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Men's Stand Up® Shorts - 7" Reviews

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Ms Stand Up® Shorts - 7

True To Size
September 20, 2022


These shorts fit great, durable for work and play. The big pockets are key for easy access to phone, maps, and wallet.

September 19, 2022

I have worn stand up

I have worn stand up shorts for years. They are the best designed product for me. The only criticism I have is that I should have ordered my traditional size, 31, but chose to make this pair a bit more relaxed. I should have known that these shorts never relax. They are a bit too relaxed for my taste but still the high quality product I have known.... Read More

September 18, 2022

Shorts Review

Great shorts for just about any activity. Liked the 5" length too; wish Patagonia still offered them.

September 17, 2022

This is my second pair

This is my second pair of Stand Up shorts. I bought my first pair over 35 years ago. My wife still wears them (my waist was smaller then). My new pair will probably out last me. They are the best.

September 17, 2022

Great shorts, Ive been wearing

Great shorts, Ive been wearing them for years. They hold up well over the years. They are my go to shorts. The only issue has been sizing. You never know what size will fit. One pair could be 34, or 33, or even 32, sometimes 35. I have multiple pair in my drawer all with different labeled sizes that all fit the same.

September 17, 2022

My everyday wear

Stand ups are my go to summer gear. I recently bought three new pair to replace some older 5 inch shorts that have lasted your years. I like the new 7 inch shorts as they have a bit more relaxed fit. They are great on the river fishing, hiking, working around the house, and going out on the town!

September 17, 2022

never wear out

This is probably my 4th pair of these shorts. The antique ones look SO short now,I like the longer length. Fit is a bit lose and very comfortable for work or casual, but the thing is, they last FOREVER. they go from clean casual, to yard and garden work, to house painting to whatever.

September 16, 2022

40 years ago they were

40 years ago they were climbing shorts now they are casual shorts

September 16, 2022

Great shorts in all ways

Do not change these. They are perfect as is. Ive worn through several pair. Comfortable and fit great.

September 15, 2022

Bomb Proof Classic

Some of my favority pair of shorts in the late 90's were the 5" Stand Up Short. I have no idea what happened to thos shorts, but I love the 7" version I just purchased recently. I don't know if this was re-release or I just missed these shorts in the catalogue, but they do not disappoint. Comfy, roomy, practical, and super tough... Read More. I love the added length and find them more versatile at the longer length. These shorts can pretty much stand up to anything (hence their name). They will be a staple in my closet for the long-term future. Glad they are back!

September 15, 2022

This product would rate five

This product would rate five stars if it came with a 5 inch inseam like it used to. Now I have to pay a seamstress to shorten. These are great shorts. Look good, last forever. Just too long.

September 14, 2022

These shorts have been a

These shorts have been a staple in my outdoor clothes collection for decades. They really do endure rather harsh use conditions and I love them so much I have three pairs I. Different colors. They are my go to shorts that really can get after it.

September 9, 2022

Pockets pockets pockets.

I can fit my daily planner or a small book in either of the outside thigh pockets. Cannot recommend them enough. I have 3 pairs, and they're the only shorts I wear.

September 7, 2022

Ol' reliable

I have a similar version of this pair of shorts from many years ago. Unfortunately, they got too dirty to wear in public but they are still great on hikes. These shorts are perfect for in town and super rugged for the trail. Having the odd sizes (35 waist) makes all the difference as they fit perfectly.

September 7, 2022

7" is way better

Look... I'm not a Patagonia clothing model that is 6' 1" and weighs 160 lbs. I'm not a professional climber that has like zero percent body fat. I'm just a normal 35 year old guy who used to be pretty athletic and now tries to stay as active as I can. I'm also a guy that likes IPAs and BBQ and doesn't appreciate t... Read Morehe amount of inner thigh that the older version 5" inseam shorts flaunts. These 7" bad boys are perfect. Great fit. Bomb proof material. Perfect for normal guys out there that are just trying get out to fish and hike on the weekends. They fit so well that I bought a second pair. DONE.

September 7, 2022

I want the 5 inch inseam back

I have worn stand up shorts for years. The 5 inch inseams were perfect I lived on a boat So you discontinued them. Now I will have to get these altered and have 2 inches cut off. Other than that they are great shorts.

September 6, 2022

go to shorts

owned 4 pair of these for years. eventually wore out. just did a reload and will be back for more. wear like iron, but are very comfortable.

September 6, 2022

Funny fit

Hi I liked the material of these shorts and the color but the fit was not flattering Did not pass the wife test

Response from Patagonia
September 13, 2022

Hi, thank you so much for submitting your review! We are also very sorry to hear that the fit did not work out for you. Please know you are always welcome to [return](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html) an item if it does not fit or perform the way you'd desire.

September 6, 2022

I have worn these shorts

I have worn these shorts for about forty years. Back then I was doing a lot of sailing and the comfort and freedom of movement made the best choice. As time moved on, interest in hiking, kayaking, and climbing as well as everyday use has these my go to shorts.

September 3, 2022

Rugged Yet Comfy

These have become my everyday shorts. They fit well, look good and are very comfortable. Very durable as well!

August 30, 2022

best shorts

great wide leg roomy fit, nice and short to keep the boys cool, hella pocket space, and material is tough so they dont rip easily. thanks to the homies at the upper west side store for hooking it up much love i love patagonia

August 30, 2022


Love the pocket placement and the fit on these. The material feels super durable. I wear them to work and casually a lot, but probably wouldnt do much more in them than that

August 24, 2022

Great Fit

Lovin' the fabric, fit and cut. Despite the slightly shorter inseam, the front pockets don't eject their contents the moment I sit. It is taking a little time to get used to the rear pockets, though.

