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Patagonia Men's Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders

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Patagonia Men's Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders

August 24, 2021


Poor sizing, cheap clips will break easily I expected more value for the price from Patagonia

Response from Patagonia
August 31, 2021

Hi Joseph, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the disappointment with the quality of these waders. They're our heaviest weight most full featured waders so its unlikely that the clips will break without extended use and abuse. However, if they do we'd recognize this as a one off quality issue and we'd be happy to facilitate a warranty return. Nevertheless, your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you're welcome to [return](

June 24, 2021

Swiftcurrent expedition waders

Great fit. Very comfortable. Best waders I have ever had.

May 4, 2021

XL-Long is a bit short up top

I am 6'5" and have been wearing XLL waders by Patagonia and other brands for 25 years (spanning 225 to 250 lbs over that time). These waders seem well made, and the seams are located in the right places, though time will tell. An initial review on fit: girth of legs and torso are good, and length of the legs is good. However, the torso a... Read Morend/or shoulder straps are too short. Even maxed out, the waders pull upwards into my crotch for an uncomfortable fit, even standing still. Longer shoulder straps would fix this, or a longer torso design. I will find a local sew shop to add a 3-4" piece of webbing to lengthen the rear of the shoulder straps, which should fix the problem. Booties fit great, I wear size 14 in street and hiking shoes, and the booties fit me just barely (but adequately). In a very minor design quibble, not a fan of the long interior phone pocket, I'd personally prefer a horizonal gear pocket, but am probably in the minority on that. I look forward to putting these to the test. Definitely heavy duty

May 1, 2021

XLL needs longer shoulder straps.

I am 6 5 tall (225-250 lbs over the years) and have been wearing XLL waders going on 30 years, mostly Patagonia and Simms. I fish or wear waders for work about 70 days each year. Construction on these is great, and the torso and leg girth fit fine. However, the torso / shoulder straps are much too short. Even at max setting, standing still, the cro... Read Moretch seam is pulled firmly upwards into the family jewels, making an uncomfortable wader wedgie. I will try to find a local tailor / seamstress to add 3-4 of webbing to extend the single back of the shoulder strap, to loosen the pressure. I wear size 14 street shoes and the neoprene bootie is just barely (but adequately) big enough with a single heavy sock. No long-term durability report yet.

April 30, 2021

Good waders

Just got these and the initial trip out was good. Great fit, Im on the edge of a small and medium. Was suggested to get the medium and the fit is exactly what I expected. Comfortable and well built wader. Time will tell how they hold up

January 13, 2021

Better Every Generation(tall inseam is really tall)

6'5" 225lbs 36x34 pant size. 50+ days a year in waders. TL;DR: Get these waders Let me start by saying that these are the best booty's Patagonia has ever made. I've had each the previous three generations of the Rio Gallegos over the last 10 years and they've gotten better every time. Every time I'm happy about some ad... Read Moredition and sad about some subtraction. Changes I like: -Best booty's yet wear size 14 boots the L fit is great. -Updated wading belt and loops. 85% percent of the belt is like a 2" tow strap with 15% is very firm bungee like elastic. WAY more secure and actually would keep out water(used to rely on my hip pack belt). Two belt loops in the front and two in the back keep this in place too. -Bomber material where the ankles rub on the cuffs. Doesn't really matter, but I always tear this piece to shreds on my waders. For ascetics this will keep them looking newer longer. -Padded shoulder straps Removed the clips from the back. They were painful on my back in a seat rowing or driving. I never really ever convert my waders to hip height so my clips were always locked at the top. If its hot enough to want to do this, I'm wet wading with thick wet wading socks period. Changes I don't like -They have replaced the adjustable shoulder straps with this daisy chain loop/ hook system. The old shoulder straps did have a tendency to slip down as the day went but that wasn't really an issue, took 5 seconds to set them back for deep wading or loosen them for comfort. These are a set it and forget it strap so find a strap length you like and leave it. I like my straps high and tight for deep wading and river crossings(I'm the guy you see holding his rod and pack above his head crossing the river to fish that awesome hole). At this setting the tall (L) inseam is really high but manageable. -Zippers on the warmer sleeve. This was on the waders two generations ago and not on the last one. Its better without them. Zipper bottom just makes a pressure point on your arm if your trying warm your hand(s). -I want the welded loops on the front from the first two generations. They were PERFECT for holding nail clippers(nippers are for idiots) and forceps. The little tabs on the shoulder straps work if you trust your nippers to clip on to them and stay on. Really they are designed for use with zingers. Who likes zingers? In human history nobody has designed a zinger that lasts(haha but really). -Price. At $650 these are $150 more than the previous top end waders. What gives? For responsibly sources and recycled materials in combination with the absolute best warranty in the game, its still absolutely worth it, but holy hell cant believe I dropped $650 LOL Long story short, these are the best waders Patagonia has ever made, hands down.

