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Patagonia Men's Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip-Front Waders

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Patagonia Men's Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip-Front Waders

True To Size
April 24, 2020

Great, with one caveat...

These are the nicest waders I've owned and I've had quite a few different ones over the past 30 years. I did find that the bootie/foot sizing on these is not inline with my actual foot size though. I have size 12 feet and ordered accordingly. When the waders arrived the booties were huge so I had to return/swap for the same size wader wit... Read Moreh smaller feet which must be made large to accommodate socks or something but the size 12/13 booties are far too big for my size 12 feet. Additionally, I think it takes walking around in these for 10-15 minutes to really gauge fit and sizing. When I initially put mine on they seemed too small as they are a bit more trim than the Rio Gallegos waders I previously had. However, once I'd walked around the house in them for ten minutes it was clear that while certainly a "trimmer" fit, I do in fact wear the same size in these as I did the Rio Gallegos, they just fit a little differently (probably better actually). These are my first zippered waders and while I had originally thought the zipper would make getting into them far easier, I think the real advantage with the zipper is getting out of them, and the noon moment behind the bushes. Overall, these are great, a big improvement over any waders I've previously owned, I'm very happy with them.

April 24, 2020

Top-Notch Waders

I picked these up to add a warmer, but adaptable, chest-high option to complement my Gunnison wading pants. I was a little nervous about the fit after reading a previous review from someone with the same or at least very similar body dimensions. I'm 6'2", and my pant size is typically 32or33x34. Shoe size is 10.5. My wading pants are... Read More Medium Regular, but I opted to follow the current size chart and order up the MLM, which best matched up to my measurements. I don't like excess bulk in my clothing, particularly in waders, so I opted to trust the size chart and rely on Patagonia's proven willingness to make it right in the event that I had the same fit issues. Straight off I had no issues with the bootie sizing with a thin liner sock. But they would definitely be snug with a light wool hiking sock in there. I got the suspenders up over my shoulders, and they definitely crept up in the rear in a way that would be distracting, if not uncomfortable during a day of fishing. Everything else seemed perfect, so I took a closer look at the waders for adjustment options. Sure enough there were some adjustments on the front of the suspenders. I had to drop the hook to the lowest hole, but once I did, the fit was perfect for me. I could lift my knees, raise my arms, etc without any binding down below. I haven't had them out on the water, but the fit, and my simulated run-through of typical actions I might do to access pockets on the water were good. There is definitely adjustment available, but longer torsos, or that additional inch of height might tax that a bit. I definitely recommend these waders for quality and features. They happen to fit me very well, but you might have to try them on for yourself to make sure the adjustments accommodate your dimensions.

March 14, 2020

Saved My Pennies for a Lifetime Opportunity

Patagonia, I absolutely love you, your people, and your desire to protect and serve this place we call home. Your ascetic is very much that which best represent my own, in a brand. I choose to work with you regularly becuase of the quality, devotion to environmentalism, and overall organizational ethic you encompass. This is the reason that for all... Read More things, climbing, running and fishing I choose you. Alas, after much consternation, convincing of my wife, and hording of my pennies I decided to buy what I believed to be the perfect pair of waders, the Swifcurrent (and the front-zip at that)! On receipt I realized that the size chart must have been wrong and referenced back to the one provided on-line. I am 6'2" with a 33 inch waist and a 10.5 shoe size and when reading the guide I should be a MLM....beeeeeep... wrong answer, and in pulling them on I could barely sit, the booties were skin tight to my foot and the inseam pulling tight into my nether-region. Ok Ok, "I got this," I said to myself, "lets try the MLL." Returned, shipped and received later- and the waders fit perfet less one very uncomfortable thing- the nether-region. Wow, "am I going to tear myself or these waders first," I thought. So, this time I made an executive decision and I went into my local PDX Patagonia and with the help of the staff found an LRL (as they did not have the LLL) and tried that on. Eureka, the crotch was comfortable but the 44" girth made it feel like I was swimming in them. Alas, I kept the MLL and walked away with one of the staff metioning, "this was the 5th time he heard someone mention the issue in the crotch." I hope to not hike far, tuck myself tight and look for a future repair job that may add some room down below. Patagonia- I ain't normally fussy, nor do I ever write reviews but for the quality you put into your products it may make sense to add a little room below for us tall gents who are fit and not girthy. Your friend- Connor

March 1, 2020

These waders are next level

I didnt think these waders were a big upgrade from the Rio Gallegos but I was completely wrong. The fit alone is well worth getting these. Patagonia really did put in the effort on making sure the fit is right. So many little upgrades that make these perfect.

March 1, 2020

Pricey, but....

With a busy work schedule I only get on the water for a couple of multi day trips each year. I had been looking for a new pair of waders for some time now as my current pair were approximately 10 years old. They were from another manufacturer and have served me incredibly well. But a lot has changed in the past decade and I was looking for somethin... Read Moreg with more features. I purchased the LSM Zip Front waders and the fit is perfect (Im 59, 210) from head to toe. The booties are amazing and finally I dont have material bunched at the front of my boot. The knee pads are a nice touch and the updated belt is very sturdy and comfortable. The articulation throughout the garment is awesome and will provide for a full range of motion on the water and over the trails. The top half of the waders are cut a little bigger which allows for plenty of layering options to match your weather conditions. All of the zippers are super sturdy and the various pockets give lots of options for gear. The internal waterproof pouch is perfectly sized for cell phones which is perfect as that is my go to for photos and videos. I was I little nervous about the shoulder straps just having one attachment point in the back, but they work great and there are many fine tuning options for a perfect fit. The quick release suspender system also works amazingly well and will be perfect for a quick conversion to hip waders as the weather heats up throughout the day. From the online pictures I wasnt sure how I would feel about the color but they look really sharp and its certainly different from the standard issue khaki of every other manufacturer. The only design element that I dont love is the boot lace hook at the front of the gravel guards. Im used to that extending all the way down to the front of my boot and hooking into the first crossing of the laces. However, the design on the waders only allows you to get about half way down your laces. Its not a big deal and overall the gravel guard design is much improved from the waders I had previously worn. These waders are certainly not cheap but are a huge upgrade from featureless waders of the past. Im looking forward to wearing these waders for a very long time and through many adventures!

January 24, 2020

Dave H.

Waders fit great and are extremely comfortable. Quick-release suspenders are an improvement over old models.

December 23, 2019

The Best Waders I’ve Ever Owned!

I was fortunate to get to try these out a few months back and just recently got my very own pair. The fit is great. Love the colors. Apple the upgrades, like a bigger waterproof pocket and quick release suspenders. It’s wonderful they’ve found a way to use recycled materials to build these. Obviously can’t comment on the longevity, but they seem bu... Read Moreilt to last. The new construction should help with that. Ultimately I’m not worried, because Patagonia has the best warranty program on the planet. They truly stand behind their products, while helping steward the lands we love so much.

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