August 19, 2022

Bring Back Long Inseams

These are your best shorts and have been staples since the get go. I've owned a dozen pair and worn most of them through. But... 45 years later I'd like a 9" inseam and maybe some stretch because I'm not 20 anymore. It's a no-brainer so what is the issue giving people what they want?

August 16, 2022

This is my husbands second

This is my husbands second pair. He loves the fit, comfort and versatility. This material lasts for years and holds up with any outdoor activity.

August 16, 2022

I've used Stand Up Shorts for years, but. . .

Stand Up Shorts have been my go-to for years. Normally I would rate them as 5-star. But this year, Patagonia chose to sell them only with a 7-inch inseam. Really? When I want shorts, I don't want them flapping around my knees, I want shorts! For ventilation and sun! So, I had to cut off 3 inches and re-hem them myself to get proper shorts. The... Read Moren they get 5-stars.

Response from Patagonia
August 18, 2022

Hi Willi! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment that we're currently not offering the shorts in 5''. We always appreciate when customers let us know when an item is missed so we'll share this with our design team.

August 15, 2022

Best shorts ever

These are the best shorts ever. They they sit comfortably on your hips and never sag. Tough material lasts a long time. I hope they never stop making these. A couple of caveats: 1) They appear to be running larger than they used to. While a 32 used to fit perfectly, they are now swimming on me. 2) Very sad that they discontinued the 5" length.... Read More As a short person, the 7" are just too long (easily fixed with scissors and sewing machine). 3) Especially on the shorter lengths, the pockets tend to become exposed when sitting.

August 14, 2022


Best shorts ever most Durable shorts Ive ever owned excellent quality!!

August 10, 2022

great pants

I love the stand up shorts. I used to wear them back in my college days at the university of Montana. What you realy need to do is bring back the stand up long pants and the Duck pants. Please bring them back for us OLD guys. Thank you Doug

Response from Patagonia
August 15, 2022

Hi Doug! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review and share this request. We always appreciate hearing from our customers when an old item we no longer offer is missed. We'll share this with our design crew.

August 8, 2022

Frustrated that you stopped making the 5" inseam version!!

I realize that business economics caused you to keep the 7" version because more people buy them than 5"; however, there are a lot of people like me with short legs that need and prefer the 5" version. I have worn stand-up shorts for many decades: hiking, climbing, mountain biking (with a liner), casual, yard work - everything year r... Read Moreound. 7" is way too long and too wide just above the knees for me. My very old remaining pairs are stained with oil, grease, paint, sweat, and maybe even blood. My wife thinks they look a little bad for more formal events now. Please help me resolve this clothing crisis ASAP! Thanks

August 5, 2022

Good shorts

Love these shorts. Great cut for me, 5-10,200lbs. I like hip and leg mobility. These seem to run about a size up. I have a pair of 2010 stand up shorts in 33 waist got too tight, but fit and material is awesome. Then got a pair in 35 2019ish, were not good fit. This year 2022- in 34, are a little roomy in the waist, feels like 35, longer than 2010s... Read More by about an inch. Fit and material are great.

July 31, 2022

20 year fan of the stand ups

Over 20 years I have had a total of 4 pairs of standups (2 pairs at a time) and they keep their fit and do not wear out quickly. I have now ordered my 5th pair and would have ordered a 6th if they had not sold out of the size and colors I needed. They are so comfortable and such good quality. I wear them during all the warmer months. My only compla... Read Moreint is that I sincerely miss the 5 inch inseam. Patagonia, please bring back the 5 inch inseam for the long time fans!

July 29, 2022

Very strange design. I am

Very strange design. I am returning for recycling.First time for this. Normally, I just live Patagonia clothing.

July 29, 2022

Solution to the Longer 7 inch Stand-up

As a wearer of Stand-ups for more than 30 years, in so many of their different thicknesses and lengths, I believe I have a tiny solution . . . for myself at least. So I thought I would share here. I currently own 5 inch and 7 inch stand ups and I would like to submit that I am currently rolling up my 7 inch stand-ups one turn . . . just like I occa... Read Moresionally do my jeans . . . so I don't step on the bottom hem . . . This takes a little more than an inch off the length of the inseam. If you care to do two rolls . . .you will have about a 5 inch inseam. I am very pleased with the result. I hope this helps.

July 26, 2022

Fabric and Cut

Been wearing stand-ups since high school in the 80s and inherited my older brother's too. Loved them since the beginning. Changing / modernizing these is like changing a cast iron skillet. Why do it? Yes they no longer even "stand up" and I honestly wish they still did. Technically these are light weight stand-up shorts, because the ... Read Moreoriginals were much heavier and I was so bummed to see those go. However, I have a solution! Make Stand up shorts in 3 different inseams . . . 5 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch. But perhaps most importantly . . . bring back the original weight stand-ups. Or perhaps even better, make them out to that super burly hemp workwear double knee fabric. Heavy Shorts will be super popular. I promise. Just like BIG DOGS used to be. Tech web belts out of the same hemp material would be rad too. (: trust me

Response from Patagonia
July 29, 2022

We're truly sorry to hear about your disappointment in the modern Standup Shorts. If you need any assistance returning your new pair, please let us know. We also passed your thoughts along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback.

July 24, 2022

Happily, the quality of these

Happily, the quality of these shorts have not changed in decades. These are true long lasting canvass shorts that hold up to abrasive sports like mountain scrambles. I do not think there are any comparable products.

July 22, 2022

Nice shorts & love the

Nice shorts & love the beefy material. They just get better with each washing. The sizing is all over the board. I ordered 4 pair and to get the right fit 2 are size 34 waist and the other 2 pair are 35. I had to order several times just to get the right fit. You need to have better sizing control.

