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Patagonia Women's R4® Yulex® Front-Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit

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Patagonia Women's R4® Yulex® Front-Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit

True To Size
October 28, 2020

Super toasty

I am a huge weany when it comes to cold water. As in I wore this diving in Hawaii and only had to let in a little bit of fresh water to cool off. Snorkeling in San Diego in September it kept me toasty warm. I dont really use the hood, kinda wish it didnt have one or was removable? Little tough to get off but not sure any hooded/front zip wetsuit is... Read More going to be easier.

July 2, 2020

Toasty Cozy!

Use this for year-round surf SF to Monterey. When I rinse it after a sesh and hang dry overnight inside it's dry by the morning. I'm 5'8, 150 lbs and ordered a 10. My first two sessions were really snug, so much that it left marks on my skin and took hard to peel off. It stretched a whole size and now feels like butter to paddle in. ... Read MoreSo warm, I can last two hours with no booties; best wettie ever owned.

June 24, 2020

No size fit's me

Please make a size for women taller than 5'9". I would love to buy a suit. Please consider T sizes.

June 17, 2020

PNW Water Certified Warmth

I'm really loving this suit. I can get away without wearing gloves on many days in the summer with the added warmth the R4 provides. Patagonia has the ladies fit down now, no shoulder tautness, or pulling in the neck as I felt with a previous suit. I've only had the suit a few months, but I surfed it pretty consistently and it's hold... Read Moreing up. I'd purchase from Patagonia again.

June 5, 2020


Come on Patagonia, you can do better. I'm 5'9 with an athletic build (turns out surfers usually have big shoulders) and could barely get an 8 past my waist. Based on their size chart I'm hesitant to even try a 12, which is their largest size (really?!) I'm also still puzzled as to why Patagonia offers an R5 wetsuit for men and n... Read Moreot women- any rationale behind this one? Women surf and dive in cold water too! Usually love supporting Patagonia and their causes but I'm bummed that I'll have to resort to a different brand with more consistent sizing and tall options available for athletic builds."

May 23, 2019

Please make these even thicker for SCUBA divers!

I'm allergic to neoprene, so yulex is the only material I can wear to stay warm in the water. Could you please, please, pretty please make some coldwater wetsuits for SCUBA divers? We need a 7-8mm to submerge in cold water for hours on end! From head to toe! 5mm simply won't cut it at temperatures <60 degrees. The suit would also need ... Read Moreto seal well- no water movement within the wetsuit. PS, could you also make some 5mm+ GLOVES, rather than mittens? It's hard to work underwater in mittens. Please and thank! I love that you make an alternative to neoprene!

May 8, 2019

Love my new wetsuit!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the right size since they no longer carry tall sizes.. I’m 5’8” 130lbs, and purchased a size 8 (with the help of Patagonia’s awesome customer service staff!) It fits almost perfectly, could be a little tighter in the chest, but it’s long enough for me, and keeps me plenty warm!

May 8, 2019

Our Sunday Best

We have a group that meets every Sunday to swim in the Puget Sound around Washington's San Juan Islands. The water is frigid and every wet suit I used prior to this one only allowed me to stay in for 20 to 30 minutes. Following the lead of a few others in the group, I purchased my Yulex wet suit and have been astonished at how much it stands a... Read Morebove the competition. Above all, it is WARM. Beyond that, the form fit keeps most water out, it's impossibly stretchy allowing me to swim longer and more comfortably. The trend caught on here, and now I am one of six in our group wearing Yulex suits, which we have now dubbed as "Our Sunday Best" clothes.

March 26, 2019

Very warm, could fit better

I’m tall but not thick through the waist and by their sizing measurements should be a 12 but ended up buying a 10 (which is still too big on me through the middle section, but I’m afraid to go to the shorter height size 8). I wish they made an 6/8 tall! With that said I just was the warmest I’ve ever been in 45 degree water and couldn’t be happier!... Read More I was the last one out of the water and still want shivering! Solid equipment for cold water surfing!

December 18, 2018

One of the best women's winter suits out there

I never had a Patagonia women's winter suit previously due to fit issues. This year, I went to our local surf shop to try on winter wetsuits and was surprised to find the new Patagonia cut for this year fit me better than any other wetsuits I tried on after it was recommended by a surf shop employee. So far, I am super impressed. Pros: - flex... Read Moreible enough that this is the first year I don't mind wearing a winter suit short boarding and don't notice it holding me back - much more wind resistant than other winter wetsuits I've worn. I don't know how, because its not smoothie rubber, but it works and I was super stoked to find that out in 40mph winds, 30F near 12F windchill? I honesty couldn't really feel the wind which is super important in winter surfing - dries incredibly fast! more or less dry in 2 hours. this is awesome because putting on frozen wetsuits is not fun - fit is spot on, I love it. I'm a pretty normal athletic build, pretty wide shoulders, and the shoulders started out a little tight but after about a week it fits perfectly. - I thought I wouldn't like the detach zipper, but for whatever reason now I kind of like it better - zero flushing through the chest zip. i've never worn a winter wetsuit that has not flushed until this one. even in well overhead wipeouts - warm lining through the legs. super hard to find in women's wetsuits but thank you Patagonia for doing this - fully taped seams! and welded on the outside. somehow it doesn't seem to hurt mobility at all - legs do not flush at all - hood does not give me a headache like some other hooded wetsuits out there - sleeves are long enough - seems warm in cold water, although I've only tried it down to 41F...will find out more by February - aquaglue is great and has a noticeably less chemical feel. Cons: - a little difficult to take off, but not bad, and its definitely worth the trade off to have a chest zip that doesn't flush - sometimes some water comes in the sleeves during particularly violet wipeouts, not sure this is avoidable really Overall, I love this wetsuit and I'm super excited that the new fit works for me. Pretty much everything about it is spot on and I have yet to be cold even though its December in New Hampshire. It's so comfortable and fits so well I actually enjoy wearing it. Thank you Patagonia for a great product - it makes a massive difference for those of us who surf every day in frigid conditions (i.e. ocean temp 30-32F, air down to -20F windchill). Highly recommend for cold water surfing!

