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Patagonia Men's Gritstone Rock Climbing Pants

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Kinda Small

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Patagonia Men's Gritstone Rock Climbing Pants

Kinda Small
October 15, 2021

Could not be a bigger fan of these pants.

I bought these to fill the niche my Venga pants couldn't. These are tougher, warmer, and allow just as much range of motion. I've never felt like my legs are restricted while wearing these pants. I love the side phone pocket design vs the Venga, although with the largest phone apple sells and a pop socket on the case, I do find myself ... Read Morestruggling to get it out. That's better than having it fall out while I'm climbing, and it DOES fit, just very snugly. I've really abused these pants; scraping them against granite, pressing through blackberry bushes on approaches, and they have held up phenomenally. The fit is just what I like, loose enough to move but fitted enough to conform to my body. After experiencing the waist band tightening system on the Vengas, it has become a major selling point when I'm looking at buying Patagonia pants. Some how, the tightening system on this pair is IMPROVED over the Venga model I wear, which slowly loosened throughout the day. I like the belt loops, although I never wear a belt with them, because they allow me to easily clip keys and chalk bags. I'm looking forward to the day when I wear a hole through the first layer of the reinforced knees, but it seems that day is still far away.

October 12, 2021

Exactly what I wanted

The pants fit perfectly, and they wear just as easily on and off the crag. With that said, they have a slight stretch which is great and also unexpected for the fabric weight. Ive only had them a couple months and still have plenty of breaking in to be done but totally satisfied with both my pairs and would buy more colors if they offered them.

September 29, 2021


Tight fitting, durable, somewhat breathable but warm, and flexible. Awesome pants.

September 25, 2021

Nice Pant - Returned because legs too short

I wanted to keep these pants, but they only come in one length choice. I find this one size fits all approach never works for me with my 35-36 inseam. I avoid buying pants that only allow waist size choice but not inseam choice, but I wanted these to work as they are well made. Alas, I returned them.

September 9, 2021

Comfortable and durable

This was the second pair of Gritstone pants I purchased. The first pair is still in use after a couple years and I wear them almost daily. I hope to get the same life out of the second pair. Daily activity includes walking two Huskies, working in the office and or in the shop. The fit on the second pair is almost the same as the first pair except i... Read Moret is slightly longer. This is great as Patagonia doesn't offer many long size pants. It is always a 50/50 shot if the length is long enough and these were. The material is great. It is quick drying, somewhat stain resistant and doesn't get wrinkled. The life limiting factor of these pants and all pants I own is the cuff gets frayed. Solve this problem and I will get many years out my pants.

September 7, 2021

Tough material

Pants are overall nice with the exception of the crouch being too tight.

September 3, 2021

Excellent for the right body type

The material, details, next to skin comfort, and stitching are all outstanding. However I have yet to find a pair of Patagonia pants that fit my build. Im a thin athletic build with a 32 inseam. The standard Patagonia 31 inseam is just too short for me. Also, these pants are really roomy in the waist but are not high enough in the back so it doesnt... Read More cover your backside when crouching and they are oddly tapered in the thighs even for my thin legs. They would be killer for the right body type

Response from Patagonia
September 13, 2021

Thanks for taking the time to describe how these fit you Bill. You are always welcome to send them back. You might prefer the fit of our [Men's Venga Rock Pants ](

September 2, 2021

Great pants

I would love to get them in 30 inseam. They are 2 inches to long

Response from Patagonia
September 10, 2021

Thanks for the feedback Todd. Right now all of our climbing pants only come in a regular inseam, but we do have several pairs of hiking pants that come in a short inseam.