July 17, 2022


Particularly like the Canvas material

July 17, 2022

Great Shorts

Classic shorts. Bought my first pair of stand up shorts in 19 and 72. This will likely be my last pair. I love these shorts. Fit is excellent, fabric seems to be a long lasting weave. In the words of the late great, Guy Clark, stuff that works, stuff that holds up. Dont hesitate!!

July 15, 2022

Love these

I love the 7" inseam stand-up shorts AND I would love you to bring back the 5" inch standup shorts, too.

July 13, 2022

Standup shorts veteran- durable

We recently had a large flood in southcentral Montana and I (we) lost everything to the river including several pair of my well worn and much beloved standup shorts. The day after the flood I knew I had to order a new pair of shorts from Patagonia! They are durable, and have deep pockets to store you stuff. Thanks for continuing to make such great ... Read Moreproducts Patagonia!

July 10, 2022

Just perfect for my use,

Just perfect for my use, including some serious gardening, wet-wading while fishing, and hiking.

July 9, 2022


Best shorts I ever owned tough material. Last forever I have pairs from20 years ago! Quality

July 8, 2022

get over it, friends

the 5" inseam is gone! have been wearing stand ups since the 80's, have managed to wear some pairs out (not easy) 3 pairs currently - love them!

July 3, 2022

Bring back shorter inseam

Great shorts with iconic rear pockets. Please bring back the 5 inch inseam model. The longer inseam is out of style

July 2, 2022

Best if you got back

Best if you got back to me in about ten years. They look like they will last that long. Heavy duty fabric that looks like it will age, and show its age well.

July 1, 2022

I have worn stand up

I have worn stand up shorts for 35 years. In my younger years the 5inch inseam was the only one available. Loved them and wore them until they were thread bare and falling apart. In my older years I made the switch to the 7inch but still had a few 5inch holding on. The new 7inch are not even close to the existing 7inch pairs I have. At least 1inch ... Read Moreto 2inches longer and bigger in the legs and waist. So disappointed! I have worn Patagonia clothing since the mid 80s and will continue to do so. However I have always been sad when they change a product even slightly. The original stand shorts had no darts in the back and they changed that years ago to my chagrin, I dealt with it but I didnt like it. About 10 years ago I bought some all wear shorts and loved them, they fit me perfectly, then they made a slight change to the leg openings and it happened again. I guess I just dont like change, but generally I can get over it. This change is terrible. I wont be buying another pair of standup shorts unless they go back to the old pattern. Patagonia dont ruin a good thing.

Response from Patagonia
July 5, 2022

We're truly sorry to hear that this revision of the Stand Up Shorts has been so unpleasant for you. We went ahead and reached out to you via email to offer some help with your return. We also passed your thoughts along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback.

July 1, 2022

I had a pair of

I had a pair of these shorts years ago and it took me that long to find this replacement. The original shorts were great, but these are even better since they have that extra rear pocket that doesn't have velcro so is easy to access.

June 27, 2022

Solid Shorts

These shorts are exceptionally well made, even for Patagonia. Though you could, and I will, wear them to restaurants and museums, these shorts are made to wear while working in the shop, yard, or garden. I've several other pairs of Patagonia shorts of the same waist size, 33", and these are definitely a short inch roomier. Not a bad thing... Read More.

June 27, 2022

Durable andcomfortable. I've been wearing

Durable andcomfortable. I've been wearing this product sincethe 70's. Only wish you had old school stand up pants!

June 27, 2022

Best shorts for many years!

Best shorts for many years!

June 26, 2022

A trusted friend

I just bought two new pairs of Patagonia Stand Up shorts, one in Pumice and the other in Mojave Khaki. Stand Up shorts have been a trusted friend for over 40 years, since I bought my first pair at the old Stanley Andrews store in downtown San Diego. They are comfortable, tough, and hold up to everything my life throws at them. The deep hip pockets ... Read Moreand the wallet pocket are especially functional, and the 7" inseam is just right. These new ones may outlive me.

June 19, 2022

Still a great shorts, but . . .

This is still the same great stand-up shorts we have known. But it is baffling and disappointing that Patagonia has discontinued the model with the 5-inch inseam. Countless humans who wear shorts don't want them to come down to their knees. We like the freedom of movement that comes with the five-inch inseam. Bring it back and save those of us... Read More who continue to faithfully buy these shorts the trouble and expense of having them shortened.

June 19, 2022

Pretty warm.

These shorts are obviously top of the line in most ways, and should wear really well. I live, however, in The CSA borderland of Georgia, and a version with perhaps one less layer of handy storage and a lighter hemp fabric would get worn more often immediately.

June 18, 2022

Like an old friend

I bought my first pair of stand-up shorts 40 years ago. Cant believe I still love these shorts! The old pair was heavier than these, but my new additions are super comfortable and I am looking forward to breaking them in. Long may they run!

June 16, 2022

Sizing Issue

Ive been wearing 7inch stands up for 20 years and something is going on with the sizing. Years ago they were too small so you ordered a size up - now they are huge in the waist and about 2 inches longer than my original 7inch stand ups.

June 14, 2022

Seriously stand up

Stiff as a log when they arrive, but after wearing and washing 2x, they have become very comfy. The dual back pockets are a little unusual but function well. The velcro on the back pockets is also a nice touch.

June 12, 2022

Sizing has changed

Like several others have noted, Patagonia has changed their sizing. Why?? I have two old pair (which I still wear!) of the standups, size 35. When I got a 35 this year, its way too big. Had to go down to a 33. I dont understand. Also, why did they discontinue the 5 inch standup shorts? They were awesome. A bestseller! Im disappointed to say the lea... Read Morest.

