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Men's R3® Yulex® Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit Reviews

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Men's R3® Yulex® Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit

True To Size
December 2, 2022

Quality issues

Terrible flushing around chest and shoulders from day 1. Started leaking in the crotch/low back after 2 weeks at home. After 2 more weeks of use in Chile, the seams have separated at both knees and around hips. Got super cold on my trip due to water constantly flushing the suit. Visor stitching on hood ripped. Have rinsed suit in fresh water every ... Read Moreday and kept out of the sun. Returned due to these glaring production/quality issues.

Response from Patagonia
December 7, 2022

Hi Erik! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We're really sorry to hear about the quality issues you faced with the suit. We're happy to hear that you returned it for warranty evaluation. Our team will be in touch with you with further assistance.

November 19, 2022

NOT great

My R3 fell apart after 2 months of use. I bought it for winter surfing, but it fell apart- shoulder and sleeve seem completely came apart, and the zipper tire, and was never right from the beginning. Ok, so I got a lemon, BUT the worse part is that they would not replace the suit, and said they would repair it- great, except that took over 2 months... Read More!! Leaving me without the suit I paid good money for right during the season I bought it for. It was heartbreaking to be without a suit that I paid that much for during my favorite season, leaving me sidelined for 2 months because I can't afford to buy 2 just to have a backup because the suit I paid A LOT for goes down right away. Ridiculous!! Spend your hard earned money elsewhere with a company that will care.

Response from Patagonia
November 26, 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, Scott. We also want to extend our sincere apologies for the troubles and disappointments you've had with this experience. Please know that we will absolutely pass this feedback along so we can start work on different avenues for when situations like these arise. Again, we are truly sorry about this experience but we appreciate the time you took to send it our way.

November 13, 2022

Warm, but worst material/seams of any suit I have owned

I own two Patagonia wetsuit vests (impact/normal) and countless other surf products, and they have been amazing and long lasting. But after this wetsuit, I wont buy another Patagonia suit unless something changes. My use: Averaged about 2-3 times per week. Rinsed after each session with water and dried on a rack in the shade. Always took the suit ... Read Moreon/off carefully to avoid rips/stretching. Material: the layers started to peel apart eventually. There is a grey layer on the inside that peeled apart in most places. The crotch area split. All of the material around the entry peeled apart and started to rip. Elbows, wrists, and bottom area all lost massive amounts of material/rubber (I have never seen this on another wetsuit). The shoulder completely blew out while surfing which now has a big hole (this is when I stopped wearing the suit ~ 6months in). Warmth: Very warm suit at first. Warmer than any suit I have owned in this thickness. Flexibility: not as good as my large-brand suits, but being warm outweighed this for me. Seams: after about three months, they started to come apart. The worst of any wetsuit I have ever owned (surprising that this is on the most expensive wetsuit I have owned). Longevity: This wetsuit lasted the shortest of any suit I have owned in 20 years of surfing. I did not own this wetsuit for even a year before I couldn't wear it anymore (which should be a minimum for any suit!). I got some basic seam repairs done during the height of the covid pandemic (when I couldn't mail it to Patagonia for repairs, effectively voiding my warranty). But even with repairs, the materials and seams in other places fell apart way too fast. If you buy this suit, be prepared to spend time and money on repairs and don't count on it lasting a year. Recently, I have had much better luck with other brands that in my experience have better material and seam construction and are just generally reliable. Maybe I got a fluke Patagonia suit, but it seems that others have had these problems too.

Response from Patagonia
November 21, 2022

We're so sorry to hear what's happening with your wetsuit, Ryan! It sounds like you did everything right, but that it is wearing at a much faster rate than it should. Thank you for sharing this feedback! We will reach out to you about options.

November 11, 2022

arm is little long

wet suit arm length is little longer for me.I love the medium short wet suit size for your product.

