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Garrett Grove
Becoming Ruby

A Mountain Bike film about inclusion, identity and hand-drawn heroes.

First Photo: Mount Whitney

A Sierra trip with good light and only one case of altitude sickness.

Kyle Sparks
8 min Read
Sew-cial Distancing

Making face masks in the time of COVID-19: when “breathable face fabric” takes on a whole new meaning.

5 min Read
Heating With a Match

Building a house to withstand winter.

Sue Halpern
3 min Read
Trying Adds Up

After years of dreaming, Nick Russell and Christian Pondella complete a clean descent on Mount Morrison in the Eastern Sierra.

Nick Russell
6 min Read
Rebels in the Dirt

Young farmers learn what it means to do essential work during a global crisis.

Johnie Gall
9 min Read
Feeling the River All Around

River snorkeling’s miserable beauty.

Brett Tallman
4 min Read
A World Without Salmon

The fish’s struggle for survival is a fight not only for itself but for the health of the planet. An excerpt from Salmon: A Fish, the Earth, and the History of Their Common Fate.

Mark Kurlansky
5 min Read
Il Pescatore Completo

Alberto Pugno, a fisherman in the Italian Alps, is the last known practitioner of an ancient style of flyfishing remarkable for its pure simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions: Living in a Van on the Road with Kids

Three moms share the details.

Lydia Zamorano
12 min Read
Lessons from Jeju

Join Kimi Werner on her journey in Lessons from Jeju, where she learns about motherhood, culture, diving and providing from South Korea’s mothers of sea, the haenyeo. “The world doesn’t seem to embrace how badass motherhood is,” says Kimi.

Adventures in Motherhood

Jasmin Caton worried having twins might slow down her life in the mountains. Then she remembered what her parents did with her.

Jasmin Caton
4 min Read
Honorary Haenyeo

Kimi Werner takes a journey to Jeju Island for lessons in motherhood, culture, diving and providing from South Korea’s “women of the sea” aka the haenyeo.

Archana Ram
8 min Read
Self-Isolation, Learned from a Life at Sea

Captain Liz Clark’s been self-isolating aboard her sailboat Swell since 2005; here she provides her experiences and insight for navigating isolation during a pandemic.

Liz Clark
5 min Read
New Roads in the Ancient Kingdom of Zanskar

Perched in the Himalaya and once accessible only by trail, India’s Zanskar region has remained largely free of Western influences for over 2,000 years. That could all change as a new highway brings a wave of instant globalization.

Mary McIntyre
4 min Read
What You Can Do From Home

Ways you can keep up the fight for our planet, and feel less alone.

Mădălina Preda
4 min Read
Earth Day Goes Digital

As the world grapples with the effects of the pandemic, climate activists continue to fight for our future.

Lisset Fun
7 min Read
What Do the Winds Bring?

After surviving calamity in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, a few skiers return to COVID-19.

Kieran Brownie
10 min Read
What Comes Next

Rolando Garibotti looks back at a lifetime spent in Patagonia and forward to the generation following in his footsteps.

Rolando Garibotti
4 min Read
Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

Tommy Caldwell's first trip to Patagonia

Tommy Caldwell
3 min Read

Colin Haley on the experience of soloing the Supercanaleta

Colin Haley
4 min Read
Six Years Seven Summits

Kate Rutherford Remembers the North Pillar of Fitz Roy

Kate Rutherford
3 min Read
It’s All Home Water: Steelhead Green

Photo Essay: Waiting for the Wild on Oregon’s North Coast

Steve Duda
2 min Read
Not Your Average Surf Comp

Welcome to Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem.

Gabriela Aoun
3 min Read
The Process and the Reward

Greg Long, Al Mackinnon and Pete Geall’s dusty search for uncrowded perfection at Location Redacted.

Pete Geall
6 min Read
It’s All Home Water: Oregon Steelhead

Feature: Squeaky Wheels, Wild Fish and Carrot Sticks

Steve Duda
10 min Read
A Farm Grows In the Jungle

The path to more fruitful farming.

Birgit Cameron
4 min Read
The “Father of Recycling” Has a Message For You

Donald Sanderson launched the country’s first mandatory curbside recycling program in Woodbury, New Jersey, in 1980. The recycling landscape has since changed. A lot. Is it still worthwhile?

Erin Grace Scottberg
6 min Read
Right Where I Belong

“That comfort, the ability to feel like you’re not stepping outside of some boundary; It’s not like, ‘Do I belong here?’ No, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Eric Arce
9 min Read
The Most Obvious Line

Luke Nelson's FKT on the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup.

Luke Nelson
5 min Read
Power Shift on the Columbia

After a century of conflict on the Columbia between salmon and dams, the fates of these two iconic energy systems are now intertwined.

Jim Norton
7 min Read
On The Brink

Best job in the world?

The Great Cotton Experiment

This is a test to grow our clothes differently.

Rachel G. Horn
2 min Read
From the Ground Up

For this climber, good food is activism.

Kate Rutherford
5 min Read
Free Baby Returned

Guri Bigham has been a free spirit from an early age.

Bonnie Tsui
3 min Read
Gardening Corals before They Are Gone

With oceans getting warmer and more acidic, a group of divers are planting baby corals to restore the dying coral reefs.

Morgan Sjogren
6 min Read
The Migration of Songs: Thoughts from a Birder

Welcoming Back the ‘Welcoming Noise’ Near the Arctic Circle

Håkan Stenlund
7 min Read
Trees Do Better Standing Up

Southeast Alaskans are on the front line of the fight to protect the Tongass National Forest from logging.

Brendan Jones
11 min Read
Fire Up the Test Tank

There’s nothing more important than having waves a few minutes away.