Response from Patagonia
June 14, 2022

We're truly sorry to hear the revision of our Men's Stand Up Shorts - 7" missed the mark. We like to hope that our revisions take a step forward in progress but the adjustments can make it difficult for those who are used to the previous model. We do apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. We have passed your thoughts along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback. As for the 5" option, due to the pandemic causing a shortage in materials, labor, and shipping issues, we had to make the difficult decision to be more selective about which items from our clothing line will take priority. Sadly, in this case, it meant keeping our more popular 7" and dropping our 5". We do hope that soon we will be able to bring back a bunch of our awesome lines that had to be dropped. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team [here](https://help.patagonia.com/s/) to see when certain items may come back in stock.

June 8, 2022

Waist size inconsistency

I bought four pair, two khaki, one grey, and one green. The khakis fit perfectly, but the colored shorts were way too big in the waist. I had to return them. I measured their waist; 38" actual for a size 34. Talk about vanity sizing.

Response from Patagonia
June 13, 2022

We're truly sorry to hear of this sizing issue in our Men's Stand Up Shorts. We passed your comments along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback. If you need any assistance regarding your return, please feel free to reach out to our [Customer Service Team](https://help.patagonia.com/s/) and we will be happy to help! Agents are available Monday-Friday, 6 am (PST) - 6 pm (PST) and Saturday and Sunday, 7 am (PST) - 3 pm (PST).

June 8, 2022

Bring back old style 5

Tried to alter- not even close.

June 6, 2022

Good fit and tough

I wear these shorts for work and play. They fit well and wear well.

June 2, 2022

My husband LOVES these shorts & they hold up very well.

I seem to get a request from my husband for these shorts annually - not that they wear out (they are VERY well made) but bc he doesn't want to be without a clean pair. Highly recommended.

May 27, 2022

very large waist

The fit is very large. The size 38 waist measures 41". I have bought the stand up shorts for years and all of them are 38 but these are much too big. I am exchanging for a 36. Otherwise they are the same sturdy construction.

Response from Patagonia
June 1, 2022

Hi Warren, thank you for submitting this review. We're so sorry to hear the waist of these shorts was too large! Please let us know if you need any help with that exchange.

May 25, 2022

A long time standby.

The best material - perfect fit and sizing - the 7" length is ideal - my 6th pair over many years. Thank you all.

May 24, 2022

Great for the Garden

My husband has worn this short for years. He is on his 4th pair and loves them

May 23, 2022


I have worn these shorts for over 20 years and have always loved them. They are true to size and indestructible. I just ordered some new ones as my old ones finally wore out. I ordered the size I have always worn. These are about two sizes too big. They are very poorly sized.

Response from Patagonia
May 25, 2022

Thank you for submitting this review. We're so sorry the size of these 2022 shorts hasn't worked out for you! We will reach out to you about returning or exchanging them.

May 21, 2022


Fit well. I've been wearing these for several decades, pretty much year round. don't change them.

May 19, 2022

The best

I was a track and Field coach for 35 years UC Irvine these short when came out these are the ones I went to. These are the very best. I wear them every day open legs 7 is perfect. There are made to last. One word OUTSTANDING

May 17, 2022

Reliable and comfortable

Have worn Standup shorts for over 30 years. This is the first time to get 7 inch inseam. These are very comfortable and will become my favorite, again.

May 16, 2022

Will be your favorite

This is my 8th pair of Stand Up shorts. They wear forever and have a wonderful freedom of movement. I like the phone pocket in the back.

May 15, 2022

Please bring back 5 in

I have had the 5 in inseam shorts for ages and they've held up incredibly well. Unfortunately, they've gathered stains so I came to buy some more but they discontinued the five inch inseam. 7 inch is way too long unless you're really tall

May 15, 2022

Favorite shorts but could use a size between 33 - 32

I bought my first pair of these shorts over 20 years ago and I still have them and wear them.

May 14, 2022

Sturdy shorts

The 7"-8" short is my preferred length, so that box is checked. It's a heavier canvas cotton, so it works well for cooler warm weather, but not my choice for truly hot weather. Pockets are deep enough and the rugged feel of the cloth suggests lots of wearing years ahead. Grab a pair.

May 8, 2022

Just great shorts

These fit well and are very well made. Deep pockets, strong seams, and they last just about forever. Been wearing them (not the same pair!) for over 40 years.

May 7, 2022


Shorts fit well and are durable. Love the pocket configuration.

May 6, 2022

The classic

I have been wearing these for 30 years. Still the best outdoor work shorts on the market. They last forever. I love the pockets. Theyre so big you can shove a water bottle in them and tools. Never change perfection.

May 5, 2022

I really want to like them, but....

As others have noted the fabric is what used to be called the lightweight standup. Rear pockets are great and the fit around the waist is good. What kills these for me is the clownishly wide ballon legs. I measured the leg opening - 27" around for the size 35. I have decently big quads but there are few people outside Olympic track cyclists or... Read More body builders that have quads 27" around. My "normal" shorts have 22" wide leg openings. Sorry can't do it - returned

Response from Patagonia
May 9, 2022

We are truly sorry to hear about this fit issue with our Men's Stand Up Shorts - 7". We went ahead and reached out to you via email to offer some help with your return. We also passed your thoughts along to our Design Team. Thank you so much for your feedback.

May 5, 2022

Favorite Shorts Ever but.