October 19, 2022

Super warm but not lasting

These suits are warm but a little heavy and moderately flexible. Great for cold days. Not sure if it was just a one off problem but my crotch started leaking, worst place for cold water to seep in. The tape on inside and seam sealer on outside were still intact so took me a bit to diagnose. Sent for repairs. They repaired the suit by restitching it... Read More but did not redo the seal tape. The suit worked for another season but is leaking again in the same spot. Its unfortunate because if craftsmanship was better could get another season out of it. Might try again and see if I just got unlucky. These newer suits are more flexible than the old ones but not what I would call super stretchy.

October 8, 2022

Promising but Full of Shortcomings

Really love the wetsuit material, with time, the rubber stretches and molds to your body and keeps you warm. The mobility isn't bad either. HOWEVER, I bought the suit thinking it would last me much longer (I treat my wetsuits well and even the worst brands last me 3 years), but within a year I found all sorts of problems: 1) Zip head broke wit... Read Morehin a month. Just snapped off and I wasn't even aggressive with it. 2) There was a small leak in the crotch from day one which I just ignored and thought "hey, a good for the environment suit can't be perfect." 3) HUGE rip on the inside leg seam -- just busted open while I was surfing -- again, I treat my suits well, wash them, dry them in the shade, and I gentle put them on and off. I really really wanted to leave the team an awesome review on this product - but time after time it has made it just impossible for me to.

Response from Patagonia
October 10, 2022

Hey Jon, thank you for the feedback on your wetsuit, we're so sorry to hear of all of it's shortcomings. We recommend getting in touch with our wetsuit experts to see if they're able to get these issues repaired for you. You can email them at wetsuitrepairs@patagonia.com.

May 23, 2022


Its true to size, so is snug but comfortable!

March 8, 2022

Warm, good fit and no skin irritation

This suit fits good and I'm not allergic to materials in this product. Surfed for two hours, warm in the suit at 49 degrees. I've suited up about a dozen times in this suit.

December 22, 2021


I've been in Santa Cruz for a few years now. I usually go cheap on wetsuits, but I splurged on this, and it was completely worth it. At 4.5/3.5, it seems thick, but it moves better than my 3/2 and keeps me waaaay warmer than my old 4/3. If you live in the bay area, the R3 is definitely the move.

December 21, 2021

Warmest Wetsuit

Ive owned several wetsuits from the leading companies but nothing compares to the warmth & quality construction of this suit. The new Yulex is stretchy for surfing and easy to put on and off. My only suggestion is to reverse the chest zipper for more ease of use. Very pleased with the R3 hooded suit.

November 15, 2021

I really wanted to like it.

Man I was really hoping all the stories about these suits were wrong but after a full year I have to regretfully admit that these suits aren't up to snuff. It was incredibly comfortable for a couple months but it quickly became stiff and chaffy. After one season it was haggard enough that I had to send it in for repairs which took 3 - 4 months... Read More (they didn't offer a loaner suit). Sadly when I did receive the suit back the holes were stitched and the zipper replaced but the same stiff material and chaffing is still an issue. I love Patagonia and generally their products are top of the line in my experience but not the case with the suit.

October 12, 2021

Whole package

I love this suit, its performance, durability and what it stands for. Maybe I run warm or the hair on the chest adds another mm but I can surf for hours in this suit. I've had this suit for 3 yes and it's just now showing wear. The yulex is a nice substitute for all the oil used in every other aspect of surfing. At first the suit was stif... Read Moref but super warm and still comfortable. Now I hear the newer version is more dialed in and I kinda want one, but don't need one (unless COVID lbs get me) because the other suit is still kicking and could just use a bit of seam repair. Gotta love a company that will repair its product.

October 11, 2021

Not the same old Patagonia

I used to wear Patagonia wetsuits and stopped because they felt so stiff. I love the non petro aspect and a friend told me they were worlds better than the older Patagonia wetsuits. They are. Flex is very similar to the other brands. Super warm. Im surfing in Washington and the water is cold. Cant complain at all. So far Im super happy with this we... Read Moretsuit.

