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Patagonia Men's R3® Yulex® Back-Zip Full Wetsuit

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Patagonia Men's R3® Yulex® Back-Zip Full Wetsuit

True To Size
September 1, 2020

Perfect warmth

Im a not a fan when it comes to cold so this r3 (4.3/3.5mm) suit fit the bill. I got it one mm thicker than recommended for the water temps. No leaks and fits well. The arms are a little long but not too bad.

August 31, 2020

Yulex is great!!!

Thank you, Patagonia, for making a suit out of natural materials. Having a neoprene allergy makes surfing in Northern California difficult. Problem solved with this suit, no reaction after several days in the water.

June 18, 2020

Great fit.

I have been using this suit for about 3 months while wakesurfing. I was very comfortable in water temperatures as low as 49 F degrees. My movement is no more restricted than in a cheaper summer suit.

June 17, 2020

Good suit with a major design flaw

Purchased this back zip wetsuit with high hopes. Never had an issue with Patagonia suits other than sizing however this suit has a serious design flaw. The back zip will not stay up. Not good when surfing sub 50 degree water. First duck dive....the zipper opened up and the suit flooded. No matter what i did, it kept opening. Emailed Patagonia and a... Read Mores they always do.... they made it right. Offered a full refund even though i surfed four times in it. No questions asked....evem paid to shio it back! I will continue to buy Patagonia gear because their customer service is second to none.

June 17, 2020

Warm and comfortable

Bought this for early/late water skiing in Minnesota. Water temp low 50s, air temp low 50s high 40s. Keeps me warm even when we ski multiple sets. Good suit!

June 17, 2020

Swimming In the R3

I live on the Central Coast of California and swim in the ocean four times a week. Water temperatures range from the high 40's in the spring to 60 degrees or more in the fall. I swim with a group and we usually cover three to four thousand meters (2 to 2.5 miles) over an hour to 90 minutes. I wear a tri suit in the summer for the comfort and a... Read More surf suit in the winter and spring for the warmth. This is my fourth R3 wetsuit and it is the best one so far. These wetsuits will last me about two years before the stretching around the shoulders causes the material to break down and start leaking. Besides the benefits from the environmentally friendly materials the current version is the best fitting and warmest of the R3's I've owned. On the inside of the cuff MT 4.5/3.5 is printed, so I'm wondering if this suit is more than 3mm. The texture of the exterior has been changes so that the suit is easier to take off, the sleeves and especially the lower legs roll over themselves easier so getting the last bit off over your feet isn't such a struggle. This is a big thing for me when I'm tired, it's windy, I'm getting cold and trying to get into warm clothes. My only criticism is that the seam tape on the ankles is already starting to peel off. This happened on my last (also Yulex) R3. I cut off the tape that has pulled loose, the seams never opened up. I expect to buy many more.

November 21, 2019

Stiff and runs really tight

Maybe I’m an outlier but I’m In the middle of both height and weight range for an xl and the suit fits but feels so stiff and so tight that I’m really regretting buying it. This is my second season trying to make it work with Patagonia wetsuits but I’m over it. Last season I had the hooded version and I thought that might be the problem so this yea... Read Morer I went no hood and also saw the reformulation might help. I think like last years suit it will probably loosen up and then feel ok, and after being in the water for 20 minutes the current suit starts to feel better. But honestly, why should you have to suffer at all when you can buy an ONeil or an Excel and just enjoy surfing in it right away.

September 19, 2019

Warm and feels like a suit for the century

Knowing it is a clean suit and well sealed is a heart warmer. Knowing it will last is a bank warmer. Surfing more is the end result

May 8, 2019


Keeps me warm and comfortable and in the water, catching waves.

May 8, 2019

Best wetsuit I’ve ever had

as a surfer I always feared the cold water leaking into my suit... with this suit it never happens. I’m always warm and it keeps the water out! It’s perfect

May 8, 2019

Wet Suit

Solid-no issues with being cold but somewhat perplexed by the “gasket” piece that goes over my head. Pretty sure I have it dialed but it can wrinkle if not careful. Will probably give 5 stars after I go back and watch the product video. 4 stars at this point due to user error (mine). Used in NorCal surf so far. Wet suit is much warmer than its rati... Read Moreng, not a bad thing at all!

April 18, 2019

The best wetsuits in the world

This review is for an XLS size which was notnin the drop down menu. I just returned an R3 chest zip neoprene suit and bought the new Yulex R3 back zip. While I own both styles and understand how they fit differently for me with a shoulder injury a back zip is my only option. My old R3 was wool lined and frankly STIFF!! It was not used and sat in my... Read More closet. I couldn’t get my shoulders into it without pain and help to get it off. I have read reviews and seen some online/YouTube reviews that say it is stiff when new. While there may have been some initial sizing or material stretch issues in the first year of yulex production, I can say with total certainty that the 2019 Yulex suits are the finest fitting wetsuits I’ve ever put on. Out of the box it was soft, warm and SUPER stretchy. I wear an XLS short. My shoulders are too broad the size smaller and this fits perfectly in arm and leg length. I can paddle even with my weak shoulder without any “ rubber band” feeling and that was trying it on for the first time, let alone once it’s broken in. I also LOVE the fact it is a greener product and non petroleum based. ALL manufacturers should be so responsible, I’m thankful Patagonia is... these suits fit true to dimension and are incredibly comfortable, I will not wear anything else, the quality, fit, comfort and smaller carbon imprint is worth every penny.

February 18, 2019


Initially came with no velcro to hold back zipper up. They addded one at my request, but still lets a lot of water in the back....and zipper still comes down Disappointing for a "top of the line wetsuit".

December 5, 2018

Best Wet-suit and Company in the world!!

This is the most comfortable and durable wet-suit I have ever worn. And...from a company that stands behind their products.

November 2, 2018

Surfs up

I got this wetsuit and I was nervous because I've had a bad history with poorly made wetsuits. (One time I got this wetsuit from a garage sale and the seams teared and everyone saw my butt :( ) Anyways I got this and I love it. Now I can go back to being a confident surfer dude again. I live in Cali where theres always surfers and now I can be... Read More the coolest dude out there with my Patagonia Men's R3® Yulex® Back-Zip Full Suit. Surfs up!!!!!!!

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