These are my all time favorite shorts! So glad that they brought them back. However, beware if you get the charcoal color, the dye washes out immediately. Tried them twice and while washing each new pair with different detergents, the result was the same. It almost looked like a sun-faded item that sat in the window too long. Patagonia took both ba... Read Moreck and I settled two in the dark khaki color. Great customer service! Thank you

May 3, 2022

World's Greatest Shorts!

I love my Stand Up shorts! I live in them 365 days a year. I noticed the thread used to stitch in the Velcro for pocket closures (plastic or nylon) irritates my skin. This not been the case with past years shorts. Thank you!

April 30, 2022

Will last forever!

These are great shorts. As typical of Patagonia, very high-quality and hard wearing. I really like this separate wallet pocket on the right rear side. Would not change a thing.

April 30, 2022

Im hooked

I have been wearing Stand Up shorts since the 70s (when the launch was in denim) I live in these shorts 365 for everything in my life. Please, consider a phone pocket. My wife takes material from my past shorts and makes a patch pocket on the front, lower right leg. (I would be happy to share pictures) Please, never stop making these shorts! Stand ... Read Moreup shorts rock!

April 30, 2022

Great shorts

These are great shorts if you like shorts. I had to go up one size on my usual Patagonia size.

April 27, 2022

Please bring back the 5 inch

I was hoping these were like my other ones but turns out those were 5 inch inseam. I figured these were the same since they are the only pair on here. Bring back the 5 inch please

April 26, 2022

Best All-Around Shorts

These might be my favorite shorts ever - they are durable and tough, yet soft and comfortable right out of the gate. The pockets are well designed and properly sized to carry tools, wallet, phone, and whatever else might be needed around the house, in the garden, on the trail, or around town. If I only had one pair of shorts, this would be it.

April 16, 2022

My Favorite Shorts

These are great shorts that I wear until they fall off of me. They last and last. One problem: when they are new the waist button is a little hard to get into and out of the button hole. This can be awkward.

April 15, 2022

Love the longer inseam

I loved standup shorts back in the day, wore them a lot in the late 80s to early 90s, but then they began to look awkwardly short with the trend toward longer shorts so I stopped them. I saw these longer ones and purchased and they are great and perfect length. Now that shorter shorts are coming back in style 30 years later, perhaps the shorter ver... Read Moresion should be brought back also!

April 11, 2022

Good Shorts

The shorts are great. I have been wearing stand up shorts since 2006. My only complaint is the length. The 7 length is too long for my liking. I would love for the 5 inseam length to come back. Other than being too long and getting saggy crotch, the shorts are fantastic

April 9, 2022

Patagonia Delight

I love these shorts. The cotton is super soft. I will be getting a second pair for sure but in a different color. What surprised me about them were the back pockets. I've never seen anything like them.

April 8, 2022

A Stand Up Standby

I have worn Stand Up Shorts for decades (since the late 70's or early 80's) back when there were bullet proof Stand Up Shorts and Lightweight Stand Ups - which I believe are todays Stand Ups. I'm obviously a fan. My only complaint is the pocket material ALWAYS wears out before the shorts do.

April 7, 2022

Great work shorts

These are my go to work short. They sit above the knee and the wide openings allows for freedom of movement and lots ventilation. The rear pockets allow for tools so I dont need a tool belt for basic tasks.

April 7, 2022

Fabric is a Distant Shadow of Stand Up Shorts of the Past

I love EVERYTHING about these shorts, except for the material. I just bought two new pairs to add to my collection of 8 pairs in use (there are times when dress shorts are required). The material on these new short is thinner than my oldest worn out washed hundreds of times. Patagonia, why have you gone cheap on the material???? Last pair until thi... Read Mores is fixed. AVOID if you are prior owners of the product.

Response from Patagonia
April 8, 2022

Hi Pat! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment with the material. We'll share this feedback with our design team. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html).

April 2, 2022

Quality shorts

Been wearing these shorts for many years. They are super rugged and very comfortable

March 31, 2022

I Love These Shorts

I've worn Patagonia Stand-Up Shorts for as long as I can remember. I wear them all Spring, Summer and Fall. They're durable, long lasting, and just long enough to be modest. I bought two pairs this month and am sure they will last for a few years. Buy them.....you'll love them.

March 26, 2022

Comfortable fit

Have bought many pairs in last 35 years. Best of the best.

March 15, 2022

Too long

Bring back the five inch. I've got my sewing machine out to hem these up. Been wearing stand up shorts since the originals that actually stood up on their own. No others will do (except baggies)

March 12, 2022

Odd design

I returned these as the inseam was too large and I did not like the style.

Response from Patagonia
March 18, 2022

Hey Devin, we appreciate the feedback. If you're interested in a similar short with a shorter inseam, we recommend checking out the [Men's Lightweight All-Wear Hemp Shorts - 6"](https://www.patagonia.com/product/mens-lightweight-all-wear-hemp-shorts-6-inch/57756.html?dwvar_57756_color=PGBE&cgid=root).

March 8, 2022

Great material, Terrible pockets

These shorts are made a very heavy duty cotton, that I expect will last for 10+ years. The ridiculously long rear pockets have your wallet riding behind your knee. It is crazy.

March 6, 2022

None better.

Great shorts but I prefer the 5" inseam.

February 22, 2022

The GOAT for a reason

I finally pulled trigger on these and couldnt be happier. These arent just shorts theyre an investment. Well, I mean, theyre absolutely shorts but they seem absolutely bullet proof. Im not going to try it because gun safety is important but I just mean theyre tough. I cant wait to wear them all spring and summer and start to break these babies in. ... Read MoreGimme that sweet sweet patina. Oof cant hardly wait!

