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Ms Nano-Air® Pants

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Ms Nano-Air® Pants

Kinda Large
December 28, 2019

Almost Perfect

Love these pants as a warm layer under shell pants. Work great feel great. Could use a draw string at waist.

December 27, 2019

They are warm but still

They are warm but still breathable. Very comfortable pants.

December 13, 2019

Twin of the Nano Air Hoody

Amazing warmth and heat dissipation for being so lightweight like its sibling jacket. It would be nice to have a draw cord at waist; not quite sure of durability of elastic waist band. Could be just a little less baggy. Other than that being said I knew it would be the usual exceptional quality of Patagonia.Bought two. In all my years of being a Pa... Read Moretagonia consumer I never had to return anything for defects; unlike some other companies! It would sure be nice to receive a friends and family 40% discount card with all I have spent this year! I also bought four of the Nano hoody jackets.Keep up the excellent work!!!!

December 12, 2019

Very Warm

I didn’t think these would be as warm as they are for the weight. I intended on buying them for under my Waders in the late fall, winter, and early spring here in MT. Pairing with either Cap. Air bottoms or R1 pants (fits over both together comfortably as well), these keep me warm down to the teens air temp and low 30s water temp. Very impressed wi... Read Moreth these.

December 9, 2019


The best insulated pants I’ve ever bought. very breathable and warm

December 7, 2019

Where is the drawstring??

Overall, these are really nice pants. Patagonia is on to something with this Nano Air stuff. It is lightweight and breathable while still being insulating. The pants are very packable, much more than fleece. They obviously will handle wet weather than something with down. The fit is true to size. The legs are tapered enough to wear on the bike as w... Read Moreell. My only complaint is there is no draw string in the waist band. I think that should be mandatory in all pants made for any kind of physical activity. Because of that, I withheld one star.

November 26, 2019

Much better than version 1

Big improvement in fit over previous version. Eliminated the crotch to tailbone zippier, increased diameter around the calf, and added some pockets. Just wish that the new ones had a zippered fly, you have the pull the waist band downed that's not ideal when under a climbing softshell and harness. went with a size large and fit me well but not... Read More much room to add an additional base layer at 6'1" 220 lb. Not a worry though since I have these to replace a normal base layer bottom on cold days.

November 25, 2019

Nano air pants

There's no waist closure. No drawstring, no belt. They really seem suitable only as a thermal layer, not as pants. Returning them.

November 14, 2019


I work long days in waders in cold waters. These pants have become my go-to layer under my waders. Great product Patagonia.

November 12, 2019

Overall still good pants.