August 26, 2021


I got these pants as a replacement for another pair of climbing pants that i ripped the knees out of. I couldnt ask for better climbing pants! Theyre stretchy and lightweight with all the range my legs can move but still have the tough and comfy feel of canvas carhartts to them. I recently tore a small battle scar in the double fronted part of th... Read Moree knee after climbing in them for months, but Im not worried cause the tear hasnt gotten any bigger since then. And the pockets! Oh the pockets! Older models of Patagonia pants had super shallow pockets (which really bugged me), but these are the perfect depth! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

August 26, 2021

Clumsy Fit

These pants are clear under-performers compared to another leading brand I am probably not allowed to mention in this review. (I'll just say they make much cooler pants, there's your clue.) The rise on the Gritstone is WAY too long for climbing. Even though I have a climber's body and thus a smaller butt (5 foot 6, 130 pounds), whene... Read Morever I lifted one leg these pants pulled and restricted my movement starting from the butt and continuing across and in between my thighs. I returned them because I would not enjoy the approach hike and then climbing or bouldering in them compared to what I'm already wearing. The pants need an absolute redesign from the ground up.

Response from Patagonia
August 31, 2021

Hey Robert, thanks for taking the time to write a review. We're really sorry to hear these missed the mark for you, but we're happy you're sticking with what you know and love. We have passed along your comments to our Design Team. Our designs and fits are constantly being revised and customer feedback is one of the contributing factors to these changes. We hope that we won't disappoint you in the future.

August 7, 2021

Best pants Patagonia makes

Love the feel of these pants. They have the appearance of a double knee pant but are still lightweight. I can wear them out in the dirt or to a nice dinner. Overall best pants Patagonia currently makes.

August 3, 2021

Good feel well made.

The paints seem to be made of a durable material. I will wait and see! I like the gusseted inseam and other pockets. The paints fit well but run extremely long for me. Unless your going for the fold/roll up look you may have to do some tailoring if you are a mid size to smaller human.

July 30, 2021

Stood the Test

This is my review, no one else's. I have a different body type and used them differently than others, so I cannot parrot anyone else nor am I trying to sway anyone. Just a good thorough review on my flight back from the climb. FIRST IMPRESSION: - More of a workpant, definitely not a climber. FIRST INDOOR TEST: - These things can stretch way ... Read Morefurther than I thought. All different routes, I ran them through the gauntlet. (But: I am personally maxed out at 5.9, so take that for what it's worth). Still, confident that these will treat me well in Colorado. FIRST OUTDOOR HIKE: - Roughly 12-miles and over 1k elevation gain. Neither cold in the high altitude or hot in the lower altitude. (Was 92° downtown and 57° at the top). FIRST OUTDOOR TECH CLIMB: - Climbed Longs Peak cables route in these. A LONG day of moving (12.5-hours up & back). - Super comfortable, start to finish! - The tech climb was wet in numerous places, but the pants kept me dry, thereby warm in that cold wind. - I am short and stocky and already inflexible, but they still allowed me to move freely and contort into numerous different holds. - I had knee braces on under them as well, still moved freely. - I did not overheat at the lower elevations either. - Several spots on the face where I was grinding the pants into the rock pretty hard, wedging my knees and such. I had NO qualms after seeing how the fabric sucked it up and never showed an ounce of weakness. They "feel" more durable than flexible, so the only surprise here is actually how durable AND flexible they are. They compromise neither. FINAL THOUGHTS: - I had to hem them myself because they dont offer inseam sizing, but truly a small price to pay. - I may buy a second pair just in case they are no longer sold when I finally wear these ones out. Everyone has a pant they love. I am not trying to sway opinions, just instill confidence in your decision if you are looking at these.

June 1, 2021

Awesome Pants

Need to break these in before hitting the cliffs, trails, or the bar. Best pants Pata makes. Phone pocket a little different than previous climbing pants. More under the thigh. Wont fit an iphone with a small case easily, but fits and doesnt drop it.

April 29, 2021

runs small

I was confirmed by others that Patagonia pants run small and should get one size larger. And they are correct.

