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Patagonia River Salt Wading Boots

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Patagonia River Salt Wading Boots

True To Size
March 28, 2020

Awesome wading boots

These boots are fantastic. I wear 10-10.5 shoes but I got size 11 here. I pair these with the Middle Fork waders and it's a perfect fit. In the winter, I add the fleece oversocks and they really help stabilize the boot and keep me super warm. The boots have been great for hiking into remote spots. Without waders, they're a tad big on me, ... Read Morebut nonetheless, I hiked 5 miles one day without waders and they still felt great. Really happy with these and it's great knowing that I can get these repaired easily down the road. Great product!

March 17, 2020


I was super excited to receive these boots today (and was so glad I placed my order before the coronavirus paused Patagonia's operations), so I could get them in the water this weekend. But like others have said, these boots run small. I wear a size 9.5 Danner hiking boot, so I thought the extra half size of a size 10 would adequately accommod... Read Moreate the neoprene stocking booties of my Rio Gallegos waders. Wrong. With a pair of wading socks and the neoprene boots, the size ten boots were crushing my feet. But because I was impressed with how comfortable they were right out of the box, and the Danner workmanship, I will be exchanging for a size 11. My only disappoint is knowing that I won't be able to get size 11 boots for some time. If they were available in a local store, I would consider buying a new pair and returning these. Unfortunately, that's not an option.

February 23, 2020

most comfortable boots I've ever owned

I typically wear an 11.5/12 street shoe and ordered these in size 12 to use wet wading with a 5mm neoprene sock and that combo has yielded the most comfortable wading boot I've ever owned. They are lighter weight than I expected and work well for locations that involve an extended hike in as well. I'm very happy with these!

December 19, 2019

Some of the best boots I have worn

I tromped around in various boots in various countries throughout my military tenure and I like to believe that my feet have seen their fair share of mileage. I recently had the pleasure of making a trip to Kiribati and Fanning Atoll in the Pacific. Needless to say, these have been some of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Endless miles ... Read Moreof stalking bones on the flats, navigating coral reefs for triggers & bumpies, to casting out of a panga to trevally and tuna, these boots handled it all. I have also utilized this boot fishing my home rivers as a hiking boot. Light and efficient. Can’t say enough good about this boot. I am a 12.5-13 street shoe and the sz 13 was perfect!

November 5, 2019

I’ve used river salt boots

I’ve used river salt boots on norshore of Lake Superior streams and Wisconsin’s Brule River. They seemed a little tight at first but after wearing them they fit great. Very comfortable and light enough to wear all day. So far so good time will tell how they wear and last

November 4, 2019

Wonderful boot

The sizing is accurate. Just order the size you normally wear in any other shoe. I overthought the issue and ordered a size up given the need for Neoprene Socks. They turned out to be a size too large. I feel the boots are just slightly larger than normal to comfortably fit with thick wool or wading socks. The exchange process was very convenient a... Read Morend I couldn't be happier with these boots. I wear a size 13 tennis shoe and the size 13 in this boot is perfect. Trust the sizing.

October 31, 2019

Light but tough

I love the fit and feel of of my River Salt Wading Boots. I wear a womens 9 so I orders a size 8. The fit is right on. They are comfortable and are exactly what I was hoping for.

October 25, 2019

Great fit

So far, really liking the fit a feel of these boots paired with my Middle Fork Waders. These boots are extremely light and rugged. Not much effort to break in as well. Worthy investment for my feet. Ordered size 10 . I typically wear 9.5 in a running shoe and boots. Plenty of room for winter socks.

September 13, 2019

Great Boots

Just finished my first week in the new River Salt boots wading in Montana. Great fit (ordered a size larger than I wear in shoes). Also excellent traction in mud and river bottom

August 14, 2019

Great traction, super comfortable

These boots are amazing, easy to hike in and great traction on slippery rocky stream bottoms. I agree with the other reviews that sizing up if you're wearing waders, I normally wear a size 13 but the 14 fits unreal w/ my new Rio Gallegos waders (w/ booties). Looking forward to years of trout slaying in these boots!

August 14, 2019

Best wading boots ever...

... but as expected, due to Patagonia and Danner both being awesome companies in their own right! This collaboration caught my eye immediately as I wear Danner's in the mountains and pats boots in the wet wade realm, so of course I was excited to get these. Awesome boot! Looking forward to years of use!