November 4, 2020

Tailored Fit

Slender fit, a little too tight for heavy winter layering....requires careful fitting to find the size that works best. The Gallego fit is more comfortable and enables better mobility. Material and other features are nice. Recommend putting a D Ring on the back of the shoulder straps for net attachment, make the shoulder straps more easy to remove,... Read More and go back to the Gallego cut/sizes. Pocket/storage capacity on these is a big improvement over the Gallegos.

September 24, 2020

Almost perfect

Patagonia would have nailed it with the new design except for one major design flaw. When you loosen the front straps, the back strap also loosens and when you retighten, the back strap doesn't re-adjust and stays bunched up at the lower back. It wouldn't be a big deal but if you wading at waist level, water would spill in. You have liter... Read Moreally have to take off the waders to re-adjust. For paying premium price for them, it's a real hassle.

Response from Patagonia
December 3, 2020

Hi Stephen, sorry to hear about the trouble with the rubber tri-glide on the back suspender causing issues. We changed from a smooth plastic cam lock to the rubber tri-glide. It's a bit tougher to pull back up, but the rubber helps it stay up once it's adjusted to the most comfortable position for you. You could tie a bit of cord to the hanging loop on the back of the wader top, then use that to pull it up while wearing the waders. If that sounds like it would be too cumbersome for you, please do not hesitate to begin a return or exchange for the Men's Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders and you can begin that process here,

August 1, 2020

A Good Cold Weather Wader

The new Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition waders are certainly burly, and their heaviest weight wader among their collection. This wader will be good for folks who generally fish, or live, in colder climates. This wader will not suit the all season angler, looking for a wader to do it all. If attempted to wear in late spring through summer, you wil... Read Morel be overheating. And those new waders will become stinky real quick, nobody wants that! This wader ran small on me, though I purchased based on measurements in the sizing chart. The crotch seat sat quite high, and for those of us who like to wear our waders at full height, (chest height and slightly above) you may run out of real estate down below. For me, the torso length just wasn't quite long enough. And I have an average torso length. Attempting to layer heavily under these in the winter proved to be a very tight fit around the crotch area as well. The knee pads are a nice touch, but again for me, made mobility stiffer, and in turn made the fit tighter. However, they are removable. If you are in between sizes, I would recommend going with the larger size. This will aid in mobility, and also protect your waders seams and durability in the long run. I believe this is a good product for those who it fits properly. Personally, I found the marketing to be confusing/misleading on its reality of seasonal use. I sense the product description may shift once again as the midweight has been launched. These were originally marketed towards the steelhead fisherman/woman etc. Since the midweight standard swiftcurrents have been released, I have decided to go that route instead. Less bulk and weight to haul around all day, and should be better suited for the 12 month angler. Thank you Patagonia for your innovative products, and even though this one doesn't suit my needs, you have created another that will.

Response from Patagonia
August 27, 2020

Hi Austin, thanks so much for your detailed feedback! Your review has been passed along to the appropriate team.

July 8, 2020

Mixed Feelings

I want to love these waders but Patagonia has some work to do. First off lets start with the positive. These seem incredibly durable and the recycled material is actually very breathable. The features and pockets are so well thought out and the conversion to waist high that Patagonia uses is top notch. I wear XL Patagonia products across the board ... Read Moreaccording to the size chart the XLL would be perfect. The booties come in one size which is 12-14, a bit large for my 11.5 but that wasn't too big of a deal. The legs fit pretty well. Trim yet comfortable and allowed for good movement. The main issue is between the crotch and the upper region of the waders. The crotch is narrow and pronounced and quite frankly very uncomfortable, there isnt enough range of adjustment in the shoulder strap to alleviate the issue. The upper is absolutely massive and quite baggy. Not the consistent trim fit I am used to from Patagonia. Overall disappointed. I picked up a pair of the discontinued Rio Gallegos in a size Large King and they fit absolutely how a wader should. Patagonia is the best for wading equipment but please bring back the sizing that worked so well with the Rio Gallegos!

Response from Patagonia
August 5, 2020

We are sorry to hear that aspects of these waders aren't working for you and we appreciate the thoughtful feedback on all of this. Your satisfaction is most important to us and if you'd like to [send]( these back, please feel free to do so.

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