April 17, 2021

a pant you can use for anything

great fit and comfortable

April 5, 2021

Great pants for cooler weather

These are highly functional and versatile pants made of a mid weight fabric, hence more suitable for Fall, Winter and Spring activities. I am 59, 160 lbs and the size 31 fits me comfortably, without being baggy. The side pocket is great for the phone. I have these pants in three different colors!

April 4, 2021

Awesome pants

Awesome pants Ever since I got them Ive been basically wearing them nonstop mountain biking hiking running working (carpenter) casual you name it and for the last four months Ive been in them honestly almost full time I had to buy two more pairs! Now for the drawbacks I am 63 and pretty even leg length to torso, theyre borderline high waters which... Read More I Kinda like that look but a tiny bit short for some that fit my profile I typically have a 32 inseam which is what is our stated ass and they feel more like a 31 and change again I like that but not everybody does then for longevity granted Ive been wearing them a ton but both of the ass pockets blew out the stitching wore through and as I was stitching them up I noticed I could see light through some of the faults where Im getting a lot of movement and perhaps sitting on my bike seat for hours on end so Im gonna give these a six month if you wear them a ton I would say I pretty much put these through the paces. I would love to see the exact same pants with just a taste more robustness heavier stitching and maybe slightly thicker at least in the ass so to speak! Thanks to the Patagonia team Holden

February 2, 2021


I have two pairs of these, the khaki and green versions. Both the same size bought within a week of each other . The khaki version fits tighter around the waist and the inseam is 1in shorter than the green version. Frustrating! This is the main reason I started looking at pants from other manufacturers the last few years. PLEASE get some better con... Read Moresistency in your pants!!!! I love the pockets and material even though a little more stretch would be welcome. I would order more but I have zero confidence in your sizing.

Response from Patagonia
March 3, 2021

Hello James, we are so sorry that the fit differs between these two colors. This should not be the case so please feel free to [return]( them under warranty. We also went ahead and passed your feedback along to our Design and Quality Control teams. Thanks so much for your review.

January 23, 2021

Strange fit

I have the same complaint that a lot of other people have, they just don't seem designed to fit an athletic body type. To loose in the waist and too tight in the thighs and butt. Still seem like they're a solid pair of pants but I wish that Patagonia fit their clothes differently.

Response from Patagonia
February 26, 2021

We're sorry to hear that the fit didn't work out for you on these. Good news is this feedback helps us fine-tune our designs, and we have a few new climbing pant styles coming out for Spring '21. In the meantime, if you're unhappy with your purchase, you can start a return [here](

December 4, 2020

Excellent Pants

I really like these pants. So much so I bought a second pair. They are very comfortable, durable, and warm. I work in them, use them for casual wear, hike in them, and so on. I highly recommend them. The fabric is tough and the fit, while a touch on the large side, is quite good.

November 27, 2020

Tough, stylish and a great material blend.

I love how they fit, I love how they look, I love how they feel, I love how they preform. I don't feel restricted, I DO feel protected, I'm not afraid they're going to rip against granite, and I'd be willing to bet they'll last longer than my last relationship. Pros: Adjustable waist allows me to wear what would be a slig... Read Morehtly loose size, without the need of a belt. Belt loops are made of webbing with great critical stitching. Material is cool and soft from the cotton, with Polyester for strength and breathability. Reinforced knees are icing on the cake. Cons: Wouldn't mind a side seam zipper pocket on the left. The right side phone pocket is great, but I'm a pocket fiend and could always have a couple more, especially ones with zippers so nothing falls on my belayer's head.

November 8, 2020

Great pants

I used these as my camp pants (not for climbing) this weekend in some cooler windier weather in the southwest and they worked great! I would use these for climbing if it was colder weather and I planned on trad climbing. These are burlier than the RPS pants so they could take more of a beating but theyre also warmer.