Malcolm Johnson
3 min Read
How to Protect 1 Million Acres of Public Lands

Jocelyn Torres of Conservation Lands Foundation on the power of grassroots lobbying and voting for public lands.

Jocelyn Torres
6 min Read
Ride Flat Pow

Changing our dynamics with the mountains can help us be in them longer, and appreciate them more.

Tomonori Tanaka
3 min Read
Crash-Test Dummy

Who gets hypothermia on purpose? This guy.

Kelly Cordes
4 min Read
Changing the Fabric of Our Lives

Can a cotton T-shirt really help stop the climate crisis?

Lindsay Morris
7 min Read
Voices for the Ocean

We protect what we love.

Vince Anderson Q&A

When Vince Anderson took a break from alpine climbing, his mountaineering attitude manifested itself in a single-speed hardtail, on which he’s won some of the sport’s most grueling races.

Jesse Selwyn
13 min Read
What the Trees Know: Solving the Mystery of Colorado’s Record Avalanche Season

In 2019, after a record Colorado avalanche season bulldozed millions of trees, a team of avalanche experts rallied to collect as much information as possible from these 300-year-old keepers of time.

Laura Yale
7 min Read
District 15

Justice for the most polluted neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Saving Slickrock

The Slickrock Trail, in Moab, Utah, is one of the most popular mountain bike rides in the world. Now, under a recent BLM decision, it could also be opening to oil and gas drilling.

Sakeus Bankson
6 min Read
It Takes All Kinds: Horses and Bikes in the Washington Backcountry

The Trans-Cascadia has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notorious races. This past August, the Back Country Horsemen of Washington joined the Trans-Cascadia team—a first for all involved.

Danielle Baker
6 min Read
The Song Remains The Same

How a father and son found a way to climb one of Utah's most sought-after ice routes in a bygone era.

Andrew Burr
3 min Read
I Found My Calling through Patagonia Action Works

 She was searching for a role with a nonprofit that takes a nontraditional approach to nature conservation. She found it in her inbox.

Katarina Mulec
6 min Read
On Injustice

Mustafa Santiago Ali talks with Naomi Hollard of Sunrise Movement about the power of cross-class and multiracial movements and the mandate for environmental justice.

Naomi Hollard
8 min Read
Paddling Past The Graveyard

An intimate canoe trip through The Boundary Waters with Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate.

Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate
6 min Read
The Fight For The Bight

While Australia burns, its government is greenlighting oil drilling in the unspoiled Great Australian Bight. But surfers and coastal communities are saying no—and uniting to keep Big Oil out.

Sean Doherty
10 min Read
Perched On A Wild Border

Sometimes when I look at the Fitz Roy Range, I see a silhouetted jawline of mountainous teeth that gnash the sky. Other times, the teeth transform to fingers that don’t crush aspirations but cradle them, like a hand cupping something precious. The distinction really depends on whether I’m looking at the mountains from the relative…

Timmy O’Neill
3 min Read
Ryland Bell’s Chilkat Hideaway

Predawn on April 4, 2019. There’s hardly any snow in the mountains. Worst year in recent history, the locals are saying. We’re loading boxes of food onto the ferry, preparing to board the Alaska Marine Highway from Juneau to Haines. “It’s southeast Alaska, you never know,” Ryland Bell says. “It might rain for 90 days…

Colin Wiseman
10 min Read
Why the Clean Water Act Means So Much

My family arrived in Ohio from Jamaica in the mid-1970s, during a time of environmental turmoil. The previous decade had brought to light significant issues around the treatment of land and water in the United States. The Cuyahoga River, which flows into Lake Erie, caught fire in 1969 due to excessive oil coating its surface.…

Prince Shakur
7 min Read
Liberation on the Land: A Conversation with Leah Penniman, Author of Farming While Black

Leah Penniman is the cofounder of Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York, where she works toward her commitment “to ending racism and injustice in our food system by increasing farmland stewardship by people of color, promoting equity in food access and training the next generation of activist farmers.” She published Farming While Black (Chelsea…

Jeff McElroy
6 min Read
A Most Endangered Law

A round of applause and a hurrah of thanks for President Donald Trump: he’s finally bringing the Endangered Species Act (ESA) the attention it deserves! Last fall, the president announced a number of administrative “rule changes” to the ESA, changes that may sound trivial, but which attack the intent and letter of the law. Trump,…

Christopher Ketcham
7 min Read
Celebrate Bears Ears

Three years ago, on December 28, 2016, President Obama used his executive power under the Antiquities Act to establish the 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument. This was the first time that tribal sovereign nations allied to petition the president for a national monument designation. The Hopi Tribe, the Navajo Nation, the Ute Mountain Ute…

Cassaundra Pino
8 min Read
Keep Red Lady Free: The Fun-Loving Activists of Crested Butte

 A mining company owns the mineral rights to a Colorado mountain. For 42 years, the Red Ladies have been showing up—and dressing up—to keep the mountain wild.

Laura Yale
7 min Read
2025 Or Bust: Patagonia's Carbon Neutrality Goal

In Japan, it is possible to simultaneously stand both in a cultivated field and under a solar array. A group of engineers and entrepreneurs developed a model whereby solar panels can be installed on top of existing farmland and still allow the required amount of sunlight to reach the crops below. These collaborations between businesses…

Rodrigo Bustamante
7 min Read
What I Fought For

Former Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen battles the destruction of wild places he served to protect.

Keepers of a Way of Life: Gwich’in Youth’s Role in Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

In the Arctic, Gwich’in youth are learning that protecting land means preserving a way of life. On Alaska’s North Slope, where polar bears den and gray wolves howl, protecting the land isn’t about supporting a cause or posting on social media from a protest at city hall. Here, it’s a matter of survival. Jewels Gilbert…

Lisset Fun
10 min Read
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