August 9, 2021

Came apart after less than a season

I was eager to buy this wetsuit for the natural products and to support Patagonia. It fit well and kept me warm. I was really disappointed that after just a few months of surfing 1-2 times a week, the crotch panel failed and the crotch seam barely held together. I brought the suit back to my local store who shipped it to the Ventura wetsuit repai... Read Morer center. I was hoping for a repaired or replacement suit, but I was given a refund instead. I'm trying to decide if I will buy another R3 or go with a different brand. Big Bummer

July 7, 2021

Ordered slightly larger than chart suggested

This suit is snug. Ordered one size larger than chart suggested after reading/watching several reviews and talking to friends with the same suit. Hood is stretchy, easy to pull down when it gets too warm. Minor bunching behind my knees, but this could be the size I ordered. That being said, I don't think one size down (recommended by chart) wo... Read Moreuld be big enough for my chest, arms and shoulders. The yulex is definitely not as flexible as limestone neoprene, but that could also be the seam sealing tech. Other suits may be more flexible, but these seams seam like they are much more robust and should last longer than other manufacturers'. Appreciate the ankle cuffs. They tend to get pretty ragged after heavy use, but these look like they are designed to mitigate fraying. The zip design seems smart too. I have noticed that this suit actually flushes easier with the hood up than down, which makes me wonder about its long term elasticity since I have only surfed in it a handful of hours. The overall fit and finish seems better than most if not all competitors. Wetsuit tech has come a long way since I started surfing 27 years ago, but in the last decade I have noticed a general drop off in the quality control standards of several manufacturers. This doesn't seem to be the case here, and the warranty seems unmatched which is an anomaly in the 21st century. The fact that the bulk material used is sustainable is great too. Cheers to Patagonia for pushing innovative design, ethical production and not compromising on quality. I would recommend this suit.

July 3, 2021

Great item, great service

Despite otherwise fitting, this suit was too tight around my head and neck, so I needed to go a size up. The customer service and exchange process at Patagonia is incomparably excellent, they have a customer for life for their great service.

April 21, 2021

Very comfortable and warm

I love it. Best wetsuit ever. Comfortable, warm and high level finishing. Feels good to know its a fair triad product also. Now I want the booties so badly!

April 8, 2021

Great Suit

Overall a superbly made suit. Had some issue with the crotch/butt seam separating on a couple of my last suits, however sent them back and Patagonia is fixing it. Keeps me warm, fits comfortably, and the hood compresses nicely not leaving a void around the ears like other suits. Thanks Patagonia for sticking by your product and always evolving in p... Read Moreroviding a great suit.

March 28, 2021

Customer For Life

I was hesitant to buy one of these wetsuits because I try to avoid anything with hype (or a crazy price). A few friends have Patagonia wetsuits and have raved, but I dodged their opinion. The time came for a new heater, so I decided to read up on the Yulex technology, and was swayed almost immediately. Anyone that believes in science should back Yu... Read Morelex. Beside the suit being warmer than a normal comp suit, what really cemented my opinion was the guarantee. I destroyed the knee pad on a head high, low tide day in San Francisco. I got into a hollow section, tried to fly out the end, and got caught at the lip. The foam grabbed my board, flipped it over, and shoved it backwards at me, fin side up. I pulled my legs up to protect my innards. My board slammed into my knees, and somehow I didnt get chopped. The knee pad took all of the force. When this happens, I usually patch the suit myself, because most wetsuit companies dont cover damage due to intended use. But after reading the guarantee on the Patagonia website, and decided to give their repair guys a try. I got my wetsuit back in a week (7 days) and they replaced the entire knee for free. Service like that goes a long way with me. I feel like I got the full treatment with my wetsuit, and I will be back for another one.

March 21, 2021

Great suit.

Best patagonia suit ever. Veey earm. Improved flexibility over years past. Tanx.

February 26, 2021

Warm, good fit and sturdy

It's been a few generations since I wore an R3 - and this years' model is a step forward for me. At 6'0 the MT fits very well, the weight and flex is improved and the construction (as always) is top-notch.

February 1, 2021

Warm and cozy!

