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The next generation of Yulex® Regulator® wetsuits is here. Now softer, stretchier and more durable—redesigned on-site and tested by the first brand to make Yulex wetsuits.

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Temp: 65˚ - 75˚F (18˚ - 23˚C)
Thickness: 2 MM

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Temp: 60˚ - 65˚F (16˚ - 18˚C)
Thickness: 3 / 2.5 MM

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Temp: 55˚ - 60˚F (13˚ - 16˚C)
Thickness: 3.5 / 3 MM

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Temp: 48˚ - 55˚F (9˚ - 13˚C)
Thickness: 4.5 / 3.5 MM

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Temp: 38˚ - 48˚F (3˚ - 9˚C)
Thickness: 5.5 MM / 4 MM

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Temp: 32˚ - 38˚F (0˚ - 3˚C)
Thickness: 6.5 MM / 5 MM

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Durable Men’s Wetsuits
We make men’s spring suits and full suits in a range of thicknesses rated for temps from 75°F/23°C down to 32°F/0°C. They’re neoprene-free, made with a blend of Yulex® natural rubber and synthetic rubber that produces a soft, stretchy, durable suit. We’ve got what you need for surf of all sizes and temperatures.

Like all Patagonia gear, our men’s wetsuits are built to last. They’re also backed by the best repair team in the industry. Obviously, wetsuits require a bit of extra care to perform at their peak for their expected lifetime. Check our wetsuit care, repair and warranty form for more info.
Men’s Spring Suits and Full Wetsuits
Our men’s wetsuits are made to keep you warm and comfortable in the water and last for multiple seasons. Every detail contributes to comfort and performance. A quick-dry lining offers warmth and flexibility for a range of movements. Corrosion-proof zippers provide an excellent seal and help extend your suit’s lifespan.

Here, you’ll find everything from men’s 5mm wetsuits for when the water’s near-freezing to men’s spring suit styles for warmer conditions.
Wetsuit Jackets, Vests and More
When the water’s warmer, you can use a lighter wetsuit vest for men or a versatile long-sleeve wetsuit top for reduced drag and maximum flex. We also make vests that provide additional floatation and impact protection for the heaviest waves on Earth. Check out our boardshorts and rashguards to keep you comfortable and sun-protected while surfing or swimming.
Men’s Surf Hoods and Other Men’s Wetsuit Accessories
Say no to brain freeze with a men’s surf hood built to keep your head warm. Our surf booties protect feet and keep them from going numb, plus they provide a little extra grip along the way.

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