September 14, 2020

Almost Perfect

FIrst off, I want to start by saying that these were my work pants doing eight day backpacking trips this summer primarily doing trail clearing and maintenance. I lead with that to say that I really put my apparel through the ringer. Kneeling on rocks, plowing through brush, hiking lots of miles with a 60lb pack, I am not easy on my stuff. Here is ... Read Morewhat I liked and didn't like after 80 days of wearing these in the field. Pro's- 1: Cinch belt is a MUST. It allows a perfect, comfortable fit without trying to fit a belt underneath a backpack or harness waistbelt. Dropping pants below a backpack is SO uncomfortable. 2: Material is very durable, stinging nettles/ etc do not poke through 3: Double knee is great added durability, and the option for knee pads is smart Cons- 1: I do wish the material had a little more stretch to it. Even like 3% spandex would help the pants move with you more. 2: A more gussetted crotch-hiking in them as much as I do, the crotch area is starting to tear. It is usually the first place to go in my work pants given the constant friction from hiking, but i have noticed pants with a little bit (key word, little) of spandex and a gusseted crotch tend to last infinitely longer. 3: Along with the reinforcements in the knee's, reinforcements on the rear and around the ankles would help the longevity of these pants. Overall, these are some of the closest to perfect work pants that I have found for what I do. I wish they implemented some of the features I mentioned, that they came in a "forest service" dark green and that they had different inseam lengths (I had to get my pair hemmed, but I am used to that and thought it was well worth it), but for what I do they are as close to perfect as I have so far found. Well done, Patagonia! Maybe the next model can have a couple more items on my wishlist.

September 7, 2020

Very comfortable.

These are great pants! I use them for everyday wear, hiking, tree climbing (arborist work) and general outdoor activity wear. They have the right amount of stretch, shed water pretty well and dry relatively fast as well. I'm buying my third pair and will try not to get these ones covered with pine sap!!

July 20, 2020

Daily drivers

I am an open space land manager, so my daily job entails lots of hiking, kneeling on rocky terrain, swamping through bush covered in thorns, stickers and nasties. I was attracted to these because they had the option to have knee pad inserts, and they had a slightly tapered leg unlike the rest of the work wear line. I was concerned that they would b... Read Moree too thin and not durable enough to withstand the daily beating that they receive. They have surpassed my expectations, and are worn multiple times a week. I will get another pair of the same pants when these wear out, but who knows when that will happen... The only other thing that would encourage me to get another pair was if they came in flame orange for hi visibility. Aloha, Isao

July 14, 2020

Built with Off-Width in mind

I am a trad climber and am not easy on clothing. I have been a fan of Patagonia's gear for a long time but typically nothing last long when use for off-width climbing. I have used these on a number of outings now and I am psyched on how they are still showing no wear. My first climb in them was Directissima on Chasm View wall in the Long'... Read Mores peak Cirque. Two chimney's and off-width and they were great, allowed me to move as I could. Since then I've used them around South Platte and up in Vedauwoo. Stoked on these and want a pair or two more.

June 17, 2020

Nothing Sticks to These Pants

Wow! One of the best Patagonia purchases I have made. These Gritstone Rock Climbing Pants are fantastic. The fit is perfect. They don't get clingy when you sweat (I'm in TX) and nothing sticks to them, well maybe peanut butter but that's a longer review. I highly recommend these pants for the full array of activities in your life. Th... Read Moreanks Patagonia!!

May 26, 2020

Tight AND baggy

These are a very well made pant like most of Patahonia's stuff. The fabric feels very durable but soft at the same time. Stitching is solid and pockets are a good size. I don't feel any stretch though. The hips/crotch are very tight and the lower legs baggy making for an awkward and uncomfortable fit. I had to return them unfortunately.

May 13, 2020


I have had a pair for 20 years, lead climbing everywhere in Sierras, backpacking snow passes etc..... They have torn and I sew, they abraised and I patch. Indestructible My family surprised me with a new pair (2020) at Patagonia Ventura. I recommend these for sreious climbers.

