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Patagonia Women's R3® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Wetsuit

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Patagonia Women's R3® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Wetsuit

True To Size
September 4, 2020

Just follow the size guide

A lot of reviews are saying it runs small, and it does compared to other brands but its right on the money if youre using the size guide on the page. Youll see the measurements on the size guide do run on the smaller side but theyre accurate! Im 55, 34A, 26 waist, 36 hips, 125lbs and fall squarely into their measurements for a size 8 according to t... Read Morehe size guide. Size 8 fit well, but I have to agree with the one reviewer who said the bottom half fit great but the top half, particularly the arms, are really tight. This is coming from someone that is bottom heavy with skinny arms too, so if its a problem for me I can imagine itll be an issue for people with bigger arms. I used this for kitesurfing lessons and the thickness of the R3 plus tightness in the shoulders/arms really made arm movement restrictive and exhausting. If youre a surfer and are frequently paddling out, this would be a downright nightmare. Lastly, if I could go back in time, I would trade in my R3 front zip for the R3 back zip. In fact, I would recommend any female with shoulders and hips or a butt to just go straight to the back zip because the front zip is almost impossible to get off without help. Without fail, I have a minor panic moment every time I roll this wetsuit down over my shoulders because its so hard to get your upper body out that I start wondering if maybe Ill be stuck forever. So trust me when I say, leave the front zips for the boys!!

August 11, 2020

Runs small and its for narrow shoulders

Ive been surfing for many years and finally I splurged this past winter and bought a Patagonia wetsuit. Heard from friends its the warmest suit. Fantastic! Keeps me so warm! The downside for female surfers is that the shoulders are soooo narrow. It fits a super model stature, not a surfer. Easy to get on, impossible to take off by yourself. Gettin... Read Moreg your head out of the pullover is torture... I have to squat to take it off or ask my friends to help me. With covid, Im stuck on my own. DEAR PATAGONIA, PLEASE WIDEN THE SHOULDERS AND NECK LINE FOR US!! Thank you

Response from Patagonia
September 8, 2020

Hi Lorena, thanks so much for your detailed feedback and your suggestions for the shoulders and neck line of our women's wetsuits. Our designs are constantly being revised, and customer's feedback is one of the contributing factors to these changes. We hope that we won't disappoint you in the future.

June 27, 2020

Warm, dries fast, wish it was more durable

This wetsuit is lighter and warmer than other 4/3s on the market. It dries remarkably quickly. However, I'm disappointed that I've already had to glue to holes (both front shoulders) and have only had the wetsuit for 3 months. I live in Ventura and surf regularly, so it is getting a lot of use, but I wish it was more durable and therefore... Read More would last longer. This wetsuit runs small (I wear an 8 in most other wetsuit brands but a 10 in this wetsuit), but this isn't a big deal. I'm happy to provide further feedback or show you the places that I've had to glue to help improve the next iteration of this suit. I love many aspects of it (yulex!) and would purchase another particularly if I knew it had been improved. Thanks!

June 12, 2020

Love Patagonia hate the fit

I wish I had read these reviews before buying my R3 Yulex. When I put it on it fit the lower part of my body perfectly but the shoulders are far too tight and it makes paddling really exhausting. It's such a warm wetsuit but I am now restricted to the amount of time in the water by the paddling. I see that I am not the only person to have this... Read More issue. It's like the suits are made for people who don't surf that much and don't have upper body muscle/shoulders. I have to sell it now as it's just not worth the paddle mission. I have heard other people have the same problems. I won't buy another Patagonia until the fit changes. I haven't had this problem with other wetsuits. I am sad about this as I love the suit and the ethos and it really is warm.

May 9, 2020

Hooded option for women?

Patagonia can you mend the equality gap and make a hooded option for women? The mens R3 line has a hooded option. I live and surf on the Oregon Coast where the water basically never drops below 50F so you always need a hood. Alas, there are options for men but only one company I know of that makes hooded 4/3 for women. I love you Patagonia, but the... Read Morere are some discrepancies between the men and womens lines that are frustrating. Help us out ! We deserve the same gear.

May 6, 2020

Warm for about 2 months, then it begins to fall apart.

I purchased this suit in January of 2020. It was plenty warm and I was really happy with my investment. However, by March the outer seam sealing was beginning to crack, and in April a large hole appeared near the armpit from paddling. I always care for my wetsuits, especially one as expensive as this. "Sustainability" doesn't matter ... Read Moremuch when you can get more mileage out of suits that are a quarter of the price. I recommend you spend less on a wetsuit that will stay out of the landfill longer.