February 18, 2022

Bring back the 5 inch

7 inch are not the same even when you get them hemmed. BRING BACK THE 5 INCH

February 13, 2022

Super not 5

No 5 no more. Bought these, had them altered. Doesnt work. Very disappointed. Fit is terrible. Patagucci has sold out. Heard another company may try to make 5 stand ups again. Im sure $$$

January 21, 2022

Same as others - please bring back the 5" Inseam

Still love these shorts for the durability and wide leg, but as a person with incredibly short legs, the 7" inseam is super long. I've been wearing the 5" shorts for years, and am resorting to scouring eBay for gently used versions of the 5". Please bring them back!!

January 20, 2022

5" or Die

Why on earth would y'all not offer the 5"? These feel like they flair out into a weird canvas skirt they're so long. Seriously, I need more 5" shorts as chainsaw grease destroyed my last set. They're normally the only things I wear in the summer.

Response from Patagonia
January 25, 2022

Hi Matthew, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the 7" Shorts vs. the 5". Our product development team sees this feedback, so you're reaching the right folks! We're sorry that the 7" didn't work out for you, and if you like we'll be happy to help you [return](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html) them.

November 11, 2021

Please go back to a 5" inseam

I've worn stand-up shorts for years...like over twenty. These compare well and would get five stars if the inseams had not been extended from 5" to 7". It was clearly stated and I was interested in checking waist size comparisons, they are honest. But the inseam should be reduced. So in summary; very wearable but a bit different.

October 20, 2021

Another vote for the 5 inseam

As a wearer of stand up shorts since the 70s and have gone through over 15 pair, really disappointed with the discontinuation of the 5 inseam. The 7 require alteration to be wearable. Please bring them back!

October 7, 2021

These are the only shorts I wear

These are the most perfect shorts, and have been for decades. They are tough! And they have great pockets!!! Especially the back pockets, i never have to worry about stuff falling out of the back pockets when I a on my bike. Great when you have to carry phone, wallet, keys, other keys, cash, change, flashlight, bandana, couple of face masks, intere... Read Moresting rocks, kids toys etc. I wish they came in more colors, they used to have a beautiful blue. The only negative is my front pockets wear out fast

October 2, 2021

High Quality Fabric

I wore these almost every day for work this summer as a residential carpenter. I really like the length (well above the knee) and the fabric is durable and comfortable and breaks in nicely. I would much prefer a utility pocket on the right thigh (like most other work pants and shorts have) instead of all the space in the back pockets though.

September 30, 2021

Go-to shorts

Ive worn stand ups for a lot of years and theyre my go-shorts for most occasions. My latest pair ran a bit large - Im a 32 in all my others and the 31s in my latest pair fit like the others.

September 23, 2021

Perfect fit

Another great product. I have 4 pair.

September 23, 2021

One in every color

Since finding these, the only shorts I wear. Perfectly named, the Stand-Up Shorts, are the go-anywhere do-anything kind of product Patagonia specializes in. One in every color, and I'm done.

September 19, 2021


These shorts get softer and softer over time and last forever. Feels very durable and you can get them dirty and wash everything out. It seems like dirt and stains come out more easily. I do miss the old color (pronghorn tan). Seems hard to find my size In that color.

September 15, 2021

Well made but material/finish is delicate.

Have bought these same shirts before in size 30. Way too small! Ordered this pair 31. Way to big! Dont know if different colors run bigger or smaller but cant afford to attempt a fit again. Though the construction of the shorts are first rate, the material is super delicate. Got a small stain on the leg and tried to remove the stain with some mild ... Read Moresoap and water. Result was the stain remained and the finish was removed. So you have a dark stain highlighted by a light scuff mark. Now if this was just one item noticeably blemish, this wouldnt be a big deal. But I have experienced this with another pair of pants by Patagonia. Same problem, same result. I actually live in my clothing day to day and cant afford to have such finicky items in my small wardrobe. Oh well.

Response from Patagonia
September 23, 2021

Hi Glenn, thanks for taking the time to write a product review. We're sorry to hear you struggled to find the right size. We're always happy to provide exact garment measurements so that you get it right the first time rather than have to exchange them. You can also check out our [stain removal guide](https://www.patagonia.com/product-care.html) for instructions on how to remove different stains. We stand by our products and are always happy to accept returns for items that don't perform well. We have emailed to assist with this.

September 10, 2021

As Good As They Say It Is

My other brand has made some poor choices over the years, but I am glad Patagonia has remained true to a vision of good quality and fit. These super functional shorts have quickly became my favorite. Keep on keepin' on.

September 6, 2021

Runs large

Ive had multiple pairs of these shorts over the years. I still have and wear all of them. They just keep giving! Ive purchased them at different times and always bought the same size and had the same fit. The last two pair I received fit nothing like the others . Im either shrinking or they are running 2 sizes larger.

August 30, 2021

Great pair of shorts with thoughtfully designed pockets

A great fit, durable and are great everyday shorts. The pockets are spacious and useful.

August 28, 2021

Best shorts.

Ive been wearing stand up shorts Since their introduction. Nice heavy construction gives years of use. Basically I can wear them at least 6 months a year in Colorados sunshine. Organic cottons durability, fit and style make this a great all around pair.

August 27, 2021

Love these shorts

I've kept a pair or two of Patagonia Stand Up Shorts in my wardrobe for many years. This pair meets the high quality I've come to expect from Patagonia; great fabric, great fit, pleasing color, pockets in just the right places. In particular, the organic cotton feels supple to the hand and comfortable on the body; it just feels like high ... Read Morequality, and I appreciate it. Thanks, Patagonia!