August 13, 2019

First Wading Boots and I couldn't be happier

I snagged these boots right before heading out on my first ever fly fishing trip... 8 days on the Aniak River. Patagonia's reputation for quality and the weight (light) of the River Salt boots sold me. Upon receipt I loved the feel and was excited to get them out, albeit a little nervous taking brand new boots on such a long trip. My worries t... Read Moreurned out to never be a problem. The boots fit perfectly and after 8 long days on the river, 12-14 hours a day wearing them, I never had a single blister or hot spot. The traction was great and the quality is not in question. I'll probably have these forever, but when it comes time for another pair of Wading Boots, I'll be getting another pair from Patagonia.

August 10, 2019

So far, So good

I'm hard on my wading boots. They get dragged on backcountry trips and hike/wading adventures more than anything else. The need to cover miles comfortably, work with waders or when temperatures climb wet wade all rank high. So far I can say the River Salt Boots have been up to the task. They took a a short break moment - Two days on the river ... Read Moreuntil I forgot I was wearing them. They felt great with waders and worked without waders when used for hiking on tundra/wet wading. The fact they can be rebuilt comes as a big bonus. I'd rather repair then replace. As with any product, they will have to withstand the tests of time, and hard usage, but reaction after a 2 week backcountry trip is that they are a big jump in quality and design from my last pair of wading boots.

August 10, 2019

The Salt

The most comfortable wading boot I’ve ever owned in my 60 years of fly fishing. With the provided studs they provide extremely secure footing. And they are downright beautiful.

August 4, 2019

My favorite wading boot!

I took these bad boys to Christmas Island, a place that destroys tennis shoes and my past wading boots in a week. We fished open ocean with coral, sand and rocks pounding on us. It’s usually a boot destroyer day, but my soles looked untouched after two weeks on the island. I didn’t even have to break in my boot. My first day wearing them was on t... Read Morehe island and they worked out perfect. I am a women’s size 8, and went to a men’s size 6: I usually like my boots bigger, but these fit perfectly. The boot fits so tight around my ankle in a good way! Keeping river sediment out as well as salt and coral on the saltwater trips I didn’t even wear a gravel guard and it worked out fine (I somehow didn’t pack my wading socks is the reason I didn’t wear any). I am now half way through my guide season and obsessed with the traction, durability and comfort I get every day. They do look worn, well loved and how a boot should look. But I have no doubt I’ll get many years out them. Couldn’t recommend a better wet wading boot.

June 17, 2019

Great for combat wading

I just put these to the test on the McCloud river for 5 days of combat wading - including bowling ball slick basalt, sharp edges, slimy rocks, and precarious trails up and down. They were super solid. Reports of them sizing small turned out to be unfounded for me. I wear size 10.5 in dress shoes, 11 in athletic shoes. Size 11 was perfect for me wit... Read Moreh wool socks and neoprene wet wading booties as well as neoprene stocking foot waders. The Megagrip soles were solid on everything except slime-coated smooth basalt.

May 8, 2019

Get Em For These Reasons

1) If you buy the proper size, they fit like a combat boot. 2) The stability is incredible. 3) For the climbers out there, a bombproof Vibram sole. 4) and, admittedly, I’ve only hiked 50ish miles so far, the fit is great. Send it!

May 8, 2019

River Salt Wading Boots (Built By Danner)

I have always been a huge fan of Danner boots and when I found out they made wading boots for Patagonia I definitely pulled the trigger and bought a pair. Very well made and Danner will fix them if they ever need it. These boots are absolutely the best wading footwear available. They are quite expensive but well worth the cost. I have put them thr... Read Moreough about 25 days of solid fishing since I received them in March 2019. Hiking in these boots is unlike any other pair I have owned and they feel like high quality hiking boots rather than wading boots. The soles stick to everything from steep trail to slimy river rock! I opted for the Salt River as I do tend to hike into secluded locations as well as run a drift boat so I wanted the lighter version. The boots fit exactly as described so pay attention to the fitting description for sizing up or down depending on the boot you choose. 5 stars in my book and I will most likely never need to buy another pair!

March 22, 2019

The River Salt Boot does it all!!!

From long walks into fabled trout streams, sketchy wades on steelhead rivers in the pacific northwest, and coral and marl of Caribbean flats these boots have handled it all! Find the right size for what you are planning to use them for most and they will provided good protection and comfort in a variety of situations.

March 12, 2019

Excellent boots but size up!

