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Photos of a Quick-and-Dirty Crested Butte Bike Trip

Carl Zoch  /  2 Min Read  /  Community

Lindsay Plant, Zack Smith and Tara Abbaticchio earning it. The grind up to Star Pass would pay off huge with nearly 4K of fast-flow descent and jaw muscles sore from smiling. Photo: Carl Zoch

We were craving it: fresh ribbons of single track, grinding climbs, white-knuckle descents, solitude, dirt. Four friends, four loaded bikes (rush-packed, survival-style), vague plan, limited time. The consensus was to leave it wide open and see where the trail might lead in a condensed time frame. Not a month. It wasn’t even a week. Just a quick-and-dirty overnight, and we found exactly what we were after, just beyond the perimeter of Crested Butte’s famous must-ride trails. The time we had turned out to be time enough for the fix we needed. That is, until next time.

Photo: Carl Zoch

The only thing more numerous than the wildflowers? Biting flies. Excellent incentive to keep moving. Photo: Carl Zoch

Photo: Carl Zoch

If only this were the final push. Photo: Carl Zoch

Photo: Carl Zoch

A curious local. This buck did hot laps around the tent all night long. Photo: Carl Zoch

Photo: Carl Zoch

Spent, after a day well-spent. Photo: Carl Zoch

This story first appeared in the Patagonia Spring 2017 catalog.

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