The latest version of the yulex rubber is so stretchy and warm. Even when my fingers are frozen, it's super easy to get off post-surf.

January 27, 2021


For an entire year this suit was 100% waterproof without letting in a single drop of water. It actually worked like a dry suit, I was in shock. It finally started to let in some water after a year of good use, but I'm hoping I can send it in for warranty and get it back to being airtight for an entire year.

December 30, 2020

liked it so much i bought 2

I surf daily in Huntington Beach, CA. this suit keeps me warm and fits just right. this is my go to suit in the winter and I bought two. I have 3 other Patagonia suits for different temps - the quality, fit and service (Pata repaired one) are the key reasons for me.

December 24, 2020

Great Winter suit, really warm!

My 4/3 hooded suit fits great and it is very warm, almost to warm. The mornings are cold and the hood is a great addition to keeping my skinny bones and dome warm. I have had to take the hood down a few times and with a pencil neck like mine the fit of the hood around my neck feels great. This is the first time I have purchased a Yulex suit and it... Read More is very stretchy for a 4/3. Im very pleased with my purchase.

December 12, 2020

Super Warm and Flexible

I have worked in the wetsuit world for decades. I have warn almost all brands. I wanted to try Patagonia because I love the brand and its environmental manufacturing practices. The Hooded R3 is an awesome suit. I am tall and skinny and get cold easily, but long sessions are no longer an issue for me. I was pleasantly surprised by all the attention ... Read Moreto detail with the design of the suit. The suit is really durable as well. As we head into this winter I am currently still wearing my suit I purchased last winter and it still feels like new; no pin hole leaks any wear. I am super stoked on the suit and will for sure be buying another one when this one wears out.

December 11, 2020


I live on the central coast of California. Decided it was time to get a suit for the colder water temperatures. After trying on a couple other brands I went to Patagonia because of the advice of friends who have been surfing since they were kids and said these suits were the best they had ever owned. It took me four tries to get the right size and ... Read Moreconfiguration. Started with a hooded medium front zip, too tight under my arms and too difficult to get the hood on and off. Then MT back zip. Oddly had trouble getting in and out of the arms, also decided back zip would not be the optimum for staying warm. Then MT front zip and the neck seemed tight. Finally MT hooded front zip and it was just right. My hands and shoulders are weak areas and played a roll in choosing a suit that fit correctly and was also not too difficult to get in and out of. I have added the Lite Yulex front zip long sleeve top to make the comfort level even better. The Patagonia guarantee is real. All of you who contributed to make this suit possible , a sincere Thank you..

December 4, 2020

Worth the Price

So toasty, so comfy, so flexible. I love this suit. Im a pretty lanky 6, the large fits perfect everywhere but sits about an inch above my ankle, but its not terrible. Ive really had to adjust to the hood being over my chin and its a bit restrictive on my neck when its down. These are minor concerns though. Its so dang warm. That plus the low carbo... Read Moren and human impact of the materials and labor makes me think this is worth the price.

November 29, 2020

PLEASE make a ST (Small Tall)

This wetsuit is a great wetsuit. its warm its flexible and the inside material is very comfortable and dries nicely. My one flaw with this wetsuit is that there is no ST size. I have a tall and skinny body type which meant that the suit fit really pretty well on my upper half, although the legs and crotch were too tight. The legs stopped like 4 inc... Read Morehes above my ankle. They went up so far you could see my legs when I would wear booties. Not Fun. The result of this is that I stretched the suit enough by paddling that one of the seams on the right upper chest exploded and now I have a large hole in the suit and haven't used it since. So Please Patagonia make a Small Tall suit ST!

November 27, 2020

Best Suit Patagonia's produced

Far superior stretch and ease of entry then previous iterations. New seam placement makes me notice the suit less when paddling . I was ready to give up on Patagonia suits because I felt they sacrificed performance for environmental sustainability but with this latest FA20 suit, I feel you don't have to trade one for another. Truly the best su... Read Moreit Patagonia has designed and the first that feels indistinguishable from neoprene.

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