants for long days building and maintaining mountain bike trails with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. The fabric is very strong and as with everything Patagonia - well built. The fabric is not breathable at all and they have a very baggy fit that starts to feel hot and uncomfortable if you're hiking with tools and working har... Read Mored in the sun. Maybe it's just personal preference or the way they fit my body. The waist runs small. The rear pockets are super deep (which is nice), but the front pockets are shallow and don't feel very secure for preventing your iPhone, wallet, and keys from falling out.

December 8, 2018

Love these!!

I have only just put these pants on, but they are fantastic. However, the only thing different in comparison to other Patagonia jeans is they seem to run small in the waist.

November 29, 2018

Great pants but Bring Back the Overstone Pants!

The All Seasons Hemp Canvas Pants are excellent for fall, winter, and early spring activities. That said, The Hemp Overstone Pants are perfect for summer. I bought a pair of your Hemp Overstone Pants from you all in June of 2014. Since then I've worn the pants almost every day. It's time I get a new pair since the ones I have are getting ... Read Morea threadbare. I'd try out the Hampi Rock Pants but they don't have back pockets which are a must for the versatile pants I need. Please, bring back the Hemp Overstone Pants!

November 28, 2018

best pants Patagonia has

The Regular fit Duck pants were the top of my list but they are not made and used to shrink and become too short....These are hands down better!!! I have the thicker pair with are very durable but too hot unless its winter. The All Season Double Knee is really great. I got the 33xlong and the waist fits as it should. The crotch is WAY better then t... Read Morehe thicker pair. They are real long but I just rolled them with a half roll and they may shrink. Im 6' with longer legs, if they dont shrink my next pair will be a 33xregular. Regardless I could not be happier about a pair of Patagonia pants.

November 13, 2018

Do it all pant

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful these pants are. I put them on in the morning and my day is instantly made. From walking to class to climbing my deer stand, I can do it all in these pants. The feel of these pants seems as if they were handed down for generations which I love. I like these pants so much that I haven't taken them of... Read Moref and I bought them 2 months ago. I like them so much that I got bored in class and decided to write a review because I love these pants so much. Go ahead and get one of each color if not more. I'd love to see these in a grey color. The quality of these pants is truly unbelievable. I dare anyone to tell me a better fitting pant. Cheers.

June 8, 2018

Sick of hearing about how awesome these are

I bought these for my boyfriend who works a manual labor job in hot sun. So far,they don't show the dirt at all,and he says they are his favorite work pants ever. He's had them for 2-3 months and they show no signs of wear. They look good,hold up well,and are apparently extremely comfortable. Patagonia,please make these for women!

May 10, 2018

Incredibly comfortable tough pants.

I bought these on sale just to try the "hemp" canvas pants. I love'um. They feel worn in right from the packaging. These are the lighter weight trousers so they are reasonably cool in a toasty TX spring day. My only problem is they are wider in the butt than other work pants so they were a little long. I hemmed them about 1.5 or 2.0 ... Read Moreinches. I have done any nasty work in them so I can't testify to how tough they'll be over the long haul. Oh the pockets are the best. You can actually cram stuff in the pockets and not impact your legs or butt. Thanks Ed Whitaker

May 4, 2018

Work in them and see

I love work pants,love the double knee,and the heavy feel of the pants. I have other brands with a double knee and oddly they fit the same. The relaxed fit 34 was to snug all the way through,so I returned the first pair and went up to 36 which I are a little loose. No big deal because there is shrinkage. Here are the features I like in these pants.... Read More Durable in feel and the weight tells me this. Back pockets will hold an butt load. There is a scratch feel to them at first but this went away after a washing. I look forward to abusing these as they were made to work in

April 20, 2018

Strange Fit

I'm a skier so my quads tend to fill out pants quickly. These are neither loose nor snug in that direction. The inseam in relation to the top of the pant is the problem,one of the shortest zipper lengths I've ever seen on a pair of pants. These are hardly a relaxed fit. This is the first pair of pants I've had this issue with aside f... Read Morerom the EMS Fencemender pant-same short zipper. If you are allowed to wear a shirt untucked without a belt you'll probably be fine,but with a belt they just arent comfortable.

April 15, 2018

Relaxed Fit is too loose.

I have a simple request regarding these work pants along with the whole workwear collection for men. Please ditch the Relaxed Fit choice and start designing everything in Regular Fit instead. I own a few pairs of straight fit corduroys which I personally prefer to work in instead because they still provide enough mobility without being too loose ar... Read Moreound my legs.

April 4, 2018

fit is long

I was skeptical of this material in looking at the label but it has a soft hand and I like the weight. Time will tell on durability but I'm optimistic. I also have the Iron Forge heavier weight version of this pant which I love. The fit is loose but stays in place. Diamond crotch is a winner. Pockets are brilliant. The thing to be aware of... Read More is that this All Season runs long. They are longer in the inseam and the rise is a full inch longer than the Iron Forge. I've been wearing Patagonia short length pants for years all good. These I will have to take up.

February 13, 2018

Another homerun !

Another homerun ! Like with all the workwear products theses pants offer full range of movement and with the lighter weight make them better for the warmer weather. I love the green I wish this color would be available throughout in the whole work line. A lighter weight cargo would be nice to ... In the heavier version I did go one size larger b... Read Moreut these pants are true to size if not slightly bigger in the waist

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