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About the California Water Impact Network

2 Min Read  /  Activism

Cwin1Oil extraction and global warming are today’s hot environmental topics, and for good reason. But if you’re into looking ahead at the next big environmental fight look no further than life’s most basic resource: water. Thankfully there are already some grassroots environmental groups working hard to keep water rights in the hands of the people. One of them is the California Water Impact Network:

The California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) is fighting for a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive approach to managing California’s scarce water resources. Under California law, water is a public resource subject to private rights to its use. This means that the State government is obligated to protect the “public trust” in California’s water for the access and enjoyment of all. Yet, the California Bay Delta and many major river systems, such as the San Joaquin, have been seriously degraded for private benefit. At the same time, the widespread privatization of water resources is threatening to drive up the price of water, while allowing a small number of individuals and corporations reap enormous profits. Through public education, policy development, advocacy, and litigation, C-WIN is working to protect public trust interests and to prevent the inequitable effects of privatizing California’s water resources. For more information, visit www.c-win.org or call 559-477-4914.

Like all grassroots non-profit organizations C-WIN needs your help. A monetary donation (what they need the most) or volunteer time would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch with them if you’re looking to make a difference on this important issue.

[With thanks to Malinda]

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