March 7, 2020

New favorite pants

I'm not a fan of nylon so was happy to find these cotton pants, the fit and movement is excellent and the adjustable waist is a great design - and helps with adjustments throughout a climbing day. I put a hard month of climbing (Joshua Tree) on these and my only complaint was that the back pockets had blown their stitching after multiple chimn... Read Moreey climbs, a relatively easy fix job on a sewing machine. The pants even have a bit of water resistance which fades with washes but nice nonetheless. I bought another pair that I'll use for more casual wear, 5 stars on these.

December 26, 2019

Stylish Workhorse Pants

These are my favorite pants. They are both stylish and super durable - so much so that I have three pairs. This is the first time in my 52 years that I have ever bought a pair of pants and then immediately ordered two more. I use two pairs around my small farm - changing oil in my truck, working on my tractor, generally abusing them... and keep the... Read More third pair clean for a nice casual look in town. They fit me true to size, but it’s probably accurate what others reviews have said about them fitting best on slender frames. However, I am 6’2” and medium framed and they work great.

December 12, 2019


Actually those are pretty amazing. From working in the tuning room to getting out and about these have held up really well. The perfect size. Slightly slim but good room to move. Tough as well.

December 8, 2019

Bomber pants

Comfortable, mobile, and durable. Handles rough rock like a champ and looks nice too.

November 25, 2019

New Favorite

These are hands down my new favorite climbing pants, they fit great and offer enough movement without being huge.

November 4, 2019

Great pants for tall, slender frames

I have a shorter, stockier build than most and have always had relatively muscular legs. With the gusseted crotch and articulated patterning, these fit me a little more comfortably than most Patagonia pants, but they're still a bit long at the correct waist sizing and a bit snug in the seat and thighs. Fabric is wonderful. Comfortable, durabl... Read Moree, relatively weather resistant for the comfort and breathability factor. Stretch is sufficient for athletic movement like climbing and bike commuting, without bagging out after a few days like some spandex-heavy pants I've owned. OppoSet waist adjustment works surprisingly well for its minimalism, but I still use a thin belt unless they're going under a harness.

Response from Patagonia
November 22, 2019

Hi Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and thoughtful review. Feedback like this is crucial to improving products for future season so it's much appreciated!

October 31, 2019

What a delightful surprise

Not quite the same as the Venga Rock pants but great for work - durable and ideal for being outside. I love them and will buy a second pair - should have thought of that first time around but that is always the same.

October 23, 2019

Best pants for the outdoors

These are strong and durable. Fit is great and comfortable, good flex and room in the hip and thighs. Get them a size larger than you normally wear.

October 15, 2019

Great for fall and winter

Great for fall and winter hiking, and for traveling too. With a jacket, you can get away with wearing them into a good restaurant. The slip pocket on the right leg is good for a phone, but a zippered rear posket would be a nice feature to add.

August 29, 2019

Excellent Pants

These double kneed pants arrive quickly and as advertised. They fit well and washed well and are comfortable.

August 29, 2019

Great Deal

Love the pants, but they run just a tad "lean". High-quality, comfortable, stylish, and functional.

August 17, 2019

Pants are too short for

Pants are too short for my long legs and I will be returning. Otherwise the pants are really nice .

Response from Patagonia
August 29, 2019

We're sorry these were too short! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our [return]( process.

August 15, 2019

Too short

I really wish these came in a longer inseam, they are excellent pants all around. At 6’3” 175lbs I usually wear 31x34 or 32x34 - occasionally a 32” inseam works - but these aren’t even close, they float over my ankles. A little on the small side. They were a gift, and after trying them on I returned them.

Response from Patagonia
August 27, 2019

Sorry to hear that the pants have been a disappointment. You're welcome to [return]( them to a Patagonia-owned store or send them in for a refund or merchandise credit.

August 15, 2019

I find myself never wanting

I find myself never wanting to take these pants off.