Response from Patagonia
May 18, 2020

Hi Sophia, we're very sorry to hear about the disappointment with the R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Wetsuit. We encourage you to reach out to our Wetsuit Team at, wetsuitrepairs They may be able to help you out with any warranty issues.

May 1, 2020

Amazing suit for tiny-armed people

Like a lot of the other reviewers, I think the construction of this suit is spot-on, but the sizing and proportions are way off. I'm 5'4", roughly 130 pounds, 34B chest with only modestly muscular arms and shoulders. I typically wear a XS, S, 2 or 4 in Patagonia clothes, but I "sized up" and purchased an 8 after reading the... Read More reviews. I was optimistic that the suit would work as I pulled it on, until I got to the arms/shoulders portion...The bottom 3/4 of the suit was perfect, but the shoulders/arms/neck were ridiculously tight. I've purchased a couple wetsuits before and understand that they loosen up in the water, but this felt next-level uncomfortable and I didn't want to risk trying it out in the water only to not be able to return it. I'm considering trying it in a 10, but I worry that it will be too long and loose in the rest of the body and legs by the time my arms are able to move freely. Typically I love Patagonia products because they are well thought out in terms of design for their target audience. However, this suit is a quizzical exception. Because this suit is intended for surfers, the proportions really don't make sense. Essentially, if your arms are stick-thin and noodley enough to comfortably move in this thing, you're probably not paddling very far.

Response from Patagonia
May 6, 2020

Hi Ashlee, thank you for taking the time to write us such a detailed review! We're really sorry to hear about the trouble you've experienced with sizing. Feedback like this is incredibly helpful to our design team when they go to revise a product. So it's much appreciated and we'll pass it along!

March 2, 2020

Love the warmth but not the fit.

This wetsuit has amazing warmth, when Im in it, I dont think my body even gets wet (haha). The problem with this wetsuit is the fit for an athletic body type, which I would think would be most Patagonia users. I had to order a size up because all Patagonia wetsuits seem very tight on my shoulders. This wetsuit is still tight on my shoulders, but ve... Read Morery large around my hips and legs. I have an athletic build with broad shoulders and no shape in my hips. I found that I am very happy with the feel of the wetsuit from in inside, but pretty disappointed in the fit of the wetsuit.

December 27, 2019

Just not enough sizes available/ stretch for women's bodies

I had one of the original R2 yulex suits (size 4) that was so warm and felt so durable - really great for free diving around LA - but such a pain for surfing. Everyone I knew that had one agreed the Yulex made paddling a serious chore and it was just too hard to get off. After long sessions I literally couldn't get out of the chest zip on my o... Read Morewn. I eventually sold my suit at the beginning of this summer and I'm in the market for a 4/3 now and after trying on the (luxurious) rip curl and o'neill comparable neoprene suits I felt like I had to give Patagonia it's due because I love the idea of the Yulex suits. I went to the store today and sized up for good measure - I put on a chest zip size 6 - I'm 5'3 115lbs, 34B bust - I could barely get in and out of the chest and arms but the body was too long everywhere, and still so stiff to move! just turning it right side out to put back on the hangar was a pain. I want so badly for these wetsuits to work for me but I can't decide if the Yulex material just isn't "there" yet or if it's a patterning problem. Making them in a tall and short might help with the lack of stretch in the Yulex. I wanted to try a back zip on but they didn't have one in a 6 available - but again, for colder water an R3 chest zip would be ideal. I'm just bummed all over again.

November 18, 2019

Didn't work this year

I bought a yulex front zip R3 at the end of 2016 and it was the warmest suit I've ever worn. It fit perfectly and I loved it! It got worn out in weird places and started getting holes and leaking last winter. I sent it in for repair but unfortunately they said they couldn't repair it in the end. I went to buy a new R3 front zip in the sam... Read Moree size 8 (as per my previous suit and the size chart), but the legs were too big and the neck was really tight. After speaking to a rep, I ordered another one in the same size and the legs were a bit better, still with some extra material but not as bad (just bad for knee paddling), and the shoulders were too tight, though the neck fit way better. I did try a 6, and the legs fit, but I was scared if I pulled it up all the way, I wouldn't be able to get it off. I really wanted this to work as warmth is my primary goal in buying a wetsuit, but I just couldn't seem to find one that fit. Of note, I tried buying the same wetsuit in 2018, but they were running really small that year. I would recommend for next year, more sizes, maybe shorts and talls, getting rid of the unflattering white lines (especially on the butt crack), making the chest zip straight again as opposed to on an angle for ease of pulling it over the neck and taking it off (though it will never be easy), and keeping the seams on the inside flat, so you can't feel them. Women come in all shapes and sizes and the wetsuit sizes should reflect that. I would recommend this wetsuit to anyone as the warmest out there if it happens to fit you. I wish I never sent mine in for repair, as even with holes it was still the warmest wetsuit out there. I'll wait for next year and try again.