December 13, 2018

Soooo warm!

I run stupid cold; even in warm waters I prefer at least a wetsuit top. When I moved up to the PNW, I knew my old wetsuits for 50-60°F waters wouldn’t cut it, so I did some research and was frequently pointed to the R4 Yulex. I was hesitant because some reviews said it would restrict motion, but on the contrary I feel perfectly free bodyboarding an... Read Mored surfing in it. I predominantly use it for bodyboarding, so I’m usually both kicking and paddling, and I do not feel that there is any restriction during either action. The liner material is super soft and is usually mostly dry (other than a small normal amount, if I let water in, or if I sweat). I never get flushed, even with the hood off. One time I peed in it, but only realized after the fact that it is SUPER difficult to let water in to this entire suit! Just be warned, because I know you all do it! Anyway, having the ability to cool off with the hood off makes this super versatile, because this sucker is WARM! I love it! Not once have I shivered waiting for a wave. I tested it out in warmer waters (58-60°F) because it was all I had; it was almost too warm and I had the hood off most of the time. In Oregon (50-55°F waters), I keep the hood on the entire time. The hood has a cinch cord that’s nice for keeping it in place around the face, though I do find it a bit uncomfortable resting above my chin/below my lip. While it’s warmer this way, I always seem to drop it below my chin because it feels like it pulls on my face. The reinforced knees and the shell of the entire wetsuit seem pretty sturdy. I also appreciate the material at the foot cuffs; they seem durable for my leash and fin savers. The front zipper is pretty chunky, and looks like it’ll last for a while. I appreciate the key holder below the zipper, as well. What I’m most nervous about regarding durability is the internal seaming; every time I take this wetsuit off, it takes me at least 20 minutes. DO NOT BUY if you are frequently in a hurry to get somewhere after your surf sesh! I had hoped it would stretch out just a tad, or that I’d find a system to hasten the process, but it is still such a pain to remove. I am worried one of these days the internal seaming will rip while trying to remove it, even though I try to be super careful with it. The fact that it is so difficult to remove should be testament to how thick and warm it is, though. Very little water gets in! So all in all, I am pleased with the warmth, flexibility, and comfort of this wetsuit, but wish it was easier to remove. I’d give it a 4.5/5 stars if I could! I also wish Patagonia would offer the Yulex R5 in women’s sizing. Speaking of sizing, I think it runs a tad small. I am 5’6”, 115 lbs., 29” inseam, 32” chest, hips 34”, waist 26”, and the size chart puts me somewhere between the 6 and 8, but I had an R1 vest already and knew the wetsuit sizing was small, so I sized up. The 8 fits perfectly. There’s no crotch baginess, I have full range of motion, and my wrists and ankles are covered. If in doubt, I’d size up. Thanks for making a responsibly-sourced, environmentally friendly wetsuit, Patagonia!

December 1, 2018

Current favorite winter wetsuit

I've never worn a Patagonia wetsuit before because the old fit didn't work for me. This year, of all the winter wetsuits I tried on, this one fit me the best, which was a complete surprise. The fit is much better than previous years (thank you!) and the size chart is accurate for me (size 8 wetsuit, I'm a pretty normal athletic build... Read More, 5'6). Other things that worked well: this suit is much more wind resistant than my traditional neoprene suits. I surfed in 30F air plus 40mph sustained wind and actually didn't notice the wind except on my face and when my board blew away. So far, I've only worn the suit down to 10F windchill, 47F water, but its been plenty warm in those conditions and I expect it will do well as it gets colder. It also dries incredibly fast compared to other suits I've owned. It's nearly fully dry after hanging it up for 2 hours, which is awesome, because putting on a frozen wetsuit isn't fun. The hood is comfortable and doesn't give me a headache like some hooded suits do. At the same time, this may be the first wetsuit I've ever had where there is no flushing through the chest zip/shoulder whatsoever, even in pretty intense wipeouts in overhead surf. I thought I wouldn't like the detachable zip because I am used to the chest zips that are already attached, but for some reason I am starting to like the detachable zip better. I can even access my car key without detaching it (i.e. to switch boards) because the key is right in the middle. The flexibility and weight of the suit are great, even when shortboarding. Things that maybe could be improved: in particularly rough wipeouts, every once in awhile some water comes up the sleeve. Honestly, I hardly ever notice it and its something I am pretty picky about. I would like to see wrist/ankle seals of some kind to make it closer to "perfect," but it is not something that would deter me from buying this suit again. I have yet to have any flushing through the ankles which is pretty amazing considering some of the wipeouts this suit has been through. Overall, this is my new favorite winter wetsuit and it will be my go-to suit this winter. I am super impressed with how well the new materials and new design work and highly recommend it. Also thank you Patagonia for using Yulex and Aquaglue. It was one of the things that convinced me to try this wetsuit, although now that I've surfed in it, there are many more reasons I would purchase a Patagonia suit again.

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