August 12, 2019

Great climbing pants

Breathable and tough. Works great at gym and on the rock

August 10, 2019

great pants

I normally don't write reviews because most products are "meh". However, these pants are more than "meh". I liked them so much that I bought a second pair. They're designed as a climbing pant, which is why I bought them. But it turns out, they're really good at just about everything. They're a good climbing p... Read Moreant because the material is pretty rugged, the cuffs are tapered enough so you can still see your feet and the adjustable waist/belt thing works awesome (no bulk under a harness). I wear them for work all the time too, working on a sugar farm in Vermont (making maple syrup). At the end of the season, our small crew had been stacking wood for over a week to fill the 25 cord hole in the woodshed. I wore these pants everyday and they worked fine, of course, because you don't need special pants to stack wood. BUT, the last day, it downpoured. We normally would've just stayed home, but it was the last 2 cords and we wanted to finish it off. It rained real hard from about 8a-2p and these pants were absolutely soaked from mid-thigh down. We finished the day around 5p and the pants were completely dry. BONE DRY. This was a feature I did not expect from a cotton blend item. They dry just as fast as a nylon hiking pant. I think this is my favorite feature. This makes them a great choice for anything outdoors. Going for a bushwhack through wet stinging nettles? These pants do that. Post-work ski tour? These pants do that. Bolting a new project? These pants do that (you can fit a brush, blow tube, spare washers etc in the little thigh pocket). Going out to dinner with your girlfriend's parents? You can eat dinner in these pants. Fit- They are a bit on the snug side. I'm 5'8", 160 lbs, skinnyish legs. First pair are 31's. They fit snug, but they broke in really well. Second pair are 32's. They fit almost exactly the same except the legs are a bit longer, I might have them hemmed down the road. I have to roll them up for climbing. When these are new, they feel really stiff and snug, but they do break in real nice. The material softens up and they form to your body a little bit. Cons- The material isn't super burly. More rugged than a pair of Dickies, but a lot weaker than say, Carhartts. I've torn a couple small holes in them. Might be pretty snug on someone with gorilla legs. They're a little dorky because of the "double front" knee pad stitching. My girlfriend wishes you made a women's version. Most reviews on this website are pretty sad. "I bought these yesterday and they're great." "I needed pants and these are pants." "I wear these while I look at but they're too tight." But, I've worn these pants A LOT. I really love them and I hope this review helps someone who is on the fence about buying them.

July 21, 2019

Very nice pants

It’s interesting reading the older reviews as I picked up a pair in SFO today and these were the only pants in the store that were long enough. I have always found Patagonia pants too short but not these. I am 6’3” and 195 and bought the 36. Very comfortable, clever adjustment system and the material seems tough enough although having climbed a fai... Read Morer bit of Yorkshire gritstone I wouldn’t risk them there ! It think these will be great travel pants and general utility wear.

June 21, 2019

Best I've Worn

I've hiked a long way in many different pants over the years, and these are the best I've ever worn. Great fit, durable, and enough secure pockets, but not too many. I just ordered more. I'm 5'9", 165, average frame. Keep up the good work.

June 21, 2019

too short

These pants have the potential to be one of the best patagonia garments due to their materials and construction. The problem is that they are just way too short. I'll be returning my pair...

May 8, 2019

Great pants, but a little tight.

I like these pants and plan to still wear them. However, they run tight in the waist and upper legs. Much tighter than any other pair of pants I've ever had... I guess I just have to lose some weight. (Currently 6'2" 195 lb)

Response from Patagonia
May 22, 2019

Sorry to hear that the pants have been a disappointment. You're welcome to [return]( them to a Patagonia-owned store or send it in for a refund or merchandise credit.

May 8, 2019

The fit on these pants

The fit on these pants runs small, and the waist feels high. Reminds me of 80s high-waisted pants. Not as comfortable as other pants and shorts I have from Patagonia.

March 5, 2019

Fits weird

I’ve been finding the same problem with all the new patigonia pants from performance jeans to rock pants. They sit too high on the waist and there is absolutely NO room in the but and legs for an athletic build. Makes me wonder if you guys just use models to fit test your products. Maybe you should reach out to some normal guys.