August 27, 2021

Don't go changin'

Been around Chouinard gear since the early 70's when fashion was knickers, wool knee socks and rugby shirts. Spent all my paper route money on Lost Arrows, angle pitons, bongs, RURPs, Cliffhangers etc Always wanted a pair of stand up shorts but never got around to it. Life goes on. Just bought a pair of 33's and they were too big. Bought ... Read More2 pair of 32's and they fit PERFECT! I'm 6'0" and 175 pounds. More colors please. And maybe some Workwear carpenter shorts? :)

August 17, 2021

Larger than previous versions. What happend to the 5"?

I've been wearing Stand Up shorts ever since I was into rock climbing. They are tough and I love the wide leg openings. The 5" version was my favorite, but everyone wears long shorts now, so the 5" was discontinued. Please bring it back, Patagonia. I used to wear a 38" waist but had to return these for 36" which fit much be... Read Moretter. They run larger than the last pair I bought about two years ago. I am 6'-2" tall 214 pounds. I wear Levis size 34 waist all cotton jeans or size 33 stretch jeans.

Response from Patagonia
August 31, 2021

Hi Zebulon, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment that we're no longer offering the 5'' version. We appreciate this feedback and we'll pass it along to our design crew. We can't promise that we'll offer the same style in the near future, but we definitely hear your call.

August 14, 2021

Shorter and need more colors

Love these. Used to love them more. There was previously a 6.5 in version. Just sayin, you can get 7 shorts anywhere and these wear better shorter (though the 5 might be too short). Plus, there were more colors. If you had more colors you would sell (me) more shorts (blue, navy, yellow, red).

August 13, 2021

Great product

I have had a pit of stand up shorts in the past, my only wish is that they still made these shorts with a five inch inseam. Still love the product though!

August 11, 2021

Bring back 5" inseam, please

I've been wearing these shorts for years, to the point of wearing them out entirely. I'm supremely disappointed the 5" inseam has been discontinued. 7" isn't bad, but I have pretty large thighs (ex-rower) and always found the 5" inseams to be more comfortable than the 7". Please bring back the 5" inseam befor... Read Moree my current pairs wear out!

August 10, 2021

Returning to Stand-up shorts

Very happy with these shorts - had several pairs of these back in the early 90's and at the time the 5" inseam was a thing but very happy to have the 7" version now. The fabric still feels very substantial and I look forward to many years of wear and tear in these. One size note: In Mountain Khaki I wear a 36" but ordered these ... Read Morein a 35" and they fit perfectly.

August 9, 2021

Comfortable when broken in...

I've been wearing these shorts for 40 years and they have never let me down. While they are great right out of the bag, they get better with age as the fabric softens a little. It's just as tough, just softer on your skin. They are terrific.

August 7, 2021

Very durable

Need more color options

August 6, 2021

An old friend

Just like the first pair I purchased 40 years ago for climbing

August 6, 2021

Great shorts

I needed a reliable, comfortable, sturdy pair of work shorts for the hot weather. Very durable. Im not crazy about the Velcro rear pockets, but I imagine others might like that. They fit well and work great for me.

August 3, 2021

Tough Material

Super durable and the back pockets are massive- they run all the way to the hem so you can fit whatever you need. Im planning to purchase a second pair in a smaller waist to have options

August 2, 2021

Husband's favorite shorts

These are durable and true to size. I ordered the longest length because my husband is 6'5" with long legs. He has a pair from many years ago and still wears them. Now he has two new!

August 2, 2021

Longer would be good too!

I've owned stand-up shorts in a variety of lengths over a number of years. I see that a lot of people are wishing they came _shorter_ (in a 5" length in addition to the current 7" length). I'm one of those who miss the 8" length, maybe because I'm 6'3" and a little leggy and the shorter ones risk looking like... Read More short-shorts on me, and then I'm back in 1976 wearing a bushy mustache, multi-colored tube socks, and taking jogs in Converse All-stars. But I digress. These shorts seem as stout as ever based on a month of wear and I trust they'll be as durable as past pairs which is what matters. But a little more leg coverage would be appreciated!

July 31, 2021

Rad shorts

I like the thicker styles of shorts mainly because I know theyll hold up. I havent worn underwear in 25 years so I need to know my shorts wont blow out in the wrong seams.

July 28, 2021

New Favorite Shorts

Materials have definitely improved in the 10+ years since I last owned a pair of Stand-Up shorts. Comfortable and durable. They fit me well - no chafing, kind of stretchy, and slightly oversized, but not baggy. You can fit extra layers, tools, or whatnot in the back pockets. Overall there's ample room in the pockets. Dig the color too - a sort... Read More of golden hue.

July 28, 2021

Bring back the 5-inch inseam

I bought three pairs of the stand-ups with a 5-inch inseam before they were discontinued. They're looking pretty worn. I order a new pair, but the 7-inch inseam isn't as good a short for hiking or climbing, it's heavier and more binding, nor does it look as good on those with a short stature. Please bring the 5-inch inseam model. Ted... Read More Kerasote

Response from Patagonia
July 29, 2021

Thanks for the feedback Ted. We've let the design team know you're interested in the shorter version making a comeback. Thanks!

July 25, 2021

Id buy more if I could.

Really love these. Strong fabric. Great feel. Great fit. I wear them to work (coffee Roaster) and I wear them hiking and even around town.

July 24, 2021

Almost great, but still my favorite shorts

I bought these shorts about a week ago and I absolutely love them. They are a bit restrictive when you extend your legs so I choose not to wear them while climbing... bummer. The restrictive-ness of the shorts has started to cause a tear directly down the middle of the pants on the front side. I have already filed a warranty claim and Patagonia qui... Read Moreckly got me squared away. I hope my new pair of stand up shorts do not suffer the same fate. Honestly, I love everything about the shorts so lets hope the first pair was just a manufacturing defect.