September 6, 2019

Incredible suit!! Tough to put on/take off.

This is an amazing wetsuit! Keeps me nice and warm, doesn't limit my movement at all, and feels really durable. I am 5'7" and 127 lbs and the 8 fits perfectly. I also love the high ethical and environmental standards that went into the creation of this suit. My only wish is that I had bought the back zip instead. This sucker is reall... Read Morey hard to get on and off!! Other than that, I am super happy with my purchase.

September 13, 2018

GREAT suit, but zipper design (back zip) isn't effective

I was VERY excited for these new suits to come out and ordered mine the day they were in stock. Good news: fit perfectly, super comfortable, some great design features! Unfortunately, the one critical design element that doesn't work is the back zipper. It just doesn't come up high enough and unzips easily just moving around indoors (let ... Read Morealone on the water). So, I returned the suit yesterday and am greatly disappointed. My shoulders don't have enough range of motion to get in and out of the front zip suit :-(

August 8, 2018

Holy grail

Working on our surf products, I tend to be quite critical of all aspects in any wetsuit. I was somewhat skeptical at first of the offering for Fall 2018 but had high hopes for improvement on overall fit and feel of this run.  My first impressions outside of the water were great- the suit went on a lot quicker and easier than my previous seaso... Read Moren suit, and it fit like a glove in all areas. It is snug but not overly tight, and the material is much more flexible and comfy. I wiggle around a bit to make sure nothing feels restrictive, and I'm surprised to find that I meet no resistance. No more fatigue prior to or during any of my future sessions!  By now, I've probably put about 25 sessions into this suit. There was really no break-in period required. Right off the bat, it loosened up the right amount in the water and situated itself. It is super warm, more-so than any of the previous R3's I have owned. The length of the suit is also improved, and it fits my 5'4 frame much better in the torso and legs than ever before. Honestly, this is the first time in a while that I haven't thought much about my suit while I'm out in the water, which is always the goal. I surfed it from Canada all the way down to Ventura, and was pleasantly surprised with how warm and comfortable I stayed during each and every surf. Overall, the material is much more flexible, has a softer feel, and an improved entry for easier on and off in the parking lot. Due to the increase in stretch, it seems that it would fit a wider range of sizes than in years past. You can't beat the fact that it's neoprene-free and fair trade certified. Finally; us waterwomen and men have the option of a suit that doesn't sacrifice performance, fit, feel, quality, or social and environmental responsibility. An absolute win-win for all!

August 7, 2018

Supreme Fit & Flexibility

The new R3 Yulex Front-Zip Wetsuit exceeded all of my expectations. At first glance/suiting up this suit was significantly softer to the touch, had impressive flexibility, and ease of getting on was 10/10. Improvements I noticed in the fit right off the bat was that the torso length was perfect compared to earlier models - the crotch didn't ha... Read Moreve too little or too much room. The shoulders also felt like a much more comfortable fit, no funky seams or restriction in my range of motion. My initial reaction was that the suit fit true to size and felt like a perfect fit for my body (Size 6 - I'm 5'6 & 125 lbs). The stretch and flexibility of the suit also really impressed me. I would almost describe it as though it was already broken in, which I've never experienced in a brand new wetsuit, Patagonia or otherwise. Throughout my surf sessions, the suit continued to impress me. Warmth was more than sufficient, very comfortable for the colder mornings and evenings (53-57°F water temps). The fit throughout continued to feel comfortable while paddling around, sitting, and surfing. There was no resistance in the arms when paddling, which I had experienced with previous suits. Ease of getting out of the suit with cold hands was also 10/10, which especially wowed me, being a 4.5/3.5mm thick suit. After wearing this suit 20+ times and practicing proper care, I haven't noticed any wear or tear. Overall, this is a huge improvement to Patagonia's Yulex design, and is easily the comfiest suit I've ever worn!

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