My twin brother recommended to size up on these boots and he was right. In the past I've worn 11's across the board in Patagonia and Simms. These definitely need the size 12 for me. The Patagonia customer service team is second to none and they helped me get them in time for a trip and I can't be more impressed with them and the boot... Read Mores. While they are a little pricey, I will say I feel that they have the wow factor and are made in America, so, for me, I can justify this kind of purchase. I promised one of the reps that I would write a review and I'm following through with that. They're rugged, well built, and feel like they can last the long haul. I usually put over 200 days on the water and I am anxious to put these to work over the next season and I'll try and do a follow up review at the end of the year. I wasn't too sold on the look of the other Danner models, so, I went with the River Salts. I am glad that I did. They are very lightweight and feel like a lighter and more stable modern combat boot. They mate well with my Gallegos and G4's and I feel like they are comfortable and not circulation restrictive like I find a lot of Simms Boots to be like. These boots don't have any notable flaws that I can see and after being in them for an hour hanging out and getting a feel for them I am 100 % confident that sizing up is the right choice. My brother said he tried the 11's on (we both have the same size foot) and he said they were much tighter on the toe box compared to previous models like the foot tractor or ultralight. Any smaller and they wouldn't fit right, so, if you are about to pull the trigger, I would size one size up and you won't regret it if you intend on wearing them with all season waders that have standard neoprene booties. If you only intend on wet wading with them without booties, then you would probably be safe going with the street shoe size. otherwise, I can't emphasize enough how they fit differently from previous boots you may have owned. The size up also doesn't feel sloppy or loose anywhere where I felt like I would slide out of them. I could easily get my thick wool socks on and the neoprene boots with room for another pair of socks if you need them. You will love the boots and I will hopefully be able to report a wonderful review at the end of the year for you. Great job Patagonia!

March 10, 2019


So, my brother ordered these and I just had to try them on while he was out of town and I will say the build quality is absolutely top notch. However...they are DEFINITELY smaller than previous Patagonia boots. These are almost like they're sized for wet wading without neoprene booties. I HIGHLY recommend sizing to the next size up! I had some... Read More old thin socks on when I tried these on in my G4 waders and I will say they were basically crushing my feet on the toe box. 15 minutes afterwards and my feet were still aching. It was like I was almost putting on climbing shoes (okay, maybe not that tight, but still! you get the point). Imagine these on the river being compounded by being on your feet all day and think how much swelling you'll get. I cannot entertain the idea. Trust me. SIZE UP. Why haven't any of the beta testers mentioned this?? This would've been useful information, so, I figured I would help my fellow anglers out. In the old foot tractors and the ultralights I am a size 11. I also wear size 11 in the Simms G3 and their Sandstone model. I have to have a size 12 in these. Minimum. I fish a lot (sometimes in excess of 275+ days a year on the water) and I've worn a lot of boots before. Without a doubt, the quality construction build is unparalleled right now on the market. The added benefit is that the colors are spot on for my new gen Simms G4's and Pat Rio Gallegos Waders. If you can even contemplate spending this kind of coin on a pair of boots, bite the bullet and buy them..(SMH c'mon Patagonia! Too much $$ for these. I've never even spent HALF this much on any pair of shoes my entire life, and these bad boys cost TWICE as much as every other high end wading boot out there...I only justified the purchase because they are made in the USA!!) However, I will say this...they are worth it. Would I be more satisfied if they were at least..$75 cheaper? $100 cheaper? YES!. I would gladly pay a premium for some nice boots, but...this price?..It is excessive Patagonia...didn't even bother buying me a drink first. But I will say that now that I have them, I won't wear another pair. They're worth it. Trust me. Just buy them. They are incredibly lightweight, high quality construction, and look fantastic. They aren't bulky like their previous boots or other manufacturers. They even included a set of extra laces and some studs in the box! If you have been on the fence on whether or not you can justify buying them, let me ask the question that my Scout Master once posed: What is the most important thing about fly fishing?...Well the answer is obvious..."Looking cool". Which these definitely accomplish. But in all seriousness, these have a very high quality construction build with actually comfortable insoles as well as have extremely grippy rubber compound soles. If you have ever handled Danner's military boots they use comparable robust ballistic nylon webbing. The toe box doesn't look like goofy clown shoes that most Simms boots have either. TLDR. Size up 1 size larger than what you previously bought before. You won't regret buying them.

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