(These are exceptionally cozy pants--I have slept in them--but this review is based on almost exclusively wearing them as a mid-layer over an appropriate-weight-for-the-conditions baselayer and under a very durable and somewhat breathable soft shell outer layer in conditions ranging from -30 deg F, -60 with windchill, up to maybe +20 deg F). I&#x27... Read More;ve never worn them as an outer layer.) I'm a big fan of the original Nano Air Pant which I've used for three seasons (Nov.-April, 2-4 days/week), and which inspired me to replace my fleece mid-layer jacket with Nano Air last year, so I was excited to see them return with 60 g/m^2 of insulation. I find the other changes mostly negative but forgivable: Fit: The fit of the new version is a little more loose, especially in the thighs. Can't please everyone, I realize, and I'm sure there are plenty of folks who couldn't wear the original version because the thighs were too snug. It is more difficult to pull my outer layer on over this new version without bunching, but otherwise not a big issue. On the upside, they fit comfortably over the old version for those really nasty days (probably -20degF and below). No waist adjustment: New version relies solely on elastic in the waist...I really preferred having the draw cord because Patagonia elastic waistbands fail faster than any other brand for me, and has consistently been the first element to fail in every one of my Patagonia products that has one. Pockets: do people really wear these as "outer wear?" To each his own. I definitely do not see the use for pockets. They are low profile but still contribute to aforementioned bunching. I think I can overlook the addition of pockets. No zip fly: I didn't use/need the full 180 degrees of zip fly on the original model so doesn't bother me that it's gone. However, I would much prefer that the new model retained a fly of some kind. Any fly is better than none, in my opinion. I promised myself I would never buy under-layers that lack a fly. I may try to add one. Slight change to the cuff: they didn't go to a "boot length," for which I am grateful. The stretch material for the cuff now comes a little higher in a slightly asymmetric design, likely a compromise to appease those who called for a boot-length design. It works for me: I pull them up high enough that the cuff tucks into my boot tops but the insulation does not. Overall thoughts: these are still good pants, but they are (still) expensive and likely not not for everyone. They are arguably a "luxury" item that will require replacement more frequently than conventional options for optimal performance. Traditional fleece will be more durable, synthetic puffys more warm (and probably more durable). Nano Air excels at that for which it was designed: high output activities in cold conditions. They are light and packable like a puffy, breathe better, dry faster, and are warmer/wt than fleece, but whether they remain warm enough for long enough to be worth the significant price premium over conventional options is an individual decision. I myself am not completely convinced, but I think they are. The insulation in my first pair has lost some loft and are not as warm after three seasons, maybe 200 days of use, but they are still useful. Are they still as warm as 100 wt fleece? I don't know. But they still breathe better and dry faster. The fifth star will be earned when the lifespan of the insulation and face-fabric are doubled, elastic waistband longevity is quadrupled, and all else remains equal (but bring back a zipped access!).

November 4, 2019

Nano Air Pants

Best pants of all time. They do it all.

November 4, 2019

Best pants ever

These have changed my life. Best under wader garment ever. Very happy. I’m sure these pants will be awesome under snow pants this ski season.

October 23, 2019

Love these pants for late fall/winter camping

I don't go on crazy alpine missions, so can't comment on their usefulness for that, but for walking around the campground on cold nights (cold like in the 30s-40s) these are great. They are so warm that I can't wear them inside of my sleeping bag because I'll overheat. I would love if there was a back pocket. The waist is snug, ... Read Moreso the elastic waistband shouldn't lose it's ability to hold them up over time. I'm 5'10" and weigh 144lbs and the Small fits me great.

October 21, 2019

Yup, perfect

5'9" 155, 30-30 pant - size small is perfect for me. These went away for a couple years but I was ready for them when they came back and immediately bought a pair. All expectations were exceeded. Great fit, dries quick, breathes well, light and packable, so basically as advertised. Clearly designed for the alpine and hit the spot there as... Read More I expected. No frills minimal design. As an aside - If cold weather fly fishing is your thing, the nano puff pant would be a better ticket, pockets, burlier fabric etc. Weight is not as much of an issue. But in the alpine, these are completely ideal.

October 18, 2019


Ever since getting a nano air jacket I've been hoping for nano pants. They are fantastic! Warm without being too warm and even have pockets. 2 shortcomings, the pockets have tight access points and are awkwardly cut making access very difficult. Secondly, the waistband is awkward and restrictive. A Drawcord or snap waist would make these pants... Read More perfect and I would be the new pair immediately.

September 16, 2019

How did I live without these?

Patagonia knocked these out of the park. Just the right amount of insulation for being active while still being able to relax at camp. I’ve worn these down to the high 30’s Fahrenheit and felt that was the limit for me for comfortable relaxing but they really performed well once I started moving. Once temp hit the mid 50’s I felt my legs heating up... Read More a bit during exertion but never felt too hot. The fit is great for me in medium. Large would’ve been huge. For reference I’m 6’2”, 180, 33” waist and inseam. My only suggestions would be a draw cord waist and maybe one zippered back pocket. These bad boys will really come in handy as we get into snow sport season and I can see using these under my waders for cold weather steel head fishing. They feel great on and I’m constantly looking for reasons to wear them.

September 11, 2019

Warm and light weight

Just the right amount of movement provided as well.

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