July 23, 2021

Bring Back the Women's Version

I love my standup shorts. I am an avid gardener and these hold up and last, getting better with age. I am disappointed that there is no women's version this year. Please bring them back!

July 23, 2021

In between sizes

Ordered 31 which normally fits me fine but found to be too small. Got the 32 which is a little big and overly baggie but better that too tight. I have tried multiple pants and shorts and seem to be in between in the patagonia size templates. Also wish shorts came in shorter inseams.

Response from Patagonia
July 27, 2021

Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear about the sizing issues you experienced. We do have additional sizing and measurement information and can always be reached at 800-638-6464 for assistance.

July 23, 2021

Great shorts, but size is wrong. Very large

This is my 4th pair of stand up shorts, but I was very disappointed with these because they were huge. I always wear a 38 and I was drowning in this pair. I tried washing in hot water, but alas, no shrinkage. They went to the Salvation Army donation pile.

Response from Patagonia
July 27, 2021

Thank you for your feedback on the Stand Up Shorts, we are certainly sorry to hear that they did not work out. For future orders please know that we offer free exchanges, and we can also be reached at 800-368-6464 to discuss measurements and or any sizing questions you might have.

July 21, 2021

Men's stand up shorts

Can't figure out why Patagonia doesn't make any shorts in a 29 in. waist . This is the size I prefer! !!!!!! A size 30 is too big. But I came up with a solution. Buy the 28 in. waist and remove the rivet button. Sew in a traditional button a 1/2 in. or so to the left of original riveted button . This alteration changes it close to a 29 ... Read Morein. waist. Also, the bottom of the side pockets wear out long before the shorts do. Just carrying house keys over years in them produces holes.

Response from Patagonia
July 23, 2021

Thanks for your feedback on the fit Norman. We'll pass your suggestion along to our design team.

July 21, 2021

Durable, but a bit large

Quite durable and the quality you can expect from Patagonia. That being said, the 30 fits more like a 32-34 waist, quite large!

July 16, 2021

Love These Shorts

I was at a restaurant in Charleston, SC and noticed these shorts on a waiter. I called him over and said, you may find this strange but I really like the shorts you are wearing, where did you get them. He told me they were Stand Up Shorts from Patagonia and he has 6 different pairs. While still at the table I ordered my first pair and they occupy t... Read Morehe number one space in shorts drawer. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this purchase.

July 14, 2021

Don't Go Changing

Perfect. I hate writing glowing reviews because there's usually always room to make something better. But with your Stand Up Shorts, don't change a damn thing. Fit in the waist and legs is perfect. The heavy material is perfect, especially for sailing when you're on your butt a lot on non-skid decks. I live in Southern California so ... Read Morethat means I also live in these shorts. Bravo!

July 9, 2021

Not so happy

Over the years I've bought and liked maybe 6 pairs of Stand Up shorts. I was disappointed with the latest pair. I don't know whether Patagonia has changed the design of these shorts or there was a screw-up in manufacturing, but the outer seam on the new pair is almost two inches longer than in the earlier versions of the same shorts. The ... Read Moreinseam (7 inches) is the same, but the new pair is like wearing a pair of high rise trousers. I just don't like the fit.

Response from Patagonia
July 14, 2021

Hello, thank you for your feedback we are sorry to hear that the Stand Up Shorts did not work out for you. Of course you are always welcome to [return](https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html) any item that does not work out for you.

July 8, 2021

Very handy shorts

I have been a fan of stand-up shorts for years and have virtually lived in them in the summer time. They are comfortable and very functional for hiking, especially with the big pockets that accommodate good-sized water bottles! My only "dislike" is that they tend to "disintegrate" as they age and become extremely comfortable and... Read More a few have developed somewhat embarrassing holes in their seniority! We are about to try fabric patches to see if we can extend the life of the older, very comfortable, ones - at least for home use if not for public wear!

July 8, 2021

Perfect All Arounder

These are incredibly durable and comfortable. I found they arent quite true to size (ordered a size up) but no complaints. i would wear these every day if i could get away with it.

July 6, 2021

Long lasting

Ive had multiple versions of these shorts for 20 years and they all stand up to anything you throw at them.

July 5, 2021

Sturdy and comfortable

I needed a durable, good-looking pair of shorts that I could wear in a variety of situations. I wanted shorts with an inseam no longer than 7 inches. I looked at several on-line vendors and kept coming back to Patagonia. These shorts are nearly perfect - so glad I bought two pair! To me, they seem slightly large in the waist. The pocket design is s... Read Moreuperb. The fabric quality is great and the stitching is perfect. I'm 63 - these shorts will probably last longer than I do!

July 1, 2021

7" inseam Stand UP

I'd rather have the old 5" inseam Stand Up Shorts I am having these cut shorter to make this happen Canr't stand the 7" feel

Response from Patagonia
July 9, 2021

Hi Darcy, we apologize for not having the Men's Stand Up® Shorts - 5" available right now. We want you to feel comfortable in your gear so please feel free to begin a return or exchange, https://www.patagonia.com/returns.html.

June 29, 2021

Excellent fit

I ordered these men s shorts for every day work and casual wear. Im an older woman, 54, 134 lbs. I find mens sizing a lot more predictable than womens sizing. I wanted shorts of heavier fabric and comfortable fit (women's shorts are generally too short and too flimsy.). These shorts not only fit great but are flattering and the color is except... Read Moreionally nice - fun! I love them and expect to wear them for the next couple decades!

June 28, 2021

The Standard

Other than just living, I wear them sailing and canoeing. Freedom of movement, durability, pockets are unmatched.

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