February 25, 2019

Great pant, just make a long version!

I bought this pants because they seem like the perfect multi-function option. They look decent enough to wear into the office, they're super flexible for climbing, hiking, traveling and they're durable enough for working outside chopping wood, etc. I loved them but I had to return them because they only make them in regular length (32) an... Read Mored as a guy that's 6'3 they were just too short in length to wear. I wanted them to work but I couldn't do it.

February 20, 2019

Size up one size

I'm 5'11" and and a half, and go from 168lbs to 175lbs and normally wear 32 in all Patagonia stuff and have for a decade, but the 33 fits perfect with a little synch of the waist adjustment. Took everyone else's advice here and sized up. I have the Venegas too in several colors and they had all the sizing wrong with those when f... Read Moreirst introduced too. But just like those pants, these are worth it if you can find the right size. These are a bit more bullet proof and thicker, great for travel or everyday. They were big feeling in the crotch and perfect everywhere else, but after a day or so of keeping them synched up i could see that the loose crotch was part of the design and would've been funny otherwise if you were to use the synching feature. My fear is, with the reviews, maybe in the new colors Patagonia saw they needed to fix the fit. IDK. Go 33 to be safe if you're normally 32...unless you want them tighter. The 33 isn't a slim fit. It's a bit looser than I wear my 501 levis, that's for sure, but the style looks good a bit looser in my view. This probably isn't the pant you want snug tight.

July 24, 2018

Great Pants

Purchased size 33. I'm 5.11 and 173lbs. Great fit, tough and fairly athletic. These pants are equally great for wearing under waders while standing in 40 degree water, building furniture or sitting on a bar stool.

April 28, 2018

Poor Fit

I bought this product in the same size have bought all my Patagonia pants. These are at least 2" too short. More like knickers than pants on me. The waist is also tight compared to other Patagonia pants of the same size. Material is great,albeit,not as stretchy as I assumed.

April 18, 2018

Great fit and quality construction

I've been wearing these pants for about a month. I did need to size up a size to get the fit I want,but I still don't get the 1 star reviews. I usually wear a 33,but ended up with size 34. The 33's were pretty dang snug across the crotch,but the 34's are perfect. (I'm about 5'11" and 175lbs) I love em. The fabric... Read More is killer. I've climbed,biked,stretched,slept,and sat at my desk in them. Yea,they're not yoga pants,but they still allow for easy movement. They do have a little bit of stretch and a gusseted crotch. The weight of the fabric is nice. It's substantial,but not clunky like carhartts. It seems like a pretty tight weave and is durable so far. I did a few knee bars in them with no signs of wear. They might be fine,but I still wouldn't take them aid climbing until I've gotten at least a couple years of wear out of them. I'm a little skeptical about the mesh material used in the pockets. It's just different and might turn out to be more durable than a more traditional material. They're spendy,but they seem to be pretty bombproof,they look good,and they fit me great. My last pair of Patagonia pants lasted for about five hard years. I'm ok paying for this kind of quality.

April 5, 2018

Too tight and fitted

I bought these because I was looking for some rock climbing pants to hold up and because the double knee protection. These are way to tight and fitted for my purpose,the video shows lots of flexibility,but this was not my experience at all. I am not a hefty guy,I often find 33 waist pants too loose and got the the 32. Im hoping to exchange them for... Read More something I can bend my knees in. The material is awesome,and I want them to fit comfortably.

March 17, 2018

Poor fit

I have 3 pairs of the old Venga pant and multiple pairs of Patagonia jeans. The fit on these pants is nothing like them. It is strangely tight around the waist for a 32" and then becomes baggy around the crotch. This pant offers very little stretch and poor movement. I bought these pants because of the poor reviews the new Venga pant has been ... Read Morereceiving. I will be returning them.

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