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Alaska Needs You

More mining and drilling in America's Arctic will push us away from a livable Earth and further into climate chaos. Right now, you can help protect our climate, local communities and biodiversity by asking our government to stop extraction in three areas under threat in Alaska.

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Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days and arrive within 3-10 business days. Need it sooner? Concerned about the environmental impact? Flexible shipping options are available.

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Earth Is Now Our Only Shareholder

If we have any hope of a thriving planet—much less a business—it is going to take all of us doing what we can with the resources we have. This is what we can do.

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Kids' Web Specials

The best outdoor clothing and gear for kids, from spring ’23 or earlier, at discounted prices—including boys, girls and babies and toddlers. For more Patagonia discounts, view all web specials or browse used.

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Quality Steals: Patagonia Kids’ Clothes on Sale
Kids learn about quality, or lack of it, from their everyday experiences: what they wear and eat and play with. There’s a trend to short-lived “fast fashion,” but junk teaches kids that high standards don’t apply to them. Patagonia kids’ clothes represent a different ethos: We insist on function, durability, and comfort for our kids’ gear—all the qualities we demand from our adult clothing. And like our gear for adults, at times we make too much of certain styles. That’s why we offer discount kids’ clothing that still withstands childhood and changing conditions. Predicting inventory isn’t a perfect science, so here we are—with sweet deals on cold-weather, hot-weather and all-weather garments for girls and boys.

Take a look at our kids’ clothing sale and you’ll come across popular styles and colorways from previous seasons. You just might find something for that next beach trip or their burgeoning hobby. (Raising a little mountain biker?) If you’re looking for something to keep you comfortable, too, check our other web specials for jackets, activewear and other outdoor clothing and gear.
Durable, Versatile Tops, Shorts and Kids’ Jackets on Sale
We use durable, easy-care fabrics, and the clothes are versatile enough for many seasons and activities. When your child outgrows them, the clothes can be handed down, still in good shape and still suitable because they aren’t keyed to temporary fashion. And when a growth-spurt hits, it’s a good time to consider toddler web specials. So, what do we have? It depends on the day or season, but you’re likely to find some durable kids’ jackets on sale. Opt for a light coat for cool conditions and layerable 100% Recycled Down for downright chilly temperatures. If you’re prepping for warm-weather shenanigans, look for kids’ shorts on sale. Our quick-drying Kids’ and Baby Baggies™ Shorts are just as sturdy and versatile as the grown-up version.
Nice Deals on Nice Stuff
The little things—gloves, hats, you name it—are easily lost. Our kids’ web specials, otherwise known as kids’ clothing clearance, are a great source of replacements. Protect that little head from the sun’s rays with a high-crown cap or bucket hat. Keep tiny fingers warm and dry with insulated mittens. We’re here with the right gear to keep them protected and comfortable.
Other Hard-Wearing Patagonia Discount Kids Clothing
When kids know that their clothes can look great and still wear hard under vigorous everyday play, they learn something about investing in function, durability and comfort. And we respect the future enough to offer kids the tangible, healthy rewards of quality. Take a look at our Worn Wear program. It’s another good spot to find discount kids’ t-shirts, pants, jackets and other gear.
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